Arsenal boss needs ANY 2 signings to save his job

There is already a growing sense of anger, frustration and deja vu going around the global Arsenal fan base, after all the optimism from pre-season disappeared in a puff of smoke, just as five of the possible nine Premier League points available to Arsenal so far have disappeared.

And that negativity will ultimately have just one destination, the feet of Arsene Wenger, our wise and great leader. It may not be completely fair that the buck stops at the Frenchman, as the players have generally under-performed to a shocking extent so far, and we simply do not know what goes on behing the scenes at the club, but that is the way it goes.

There is a way that the manager could avoid all this bad feeling though, a little thing called the transfer window. Now while I do agree with Wenger about the difficulty of bringing in the really top quality players, there is no doubt that we have the money and pulling power to sign some decent players.

I think Wenger needs to realise that if he chooses not to do this in the next week or so, then he is asking for trouble if the Gunners continue to struggle. If he goes and spends £20 million on a striker and the same on a defensive midfielder, however, he will have covered his back and also covered us in case of an injury crisis.

It’s not your money Arsene, but it is your reputation and maybe even your job on the line. So please, pretty please with bells on top, spend some effing money!

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    1. How many days until this window ends?………..for chrissake!……how many days?……What’s there for wenger to surprise us for?

      1. you mistaken.loosing or winning Wenger can never be sacked.we fans will call for it but we can’t do anything about it.he has pocketed the arsenal management…I wonder what’s wrong with our transfer policy….thanks God the Benzema saga is off…these damn journalist are now on lewadoski and a certain 24yr old striker who has scored ten goals in the last three seasons in Russia…pwahhhhh..I hate these journalist for making up stories.its their work but they taking it too far.why always give the wrong information.

        1. I think we dropped the ball on a few transfers. Schneiderlin for me would have been a great signing. I also rate Stamouli and Capoue, although I know no one else does. s far as offense goes, I have been watching Costa for Bayern and he has been amazing. Besides Sanchez and possibly the Ox/Walcott, we don’t have that presence on the wings. Its too slow and Giroud is always surrounded in the box. He has to sign. Team is thin.

      2. I don’t see Wenger signing anyone. Don’t have hopes on that. Wenger has lost it completely. Everyone knows how many players we need.I don’t need to repeat that

      3. No excuses anymore … Money SAT in the bank !

        I don’t blame the benzema thing on wenger , the player was happy at Madrid and why shouldn’t he be if playing regularly ?

        We all know the area’s we need to improve in ….

        Schneiderlin , kondogbia , Vidal all moved so were available this year …. Ok , no top , top strikers have been readily available , but would Jackson Martinez , dybala or teves not have been an upgrade on our current strikers , even Vietto maybe ?

        While I’m at it , if wenger considers Ramsey our first choice right winger , why shouldn’t I suggest sterling , World Cup winner pedro ?

        I’m utterly bored of everybody except the man in charge knowing our deficiencies and having to listen to excuses.

        I’d be happy if we spent what we had and still didn’t win the league due to the teams we are up against , but it’s like we are trying to do it with a patch over one eye and both arms tied behind our back !

        Why ???

        Genuinely challenge wenger or get out !!!!

      4. I believe Mourinho played a fast one on Wenger again. He realised the strong financial state of Arsenal FC and realised that Wenger was ready to spend big. He came out publicly and accused other teams of trying to buy their way to success against well known norms associated with such team (Arsenal). The end result? well, Wenger chickened out and Mourinho himself has gone ahead to spend and is still spending afterward.

      1. A complete overhaul is needed .
        Chambers for example should not be starting games like that one .injury , illness or not . In a proper setting , chambers should be on loan to a club where he can get game time and hopefully takeover from the ageing mertesacker . Preferably a relegation battle team that spends most of the 90 minutes defending.
        It shows our lack of strengthen in dept.
        Peel off the gloss and all you find is dross

  1. Griezman draxler reus

    Bender the polish guy Martinez

    All an upgrade some massively so …. The idiot grenouille has 6 days to save what little of his reputation still remains I detect even the Akbs on this site reaching their limit …. What a sorry state of affairs for a once serious club … He’s the colonel gaddafi of football management

    1. Reus signed a contract in February, if it was possible to get him, Arsenal wouldn’t be the only ones trying.

      Griezmann plays behind the striker and his release clause has gone up to 50 mill pounds and is happy where he is. Bender would be benching Coquelin.

