Arsenal boss confident …. Monaco boss expects difficult game!

So the big day has finally arrived and Arsenal are preparing to demonstrate the full power of positive thinking and overturn the 3-1 deficit from the first leg. In the preview on the official UEFA website, Arsene Wenger repeats the positive mantra and says that he is “confident” that the Gunners can make history tonight. “Monaco are in a very strong position but we have experience and the desire and belief that we can do it. So we are here to do it. We will have to play on full power, focusing on our offensive and defensive games. The desire is there.” he said.

“I am confident. The odds are stacked against us, but we will give absolutely everything to turn the tie around. We will show a different face. In the first leg we failed, which was surprising given our form. We have a second chance and we will exploit it.

“It is a special moment for me but experience allows me to manage the pressure. We must have a great game, do our best and give our all. If we did not believe in ourselves we would not have turned up.”

Meanwhile the Monaco manager Leonardo Jardim is expecting his hardest game of the season, despite the two-goal cushion his side enjoy at the outset. “We approach this game in the same manner as ever. We are not thinking about the result; we just want to play and produce some good football.” he said.

“Arsenal did not take us lightly in the first leg, it’s just that we had the perfect game. We are at half-time in the tie. We are two goals up but this game will be the most difficult of our season so far.

“When you are up against a team like Arsenal, you must stay focused. We have changed our defensive system a few times but we have always performed on the pitch. That is one of our strengths.

“Everybody wants to go far in the Champions League. We started slowly in the league and we have always been more consistent in the Champions League. Against English teams, PSG and Monaco are showing that we can produce real quality.”

Both teams are in fine form, it’s just a shame that the tie wasn’t just a little bit closer after the first leg. Monaco haven’t conceded three goals at home in any game this season, and haven’t conceded even one goal at home in this season’s Champions League. Monaco have never lost a tie after leading from the first leg either (W9), and Arsenal have never won after losing at home before, but conversely Arsenal have never lost to a Ligue 1 side in France ever (W7 D3).

Records are made to be broken, and maybe we’ll see some broken tonight. We can but be positive and believe in our team…..

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  1. Felt sorry for Fabianski yesterday. Wasn’t his fault. Just one of those unlucky goals.

    I’m excited about tonight. It must still be the United and West Ham wins, because right after the Monaco defeat I was sooooo down.

    But I actually think we can pull off a 3 goal win or two goal Win if a lot of goals are scored

    The whole team needs to play as hard and passionately as possible. Im hoping Alexis can find his form tonight which he has lost for a few weeks.

    1-3 should do it.

    1. Overcoming a 1-3 home defeat is still a mighty ask but we have a chance to do it. You never know in football. Imagine that we get a penalty and a red card for them, suddenly it’s all on its head! I just hope the passing is better this game. If we are not at least 1 goal up till half time, bring in all the forwards we have. There’s not much to lose. Come on Arsenal, make us proud tonight!

  2. Pool were out played last night, but got the win.

    Hope Man U kick pools a**, will put them 6 points behind us and would be difficult for them to bounce back, provided we beat New Castle of course.

    Then we kick pools a** and game over.

    How would the table look if we never threw the pool and Man C game away in the last minutes

    1. Mmmm, I thought that in the second half they dominated the game. The goal was lucky indeed but no one would have been surprised if the scousers would have scored before then.

  3. wonder if gabriel is playing tonight?
    will he play giroud up top? tonight could confirm girouds arrival on the big stage

    gameday an i actually cannot wait, this day is gonna go so slow.
    ive checked the clock 5 times already ffs!

    1. I’d feel a lot better if Gabriel were playing tonight or at least on the bench. My worry tonight is Mertsacker. He either has a good game or really bad one.

      Other than that my only other worry is that players will take time to play well. They need to play well from the very start. A slow start could kill the game off early.

      Anyway, I’m predicting an Arsenal win and progression to next round 🙂

      1. remember the napoli game last year?
        thats what we need

        an early goal to rattle them.
        the counter attack from them is where per could faulter- he hasnt the pace- gab does tho

    2. It does not matter, what it matters is as always in our case the attitude. We know we have an extremely talented and gifted bunch of players. What we miss is that bite, that attitude you have when you know that no matter what they throw at you you will just smile and take it on the chest.
      I have seen Colney photos and actually seen Wenger with pen and paper in the training. I would love to hear what he told them and how will he arrange them in the field. He takes it very seriously apparently. Now, if the players will do the same then by the grace of all gods we will be in for a beautiful night.

      1. what u reckon tonight?
        im going for a 2-0 win, one early goal , one late one

        not sure im mentally prepared for us to go through, would probably lose my composure in the most undignified way

        1. If the pitch will be in mint condition then I reckon a fu cking spectacular game with at least 5 goals. If not then probably Monaco will defend on two lines and it will end in 0-0. But to be honest I don’t have any prediction for the score. I was not impressed by their attacking force as I was shocked by our poor defense in the first leg. I have drawn the line on February 25th but a big part of me hopes for an epic turnaround the same as we did with Inter.
          I was listening to the news this morning and they said no one from Ajax in the 70’s overturned a 3-1 at home but what they conveniently miss is the fact that Arsenal overturned a 3-0 at home ffs. 3-0 !!!

          Here’s something you should watch if you need a bit of uplifting :

  4. Wonder if Le Boss with chances missed in first leg, will surprise us and Monaco by benching Giroud and playing Sanchez Welbeck and Theo upfront?
    Counter attack with pace pace & pace!

  5. @bud, I wonder why the media keeps saying that(no team has ever overturned a 2goal deficcit). I remember our memorable comeback against inter..back to the topic, regardless the final outcome(whether we qualify or exit the tournament), I just want our boys to put up an impressive display so as to motivate them for our remaining epl matches and our semi-final clash with reading. Goodluck tonight fellas.

    1. Yes, he would be useful

      I think Wenger will put Alexis and Ozil on the wings with Cazorla in the centre.


      Could be wrong though

  6. Cheers Budd you have helped me topped up my confidence and wondered why we have kept the BGR at arsenal for a long time. Your inter Milan comeback clip, had me searching for other Arsenal comebacks it’s been a while since we beat Chelsea so I wanted to relive our 5-3 comeback, the first two goals how can a shorter player win an aerial ball against a giant had to be a Big German Rhino, then Terry’s goal and we have not been able to get a centre back since? Well I pray Angel Gabriel is fit for tonight.

  7. Am I missing something? People calling for 3-1 win or 2-0 win do not win us the game.
    If we win 3-1 it goes to extra time then pens and if we win 2-0 then they go through on away goals. So, we need to win 3-0 minimum or something like 4-2 to go through.

  8. COYG!! Make your own history!

    The invincibles and the world will be watching..

    Got my American dogs in and my polish beer, now all I need is an epic win..

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