Arsenal boss HAS to believe but EPL title looks Chelsea’s

No doubt there will be some Arsenal fans who will be unhappy with Arsene Wenger after the Frenchman refused to rule out a Premier League title win for Arsenal this season. As reported by The Mirror, Wenger played down the poor start that we have had and insisted that there is plenty of time for us to improve and mount a real charge.

He did admit that the main thing for the Gunners to do at the minute is just to stay in touch with the top of the table and even that is not proving too easy.

Wenger said, ““If I say to you: ‘No, the objective is not to win the title’, then I have to commit suicide when I go out from here.

“The objective now realistically is for us to get back in a position where we have a chance to win the title.

““That is far from done. Today it looks stupid, but there are 28 games to go. Twenty eight games – it is not bad. We have 84 points to take. We just have to win the next game.”

And of course the manager is right. Even though we now sit 12 points off the top, we do have tomorrow’s game in hand and that sort of gap has been closed many times before. But let’s be realistic here, Gooners, and say that Arsenal need to start playing a lot better if we are to even keep in touch.

THere is hope that we will though, with the crippling injury list looking better all the time. The other big problem is Chelsea. Another win at Anfield today means that they have now got the away games with Liverpool, Everton and both Manchester clubs out of the way.

They are confident, hard to beat and the strength of their squad makes them relatively immune to the odd injury problem. And as if that was not enough, they seem to get the luck or the odd tight decision when they need it. Liverpool should have got a penalty to equalise today, with a handball similar to the Fabregas one that Arsenal were denied.

So unless something can knock them off their stride soon, Arsenal’s faint hopes of challenging for the title really will disappear, no matter how well we are playing. Do you think it has already gone?

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  1. Chelsea only have a 4 point lead over southampton right now, so they better pray not to slip up over the xmas period because the chasing top 5 pack including us will be breathing hard down their necks! Hard but not impossible! Coyg!

    1. all we had to do was upgrade vermalaen and buy a dm an we would be fighting chelsea for the title- like last season one or two short.

      gets old

      1. Vermaelen is still out injured so anyone is an upgrade to him. Strangely, I thought Chambers is much better than Vermaelen ever has. But that’s just me.

        1. I think Wenger should drop Per and play Koscielny with Chambers when Debuchy returns and everyone is fit.

      2. Last year we took some beating because of our exposed weakness in the midfield area.You could think a clever or wise man would learn from his mistakes,after all we struggled to finish fourth.,no we started back the season with the same agravated old ler slower legs weaknesses.How do you call someone who don t learn from his mistakes…
        a rich old ….
        money or glory?that is the question

    2. Let’s not fool ourselves. It’ll take a major upturn in our form & fortunes for us to catch Chelsea. Southampton look better than us & good for the money. Our form is way too erratic! Hell, I’d bank on a resurgent Newcastle over us to stop Chelsea’s run. Anyone that can stop them from ending the season unbeaten is worth my money!

    3. We are not catching Chelsea this season. We are not winning the EPL or the CL. And so long as we meet one of Chelsea, Man City or even Man ute we are guaranteed to be eliminated from the FA Cup.
      So sit back folks!! Enjoy the 4th place or Europa league chase. Get comfortable. This is us now.
      It is foolish to think we can win the EPL but it is even more foolish to believe we can win it. Its over already for this season. Let’s get ready for the same next season..

      All hail Arsene Wenger…the best!

  2. Look at the fool,everyone I say everyone was telling him the team needed a strong DM and some more CB,he did nothing about it and now that the title is probably gone by his incompetence he comes with such words to fool dumber than him.Deluded fool.

    1. strange how people like mediocrity,if you knew I have more reason than many to like and support Wenger but I put Arsenal love before everything and only a fool or a blind can think that Wenger is doing good with Arsenal,I would not be upset if the team was in this position if all the required signing had been done and the team was managed and rotated correctly as no one has sure right to success.It only hurts when the requirements are not dealt correctly and are dealt only with silly excuses.Fools for the fools , some claim to love Arsenal…

    2. He is right thought, but lets not call Wenger a fool. Tell me which other top European team has gone into the season with only 2 first class centrebacks. If you want to be picky then it’s Barcelona with Pique and Vermaelen. They have other defedners with not so much experience or others who can play there like Masherano or Mathieu. But they have crunching tackler in Mascherano and Busquet, to make up for that deficiency by not allowing much past their midfield.