      Jackson Martinez if you are referring to him would have been a good addition in y eyes but I was never under the impression that Benzema was heading to the Emirates, the club heirarchy perhaps had other ideas and he was snapped up by Atletico.

      Bar fortuitous circumstances I don’t think world class players are available very late in the window.

          1. As mourinho said every player has a price … The guy is quality test the water seriously with more than 50m plus a quid!!!!! The point is we should have had him in our sights at the start of this fiasco …whats the point of the grenouille if he can’t entice fellow croakers ….ridiculous …. Anyway not saying it’s possible but draxler certainly is and unless his injury is still debilitating he would b a quality addition which would give us options …. Draxler Alexis ox as a front three? … Martinez is DM with bayern not sure his situation but was quality before injury … Just something coz at this,point we will b lucky to scrape 4th

  2. Have to agree that we need signings. EVERY other top team signs new players, so it HAS to be arrogance that makes Wenger reluctant to do so EVERY single transfer window.

    Not funny, and NOT clever. We deserve better.

  3. So after months of public courting of John Stones with Everton rejecting 2 bids and holding firm to their stance of not selling him Stones has handed in a transfer request. That must be a tough pill to swallow.

    As for Arsenal I think it was as it has been for seasons, DM anda striker. I said it at the back end of last season, I said it at the beginning of the window and I say it now as the window draws to it’s close. You cannot expect this same batch of players to play and COMPETE without quality depth.

    A lot of people will point to Chelsea and say well look at them. Well first of all you don’t get any extra points for finishing ahead of Chelsea, it’s ahead ofeveryone that matters, be that Chelsea, City or United.

    Secondly Chelsea are actively tweaking their squad. We added Cech, excellent addition yes BUT it isn’t enough and now we wait till the very last week to try and get someone. Wasn’t it apparent Benzema wouldn’t have moved without a replacement so why box ourselves into a corner?

    We wanted to give Alexis a rest and already we have to be relying on him and he hasn’t had a rest at all since joining us, why wait till now?

  4. #Been an Arsenal Fan haven’t been easy.

    Its so sad because our rivals are strengthening. We genuinely need just two players @ least in a Striker and DM to help us Push to the next level but we are still lost. 6days to go’ 6days.

    We had an amazing pre-season and I was feeling optimistic this season. Its just 3games (I know) but if we are not careful, after 10games we will say its just 10games. That’s how pathetic some of us have become due to the Wenger Syndrome….

    We love this club’ Arsenal and I believe we deserve better….

  5. He needs the right 2 signings, he’s been doing the ANY-good-opportunity type signings the last few years and we’re still a DM and a CF short.

    Here’s an idea: let’s buy the DM and CF we’ve needed for 3+ years?

  6. The thing with Arsene is that even with Messi in the team he would find a way to f**ck things up. But do not worry my fellow losers. When Wenger comes out and says, Judge me in the end of the season, you will know that all of you can go Fack your selfs, bec you have been falling for this every time

    Never ending Circle.

    1. Arsenal starts the season with high hopes. 2. Arsenal Strugles. 3. Arsenal competing is out of question. 4. Angry fans calling for change. 5. Wenger preaches abut patiance and mentality, calls fans do judge him in the end of season. 6. Arsenal after being out of every competition fight the way into the cl spot with luck and hard work. 7. Fans get their hopes up for next season after being promised better results next years.

    And then Repead the circle all over again.

  7. Whilst I agree that a new recruit or two would certainly help Arsenal and Arsenes cause, I do not see it as the main problem. The main problem for me is our tactics; central midfielders occupying wing positions with wingers on the bench, no runners ever in behind the opposition defence, passing football with no end product, nobody driving forward at pace with the ball, instead opting for a sideways or backwards pass and an overall lack of counter attacking, penetrating play. Ramsey is probably our only player really willing to drive forward from deep and he’s pushed out wide. Injuries sometimes seem to help us as they force Wenger to make changes that he doesn’t necessarily want to. A balanced, powerful, pacey team is key, and we almost have the resources to field one. Which is what makes it all the more frustrating being a fan.

