Arsenal boss has two HUGE reasons to thank Newcastle

Arsene Wenger will have a lovely warm spot inside him tonight as he can now relax and revel in the fact that the Arsenal team of 2003-04 and the remarkable achievement of winning the Premier League trophy without suffering a single defeat will not be matched, at least not this season.

Every Arsenal fans in the world was a die hard Geordie for 90 minutes today, or 96 minutes if you add on the ridiculous amount of injury time that gave Chelsea the chance to grab a late equalizer against 10 men. That invincibles record is very important to Wenger and Arsenal and may be the greatest thing to happen to the Gunners at any time, never mind in the time under the Frenchman’s management.

PLus, the worst possible team to equal our record would have been Chelsea. Actually any team under the control of Jose Mourinho, the man who has never showed our manager the respect he deserves and took his disrespect to a whole new level last season with the specialist in failure jibe.

You just know the Portuguese pillock would have milked the fact that he had matched Wenger’s feat but now that record is safe for another year. The other reason Wenger has to thank Newcastle is for the way they stuck with Alan Pardew despite the fans’ fury and protests. And they hae been proved right to do so, which should at least give the Arsenal fans who want Wenger out a few reasons to think again.


  1. Arsenal fans wouldn’t be carying that much in the good old glories if our present wasn’t s*hit. As a football club past is the only good thing we have..

    Thank you Newcasttle.

    1. what we need is feedback.
      was anyone in stoke to today at the match?

      im hearing fight broke out outside brittania between our own fans.
      ruckus at half time punches thrown between our own fans
      fans ran up on team bus hurling abuse throwing things

      glad i didnt go

    2. i agree with one of the reasons onLy….. And that’s about Thanking Newcastle…… The other part where the author stated “Arsenal fans who want wenger out reasons to think again” is purely crap!…… Yea pardew was unserious until the great rampage… A4 paper of “pardew OUT” inspired him……..the board made a move and gave him a minimum of 3 games to prove his worth…….. IT WORKED……..a new banner was released afterwards “BACK FROM THE DEAD” ……and guess what!…… Pardew went on 2 defeat the great *coughs* Maureen …..something Wenger has never been able to achieve……. Ridiculous!

    1. As sad as it is,no change comes without revolution and blood.
      There is always the true patriots against the blind(sometime paid) followers of the tyranic regime.
      The board and Wenger watch and start to realize something has to be done.
      Let us watch…

        1. @newyorkgonner,you don t know me and you call me weak ass.
          Tell me the d#ck of Wenger,does it tastes good?

      1. Yeah, and if you had any elaborated sense of history you would know that the most powerful and long lasting changes have emerged from peaceful revolution. Hasty and aggressive protest (ie Wenger Out banners, booing, character assassination) is the equivalent of the bloodshed of which you speak, eg French revolution, which always ends up with a new and often worse monarchal structure than before. Powerful change occurs peacefully and patiently, eg Ghandi. Calling for the manager’s head, spreading vitriol, and booing the team is simply cutting off your nose to spite your face: self defeating, dangerous, overly emotional, short sighted.

        1. Int. Gooner. I know what you are saying. Sure a peaceful resolution would be much more sensible. I am disappointed that our own fans are fighting each other. But this problem has been going on far too long and the fans frustration is being dismissed. Viz Hill-Woods comments that we are no more than a bunch of ignorant morons. They believe that if they sit tight then we will squabble and eventually settle down.Typical “Divide and Rule “tactics. For long now our problems on the field have been glaring but for reasons of his own Wenger has refused to act. Nobody really wanted him to leave but he has basically “cocked a snook” at us all. He has never shared his reasons for his decisions or why he refuses to acknowledge us fans. He has effectively usurped our loyalty and it has now backfired. He has left himself in an impossible situation with only one way to go He has brought this on himself and I for one am sad about that.

        2. I have never said that I was condoning fighting between Arsenal fans,I was just pointing a fact of history.Most of change come by fighting and blood due to the foolishness of men who are unable to use their brain.The oligarch create this situation and watch laughing until it get to them and they stop laughing.
          You people are defending Arsene just for the sake of it.The man is unable to win again the PL or CL and you are expecting the supporters to accept that.They are not all losers.Only the first win,the others are all called losers.
          Arsene cannot take Arsenal to first again,respect is due to him as he is growing older but let him respect himself and see this evidence and do the honourable thing,let his place to a younger one,better shame in that.