      1. He’s a fool… yeah, that Wenger guy, I mean! Too stubborn to even listen to his own instincts!

      2. I wouldn’t call Mertesaker word class. Koscielny is definitely word class. Actually our word class players are Ozil, Sanchez, koscielny.

  3. Chelsea will drop points sooner or later! Come on football gods grant us gooners an early xmas wish by chelsea going into a 3 game losing streak! Coyg!

    1. @Greg, if I were God, I will stretch my hands down from heaven and give ur head a knock.

      You don’t want to work hard, u are waiting for miracles…

  4. EPL is Chelsea’s to lose going by current performance and results. But in sports anything is possible. Hope we perform better this year.

  5. Likely Chelsea will win this season they are just too good 🙁 on tomorrow I bet Gary Monk enjoyed watching the mid week anderlecht game as usual we’ve handed them a game plan,; get at the weak defence and per and monreal specifically. Normally to avoid being predictable after the last game into the next wed change things up and play different players at the back. oh wait a minute we don’t have anyone else to bring in,; bravo Arsene!

  6. Forget the title, this current team is purposely built to be top 4, CL qualification and early exit… HIT repeat for 3 more years.

    If we want to win a title in england we need simeone at this club, the only manager i believe can rival mourinho and get under his skin if it came to a war of words/tactics.

  7. Premiership all over after todays result chelski will walk away with it we were never in the race to start with nowhere near good enough all our weaknesses have been exposed and we do not have the quality to compete squad wise especially lacking 2 defenders and a dm!

  8. Liverpool players: Penalty appeal
    Referee : The ball hit the bus, not players. You don’t get a penalty for that.

  9. Charlie austin has put QPR ahead against man city! Wasnt that suppose to be his hattrick? Oh yeah 2 of his goals was ruled off side!

      1. So all you can do is call him Pakistani, without mentioning one piece of proof or fact to support your statement. No problems, for you as some fans will definitely agree with you on that.

  10. Are u new to EPL and Chelsea….? They are going to loose some matches but u should know it not those teams u mention that they will loose to…..its going to be teams I bottom of the league table.

    1. Someone could ask the same of you, traditionally Chelsea have had no problems beating lesser teams, they only had issues for the past season and a half where they played with no half decent striker, torres, drogba eto and they are still in the thick of things come April, up until early April Chelsea were still on to complete the league and CL double.
      This year they addressed their issues and are reaping the rewards for it.

  11. Offside not given, handball not given because he is Sergio Aguero. Nothing can be committed wrong by him.

  12. Oh would you look at that, another game where the referee plays a hand in a Manchester City or Chelsea game. Theres 5 wrong decisions in QPR vs City, both goals were wrong to be allowed, 4 in favour of City. But if all the calls were right QPR would’ve been leading 1-0 anyway.

    1. We are having a spell where we ain’t got that much luck, most teams will create 1 or 2 chances against us and will score from them… Some decisions are not going our way right now but as they say, these things even themselves out as the season progresses.. Flamini was fouled against Hull but the goal was given. Against Anderlecht their first goals was so so blatantly offside but it was given.

      I am not making excuses but what I am saying is that we will also get our lucky spells as the season progresses..

  13. Some people on here are just too erratic, who told you that Chelsea are going to go the whole seasons without losing? Even a poor low on confidence Liverpool side gave them a game without a striker..

    I am not saying that we will win the league but I think Chelsea will drop points like it or not, I have not seen anything special about them, they are having their best spell of the season while the rest of us are just having a mare.. But every team has a spell where they will go a few games picking up good points. We will go through that period, so will City, United, Liverpool etc…

    You guys have been following the EPL for more than 10-15 seasons, you know every team will have it’s own period where they will go on a good run, right now it’s Chelsea and Southampton. Other teams will get their periods too..

    But I am not saying we or the other teams will win the league, no one knows, all we go about is that currently Chelsea are having their best spell..

    But the season is a long way..,.

    1. yeah but they built a nice cushion so when they fall it will be a soft landing you understand?? Let’s be honest they’re not threatened by Southampton (i say that with some hesitation b/c they look really good now)

      reality is though i don’t care about other teams, i care about a manager purposely building a team not capable of winning the league but being good enough to make money for the shareholders/boardroom guys. I work in a corporate environment so i know exactly what’s going on here, low expectations, less pushbacks, everyone will be saying “same ol arsenal”

      Had he bought 2 more world class players and not delivered a title the whole system might be in trouble and the organization knows this so as long as wenger makes them profitable they’re fine with the status quo.

