Arsenal Boss Hints at Move for Liverpool Star!

With the summer transfer window edging closer, the Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has sparked rumors of his interest in one of the Premier League’s brightest young talents, Liverpool winger Raheem Sterling, who will be demanding a move away from Anfield in a meeting with manager Brendan Rodgers and the club’s chief executive Ian Ayre this Friday, according to reports.

Speaking in regards to his transfer plans for the summer in his weekly press conference, Wenger said: “I did not bid for anybody at the moment. But in the summer we will bid for people, yes.”

On being asked specifically if he would be interested to bring Raheem Sterling to the Emirates, the Frenchman added: “I do not like to lie. If I say I will bid and I don’t do it, you will say I lied.”

I found it very interesting that Wenger did not deny interest in the player, like he usually does when asked about reported Arsenal targets. Le Prof’s second statement however, is the one that catches the eye. When he says he does not want to lie, he is making no commitments in regards to whether he will move for the player or not, which indicates that he may well be interested.

Considering the fact that the young Englishman has already turned down a contract extension worth £100k-a-week, it does not seem as though it is money he is after, he clearly wants to play Champions League football next season. In addition to that, Sterling is a London boy and will surely consider a move to Arsenal. It remains to be seen whether Wenger will indeed move for the player but personally, I would love to see him at the Emirates!


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  1. Would be an excellent signing and signal go some way to reestablishing the status quo among the English clubs, that Arsenal no longer gets its biggest talents taken and instead can boss it’s rivals.

    On Sterling it’s simple, he’s better than Theo (don’t bother arguing me on that, just don’t) and similar to Ox – albeit far more reliable/durable. He’d be a terrific option for RW as he can play the role of winger, while also coming inside to get involved with the kind of game we play. All-round it would be a stellar move, and one I really hope comes to fruition. Overhyped? He’s English so that’s standard…unless Wilshere is actually on Xavi’s level as some would have you believe. He’s 20, the best young English talent (sub 21), and would explode at Arsenal with the players around him.

    Heard a lot of negative remarks about Sterling and his situation. Would advise people to not fall for the victimization and instead look at Liverpools involvement as a club (they leaked the offered money, they demanded he sign mid-season, they’ve painted him the villain avoid the spotlight). Sterling wants to play for a better team, nobody would have a pop at Benteke for leaving Villa or indeed for Sterling leaving QPR previously. Seems the idea that a player wants to leave Liverpool can only mean one thing = money grabber. Right pull the other one, Liverpool are significantly worse than 4 other perm teams, just try and convince any ‘pool fan of that.

    1. Liverpool will want lot of money 40-50 m£ so no need.Wenger should first sign up Walcott and then look at Pedro or Griezmann.

      1. Yea well Arsenal want Messi but you don’t always get what you want.

        What are the facts? Sterling wants out, every man and his dog knows that. Liverpool will get a good fee because he’s quality, young, and english, but no chance in hell they’ll get anything in that range.

        They can demand it all they want, no club will pay it. So do they keep a player the fans now hate, or will they sell up for 30mil and move on…..things can change in football but he looks nailed on to leave. City most likely, but I’d put us 2nd faves unless he’s really keen on coming back to London.

      2. We should consider swapping Walcott with Sterling imo. Walcott will for us not really fire with all his guns unless it’s a team that holds us at the midfield and prevents us from camping outside their box. If we do that, Walcotts pace is pretty useless – and without his pace, he’s not quite the astonishing player. Adequate crosses, OK finishing from a winger, poor defensive work as a winger. Sterling might be worse at crossing and finishing, but else than that he’s a better player if we exclude Walcotts pace. – in my opinion