    2. Wenger plays Chambers against someone like Montero for Swansea and then he plays Bellerin against someone who would muscle him out.
      wont even talk about mertesacker.
      what a window lol….arteta santos an mertesacker- 2011 i remember it well

  2. Went today has called to say Arsenal fans fighting each other and the team bus attacked with fans shouting Wenger out,this is what our fraud of a manager has driven our great fans too.

  3. Our verbal AKB AOB battle has now turned into open war,it’s so man to blame and two men can step in and make this end,time for Ivan and stan to grow some balls and sack Wenger.

  4. @mr lean,
    I cant believe what I saw after the match at Britannia …, I was there my self seen gunners fighting each other…outsaide the Britannia…all thanks t o our deluded manager.

      1. It seems the growing storm of animosity and malcontent with the Arsenal Regime is sadly turning fans amongst themselves. Stan, Ivan, Wenger and the hapless minions on the board who sit emotionless as the Red side of London starts to burn can go F themselves.

    1. I’m sorry but laying the blame for what a bunch of overwrought fans got up to outside Britannia on Wenger is a bit rich. If their were handbags outside the stadium then it is pathetic, infantile and an embarrassment to the club we all love. Our travelling fans are some of the best in the world but everyone who was involved should hang their head in shame and get a life.

  5. Wenger summary for matchday 15.

    Thursday, Wenger press conference, ‘ we will not be intimidated by hostile environment at the stadium.

    Matchday Saturday, We concede on 1 minute. Lose 3-2.

    Wenger postmatch , keywords – ‘Unlucky’, ‘Fighting spirit’, ‘didn’t turn up to defend’, ‘Unlucky’. You know how the sentence goes with these words.

    Anyway so Chelsea lose one player to injury in midfield and they lose.

    1. @HA559 ..
      I know it mate.., this are his word after he match( postmatch )..”there were lots of postves in the match..the spirit of the team was fantastic… so he said…

      but can someone tell how come we end up having one defender on the pitch .. I mean ONLY 1 defender…..? sorry I think I know the answer my self .. the point is that our incompetent manager allows this to happen with just tow injuries in defence

  6. Wow , I’m a 100% wenger out and have been all season, but we should not be fighting between ourselves, everyone is entitled to an opinion guys , this for me is the lowest the club has been in my 30 years supporting the club

    1. Over 30 years supporting this great club and tonight I’m so low about what I hear,not the the score which is bad enough but arsenal fans fighting each other sad sad times .

  7. Wenger has applied for another job !,captain of the titanic,in his interview he said don’t worry about the icebergs they are no danger to the ship !

    1. Mr lean, I still can’t see why some on here don’t have the balls to reply they just thumb comments against wenger down,Mohave balls AKB people and comment

        1. That’s because the AKB crew cannot defend him , there was a guy on here the other day defending the fina ill policy , I wonder where he is

      1. No fear in responding. I’m no AKB, but I certainly am not an AOB. For many fans it’s not that binary.

        We are building at last with some money. Today was very very disappointing (especially given Chelsea result and following a couple of half decent results), but not the first time we’ve been kicked off the pitch by the orks. Their tactics (I’ve only seen snippets of the game) like literally wrestling Sanchez to the ground after the ball was out of play were appalling. We lack strength in the team no doubt about it. Clearly we are still suffering with defensive issues and yes we need more cover and a Cdm. Whether we were sh*t, unlucky, made fatal mistakes etc or not, I have no idea till I’ve seen the game. Guess the same for many of you.

        As far as I am concerned and for the time being will continue to think, Wenger is not going, the board won’t sack him and I want to see what happens in January. You can whinge or moan as much as you want but all it serves to do is undermine any possible purchases (risk of Wenger going just after he’s bought someone, the threat to their career with ano manager etc) and it does exactly what is happening in turning the fans into maniacs.

        I see an upside in the moaning ie there is no way Wenger and the board can possibly miss the deep sense of frustration that exists…but think there is a thin line between being a gooner (however much frustration you may have) and being just a divisive, negative influence on our great club, traditions and team. When people lay into the squad or Arsene personally I don’t support it.

        Therefore, I have no issue with any AOB or those who are getting fcuked off, who isn’t. I do have issues with Wenger being trashed by certain ‘fans’ as he has earnt greater respect…he clearly doesn’t want the team to lose ffs.

