Arsenal boss has NOT ruled out Wanyama transfer

After the Arsenal transfer rumours last week that claimed that the Southampton and Kenya international midfielder Victor Wanyama was the man that Arsene Wenger had place on top of his transfer wish list, or at least the player to replace the injury hit Francis Coquelin anyway, the Arsenal boss was asked about this in his press conference.

And after Sky Sports reported that the Frenchman had dismissed the speculation that he was set to complete the transfer in January, the football media in general are saying that Wenger has ruled out signing Wanyama.

Our manager said yesterday, “I rate the player but we are not on the case. We will be out there and see what we can do. But at the moment we have the whole of December to go and we are in a good position in the Premier League.

“At the moment it is important we don’t lose more players because we are short and that everybody contributes fully, like they did on Wednesday and Saturday, so we can have consistency until January.”

Having heard hundreds of comments like this from the Prof, I must say that this one does not sound like a complete denial to me. Not on the case does not mean that he is not interested or that Wanyama is not one of the players he wants to sign. To me it just means that the Gunners are not currently in talks and even then we do not know that Wenger is being entirely open. To be fair, why would he?

I do not think we should write off the transfer of this Premier League star to Arsenal just yet, especially as Metro is reporting that Southampton are already closing in on a replacement in the shape of the Porto player Gianelli Imbula.

Do you think Wanyama would be the right transfer for Arsenal?

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  1. didnt koeman say no one would be sold in january.not even if the offer was 100 million.
    i dont see it happening…..

    arteta back from injury…new dm signing
    arsene wenger ….is an anagram of…
    yo what up homies, transfer deez nutz…i aint payin for shiznit

  2. Do I think Wanyama would be the right transfer for Arsenal?

    All am thinking right now is to whoop Aston Villa’s ass with a high score

  3. In as much as Wanyama could be a right buy for Arsenal if they buy him from Southampton who are well known for selling their players far above their market price, Arsenal may not sign Wanyama during this coming January transfer window as being purported by the media. The reason being, Arsenal don’t desprately need Wanyama or a new DMF for their DM role. Arsenal aready have the Billionaire Flamini who has steped it up and efficiently mannig the DM position at Arsenal midfield in place of the injured Arsenal’s resident DM Coquelin. I know there is a fear in some Arsenal fans quarters that are fearing a scenario of an unavoidable unavailabity of Flamini before Coquelin returns. But I can assure my fellow Gooners not to panic as Arsenal have another DMF opition in the young Gunner of Kamara they could deploy to the DM position to hold fort in the interim.

  4. If u ask me, I think Wanyama is rated highly than Imbula but…it seems he’s not been performing too well of late

  5. So if Chelsea beat or draw Leicester tomorrow and we win Aston Villa by a 2 goal margin then we go top of the table. Seems very easy but Arsenal make complications out of the easiest things. So….we’ll see but it is expected that we beat Aston Villa by a 2 goal margin. No surprises or applauds if we do. It is also expected that we should beat Man City on the 21st. However, I am excused to be surprised by that one because it will mean we seize control for once this season. Applauds will be due.

    Btw….someone asked me to make a comment the other day about Giroud’s hat-trick, so here it is…thank you Giroud for taking 3 and 1/2 seasons to score your first hatrick. I am sure this makes up for the Monaco game where we should have made the quarter final but you missed 3 good chances. But we are in the round of 16…a far better achievement than making the quarter finals. Thank you for countless other games too where we have lost or failed to win because of your wastefulness for the past 3 years. I am definitely sure that a hatrick against Olympiakos taking us 2nd in our group and to the round of 16 only to be drawn against one of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Wolfsburg and exit just like last year and the previous 5 seasons in the champions league is fantastic. Na na na na…. hey, hey, hey…Giroud!.

    1. Today we are more like the Spurs then the likes of Barcelona. Happy to run besides the great but actually not be a part of them.

      We should just conctrate winning this average leauge of ours, coz cl is for champions alone.

  6. Arsenal and spending money is like being in the friendzone for to long. You wait for your chance for some sexy time, only to end up with some blue balls bec of it. Possible success. Ultimative happynes. lol.

  7. The Last we saw of Kamara…….. He was so woeful……. He is still young and developing and is Far from Ready

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