Arsenal boss names which four traits Ozil and Guenzouzi must show to be ‘in the boat’

Mikel Arteta has name the traits that he expects his players to show to keep their place at Arsenal Football Club, with the likes of Matteo Guendouzi and Mesut Ozil having found themselves on the fringes of late.

The German has been overlooked to feature since the restart, despite our side having played five times already, while the young Frenchman has come under fire for his humility in recent weeks, and has previously been said to have failed to turn up on time for training.

Neither has been a part of the playing squad for our two most recent victories over Sheffield United or Norwich City, and the manager has now named the traits which he expects to see from his players, claiming that those wishing to be ‘welcome here’ must adhere to.

Arteta told ‘[It refers to] players that respect the values we want to implement, that are 100% committed to our culture, and players that are accountable every day for what we demand from them.

‘Players that are ready to help each other, fight for each other and enjoy playing together. That is what I mean by being in the boat.

‘If you behave like this every day you are very, very welcome here and we want to get the best out of you and help you to enjoy your profession with us.

‘You see that in every reaction of the player. What time he comes into training, how he comes, how ready he is, the way he communicates, the energy he brings in, the way he transmits his feelings to his teammates, the way he reacts to certain things, the way he behaves in training, during games. There are a lot of things we can pick up.

‘We all have moments when you have doubts about your future, you have difficult times and that is why the conversations have to be open.’

Will Ozil and Guendouzi buck up their ideas in time to save their Arsenal careers? Has the team showed in this last week that they do not need the duo?


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  1. OT.. Loved listening to Jeff, Thommo and Merse discussing the spuds on Soccer Saturday. ‘Capitulation’ was used a few times 😂
    All those spuds laughing at us when Maureen was announced – yes the same ones that now want him out! Brilliant!! Hahaha!
    #TheMourinhoEffect 😝

  2. I really,really hope Guendouzi has learnt his lesson and MA gives him another chance,because I think he can become a very good player.

  3. Arteta has clearly shown that he is willing to give players a chance as long as they follow the rules.

    It is up to Guendouzi if he wants to or not.

    Disclaimer: I do like Guendouzi. I do think Arteta is doing the right thing by benching him if he does not change.

  4. Ozil and Guendouzi are as different as chalk and cheese. One is a mouse, a lazy timid coaster; the other is an immature, feisty, too self regarding, yet to grow up kid but with some attitude bur sadly too much arrogance. I believe Ozil has been washed up for the last five years and will only feature in our shirt again if an injury crisis happens; otherwise never again and mercifully not. Guendouzil being just an overgrown schoolboy has a career ahead . I doubt it will be with Arsenal frankly and rather hope it is not, as the other young players we have are all fine young men, whereas he is not a fine person at all. I see a weak character in him and do not confuse arrogance with strength, personally. IT IS ACTUALLY WEAKNESS.

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