    2. Let’s just think about this gooners, sterling has had one good season, he shows remarkable promise but also shows extreme stupidity , can we all remember a young talent called jermaine penant ? this kid had it all and could have been truly great but guess what ,you can take the kid out of the hood but you can’t always take the hood out of the kid, sterling hangs around with a bunch of idiots who think posting their mate online doing laughing gas is clever and there all living in London , bringing him in would be a huge mistake in my opinion and those of you suggesting to offer theo and money , Im so glad you don’t run the club, theo is the best r winger in the league when fit, we also have Wellington silva coming back, not to mention ox to cover or Sanchez if we want to play Danny or mezut on the left, let city have Raheem and let their already volatile dressing room implode , let’s get Cech , lacazette and a solid dm to compete with le coq , sell Chesney to inter for good money podolski could be used as make weight for Morgan or the like release flamini let arteta and Roz have there last season if they choose or let them go if they want more first team football , Rio to have one more loan Diaby pay as you play and last promote chuba who clearly is going to be an animal, with this I believe the title is ours and if the new 3 settle a real tilt at the cl is possible but please gooners get behind theo he is absolutely essential

      1. @justin
        Sterling and Penant are 2 different people. Talk about being glad “you” don’t run the club…SMFH.

      2. He was great last season and has been their best player this season at 20 years old. Are you really going to try and bash Sterling as a person when we have the king chav Wilshere as part of our young royalty? Give me a break.

        You just said Theo is the best winger in the league when fit so I’m gonna ignore your future statements.

        1. To be honest charlie your ignorance is a compliment I’ve been reading your comments for a while and my god you talk absolute nonsense and I think most people on here agree with me so good luck oh and by the way totally agree about wilshere so your point is redundant to me

          1. you’re calling people ignorant and making statements like Theo is the best winger in the league…..I mean pot and kettle

            1. No one called anyone ignorant charlie, you said you were going to ignore me, so I said your ignorance is a compliment, do you understand? Theo being the best right winger in the league is my opinion am I not entitled to that?

      3. im not to sure about sterling because im on the idea to take a striker first, like lacazette and play in the wing ox, welbeck, walcott, chuba or maybe campbell or wellington (probably i would sell the last one…al of u try him like a star when he is not younger than campbell and he didnt do anything, for me he is not on the standard)…BUT u cant said that walcott is the best winger in the league when he is fit. base on what? one season when he fight for his new lucrative contract? how much time walcott has been fit in the 10 years with arsenal? first he need to solve his injury problems to prove himself like a good player to take in the squad and not a wate of space, leave that “best winger” thing…finally, he even want to play as winger, so he never would be that best winger and probably we dont need him because he cant play like a lone striker.

        1. Ok so give an alternative? Who in your opinion is the best right winger in the league? Theo has had terrible luck with injury but whenever he gets a run his goals and assist per game record is unbelievable and also becomes England’s first choice so who would you swap him for ?

          1. I think even Oxlade-Chamberlain is better than Walcott. Theo has one good trait, his pace combined with threatening the back room. This trait is however not coming to use in Arsenal, as we keep on pushing the opponents defense all the way back into their box, making Walcotts pace pretty useless. Without this one trait of his, Walcott is a pretty mediocre player. In such a way, Oxlade is a better alternative for us.

            1. The ox is a brilliant player and I definitely believe he can surpass Walcott but he wants to play center mid so I guess we’ll see what Arsene does , about the one trick pony thing when he plays he stretches the play not letting defenses drop off, pure pace creates space but that is only worth it if there’s end product, and Theo sets up his fair share of assists and also hits the net there’s loads more tricky wingers out there who have no end product so what do you pick? If we moved Theo up top and rotated him withOlly he’d score 20 + goals a season ,i have no doubt , like your point about the ox though but I reckon he’ll be moved central to let roz and arteta leave, but just imagine when he drifts right to combine with Theo and hector! There’s no left side that could deal with that

          2. mmm im probably prefer sterling in fact…walcott is better finisher (to much better) and faster…but sterling is a better dribbler anda that can help us with thight defenses. also can cope with his defenses duties better…walcott is not at his best like the season i told before…i like walcott and i think he could be a phenomenal second striker or even i want to believe he can be that winger of 2 seasons ago again…BUT, he dont want to play like a winger and i think he dont want a new contract if we dont promise him cf gametime…also, i cannot leave the idea that if he get his chance and get his old level, he will injured again and all started again…sorry men, but theo is an example of injury prone player, more now he got a very bad injury…finally, like i said in other post, even if i dont like it, wenger likes to play a playmaker on the wing to gain possesion (because of that he plays cazorla, ozil or ramsey even if we have many wingers)…if wenger doesnt change that (most likely), then i will go for a player like gotze or isco…very skillfulls, with pace (not to much, but more than ramsey) and with an eye in goal…the problem with that is the defense aspect but wenger is in charge…finally…i would said u that i prefer ox in the wing or welbeck that walcott for them all round game…walcott in that case can came from the bench when we were in problems to get a goal (not in the 75`”a la wenger”, in the 60`)…i dont understand that thing of OX future CM of mr Wenger…we have enoght CMs and more to come from the academy, i wont waste the ox pace in the middle

