Arsenal boss keen on Lucas Perez staying beyond the summer

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has stated that he would like Lucas Perez to stay at the club beyond the summer.

The Spanish forward joined the club last summer from Deportivo in a £17 Million deal, but has failed to break into a regular first-team role this season.

Perez has impressed many times when being given a role this term, but has continued to be overlooked, and that has led to frustration from the 28 year-old.

Perez has since talked about a return to his former club this summer, as he looks to assure himself of more regular football, with his place in the Spain international squad at risk without playing time.

Arsene Wenger has now insisted that he would like to see Perez stay in North-London beyond the summer, but it may not be his team to make such decisions on for the new campaign.

Wenger said: “If I am the manager I would love to keep him but we have to sit down and see if he has a realistic chance to play.

“He’s a top quality striker but I couldn’t give him the games he wants and deserves, I confess that.

“I feel a bit sorry for him.”

Perez has the ability to change a game, and is credited with goals and assists from most of his appearances, and could still play a role in the remainder of our campaign.

Danny Welbeck picked up an injury at the weekend, and with Olivier Giroud struggling to find the net of late, Perez could well be turned to spearhead our attack.

He is finally back in training and could well be able to feature against Southampton tomorrow night.

“He is again fit,” Wenger added. “He was back in training yesterday.”

Should Perez start in place of Giroud if fit?

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  1. frustrated gunner says:

    just a bench warmer sell him

  2. The Guy is good, you don t play him and you want him to stay? lol

    1. JembutArsene says:

      Well, he is arsenal most successful ever coach, so that makes him pretty important, whether you like it or not. Lucas will be used wisely asa squad player, if that’s hard for you comprehend with your limited brain power.

      Arsene Knows Best.

      1. ArseOverTit says:

        You really are a sycophantic preacher of drivel with your undying and unquestioning adoration of Wenger.

        What’s it like in his posterior Jembut seriously?

        1. JembutArsene says:

          So I’ not allowed to stay positive and be more like you so miserable?

          Being a supporter os about having hope that your team will do well regardless. Thats why Newcastle, Villa fans and so on still try to turn out for their matches on matchdays even in the Championship, thats why West ham fans still man up and go to the London Stadium. THAT’S WHAT FANS DO MATE!! (which you know) You hope for the best and prepare for the fcuking worst.

          If you already knew what the result would be because its been like that for the past 12 years then why bother!? As people keep saying; one could do something else better with their time.

          A win is a win in the end like last night manure win, what made this one particularly impressive was the style and level of commitment put out. Consistency been the achilles for Wenger over the past decade but if that group finds it and plays with that commitment over the course of this season? No doubt the title is attainable, a fair few are going to give Wenger credit for riding it out, myself included.

          And now you’re resorting to petty little insults because most folks have moved on and have managed to digest the result for what it is.

          Move onto the next game please, you’re embarrassing the fan base.

          1. ArseOverTit says:

            No blindly following and not questioning makes you a slave and sheep. Not a better human being but a subservient fool.

          2. Jib says:

            But what is it that you actually do to change things? Apart from moaning on the internet. At least the “deluded” fans aren’t telling people to do things. You’re probably worst than the “sheeple”. Moaning about a problem but doing nothing to change it.

          3. ArseOverTit says:

            Do you know me Jib?, No!
            Do you know I do nothing about it Jib? Again No.

          4. JembutArsene says:


          5. @JembutArsene
            Insulting a fellow arsenal fan saying “Lucas will be used wisely asa squad player, if that’s hard for you comprehend with your limited brain power.” is not good. I did not say anything bad. calm down. you should apologise otherwise be banned from the site!!!

          6. bran99 says:

            hahaha! true

  3. JembutArsene says:

    Lucas is best that we keep him as Le Prof said. It’s strange isn’t it? I don’t think wenger’s perfect; far from it. I respect some of the criticism he gets, and I’m surprised he stayed with arsenal all these years.

    However, this a manager who oversaw arsenal’s most successful period since the 1930s, and yet many on here insist that he is an incompetent fool and everything he’s achieved has been by chance somehow.

    It’s embarrassing to read sometimes.

  4. Goonerboy says:

    Action speaks louder than voice, if Wenger considers him a top quality striker,he would have found a way to play him just like he always does to Ramsey, Ozil, Giroud, etc…
    Its just like buying a player like Sanchez, benching him and later admit he is a top player but you
    cant give him game time…who is fooling who? especially when you consider that most of the players selected ahead of him (Perez) are not exactly playing well….

    However, something strikes about Wenger’s statement, ‘If i was the manager”……
    did he really mean that?????? i hope so….

    1. JembutArsene says:

      I think we will put in a better challengetnext season, but just as we have improved, so have the likes of Pool and Spurs, City, United just got back on track.

      It is the same with attack. With Perez, we now have real competition. Giroud starts getting worried and Ox is firmly on the bench.

      So the team is in better shape than ever but the competition is even keener than ever before.

      Still, will enjoy the sunshine, lovely lovely sunshine.

  5. Midkemma says:

    Perez doesn’t look good enough to lead a EPL challenging team, his stats are poor if anyone would care to look at them, yes he pinched a few goals but I put that down to being an unknown in the league.

    1. n1gooner says:

      He scored 17 goals for deportivo in la liga what are you talking about???

      1. stubill says:

        He’s had ONE half decent season in the whole of his career, he only has one foot (figuratively speaking) and will be nearly 29 when the new season starts.

        Nowhere near good enough to be a regular in the first team squad, let alone the starting 11, for his sake and Arsenals, sell him.

    2. Goonerboy says:

      @ Midkemmma

      Am surprised you keep repeating this am really surprised. Perez haven’t had so many chances, how many starts has he had in the EPL??
      Ok, even if you say he cant lead a challenging team, am sure he can play on either flanks and still be productive for us..
      Remember when Walcott, Iwobi and even Ozil were totally off form, you wanna tell me he couldn’t have stepped in form those people, if he wont be given a proper chance when others are disappointing, why the hell did we buy him and why did we have a sub bench???

  6. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Perez is only just back in training ?? like what? .. Did he actually expect to play, whilst being injured? ?? His been out injured for quiet a while now, since the Sutton Utd game… Or was it Lincoln? ?

    1. bran99 says:

      what about before that? always on the bench while out of form players were enjoying their time on the pitch..

      1. Fatboy Gooney says:

        Yes I know, but still… He has been out injured for the majority of the time that his been here ?

  7. In my eyes Lucas Perez has done nothing wrong when he has played.he has either scored or made assists in the few chances he’s had.

  8. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I would advise Lucas to push for a transfer than to warm the bench

  9. Gworm says:

    I’d rather see a young player in the squad benchwarmer role.

  10. Yossarian says:

    If Perez gets over his injury and stays, it will be like a new signing! (Only joking)

    He seems like a good player, and if Sanchez goes he will definitely be useful to have in the squad. It’s just shame that we didn’t get to see him have more game-time so we’d really know what his capabilities are in this league.

    If we get a real top-central-striker and Perez does well at left-wide-forward next season, I would be very happy, but it’s a big risk due to how little he’s played this season. Might be worth a try though.

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