        As for a lack of AKB’s well given that you guys often revel in the negativity (makes your argument, doesn’t it?) not really much to come on here for other than abuse, or to read one negative comment after another…which as I guess some of you may understand isn’t really what anyone much feels like when Arsenal lose. Invariably if I thumbs down someone its cos they’re simply trashing the club, manager or team.

        1. Gooner 100 – kudos for the considered response. To paraphrase Pink Floyd, I have become comfortably numb this season. The results haven’t been great but the vitriol and false dichotomy that some fans have created (your either an AOB or an AKB) is just depressing. So I’ve emotionally disinvested a bit this year – hope for the best, expect a bit less and move on and look forward to the next game. COYG

        2. @ gooner100 …Booooo….. U are an AKB……… Simple as that……… Quit preaching shit!…… No one’s buying that

  8. off topic,
    After 15 league game last season, arsenal were 5 point clear in 1st.
    After 15 league game last season, arsenal were 13point behind 1st….
    and the post match…he said ” there were lots of positives in todays game….and ” the team sprit was fantastic……Wenger said this after we lost to STOKE city my God STOKE city…..
    I rest my case…

    1. I remember stoke City beating man city. At city’s home. They are a tough team for anyone to face. A poor start and atrocious refereeing cost us the game.

  9. A big thanks to all my AKB friends for the thumbs down ! You guys are in a way as much to blame as le fraud for your inability to open your eyes which are blinded with love for your out of date god and see the damage both short and long term he is doing to our club.

    1. Lol you just said exactly what I said, don’t worry they can’t raise a good argument, they will re surface if we win one , if

      1. Wonder if that not the only thing they can’t raise ! Feel sorry for there wife’s and girlfriends lol !

    2. @mr lean
      One minute you’re going on about gooners fighting each other at the match, then you try and bait gooners who do not share your view of the clubs manager in an online bitch duel.
      Get out your frustration at the place where it originated or let it go…

      1. Boomers fighting each other is the lowest this club has EVER been but we should be able to disagree Nygunner

        1. You’re absolutely right John0711 but have a look at what happens above when someone like gooner100 tries to respond in a reasonable way. If you want debate, a bit more respect from all sides wouldn’t go amiss.

  10. “Relax” Gooners 🙂
    Arsenal remain on track for at least 4th.
    In fact if we had 2 quality CB’s we would be
    seriously challenging for the title.

    1. Arsenal, short of defenders every season. That is the primary reason which stops us from winning the title, and it all comes down to Wengers decision not to buy defenders every summer only replacements.

          1. Yes they are as dangerous as
            our fans attacking a bus.
            Mind you at least someome
            at Arsenal is hitting the target 🙂

      1. Hey man im here…no hiding place for us tdy…what can I say?…this is probably the worst iv felt in a while

  11. How many Gooners on here have had kids ? Well I compare Wenger to a childrens nappy and when it gets dirty and full of sh#t what do you do ? Change it for a new one.

  12. We are a joke. Koscielny wasn’t fit enough to play today, yet he was on the bench. We didn’t have any fit first team defenders on the bench today. That you can blame Wenger From now until January atleast.

    Still he will not buy anyone in January, he will go into the last hour of the window panicking looking for players to help him secure 4th spot.

    Wenger logic 21

    Arsenal no depth but fight for the title (2013/14) = Buy no one in January
    Arsenal no depth but fight for 4th spot (2014/15)= Look for someone to buy in January to secure 4th spot.

  13. Just heard Stan collymore talking to ‘Aaron’ on call collymore..

    Asking same questions about why th fuk don’t the board react and say something??? Ffs it’s Groundhog Day and NOTHING IS DONE ABOUT IT!!!!

  14. Ozil, Debuchy and Walcott to return.
    We will get a CB in January (I hope)
    Giroud Wellbeck Ox can improve plenty.

    1. Wake up we are in the market for a young championship defender and that’s it when we need a world class DM and CB

    2. @davidnz
      I don’t trust him….I know he will datch ur hope come January .. want him to prove me wrong

  15. Happy times for Gooners 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Arsenal Stoked
    Ramsey scored again
    Can’t blame Wilshere for this loss
    But lets blame him anyway 🙂
    And Ozil don’t forget to blame him too
    Sanchez fails to score and save the team
    release him immediately .
    Campbell on in the 92nd I hope
    we don’t run him into the ground 🙂
    Poltergeist Poldi Mr Invisible 🙂
    KJ’s ratings for the first half would be fun
    11 x 0 =?
    Arsenal to finish above Chelsea
    Arsenal to make ECL semis
    Arsenal to retain the FA Cup.
    Wenger to extend contract till 2019 🙂 🙂 🙂

