Arsenal boss must be firm and NOT play Alexis v Spurs

You have got to love the Arsenal and Chile international star Alexis Sanchez! Well, as long as you are not having to play against the supremely talented duracell bunny that is. Not only will he never give up on the pitch, but now you cannot even stop him when he is injured and supposed to be resting.

Having got used to the idea of him being not quite ready to make his return to the pitch, a Sky Sports report has revealed that he is actually pushing for a place in the starting line-up against the spuds.

Arsene Wenger explained, “He wants to play, he’s so keen.

“[Telling him he’s not playing] is not easy! He wants to play of course. He’s very keen and thinks he can even defy the medical people because he’s so keen.

“I don’t know yet [if he could feature], I need medical advice on that and need as well to see what he can do in training.”

I would love to see the former Barca star ripping our north London rivals to shreds at White Hart lane this afternoon, but imagine what a disaster it would be if he started and then limped off and we had to do without our star man for a longer spell. It would be a bigger blow than losing one game.

And as Wenger also explained, it is not as if the Gunners were bereft of ideas or attacking threats without him. Remember the report the other day that said Arsenal had more different scorers than any other team in Europe? Well that was before Hector Bellerin slotted in the 5th against Aston Villa last weekend.

The Frenchman went on, “We have enough offensive power. We don’t need to worry about being short on that front.”

Wenger has admitted to overplaying some stars and bringing them back too soon before. Do yourself a favour Arsene and do not do it again!

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  1. We cannot afford to risk more serious injury to him! Alexis is very important and instrumental to us, so it would be wise not to take the chance of risking him against spurs!

  2. Looking at our fixtures coming up, Alexis should play. He’s got plenty of time to recover in the future. At least put him on the bench and give him 15-20 minutes.

    1. Hell No! We have Champions League, FA Cup, the rest of the season. The last thing we want is Sanchez out for 2 months.

  3. We need sanchez today in my opinion not only for the obvious talent but the work ethic this game is made for him , also by winning we open up a 5point gap with spuds to go to anfield and us at home to Leicester next week. I’m a massive ozil fan but just feel spurs will try to exploit whatever side he plays on (lack of tracking back) and may be best for him on the bench brought on later on if we need some creativity COYG

  4. If there is any concern and it sounds like there is, then at the very most he should be on the bench-

    If we are chasing the game with 20mins to go, then he might be worth the risk-

    But Im hopeful, that we won’t need to risk him. And the team on the pitch can do the business without him. This is the benefit of having a team with genuine depth of squad – we need to use it to our benefit!

  5. What I wanna know is how is Alexis being so “keen?” Is he swearing in Spanish to Wenger’s face? Is he throwing stuff across the locker room? Is he sitting down pouting in the center of the Emirates pitch? Anyone else paranoid by this “keeness?”

    1. No, he just likes to play. You must work for the Daily Mail.

      Headlines : Sanchez fights with Wenger, demands play or trade”

  6. I dont wanna start him especially with UCL coming up soon. But I think we shoule have him on the bench just in case.

  7. y risk him? if we had to risk an injured player even for 5mins of game time….

    this shows how pathetic the other players are and they should be shown the door come june…

  8. Only play Sanchez if he is ready.
    Too many big games coming up
    Monaco x 2 , Burro, Chelsea,
    Utd, Everton, Newcastle FA cup 1/4, semi +final.
    We have Cazorla Ozil Wallcott Giroud
    Wellbeck Rosicky Ramsey Ox Akpom.
    Barrig a melltdown I’m thinking Arsenal has been
    so solid of late a draw at least.

  9. Dear Wenger
    Don’t forget the rules
    1- Don’t play injured player even if he was Messi
    2- Don’t play Ozil against big teams unless you bring WC DM.
    3- let Cazorla play free like Messi .

  10. Much as I would love to play Alexis v Spuds, we should not risk him if he is not 100% fit.
    With most players back, and a number in v good form, we have more than enough quality to beat them.
    Would start Welbeck if he’s fit enough , as he will put in a good shift tracking back and hassling Spuds midfield, then sub him with Akpom after 60. Walcott should not start, as he doesn’t put in a shift in helping his full-back. Should be impact sub.
    Remember, our recent good form has been built on solid, calm back 5 + combative midfield and good counter-attacking. Every one needs to show 100% commitment, including Ozil
    COYG –

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