      On a different topic though, i’m watching the QPR game and this boy ‘austin’ looks phenomenal talent, we need to snap him up and berhino, sell sanogo and Giroud. That’s what i would do, then go out and buy some defensive steel.

    2. Sensible comment. But sometimes when it should be dropping some crucial points for Chelsea or City they have the luck with referees. Today Chelsea looked like they are winning, but when there was some possibility from a penalty, they got away with it.
      At some crucial times, it very much depends on referee decisions.
      Considering the Arsenal game, if we could have won that penalty, maybe the result could have been different. It was also possible that Chelsea could have won it in late time, fair enough, but sometimes it really depends on such decisions.

    3. @Ks….Lol.. Calling me brainless…

      And I bet you started following Arsenal in the wenger era, am I right?

  14. Big win for Chelsea away.
    City United Sotn Liverpl Everton
    are our direct competitiors now.
    Tough games to complete the round.
    Swansea Utd Southampton
    Westham a rejuvinating Newcastle.
    Stoke difficult. Albion and QPR can upset.

  15. I can see 28 tough games ahead.
    EPL very unlikely. Top 4 this season
    will be a well earned achievement.

    1. Its not like we had the capability to win it anyway. With Wenger in charge something like beyond the 4 place is impossible.

  16. I get the media always pick on Arsenal. But one reason why media picks on us is because we have a manager who claims to be in the title race and in it to win it in other cup competition every year, but fails to deliver. How can he be serious with only 2 first class centrebacks? You could’ve gotten away with it if you had a DMF with power and physique, but we don’t have one of those either.

    1. Yes, thats true. Not only him, but i do also see many fans on diff sides babbling about us winning the EPl or the Cl. For example last year. Havoc of arrogant fanboisem, only to end up in the 4th place with luck, and winning a lousy cup with luck aswell.

  17. Lets see, in their naext 8 games, Chelsea play the teams they dropped points against last season including West Brom, Sunderland, Stoke and Westham. They also have Sot’on somewhere there as well.

  18. Who’s care. Just follow whatever my beloved Wenger want, win, loose or draw, even relegated, I has still support arsenal. Anyway just another three season, he won’t be long his heart can’t take it.

  19. Who is that that have prophesied that Chelsea will win this season Premier League Title. Chelsea are title contenders. So too are Arsenal. Arsenal are hauling for 84 points with 17 points already in her bag. While Chelsea with 29 points already will haul for 81 points. Assuming they both win all there remaining games which not be possible. Arsenal will have a total of 101 points and Chelsea will come up with a total of 110 points leaving a gap of 9 points between Arsenal and Chelsea. Chelsea will have problem at some point that will cause them to drop a couple of points. Being Arsenal have already had their downward problem they used to have around February. I therefore have a believe that Arsenal will not fail to gather up to 90 points plus, in this Premier League campaign. Can that 90 points plus win the Barclays Premier League Title for us? Yes it can.

    1. jesus mate whatever your smoking’ pass it around….the only hope with wenger is other teams slipping up and he has been lucky for last 3 or 4 seasons in terms of delivering a CL place and related income stream… and he looks like being lucky again this season as there is only one consistently good performer…all credit to the saints but they will run in to trouble….unlike mourinho he doesnt ask what players do i need to win this thing but how can i get away with another 4th place that keeps the board happy …..

    2. “I therefore have a believe that Arsenal will not fail to gather up to 90 points plus, in this Premier League campaign.” Good luck with that mate…

      The Invincibles finished their season with 90 points…

    3. The problem with this type of analysis is that you register positives for us as if they are Arsenal and do the same for Chelsea but with negatives. Sure every team will drop points but you have not alluded to the fact that Arsenal is one of those teams, you also suggest that this is a) the worst our performance will get and b) around February we will get better, as if both those are definitive. Lastly you fail to even acknowledge the differences between this season and the last.