    COYG 🙂

  16. I can get over Liverpool’s and Chelsea loos…but 3-0 down to a rugby team is beyond me….what make me mad is we had belerin this whole season on the bench to play him in other matches at home against anderlet against over teams at home with his own fans where we could’ve maybe rested monreal or rested per….but to throw 3 kids in ur defence against stoke away….im sorry akb but its hard to defend that sorry…..and plzzzz plzzzz stop the fighting man we are all arsenal…we all love this club..smh

  17. I fear Something really bad will happen(players will be attacked by fans physical) because of wenger.there are some reports saying some of our players are refusing to play for wenger

    1. Where are these reports? As for fans attacking the players, it’ll never, never happen. This is England, not some banana republic in the ass hole of the world.

      If this is what people really believe, they’re more deluded than some of the fans on here!

          1. Ye know leano, I really admired Wenger and respected him for all he has achieved and at times his stubborn reluctance to give into media hype..

            But don’t you think if he’s that intelligent.. Surely if the board are holding him back.. Then his legacy will be tarnished forever.. Surely he would walk.. He’s failing badly.. He won’t be remembered for his greatness only his failings..
            There’s alot of resentment towards him.. For his sake he should walk (if it’s the board holding him back)?

            1. I have and respect him and agree with everything you have said mate but I just get the feeling that Wenger is way to stubborn and has some kind of hold over the owner and other manager at any club would get away with the way manages a great club so poorly so consistently.

              1. Something’s not right mate..How can someone with an eye for talent an eye on how to play with amazing elegance power and style – go to someone who appears to have absolutely no idea how to pick a team and play them..???
                He’s either lost it or being held back..?
                Jack D and coke for me tonight topped off with a few kronenburghs..

  18. I missed the match just saw highlights. I just saw a picture of Charlie adams holding Sanchez around the neck, that looks like a red card to me, he is pulling and Sanchez down in a chokehold. What happened at that point?

    1. No refereeing will save us when we are embarrassingly 3-0 at half time..
      Kroenke & Wengers fault for not doing anything about it YET AGAIN!!

      1. Don’t blame WANGER his tring everything to makeup in fact after the match he was stopped on the motorway for speeding by the police, when asked why he ( AW ) was speeding ? replay = I DO ANYTHING FOR THREE POINTS.

  19. What a nonsense article…so we should not consider thinking a change is needed due the unbeaten season of 11 years ago. 1 fa cup and no proper league challenge in 10 years with the same deficiencies every year. Everyone knows where we need to improve…Wenger buys another winger and we end up not having leaders and any ability to defend. Oh and we are being linked with a 21 year old Ipswich defender now!

    1. Liam

      We needed a defensive midfielder.. We brought back Flamini and then signed an injured fekin midfielder who played about 1/2 a game..

      Penny pinching board control or a stubborn deluded Frenchman..?

      1. Combination of both but there is a massive imbalance in the squad with a lot of small and gifted attacking players that he has spent some decent money on..I think Flamini ended up being a little accidental. The board worries me more than Wenger as they are clearly only interested in 4th place. The club should be in a great position but the ambition is not geared towards trophies

        1. Exactly.. Kroenke isn’t intersted one iota in how well we do only how much money we as a club generate him…
          It’s a total farce but WENGER should realise this as his legacy is being tarnished beyond repair..
          Kroenke or WENGER.. I don’t know..!
          One or both must go .NOW!!

        2. Liam

          We have no spine – no fighting spirit- no togetherness- no killer instinct- no passion or desire and no plan B

          It’s feasible to believe that some of the players have lost belief in the manager and club they play for..?

  20. Anyone know what our record is against the top 3 finishing teams in the league in the last 10 years between league games, fa cup games and champ league.. Must be one of the worst runs in the clubs history

    1. @Liam79. Give yourself some perspective.
      Look at the Arsenal finishing
      position from 1949 till 1988.
      2 wins in 40 years.
      Then check out the mightybe Spurs
      no Premiership wins in 53 years.
      Now thats real suffering.

      1. I certainly agree with your comment. All I would say is that we now have the resources to expect a lot more. The same avoidable mistakes being made and seemingly no consideration of the managers future at board level.

