Arsenal boss coy on Leicester midfielder’s potential move

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has talked about a potential move for Leicester’s N’Golo Kante, claiming his club look to have prepared for his exit.

The Foxes are believed to be extremely close to completing a deal to sign Nampalys Mendy from Nice this summer, which could well prove to be Kante’s replacement for the coming season.

The France international was in the PFA Premier League Team of the Year, and was among the front-runners for the the PFA Player of the Year.

Kante has since emerged as a France international, and has stamped his place into their first-team during the Euro 2016 tournament, which can only increase the interest in his signature.

Arsene Wenger has been linked with a bid to try and sign Kante, and while he refused to talk about whether he would make an offer, he did talk up the likelihood that Leicester are preparing for an exit.

Wenger said: “It is very difficult to talk about that at the moment. Kante is on the list of many clubs. It is an area where we have many players.

“We will see what happens in the next two or three weeks. It looks like Leicester have bought a player from Nice [Nampalys Mendy] with similar qualities to Kante, so whether they envisage to lose him or not I don’t know.

“If you ask 100 people in the street if they want Kante to play [for France] you will get 100 saying yes. He has done the job in one or two games and I am not surprised.

“I said two months ago this boy will play the whole European Championship. We know him well from Leicester now and I am not surprised that he is starting. He has been one of the revelations of the French team.”

Could Kante be set to line up alongside Granit Xhaka next season?

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  1. No,Kante is not set to play alongside Xhaka…

    Why?? Because we have Cazorla,Ramsey,Wilshere,Elneny,Coquelin and Toral to play there….(6 players for one position)..

    Unless one or two is leaving…
    Who do you think will leave in those 6players????
    If you get an answer come back with an article then….

    1. UTD are in for Ramsey, if we can get close to £50mil then Kante would be a replacement AND profit at the same time.
      Toral is still a kid and more attacking, a number 10 or wide player. May as well say Ozil!
      Wilshere is out injured 90% of the time.

      Cazorla has 1 or 2 years at the top left, it could be a good time this season to move him back to ACM and act as direct cover for Ozil, Cazorla is one of the few players good enough to fill that role and not end up a hindrance.

      “If you get an answer come back with an article then….”

      Do you need reading lessons?

      1. You dont get our football do you? The reason wenger forced arteta and subsequently santi to the midfield role is because he prefers a deep lying playmaker. Arsenal want to build the play from deep and santi is exceptional at that. His acts as a link between Ozil and the midfield because if ozil drops too deep our slow striker gets isolated. So Cazorla is indispensable to the CDM position- he cannot move to CAM. The replacement of cazorla cannot be Kante. Since we already have Coq and have brought Xhaka so to me Kante is not happening. If we buy a replacement for Cazorla it will be someone like Modric or Kroos until u have a new manager

  2. We don’t Kante as much as we need a consistent goal-machine.

    However, the fact we don’t need him this much is probably the reason we end up signing him.

  3. Striker, Striker, Striker !! That is all we need.

    Welback is already out of the half of the next season. Walcott is a striker only on paper. Sanogo, well LOL. This leaves us with Giroud. Only Giroud. Who is 15 goals a season striker at best.

    You see. Situation is dire. Its so important to have a good striker in the team. To compound the problem, there is so much scarcity in the market, the only way we can get one is by breaking the vault and get some real cash out. But this is not gonna happen either with Wenger and other misers controlling the stakes and interests. Feels like we are doomed for the next season already even before it has begun.

    1. I think getting a 30 goal a striker is difficult for Arsenal- we don’t have the pull anymore. For instance if we offer 65 million for Auba there are at least 5-6 top clubs who can match that and also blow our wage offers (eg: Man u, Man city and Chelsea closer to home).

      So may be we go for an under the radar striker- Lukaku not the best I agree but definitely a handful. But to add to that we also buy a “goal scoring winger”- that is exactly what we are missing. Our goals from midfield and wings have dried up. Alexis is not scoring as many as we would like him to and the contribution from (Theo + Ox + Ramsey + Campbell) is next to nothing. If we can get a goal scoring winger like Mahrez or Mkhitariyan the load becomes lesser on the striker and Lukaku will then start looking like a Lewa 😉

      25 from Lukaku, 15-20 from Giroud, 15 each from the wings and 10 from Ozil- we are already around the 80-90 mark which should stand us a good chance.