  8. John stones has apparently handed in a transfer request. I say we go for him. Quality, young, homegrown, premier league proven and comfortable on the ball. We have the money, and we seemingly can’t get a striker, so why not?

  9. Arsenal does not need 2. But like Henry said and milion of other people 4 new players.

    Striker: Cavani
    Winger: Griezman, Reus, Draxler
    Dm: Krychowiak, Wanyama.
    Cb: Virgil van Dijk or some kind of power defender.

    1. Wenger just said yesterday he is not looking to sign any midfield players and is happy with attacking option. He said we will score more goals when Wilshere and Welbeck return.

      1. Return to the bench for a 7 minute cameo like Ox? Their return only helps if Wenger gets the tactics and the lineup right. He has it all wrong with Ramsey on the wing and Ox on the bench.

  10. Really you think he’ll loose his job if he doesn’t ? Do you think it will matter if we don’t even make 4th ? ????? Do you really think the fans will have so much anger that he’ll be forced out!!! Really ?? Well think again chaps,think again .
    The real exponent of all this is a money hungry board who are quiet happy to tick over and stay in the black. A majority shareholder who gives less of a shock! The about this football club than he does about a horse turd on his distant 75 million ranch. A chef exec who is an admitted man City fan and a whole group of ex merchant bankers or those born with a silver spoon in their mouth.
    These are the real culprits. Wenger fits their template of the ideal manager and believe me if he didn’t he’d have been sacked years ago what other manager in football history has kept his job soon long with almost nothing delivered? They encourage his austerity and applaud his actions and it makes NO odds at all what ANYONE outside that boardroom says or does, it’s NOT gonna change anytime soon.
    Higuain = smoke and mirrors
    Suarez = smoke and mirrors
    Benzema = yes you guessed it smoke annnnd mirrors
    Never was any intention of buying any of them… ever but hey….they tried.

  11. I want to bet with u or anybody even if Mr Bean doesnt buy anyone, he will continue to keep his job and will receive massive new contract with huge upgrade in his salary.

  12. Nice to say our wise and great leader writer but whether it translates on the pitch is another matter altogether.The problems in arsenal honestly is more than 2 signings however those two signings are coming to the position where we need them the most so we will take it so.But is he really going to do that as from his actions it implies we do not need a new dmf but for a striker i think it crosses his mind at times.He just needs to do the right its like he has lost control or something.I just do not get him again.Imagine dropping Ox who is currently our most effective and best player right now as he is in form.Then he puts Gabriel on the bench for who.He is kidding.He then keeps players who should be released or sold and plays them.This is nonsense .He is the type of manager who can make the most shocking decisions ever.

  13. Cavani and krychowiak. £35m for cavani and £21m for krychowiak, Cavani will pay back the transfer fees through jersey sales alone. With these 2 our team would be formidable!


  14. Why do we Leave it too Late to solve our problems?…………why does wenger gamble with serious matters Like the transfer window?………why do we keep on with the same format, when it constantly proves failure?……….if delusion is what Wenger stands for, then i’m ready to use my brain along with words of advice and reason from youngs and olds, friends and foes just not to be like wenger

      1. I still believe Wenger is delusional. The signing of Sanchez last year saved the season. I believe without Sanchez the Gunners would have failed to make the Champions League. This year, a signing of equal magnitude is required.

        Gary Neville is right to conclude that Wenger is naive and arrogant. As Neville said, “I just cannot get my head around why he would not sign players of power to assist these talented players that you’ve got to enable them to win the league.”

        Spot on! The team is too soft down the spine. Where are the hard men to play against? The squad is full of small skill players without the necessary size and toughness to compete at the highest levels.

        Wenger must awake from his slumber or the league title is just a dream!

  15. Wenger says transfer window should shut down before the league starts. I will jump with joy the day transfer window ends. I hope the transfer window is banned for life.

  16. Who wants Wenger to sign new contract ? Thumbs up if u want him to sign.
    Thumbs down if u want him to leave once his current contract expires.
    Reply if u want him to leave now or at the end of the season.

    1. I wanted him to leave a long time ago as I want the club to move forward but as Ozzy said the real problem is the board as they have been very happy with the status quo for quite some time.