      1. Chelsea are a better team than they were last season, their Achilles’ heel was the fact they could not get enough goals. They rectified that by adding a world class striker, a solid back up and a club legend that still puts in a good shift. To further emphasise the point they went and signed one of the world’s great playmakers to create chances.
      2. Arsenal on the other hand have struggled this season, we have had injury after injury and we look worse as a team than we did last year, our Achilles’ heel was big matches. We have not rectified that issue gaining 3 points of a maximum of 12 thus far against last season’s top 6 vs Chelsea’s 10 of 12 and City’s 8 of 12, to compound the issue Arsenal no longer win vs the lesser teams as easily if at all, this has seen us win a mere 4 games, Chelsea has double as many wins and that was excluding today’s result vs Liverpool.
      3. Arsenal has depth, but it isn’t quality squad depth, Rosiscky, Cazorla, Ozil all play the same position and neither of them add a great deal more than the other, our midfield is stoked but the areas we actually need depth in are barren, we have no solid defensive midfielder with our usual reliance on a CAM moved back, as a result players like Ramsey and Wilshere who are box to box players end up creating more imbalance in an already unbalanced team. I will not start on our defensive woes.Long story short is Arsenal playing one way and only one way.
      Chelsea alternate between a 4 33 and a 4 2 31, both equally as effective, Ramires can play in the pivot, as a RM and on the wing and has done so for the last 2 season’s giving Chelsea something different if Fabregas does not play or should they desire a direct approach, Azpilicueta who is probably the league’s best LB is not even a LB, Ivanovic is not a RB but a CB by trade, Fabregas has and does play no.10 on occasions for Chelsea , should any of these players get injured they have a world class replacement waiting, the same cannot be said of Arsenal, we play one way and our subs are usually like for like or like for out of position.

      Mind you this is the PL, anything can happen but do not kid yourself into thinking that it is something reasonable to expect. If you want even more evidence of its difficulty, Mourinho always wins in his second campaign. Slate the coach as a person, but he is a world class coach and knows how to spot weaknesses and address them, Wegner on the other hand has not shown the same adaptability. Last season’s team could have won the title with a DM a LB and a solid striker, Remy was available last year. This year we got rid of one issue and replace it with another.

  20. Let’s see how all the teams do after Christmas than we see. Don’t know we can win tomorrow match or not, if said we can than soton and west ham also can be the champion.

  21. Is funny how people complain that we only beat small table teams when Giroud plays.
    Please, do you think Giroud wont have score more than Welbeck had he be around?
    Talking about small teams, it means we would have beaten Leicester City and Hull City and wont even fear any small team as we are doing now.
    People criticise Giroud in is first season for not scoring up to 20goals and he went ahead to prove you wrong in his 2nd season. He was criticise for not scoring against the Top 6 team in his 2nd season, yet he prove this on his 3rd season by scoring against all the Top 6 team he has come across(Man City and Everton).
    How do you know he wouldnt have score against Chelsea had he played? Just appreciate what you have.
    I think we need Giroud to thank against Everton or else….

  22. Instead wanting something impossible, better send those scouts for new DM and CB, cuz best thing we can do this season is to buy adequately players in january, and set up platform for next season, good manager knows when he can win and when he cant, but something tells me that we wont sign anyone in january, cuz all players will be healty.

  23. Wenger has zero ambition to win silverware. No wonder our players leave us for Man shity, united and chelsea. I mean every good player want to win trophies. Who wants to play for more than 3 years for a club knowing that you have almost no shoot at wining a major trophy because wenger thinks that fourth place is a trophy.

    Everyone knew this injury crisis was going to happen ( given our record). Arsenal fans, and pundits spent the whole summer begging Wenger to sign a solid defensive midfielder and 1 or 2 centerback. What did he do? nothing. He kept faith with flamini who is wouldn’t start for even a midtable team and arteta who has lost his pace and physicality. Oh and Diaby is like a new signing.


    So who do I blame for our woes? Not the players. I blame Wenger.

    Let’s not kid ourselves, our current squad is built to achieve fourth place. Not challenge for titles.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Ozil, sanchez, walcot, Ramsey, wilshere or any other arsenal player left us for another team with a better chance of wining major trophies. I mean who can really blame them?

    Sorry for the grammatical errors!

  24. Are the days of mega spending coming to an end? When you look at the League Table it`s refreshing to see new names in the top six other than the barons of English football. The big name clubs are beginning to come unstuck by teams whose players are not household names. So, are we saying that you can no longer buy yourself out of trouble? The standard across the board is evening out and 50 million in most cases doesn`t get you a better player than 20 million, or even ten.
    Wenger is right (Gowd forgive me) when he says we suffer from the passing of `street football. The only natural footballer we have at Arsenal is Alexis Sanchez the rest are hybrids.

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