      So net we pay around 60 Mn but we are more balanced as a team and we dont have to break our wage structure.

      1. Utd = No CL football.
        MC = Aguero is main man.
        Chavski = no CL football

        Aub may be looking around and changed his mind about Arsenal, yes he might want Real Madrid but if they are in for another player then who else would Aub be happy playing for?

        He did say he was happy where he was, this was before they sold Ilkay and Hummels, they are also having difficulty with Miki… Is he happy there anymore?

        1. PSG may be. Even without CL Utd with Mourinho has a stronger pull plus they can also pay more wages. Wake up and smell the coffee. If you are a player who has real ambitions of winning the CL you will prefer Utd and Chelski over Arsenal and going by the results in the recent years thats only fair.

          As fans we always moan about big signings but to be honest you don’t always need one- you need to be smart. Tell me if Juve are a bigger club (financially) than Arsenal – how do they manage to win everytime and make a fight of the CL by selling key players every season. It’s about being smart in buying and clearly Arsenal for a variety of reasons is failing to do that !

    2. “get some real cash out”
      Throwing money at a player is STUPID, how much is Morata going to cost? Close to £50mil? I would have taken Vardy over Morata any day of the week yet Vardy would have been £30mil cheaper. Money only opens the door for the club to speak to the player.

      “But this is not gonna happen either with Wenger and other misers controlling the stakes and interests. ”
      I see now, your stupid!

      Assuming that Wenger since Gazidis arrived is the real Wenger even though he had close to a decade of ‘buying talent’ from abroad and then getting moaned at for buying so many foreign players… Stupid people like you forget that and think “Derp, Wenger is boss so he MUST be telling the owner and board what to do”.

      Wenger dances to the tune of his bosses and if not then he will not keep his job for long.

      I do not care if you believe what I say, it is obvious to anyone with a pair of brain-cells to smack together and create a spark of intelligence.

      How much is “real cash”?
      £35mil? Thats is what we spent quickly to get Xhaka which was needed, our season first started to falter when Cazorla got injured or are you too stupid to actually watch Arsenal all season long? yes OG dry spell was the final nail in the coffin but we started stumbling when Cazorla got injured… and then Coquelin… Explains the emergency buy of Elneny as well.

      How about the £40+ mil for Ozil? That not “real cash”, well it is Real’s cash now >.<

      "Feels like we are doomed for the next season already even before it has begun."
      Confirmation that you need to go to a 'special school'.

      I got no idea what next season is going to be like, the transfer window hasn't ended and for all I know we could end up with Aub… The bookies in Germany are the ones slashing his odds down to 4-1…

      I do know though that Wenger has been serious about a CF and it isn't his fault that Vardy rejected him to become a legend at Lei. 2 pos that let us down last season, a CF and a holding CM who can pass the ball. We got the later with Xhaka and we got him FAST! Before the Euros had kicked off we had bid enough for Vardy and it was the player who turned us down, not the lack of funds to speak to the player…

      Who is Wenger actually going to go for? I do not know. I do have faith that if Wenger gets a good enough target for Arsenal then he will have his 20+EPL goals a season CF.

      Last CF bought was bought by the board a couple years ago and they spent £16mil to get Welbroke, the one before that was a freebie gamble of SoNoGoals and before SoNoGoals it was the failed attempt on Suarez. He turned us down like Vardy turned us down.

      What the F!*K do you expect Wenger to do? Hypnotize every target?

  4. WE DON’T NEED N’GOLO KANTE………how many times do we have to say this ….. Quit diddle daddling and kill the bollox

    1. So you’re telling me that if Wenger had the chance to sell Ramsey at close to £50mil and buy Kante for £20 mil then he shouldn’t do it because we do not need Kante?

      Say we only sell Ramsey for £40mil (HG Tax will be £30mil so only £10mil for the player lol), that would still be an extra £20mil which could be used for more additions…

      We do not need that?

  5. Till we are Snubbed again , we won’t go after realistic targets or better still players pertaining to areas where we are short….

    This is partly the reason why most players won’t make up their minds to come to Arsenal….. A Jampacked midfield…..if i go there, would i even get 1st team football? (this must be the question they keep asking emselves before signing a deal)

    *Justified Snub*

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