Arsenal boss claims PSG are not targeting Alexis Sanchez

Arsene Wenger insists that Paris Saint-Germain have shown no interest in signing Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez.

The Chilean striker is strongly linked with the exit door at present, having allowed his contract to enter its final 12 months, and has so far failed to agree terms on a new one.

Alexis is ruled out of the opening two Premier League matches, which has only moved to fuel the speculation surrounding his future, but Arsene Wenger remains adamant that he is staying put, and has now claimed that Paris Saint-Germain are not even looking at him.

“It’s a long time I didn’t speak to Nasser, because it’s certainly very busy to complete the transfer of Neymar and it’s a long time that I didn’t speak to him,” he said.

“I think if you read the French papers, they are on Kylian Mbappe’s case to finish their transfer market.”

The Paris owner claimed he would speak to Wenger prior to making any attempt to sign the 28 year-old, which is why the French boss is able to word it as he has. The pair have a good friendship and could discuss any potential deal professionally.

Kylian Mbappe has been on our radar this summer also, but the fee being talked about is way out of our range, but the French giants have already thrown their financial weight around this summer by signing Neymar, and are claimed to be looking to splash out once again.

PSG seem unhappy with failing to win the French title last term, and look strong favourites to return to the top this year, especially with Monaco having lost a number of their key players.

Will PSG come in for Alexis if they fail with Mbappe?

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  1. Henrytl says:

    I think a lot of fan still believe what he say ?That’s why Arsenal still fail until all of fan awake !!!

  2. gotanidea says:

    It doesn’t matter now. Extending Chamberlain’s contract should be the priority now, because he is much younger, homegrown and the first choice right wingback.

    1. gilo says:

      Guys here dislike everything. Even a simple “hello, I love Arsenal” would earn a clean dislike.

      1. Coldzero says:

        Very true- it’s pathetic isn’t it.

      2. Anko says:

        True, I laughed at what someone said yesterday and I still got a dislike!

  3. Budd says:

    Can’t stop thinking to the fact that Sanchez is a straight swap for Neymar especially at Barcelona. I don’t believe we will not sell Sanchez. I think PSG story is just a decoy. If I was Barcelona I would put a bid of around 60 mils for Sanchez then settle for 65 and I would have a player just as good as Neymar on the left side. Sanchez is more mature now once we build him this way.
    I am not trusting the club for a while now when it comes to transfers. Wenger had to say he does not sell just to wash his hands not that he has anything to say anymore. You think Kroenke will keep Wenger next summer if he does not make at least top 4 and, more importantly, dropping 65 mils like it was nothing?
    Where I believe a bit Wenger is when he says he will not sell in EPL. That I can understand, you can’t make top 4 by making opponents stronger. However, if City comes with a cheeky 80 mils bid what do you think it will happen?
    And why wouldn’t you sell if you see the player can’t be ar$ed? He is already showing the club how the season is going to be if they won’t release him. A flu here, a stomach strain there, bad hair there and so on. Plenty of excuses not to play. This will make fans angry though so I am not sure Sanchez and agent want to go down that path though.

    1. waal2waal says:

      face it… much of our reliance is on supposition, guesswork and drivel taken from a newspaper article. for all we know alexis could very well have a health concern but as it stands hes an arsenal player.

    2. Shortboygooner says:

      Don’t you just wish Wenger would come out and say 100m for Sanchez take it or leave it. If city want him 120m as they are in prem. If not bugger off. Then he can finally go and we can get lemar mbape and or dembele and build a strong squad. So tired of Sanchez and ox. Atleast ozil is not linked with a million rumours and fake sicknesses. No one is bigger then arsenal football club. Accept Wenger of course hahahaha

  4. Break-on-through says:

    Still can’t believe that 200m, ever since Mbappe rumours people have gone crazy with estimations. I know Neymar is a buy out clause, but the reason it was that high was because teams wouldn’t dare touch it, or weren’t supposed to seeing as we hadn’t yet seen a hundred mil player. If it was Messi, but Neymar, how many goals did Neymar get last season. Great ball skills, and he s right to leave Barcelona as two players there are better than him, and they’ve had better spaces to work in. But still, it’s up in the air, whether or not Neymar, can gain the type of consistency a Messi Suarez Ronaldo has in front of goal.

  5. kristoman says:

    hi everyone

  6. kristoman says:

    Psg paid that money just to spite barca for playing hardball with them. They trigger its release clause if not their bid was 120m but barca refused blatantly saying neymar is not sale telling them neymar is not available. This annoyed psg and went for the jugular and just their man. They didn’t care about the cost

    1. Break-on-through says:

      I think it was retaliation for unsettling Verratti.

  7. Vish says:

    Arsenal should sell Sanchez , we survived loosing RVP & Fabregas along with a long list of other stars . the problem with Arsenal is that they don’t replace those players with another of equal skill / quality or better . we seem to pocket the money and look for the bargain buy or a youngster who can be a potential future star .

    if we sell Sanchez why cant we get Isco who proved he is world class after his dominant display against United in the SuperCup , Marco Reus , James Rodriguez , Lucas Moura , Douglas Costa . hell why not take the money from selling Sanchez to buy both Willain and Pedro from Chelsea or Martial and Rashford from Utd .

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