        There are no guarantees in football but at a minimum Wenger needs to be challenged more. We need to build a team with some spine

  21. I have just sent an e mail to the BBC for the Watchdog programme as they have a bit called Rogue Traders where they investigate dodgy people ripping off there customers.i want. Wenger to be investigated for being a fraud by pretending to be a top football manager and every year getting thousands of people to part with hard earn’t money with the promise of winning league titles.

  22. Still on the brightside diaby should be back fully fit soon for a ten minute cameo role which will earn him a bumper new deal and no need to buy another midfielder.another Wenger master stroke !

      1. Seriously believe he will re sign Henry Pires ljunberg and anelka..

        It couldn’t get any worse ..

  23. I’d bring back Tony adams…
    He’s as quick as mertesacker daft as a brush and put his head where you wouldn’t put your foot..

  24. Today sums up life as an Arsenal fan at present, oh how we’ve lost our way!
    Delighted that Chelsea were defeated then shocked by our first half score line. Actually I wasn’t shocked as we are so unpredictable I never know what will happen and often expect the worst.
    Keep going like this and I fear the players that do give a sh*t will be pushing to leave this sinking ship. Wenger’s insistence to stick with Flamini and Per and not invest in other defensive players could be the ruin of our beloved club. If not fixed in Jan the major window in the Summer will see an exodus of players.
    We are even posting articles about our past glory as we’ve nothing else really positive to say 🙁

  25. Would anyone take a chance on stevie G if he wants a new challenge..?
    Would suit Wengers tight arse philosophy..?
    Believe we would still need a strong powerful athletic DM to sit just in front of a new centre half to partner koscienly..
    Midfield isn’t too bad as isn’t the forwards..
    Just need Kroenke or Arsene to bail.. Leave us in the hands of a true Arsenal fan..!?

    1. Gerrard’s fitness is in decline and his wages would be too high. He’s not as defensively minded a player as I’d like. Personally, I’d go for Krychowiak from Sevilla.

  26. For me, January will hopefully look like this:

    Podolski: £12m
    Campbell: £10m

    Hummels: £32m
    Krychowiak: £14m

    Net spend: £24m

    I don’t want Podolski or Campbell to go, but neither is happy on the bench and it doesn’t look like either will get a decent amount of game time, so it’s best for both them and the club.

    Whether or not we can get Hummels is questionable to say the least, but him and Koscielny would, in theory, make a very good defence.

  27. OMG

    MOTD – can’t believe how naive we look defending
    We look like amateurs.. Seriously inept defenders … Inept board inept manager..
    Kroenke & Wenger out NOW!

  28. This anger, shown by fans is product of naivety, we won 3 games and they tought we will win the league, some of fans dont want wenger to go now, but if he doesnt go now, he will not go at the end of season, cuz he will come with empty promises and those angry fans will belive him, and go round again, this loss is good thing, we need few more, and probably he will resign !!! COYG

  29. After Match interview : Wenger had no answers just the same old excuses the man has nothing more to offer and if he had any respect for the Arsenal Fan’s he would step down as Arsenal manager right away.

  30. Breaking News…Wenger already interviewed for a new Job. He’s going to be driving the French 4 man bob-sleigh in the next winter Olympics. A spokeman for Le Figaro said, “we were really looking for someone who could drive a team downhill fast”.

  31. I’ve never been an Arsene out merchant, but this season is a season too far for Wenger as far as I’m concerned.

    He’s somehow managed to bring in players of the calibre of Sanchez and Ozil (I know he’s injured at the moment) yet managed to slam the team into reverse so quickly, he’s blown the engine. I’m not saying the players won’t play for him, I’m saying the players are uninspired by him, as well as being played out of position, add this to a very weak squad and you have a recipe for disaster.

    When he arrived at Arsenal, he revolutionised not only Arsenal, but English football with his ideas on nutrition, training, buying foreign players etc, unfortunately for us, everyone else adopted his methods, and over time developed and improved them while he stood still.

    Whatever happened to his statement a few seasons ago that he would leave if he felt he wasn’t achieving for the club, that time has long since passed, he doesn’t have the excuse of the new stadium anymore. I suppose the problem is, he never specified what under achieving was or is!

    So gentleman, it looks as though we’re stuck with him until his contract expires as he doesn’t seem to be answerable to anyone.

    In all honesty, I can’t see us even getting 4th place this season, we’re too physically and mentally weak.

    Tally-ho, toodle pip, down the hatch, and another large scotch please bartender.

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