  17. Does anybody else think that now Chelsea have started spending some big cash (presuming that stones is going) that Wenger will buy some players?
    We all know Arsenes Arrogance/belief that he can win the league without being the leagues big spenders and being accused of buying the title. He doesn’t want to be seen like that, we already knew that both Manchester clubs were spending mega bucks but Chelsea weren’t and with Wenger needing to be the smallest spender of the big clubs to ensure his reputation, that meant that he wouldn’t either.
    With Chelsea now taking their spending to well over £50 million that means Arsene can seal a few deals and still be the smallest spender of the big teams.
    Then if (and I mean a very big IF) we go on to win the title, he can come out and claim we did it without spending big, and take all of the credit and applause for being the first manager in a long time to not ‘buy’ the title.
    Just a thought.

  18. Ei so Benzema who was never close to joining in the first place and now Cavani who does not want to come.For how long shall we continue to linger in fantasy and not rather speak of whom we can realistically get.Honestly i feel so sorry for us all including me that we have to put up with this just toying with peeps emotions.

  19. What amazes me is that other team who win trophies every season are spending big to get even better whereas we are not even strengthening our squad despite the fact that we need about 3 world class players.

    1. Spot on money, its corpirate status quo versus true silverware ambition. Ill let you guess which one is Arsenal. It is mindboggling that the board and Le Frog refuse to collectively embrace that $80-100M of investment in the club could genuinely result in Arsenal seriously contending in both England and Europe. Hell the shirts sales alone in Uruguay(Cavani) and Warsaw(Krychowiak) would quickly pay back that chunk of transfer change.

      Why is it so bloody difficult for this to become a reality, especially when it is well within our financial might.


      Bench: Ramsey..Theo…OG…Debuchy…Gibbs…Welbeck…Jack…Ospina…Chambers…BFG…LeCoq…Rosicky…Campbell..etc

      Pretty solid starting 11 with incredible depth @ every position.

      Back 2 reality

    1. I’m win lose.
      My other halfs family are all Real Madrid supporters so I get to support them as my Spanish team and therefore will watch my 2nd team with Benzema leading the line.

      I lose, and lose big because I have to suffer watching the club I have supported all my life go through the same shit season after season:((

    1. Ironically the only way to do anything that could effect his leaving our great club is to stop supporting the club by attending games and buying its merchandise so the board would have no other option but to change things..

      And as we all know that is never gonna happen.


    2. The wish of sacking Wenger is as legitimate as the wish for another player, from any Arsenal fan.
      As long as we keep objective and stop slamming and slating for justthe sake of it, of becuz we think that slating will actually get Wenger sacked.
      Now, honestly, who do you see as a replacement.
      I wsh Cholo Simeone would manage our team…but he played for Aleti and has his heart there…for how much can we buy his heart out? for real..

    3. If all Arsenal fans could stay away from attending home matches. Thats one option, but i know it won’t happen. We have some ”IN WENGER WE TRUST” fans around.

  20. The sad thing is next year the posts will be the same so will the comments. Just like the last few years it stuck in wengers circle or reapeted bullshit

  21. Wenger really don’t know that we deserve better mate, but guess what? His future @ Arsenal is on the balance if he don’t pull this this time for God goodness the globe is upgrading and things getting branded new everyday and what is wrong with Wenger & why is it too hard for him to understand the fact that we need just 2 player to be a title contender
    Let him stand the f**k up and do something better for the club like he used to!! before he be come the fans worst enemy.

  22. yeah im sure wenger + staff working on other option before windows closed

    btw i didnt understand what was benzema thinking!! if he join AFC im sure he will treated like hero and loved here (by fans too) in fact there is a poll to RM fans, and majority didnt choose him at starting XI and now tweeting and acting like 24 years old wc with messi skills and long career !!
    didnt he realize at age 28 still complaining that much , let see few year later ,he just ended up like vanpussy. abandoned by cruel RM fans! and forced out when younger wc player is coming. like RM do to their legend casilas+raul

    i prefer we sign lacazete !! younger , with same amount of money i prefer lacazet than cavani, since cavani is alrdy 28 y/o . at that age im just doubting in that age , he can adapt in tough+competitive EPL+UCL

    for MF i think signing krychowiak its a must
    and gotze too . so even we cant get any CF this trf windows , there is some midfielder who can score like gotze and he can play on right/mid/left side. so usefull

    because flamini,arteta,rosicky and other 30’s++ player soon will released next season i think and its a good choice to start finding replacement atm when there is wc player available at market

    for cb i still didnt get any recommendation, but at least someone solid like terry and great agile like bellerin so that player can pair up with boss/gabriel

