Arsenal boss MUST be tough with Lyon AND Giroud

So the good news from this latest Arsenal transfer titbit is that the Frencg club Olympique Lyonnais are saying that they will sell their star striker to Arsenal, although they are certainly not going to let Alexandre Lacazette go on the cheap.

The bad news, in my humble opinion at least, is that the president of Lyon, Jean-Michel Aulas, is asking for our own France international forward Olivier Giroud as part of the deal according to a report by The Sun. The French club are not looking for a gift, apparently, and will include the sale value of Giroud as part of the Lacazette transfer which is likely to come to around £60 million.

If that is the price then I strongly suggest that Arsene Wenger pays it to get his man but he must also be tough with both Lyon and Olivier and stop the big man from going anywhere. Lacazette may turn out to to be the first choice over Giroud but then again he may not or it might take some time for him to settle.

I wouls be very wary indeed about releasing a striker with the proven ability of Giroud even if he has declared that he will not be happy with limited playing time next season. In fact I would say that the Frenchman’s frustration at being second fiddle to Alexis Sanchez led to his best form since he signed for Arsenal.

Wenger must say to him that he will play if he proves to be the best choice don’t you think?



  1. The president of Lyon is playing mind games with Wenger, first he would rather sell to PSG now he wants Giroud in the deal? Serves Wenger right for not being direct in his approach of transfers. However I do agree with you, if Lacazzete will be the only striker coming Giroud should stay put in case Lacazzete fails.

    1. He has always been like that, who else comes and tells in public his best player is going to AM before they are even allowed to sign? Remember, Lyon sold Tolisso for 35M pound, so they are not in dire need of money. They dont have CL next year, they will for sure sell their best players to the highest bidder and use the money to rebuild the squad

  2. Why do people want Lacazzette and slate giroud im no big giroud fan however comparing the facts

    Both French managers prefer Giroud to Laccazzette

    Giroud is premiership proven Lacazette is not

    Comparing stats ?
    Many say lacazette scored more without taking into account 14 penalties (I think)
    Also lacazzette wnet 706 mins without a goal for France

    So I ask again why buy him

    1. Both managers could be wrong
      Wenger using Giroud up front instead of Alexis was wrong in my opinion

      Also there may be other reasons Giroud is started. For example, may the combination of Greizmann and Giroud works.

      I think Lacazette is better. His stats in the French League was better than Girouds stats in French league and PL. Giroud scored 81 goals in last 4 years. Lacazette has scored 113. He scored 20-38 goals per season

      Also Lacazette hasn’t worked with players of the quality of Alexis who is WC and Ozil.

      It’s always a risk going to a new league but Lacazette is a risk worth taking.

      I do agree that I would prefer Giroud to stay though. Giroud has scored 98 goals for us and makes a good Super Sub.

      1. But your still forgetting lacazzette scored 14 pens which massively reduces his overall scoring average

    2. Lacazzette is not an upgrade, he gives a different dimension. Thats all. Money not well spent.

  3. Get Lacazette at any cost immediately. we can worry about Oliver later and sell him to West Ham or wherever. We need a bid signing asap. Also selll Bellerin to Barca and get Turn or use that money to get James. Lacazette with Ozil and James and Alexis would be formidable.

  4. I would swap Giroud in a split second for Lacazette. We have Welbeck, we have Theo as a back-up, Wenger promised Sanchez would stay (he really did) and we can give minutes to some of our many talented youngsters.

    1. You missed it. A week later he qualified that statement with some waffle about replacements being available.

      Not sure exactly what he said because I usually find switching off when a failure speaks to be the least painful course of action. But I got the general gist and he was basically backtracking in saying that Sanchez would stay even if he left for free next year.

      1. You must have me confused with someone else. I never said either of those two were good strikers.

  5. Giroud should go to the highest bidder plain and simple. He is best in a bit part role. I’ll give him that he scores ridiculous goals that you would associate with rhe world’s best!! But he isn’t consistent and doesn’t reach world figures in terms of goals over the course of a season.
    The other thing is I don’t rate Lacazette as much as everyone. For one is goalscoring exploits have come in league 1. The other issue I have is that he is a diminutive figure not a tall target men in the box. Aubameyang would provide that along with the pace of a Lacazette and more importantly he has done it in arguably a stronger league and in the champions. If you can fork out 60m pounds for Lacazette, selling Giroud and adding the rest to buy Aubameyang shouldn’t be too complicated unless you are doing it on purpose.

