Arsenal boss gives injury update ahead of decisive Everton tie

Arsene Wenger has revealed the latest on his Arsenal squad ahead of the upcoming Premier League decider on Sunday.

The Gunners will welcome Everton to the Emirates Stadium at the weekend as we look to secure a place in next season’s Champions League competition.

We will need Liverpool to not win, or Manchester City to lose to have any chance of climbing into the top four, and we may to do so without some key players.

Laurent Koscielny will undergo a tests on his fitness today and on Saturday, with the hope that our stand-in skipper will be able to lead our defence for the important outing.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is the only player confirmed as unavailable for the upcoming match, although we are well aware that Santi Cazorla is still sidelined as he has been since 2016. Aaron Ramsey on the other hand will be available after a scare.

Wenger said; “Chamberlain is not back and we have uncertainty over Koscielny. Tests today and tomorrow.

“Ramsey is alright.”

Chamberlain is enjoying what is easily his best season at the club, but his absence will not come as a blow, with Hector Bellerin flourishing in his new wing-back role in his absence. The Ox has also been done well as a central midfielder this term, but Granit Xhaka and Aaron Ramsey are also proving their worth in central roles now, and will almost certainly line up alongside each other on Sunday.

Koscielny would be a big blow were he not to make the tie, although our defence has managed without him of late, but in such a crucial tie, you most definitely want your strongest XI.

Could Laurent’s absence cost us a win on Sunday? Would the Ox have played on Sunday if he were fit?

Pat J

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  1. Goonerboy says:

    Oh! I just wish we were playing MB’oro and Everton is playing Everton tomorrow..
    Lukaku would be happy now that his ‘boss’ is not available, let’s see if Mustafi is capable of pocketing him…

    Everton would wanna destroy any little hope we have of making the Top 4, they are real spoilers….still hoping for a miracle…

  2. Break-on-through says:

    There is no relegation fight, no title fight, it’s a bad end of season all round for this league. If teams were trying to save themselves it be different but Midd and Wat are safe, so I expect city and pool to have a very easy ride. Even Leic against Tott basically let Kane go for the golden boot to spite Arsenal and Alexis, there’s bad blood that Huth is still tweeting about, the two 90 minute goals came when the match was over and I think they allowed those by dropping their performance levels. I don’t think Midd and Watford are gonna do us any favors either, they’ll have been making plans all week for the holidays while their opponents have been preparing for a big game.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      Top 4 is over…we must accept it

      Chambers will not do us a favour too

    2. Goonerboy says:

      Yea, what if Pool and city somehow drop points and we also draw against Everton????
      Am not ruling that out seeing as we struggled against Sunderland who are relegated at HOME….

  3. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Lets hope we can help Alexis overtake Lukaku in goals scored

    Actually lets hope our defense can stop Lukaku

    Would love an Alexis hattrick to seal the deal

    I expect Liverpool and City to win their matches.
    But obviously still hope we win

  4. 4th_ is_best but first you must believe says:

    To be fair this seasons EPL was
    no stronger than last season
    when 5000 to 1 Leicester won.
    City and Liverpool are still weak defensively
    and United have been appalling.
    Spurs were the only challenger to Chelsea.
    Arsenal rely on Cech Koscielny and Sanchez.
    English teams are shocking in the ECL
    with Leicester 15th in the league being the best.
    United scraped past Celta Vigo who are 14th in La Liga.
    Ajax their finals opponent were second in the weak eredivisie,
    a league which have lost their automatic ECL qualifying spot.
    The English league was there for the taking again but Arsenal’s
    4th place franchise mentality prevents a serious assault on the title.
    8 mill for Wenger fabulous salaries for the players with no pressure to win anything.
    Kroenke just watches his share’s value climb by the day
    refusing to sell untill he gets a billion quid profit.
    Money for the boys despair for any Arsenal fans hoping for a decent title bid.
    But the majority of Arsenal fans appear happy to cruise at the library.
    4th place and or win win the FA cup by beating Chelsea and the
    Arsenal leadership will claim Arsenal is now the “best team in the land”.
    The Kroenke/Wenger duopoly remains entrenched.
    Silent Stan remains silent.
    Wenger talks in in complex riddles quoting complex algorithms expounding
    a maelstrom of reasons why the team is really the best in the land
    if only impatient fans would take time to understand his teachings.
    4th place masters of the Arsenal universe season 13.

  5. Glad Chamberlain is back, we always do seem much more of a threat with him instead of Bellerin, although we do lose the defensive aspect.

    1. Martin says:

      I thought Chamberlain is injured for the final game…..

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