  23. I am nt going to jump in subjective stuff.
    But as objective I think AW did soemthing really wrong.

    Ond thing is to tell the world we dont need this and that and that our squad is amazing…another thing is to actually tell the players that…becuz then youhave a result like West Ham and then you make your own player snervous and not self assured like vs Pool.

    Its not his fault that clubs dont want to sell to us (and I think it is in general bcuz they know once we have those 2-3 we will be unstoppable even in UCL.

    But IT IS HIS FAULT not to manage this actual squad away from fantasy and into the real life of havingg to won at home to Ham and to Pool.

  24. it’s a bad state of affairs all round really.
    The board want Wenger and While Wenger wants to stay he has a job for life.

    His early success has guaranteed this.

    gonna take a revolution at AFC for that to change..and that ain’t gonna happen unless everybody stops going to games and refuses to buy merchandise..

    Like I say, ain’t gonna happen.

  25. Arsenalfc fans are the most tabloid writers without actions.

    wtf,,,,,,Wenger will be kept for a max. of 5 yrs by the greedy board.

  26. Chicken Little says the sky is falling.
    Arsenal fans say at the start of every year we won’t compete for anything — not the Premier League, not the top four, not Champion’s League, not FA Cup, nana.
    One of these years someone will be right.

  27. I don’t for once know why delusional akbs keep supporting the expect in failure.Wenger out!!! akbs out with your god wenger!! go support boffoakwa tanoes in ghana

    1. @clem
      Why do you care who someone else has faith in? Worry about your’s and let others worry about theirs…

  28. Every year my friends this cycle happens to which wenger does not improve the positions that need improving and then the arsenal team fails and everyone starts complaining then arsenal put some games together and then you get AKB talking fart ie Jones town 1. Then we get top 4 and maybe a tea cup and then we start again. It’s time to except it Wenger is finished. His glory days are behind and he is a sell out that became a board member and will short change the arsenal fans by talking fart about signing quality and would rather buy crap like welbeck giroud and Sanogo not forgetting kallasom and silvester. Wengers tactics are wack he plays cam players out of position rather than benching and playing them in their position. Walcott is a winger play him on the wing he will never be a success story as a cf. I can’t stand Giroud but he is better at the cf position than Walcott. How can you play ramsey on the wing and carzola in a defensive midfield position and not sub ozil when not playing well. Jack wilshire is not being taught how to play football with out getting hurt. He does not have Messi ability or strength so running into players does not make sense. PLAYING wilshire in a defensive midfield position will only lead to injury. Wenger needs to buy wingers to plays as wingers and dm players to play in that position. We need a striker for years now but the cheap skate wenger will not get what we need. Get real we will not win prem even if wenger bought quality because he has wack tactics

  29. every year the likes of NY gunner and Jones town 1 will talk fart in defence of Wenger as if they are the most loyal fans ever. I pay them no mind because they know nothing about supporting a club and they no everything about supporting a over payed manager

  30. I think he should take a big gamble with the supposed £200 millon and try our best to get 4 players

    1. Top DM (ie Krychowiak, Bender)
    2. Top striker (ie Cavani) or Top forward like Reus, Greizmann, Gotze
    3. A good versatile LW (ie Draxler)
    4. A top cb (ie Varane) OR at least good cb (van Dijk)- Chambers is not good enough

    All those would cost less than £125 million in transfer fees and would strengthen us quite a bit.

    We simply can’t fight for first with what we have and I tend to be more on the optimistic side.

  31. What on earth did Wenger see in Chambers to make him part with £16 million?! So not only do we need a DM to share duties with Coq, a replacement already for Chambers but also Cavani, not Benzema, Cavani.

  32. WHY IS ALEX OXLADE CHAMBERLAIN ON THE BENCH?. When would wenger realise he CANNOT please EVERYBODY? Why don’t we have a better option than GIROUD? Who is Wenger Fooling?