    1. Aubameyang > Lacazette + Giroud, plain and simple. But we are in for Lacazette unfortunately :p

      1. Yep, if Lyon wants to play games forget Lacazetta and get Aubameyang. He is better in my opinion anyway.

  6. will it be a crime if we have two top quality players in each position??? why z munich closing in on toliso..if it was arsene,he we tell us we dnt need toliso we have ramsey..why are things difficult in our dear club

  7. wenger is a brilliant man but need help I’m not a wenger our are wenger in just love arsenal football club i think he should remain but need help because he’s very stubborn we need a lease four more players urgently a goalkeeper and centre-back can stay for to see what we got with the players we have in the new system this is our immediate need center forward left winger midfielder maybe jean Michael seri and a left winger back sell bellerin he is useless can cross pick out players inside the box what is he doing that make him so good

  8. Omg u lot were slating giroud for ages saying how he is not a class striker or a match winner then we go for lacazette who is world class with great pace and a eye for goal this lad is top draw trust me let giroud go wenger can’t win

  9. giroud is a waste and he doesn’t deserve to wear arsenal jersey ,he is very lazy ,last 2 season henry told Wenger u can never win EPL with giroud and people thought it was a lie and you all are seeing the type of striker giroud is, its better Wenger sell him or swap him as part of lacazette deal it will good for the fans

  10. Noooooooooo!!! ??Not again, it’s.. It’s… it’s that Benzemaaaa link time again ????ffs!

  11. Alexandre Lacazette seems to me just a few upgrades to Theo Walcott. Take away all those penalties he gets to take and deduct 10 more goals as it is more difficult to score in Premier League. Just another Walcott but a better finisher. No physical strength, no aerial threats.

  12. On a serious note, Wenger really wants Mbappe and He knows full well that the signing of this high profile 18 year old player would unite the fan base aswell as making a huge statement that Arsenal mean business next season.
    Yup, it’s more than likely that we will lose Sanchez and Ozil will be sold if he doesn’t renew but early indications suggest that he will be given the number 10 shirt and a bumper wage packet to tempt him to stay. But in the meantime, what if uncle Wenger AKA Mr delusional managed to sign all 3 of his main targets? Mbappe, Lacazette and Lemar (according to reports those are his main targets) Keep the dream alive… At least for another week or two ??

    1. Arsenal get a major boost after Mbappe admitted for the first time that he could leave Monaco.
      The Ligue 1 title winners are desperate to hang on to their teenage sensation, who scored 24 goals last season during a stunning breakthrough campaign.
      But the 18-year-old has hinted that he may be open to a move – as European giants circle for his signature.

      Speaking after his superb display against England on Tuesday night, Mbappe said: “We’re going to go away with the family and we’ll think about what’s going to happen.
      “We have to sort it out, see what happens with the club too, because I’m under contract with a club. “I’m not free. We’ll see what’s happening.”

      ?? Come on Wenger, treat the kid and his family at Disney world Paris lol

  13. Ha ha. If anybody thinks we will be getting a top striker or any other top top player. Think again. Utter joke.

  14. FFS! so all of a sudden Lacazette isnt good enouģh if it means we have to lose Giroud? So who do you want to lead the front line? Giroud? Sanchez? Lacazette? Mbappe ?…..

    The truth is fans have a fantastic positivity and passion for the club but havent got a clue… its terrifying….I try to read opinions by people whom i believe can actually spell what they believe are issues that need addressing but there seems far too many people on this forum who are illiterate at beat…….Here’s a thought, your ears.are far more useful than your mouth so use them in that order..

  15. To be sincere if Wenger Eventually buys Mbappe and Lacazette am so how, am so sure The Other 19 teams in the Epl and Majority of Arsenal fans will finally see The Arsenal as a R3AL Title Contender.

    Imagine the front Four of:
    Sanchez. Lacazette Mbappe

    We will win the EPL With Ease?⚽⚽⚽????

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