      1. Oh didn’t realise 20 year old Raheem Sterling has been with Liverpool 8 years, barely featured through injury, had a great season, now wants to leave.

        You’re right Craig….thanks for the perspective, they the exact same.

  2. Mmm not really sure what to make of this. Sterling is a good player no doubt, young and skillful with massive potential. But the thing is we already have Walcott, Chamberlain, Zelalem and Gnabry, all similar players. I’m not sure what Theo’s situation is, but replacing him with Sterling is not an upgrade. Theo has proven time and time again that when he comes on, he adds pace and a completely different dimension to our attack. He makes excellent run ins behind defenders and he actually has the pace to pull it off, unlike most of our forwards. The addition of Sterling to our squad would be a luxury, but I’d rather we spent that money on a world class CF, Bender or Schneiderlin, and Peter Cech. I think those positions need strengthening more as I don’t see Sterling as a CF at all, but rather a winger/striker which we already have a plethora of. Perhaps he will be brought in to replace Rosicky? That is the only thing that would make sense.

      1. but no Bender please…..haven’t heard of him and carvalho for a very Long time now …… Schneiderlin and Kondogbia (this guy got strength and shield) would do

    1. I see that comment often “plethora of wingers”… is that the case when we have to play CM Rambo at RW the last 6 games? Where are all these quality wingers we have?

      Let me list them:
      Alexis (LW – nailed starter)
      Ox (RW – played 1 game since Jan and is future CM)
      Theo (RW – not good enough for the starting 11)
      Welbz (LW/RW – 2nd fiddle to Alexis, used more for his work rate)
      Poldi/Campbell/Gnabry (only Gnabry has a future at the club.

      Plethora: “a large or excessive amount of (something).”

      Do tell me again about all the quality wingers we possess, and how buying a RW wouldn’t be a good investment.

      1. You can add Campbell
        Sanogo Wellington + Ryo
        10 wingers of some description
        on the books. Yes only Sanchez
        has nailed down a spot and Ramsey is
        better than the rest of them that’s why he plays.
        Arsenal needs to have a massive clear out
        your either good enough or your not.
        Why do we carry 14 deadwood?
        Arsene believes in all of these players.
        God only knoes why 🙁

        1. Stop your crap telling Ramsey is better at RW than Walcott,Wellbeck or campbelll.
          He plays there because that what wenger like to do,floods the team with slow midfielder.We have seen all.Wilsher,Ozil,Caorla and now Ramsy on the flank.
          That the Barcelona way but we are not Barca,we are fourth place Arsenal for this reason.
          I love Wenger but I lost hope we win anything big with him because of that.

          1. im with you on that…even if we dont wanted, wenger likes to play a cam in one of the wing to get more possesion…im on th more dinamic play with to fast wingers who have goals and can get the line to take the pass to our target man (giroud or other)…because of that also is that wenger need a player on the cf who can play holdup playing…but, if wenger continiue to play that way and demands a player with good technique and short pass, i thing he also need to go for a player with goals and more pace than ramsey…he play ramsey there because he shows that he knows where is the f* net and have the technique and pass…but he needs more pace and even better dribbling skills…in that case i would go for isco or gotze

  3. OT: “If we had bought Coquelin at Christmas for £40m, everyone would say ‘what a signing’. I am sorry he didn’t cost any money, he is still a good player.” Wenger

    I hate it when wenger speaks about Coquelin as a strike of guinus, he took credit for something that was pure luck … imagine that Arteta and Flamini weren’t injured, then most probabaly Coquelin would be still at Charlton and maybe even offloaded by now …

    1. You don’t know that for sure. Don’t forget, Flamini was still fit when Coquelin was given first choice.

      1. no both Flamini and Arteta were injured and I know for sure he brought back because of the urgency we were into and not because Wenger believes in him to be the player he is right now …

        1. Wrong. Just wrong. Flamini was available and playing every week when Coq recalled. Coq’s first 3 appearances were as subs with Flamini starting (Newcastle (h), L’Pool (a), QPR (h)). WH (a) was his first start WITH Flamini. Flamini out for Soton game but available as a sub for next 6 games where Coq started.

