Arsenal boss expecting Man United to ditch bus tactics

Arsene Wenger has stated that he believes Manchester United will come to the Emirates this weekend and attack his Arsenal side.

The Red Devils are known for their ‘parking the bus’ tactics which has seen them earn a number of 0-0 draws away from home in recent terms, but without a single win away against a top six side since joining United, Mourinho is expected to bring a more attacking side this weekend.

The Portuguese has fielded a very open looking system in recent weeks, including two former wingers at full-back in a back four, and Wenger certainly seems to be expecting the Red Devils to attack this weekend also.

The Frenchman said: “No, I don’t expect anything special. I just expect us to be ready to recover now. Man United is a strong team and I expect us just to cope with the problems they will give us. They will attack as well. They will not only defend.

“It is a game between Arsenal and Man United at home. I just want to focus and to prepare well my team, and give my team a good chance to win the game. Man United is doing well at the moment, we are doing well at the moment, so it looks to be a promising game.”

Wenger went onto reveal his selection problems, with Lacazette ‘certainly’ missing out, but Alexis Sanchez is expected to be available.

He added: “Sanchez had a little hamstring problem – that’s why I took him off but I think he will be alright,” he said. “Look, we have offensive weapons, you know. We have Danny Welbeck, we have Giroud, we have Jack Wilshere who all came on. They are all offensive players.

“I will see what I do for Saturday but ideally you wanted him (Lacazette) there.”

Will United drop their bus-parking tactics? Will Mourinho be worried of our attacking presence?

Pat J

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  1. gotanidea says:

    Mourinho is notorious for his ultra defensive strategy against big team in away matches and the upcoming match will not be a different case for him. Arsenal’s 3-4-2-1 would be good to nullify Mourinho’s quick counter-attacks, but they have to be prepared for Mourinho’s tall players in set piece situations, such as Pogba, Lukaku, Bailly, Jones, Lindelof, Smalling, Ibrahimovic, etc.

    I think Arsenal’s creative players would have difficulties in breaking Manchester United’s defense, but luckily Giroud is fit and he could be the plan B to score against MU, if Welbeck cannot score first. I cannot wait to see another disappointment on the arrogant manager once more.

  2. AndersS says:

    It will be exciting to see, if we can do it.
    But I think Mourinho will be happy to have his team, if not parking the bus, then certainly sitting back and allowing Arsenal to have the ball, waiting to hit us on the break or on a set piece.
    Just like Ferguson always did and nearly always succeeding.
    Will we get away with a win this time?

  3. Sukhjot Gunner says:

    I guess mourinho will bring the coach to the emirates but he would not defend for 90 min. He is not in the lead but is playing catch up so he also needs the 3 points plus there is a manchester derby for next weekend. So it is upon us to adapt and I hope if we get a lead then we will certainly be in a slight advantage coz then he will have to attack and we could catch them on the break….

  4. jon fox says:

    Majority of the media say that only Man Utd has even a chance to catch City (though personally I think City will keep stretching further away from the pack). If Mourinho believes his lot have any chance to catch City he MUST go with an attacking formation. A draw is next to useless for his side. If he does park the bus then we know he has already given up on the title, which though he would never admit it, is at least being realistic. IMO everyone in the chasing pack is playing for second, third, fourth already, incl United. Wenger has said he will keep Sanchez and Ozil til seasons end – his bogus musings on them still possibly deciding to sign new contracts can safely be disregarded as futile – and if they both stay and keep fit, then fourth place is a realistic aim. Anything higher than that is kidding ourselves, despite the fact that we might well be only one point behind second place come the weekend. In all the much enjoyable gloating over Spurs bad run of form, we should not let our hearts rule our heads about definitely finishing in front of them and Liverpool. Though I believe we will, just!

    1. Tristan says:

      Realistic. but I think second or third is possible.

  5. Adega Olatunji says:

    Arsenal players must be mentally strong when they get to the field tomorrow. Just like the days of viera and Co, that’s the key weither they Pack bus or train

  6. Ackshay says:

    wenger is bluffing alright. he knows that his objective for this season is the top 4 anything above would be bonus if you consider our situation before the season started while mourinho with 2 summers of lavish spending must challenge for the title or his season will be a failure. So a draw is not a disaster for us though i want to continue building our fortress but it is for man u title aspiration.

    arsenal is in the same situation as man u last season, get in the champions league this season and challenge for the title the next.

  7. kristoman says:

    the one who spend to try and win league is a failure why the one that didn’t spend and fight for top four is a success. an akb logic right there.
    loser mentality you know what I would rather have a manager who spend zillions to try and win league to the one who sheik away siting excuse of not spending. Jesus these people do not know we are arsenal.we compete for titles not top 4 God.

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