      2. Its not true. Flamini and Arteta were out. THIS is ALL the fans have asked of Wenger in 5 years and he was stubborn about. When he brought Le Coq in, he didn’t have a choice. It was the ONLY possibility. I Love Wenger, but I’m completely in alignment with the fact that he CANNOT take ANY credit for this. IT WAS SHEER LUCK.

        1. @GO
          Sheer luck it wasn’t. Wenger knew what Le Coq was capable of. He could have used Chambers as DM, but knew Le Coq was better suited for the role.
          So yes, he can take credit for this…

      3. Wenger said as much that he Coquelin was on his way out, in addition remember that his loan deal was for two months and at its expiration Wenger agreed to the extension, only to have Ramsey and Arteta pick up injuries, then he was forced to call back Coq. so the answers is yes Coq. was unearthed out of necessity and not design.

        1. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. Wenger’s only luck was that Coq did the job better than he and probably anyone else expected – he wouldn’t have recalled him if he couldn’t have done some sort of job in that position – he had Flamini available if he didn’t feel like taking a risk.

    2. These sorts of comments I find extremely narrow minded. Coquelin has been at the club for an extremely long time now and grown in the youth system. Just because the first time you saw him was in an actual game, you completely disregard the fact that wenger and the coaches have worked with him on a semi-daily basis for years now

    3. @ no giroud

      I hate to call you out but sh*t like this is what pisses me off about our fans. Let me give you an example, arsene has had coquelin since he was a teenager, he kept him around and loaned him out when he could’ve easily shipped him out and sold him but he Didn’t cause he saw coquelin had quality and could maybe 1 day fulfill that potential. Mourinho had matic as a youngster and shipped him out without even giving him a chance cause mourinho can’t spot or nurture young talent like wenger. Then he buys him back for £25m later cause he’s matured as a player but mourinho couldn’t see that . End of story.

  4. if sterLing comes………. Boy No problem at all…….. But i’m so not wishing to Let some of our own go! …… Not wilshere , Not walcott ………….

    1. Sterling for Walcott+15m, good deal …
      Walcott has only one year to leave on free, we were waiting him for one year while he is injured and guess what he demands a pay rise just the way he did last time …

      1. oh pls!……. Tell me u didn’t love walcott in red hot form against spurs in that fateful day with danny rose…… Going thru an ACL is not an easy process , regaining the form isn’t just as easy too (ask a once prolific striker like falcao)……. Theo have been one of our own; for how Long nw?…..10 or so?….let’s kindly treat his matter with urgency…….at this stage, we all knw how deadly walcott could be when on form……would u even consider weaponizing a rival an option?…..we have diaby, arteta, flamini, ryo, sanogo, akpom, gnarby…all getting paid for how much services a season?…… Now i’m nt saying they all bad, but most are fringe players……….keeping walcott will do us no harm , additions will likewise do us no harm……..Let’s Tread carefully b4 a rash decision will come back to haunt us….I rest my case!

        1. My only concern about Theo is his ability to stay fit. Last 3 seasons when fit he has a goal return of 0.4 per game from a wide/second striker position. Take any other wide player you like (barring the freaks like Ronaldo); Hazard, Robben, Ribery, Willian, Sterling etc etc only Robben approachs that kind of end product and most are miles off. Costa’s career ratio is 0.4 and he is ‘world class” from the heavens if you want to listen to the hype. They all have more style, flair, skill – but there is room in any squad for a deliverer of end product; goals.

  5. Wenger will get Raheem and put TW14 up top. I can see it coming. Not a bad idea tbh. Just add Dm, cb and probably a gk and we win the title.

    Once we are injury free that is.

  6. Raheem Sterling is over hyped by the english media,there’s no way he’s worth 50mil,I would rather we keep Walcott and focus on more crucial positions like a Goalkeeper along with the defence so we concede less goals

    1. For 50 million, we could get a much better player. I honestly think we need a monster of a player up front, every top team has their Agueros, Rooneys, Costas, Lewandowskis etc etc who are all world class. I’m not saying Giroud is rubbish, but he is too one dimensional and not nearly as versatile as those aformentioned forwards. Giroud he a great target man, good in the air and when he hits that ball it goes like a rocket. But he lacks pace and dribbling technique, something which we NEED in order to beat the best and tear apart even the most stubborn defenses like the Chelsea bus.

    2. only asking!……….. If cech goes to besiktas or manure and casillas renews at real…. Be sincere, would u still need a new goalkeeper? ……. Like i stated, i’m only asking (cuz i know cech’s availability is the reason for your anxiety)

      1. Yes we still need a goalkeeper there’s lots of good ones Leno at Bayer Leverkusen,Sirigu at PSG,Sommer at Borrussia Moechengladbach,Alves at Valencia,Handanovic at Inter all these keepers and more are better than what we currently have!

      2. Ironically, the quality of a goalkeeper has far more of an influence on the outcome of a game than most realise. ManU are 4th not because of their strikers, or the quality of their defence. Our biggest problem is throwing away games having taken the lead, or while putting tons of pressure on the oppositions goal, and while Ospina is better than Schez, a World class keeper will help us stop this most annoying habit. So my answer to your question is yes I would like to see a new keeper at Arsenal, provided they were World class.

  7. I rather prefer Pedro. Still young but more prolific and has experience in highest level, and definitely cheaper. Sterling is too young to act like Theo. It won’t be change wherever he play for. Right attitude that’s the word, and I don’t think he has it.

  8. Anurag, good morning. Only God knows which players Arsenal are going to sign in the summer. Maybe Raheem Sterling will be among them to replace thought to be leaving Rosicky. If Rosicky does leave, his place is either taken over by an internal Gunner or a new will be brought in to occupy the position. One thing is obvious. Arsenal MUST have a higher caliber of 25 man first team squad next season to successfully withstand the rigour of the Emirates Cup, the Charity Shield, the Capital One Cup, the BPL, the FA Cup and the UCL games. Yes, Arsenal will be Competing on 6 fronts for honours. A very strong 25 man squad and a very strong 10 man reserve team in the academy are compulsory for Arsenal to secure to have a better than 2014/2015 outings.

  9. is GRIEZMANN even one of our options?…….. I knw it won’t be an easy negotiation with athletico tho

    1. griezmann has a buyout clause of about the £43 million mark so it would be just a case of convincing the player to join as athletico could not stand in way of the price.
      because in spain they(the spanish fa) are quite keen on these buy out clauses to be honored legally not challenge-able by the selling club, so if we met the clause athletico are leagally bound by Spanish fa rules to let us at least talk to him without negotiations. bingo

  10. I don’t think he’s better than Theo, certainly not in terms of finishing, maybe better with the pass but not a fast, he’s certainly not better than the Ox, ability or mentality, not better than Ozil, I just don’t see the point of signing him, especially if every time he is about to sign a new deal we get all this rubbish. Not worth it.

  11. Yes he may bid for him, (£20m +1p) he wont expect to get him though.
    I smell a Wenger smokescreen here!

  12. May be Wenger should give them Joel Campbell plus 15 million pounds,I think that will do.

  13. wenger wants top class quality.
    sterling is only after top class £sterling already me thinks(could earn £150,000 @city easliy for nothing), also he hasn’t dont enough yet to convince me he is worth splashing over £30 million on just yet maybe couple more seasons at anfailed. to show his class and get liverpool into the c/l or not then might think twice but atm no go.

  14. just get lacazette.
    1 he is nearer to the finished product
    2 is a better goal scorer
    3 is even faster than sterling
    4 will definitely be cheaper
    5 not arrogant and big headed like sterling

  15. Typical SSN – Wenger and Sterling a rolling 24 hours “news” item. The press numpties asked him a direct question on RS and he said neither yes nor no – so he must be interested. Yeah right.

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