  33. Honestly,the way we Fans are being treated is highly unfair,everybody knows what the needs of the club are,yet deep down in our hearts,we know it can never be met. I really pity our fans in London,its totally unfair from our management.

  34. People are singing Cavani Name here, just a after Benzema calling them ‘CLOWNS’… Maybe this might make you prepare for the bang after the window closes.

    ” French journalist Pierre Menes emphasises Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has never wanted PSG’s Edinson Cavani”

  35. Look at the way Coutinho ran into the box to hit the crossbar in the first few minutes…also consider he’s dribbling skill to create that chance that hit the pole after fingertip save by cech…

    This is what we need at number 10…someone who can create opportunities with his dribbling and passing and can also shoot at goal…

    Coutinho showed that he has the potential to be a special player one day…I hope he reaches it because he’s a joy to watch…he had bellerin dancing and spining around.

    Pity our number 10 can’t do anything like that.

  36. The day Wenger will be sacked will be the day Kroenke handing his shares to Usmanov for free… Are you having a f*cking laugh?
    If there is ONE manager unsackable (if you can use that word) in world football, it is Arsene Wenger.

    Ancelotti, who is just on a different level , got sacked even though he won the ten CL.
    Del Bosque got sacked even though he won the league.
    Capello got sacked after he won the league.
    I am focusing on Real Madrid because some deluded fans truly believed that the Madrilene wanted him… Non sense, he would have not last 5 days.

    He is a “God” at Arsenal and will NEVER leave or be sacked.
    As a matter of fact, according to, again, some deluded fans, he earned the right to dictate the conditions of his exit if it happens.

    Win the league in 2017 is just a utter and absolute impossibility, as a matter of fact, it does not seem to appear in the near future and that is if we can keep our best players…

    Here we have fans jumping around and singing the name of the manager after wining a “small” cup… This is what happens when you have lost the taste of glory, the taste of victory.

    I will finish by some words from Robert Pires on Canal+ while talking about Arsene Wenger: “He is a physiologist rather than a coach (got that??). He made us do things faster than before, faster than he opposition. But now, everybody is doing it and sometimes better.”

  37. why are people criticising Ramsey so much. The only thing which makes our team unbalanced is playing the luxury item we bought called ozil.I thought he would need time to adjust to physicality of premier league so i supported him,but the guy hasn’t improved he tries to dribble past ppl but runs into them somehow,tries to do showboating at unnecessary time which he fails to do miserably.And i see him giving too many back passes when he should drive forward.And the biggest reason i stopped liking him as a player is bcoz of his sulky attitude.No passion or drive for the club ,as if he wanted to be at some other club and is just doing the job without his heart in it.He neeeds to be placed on the bench and make him work hard to retain his place.Ramsey and coq in middle with ox and sanchez on both wing and cazorla as cam will make us a more balanced midfield.

    1. I can’t remember exactly when but, there was this one game at the end of last season or early this seasons were Ramsey said it is not his ideal position to play on the wing but he is doing it for the team. Yeah right, he pops up on the left to score yesterday. If you look at the team heat map there is hardly any yellow let alone red on that right hand side yesterday. He was trying to be AMF. There in lies the problem. Too many AMF trying to do the same thing, go through the middle.

      But don’t worry this will again be solved ‘internally’ when Welbeck and wilshere comeback.

      I’m pretty sure Wengers big gamble will be another Welbeck this year, albeit from a European team rather than from the epl. Welbeck is okay, but he isn’t top top.

      The least he can do if not buying players is change the formation to two strikers against some teams then the midfielders have more option upfront to pass to.

  38. If Wenger doe snot bring a striker, some fans will question Akpom loan to Hull.
    And please, do not mention Welbeck… I truly believe Akpom is already a better player than Welbeck.

  39. The man is just an arrogant fool who’s lost his way. We need a younger and ambitious manager. Someone with intent and purpose. I am sick of this shite..

  40. Charlie Austin would do for me and that polish dude from Seville but wengers finger Remaines in his ass probably Guna buy a under 18 World Cup winner and a player who’s way past it

  41. Commenting reduces my blood pressure, so I’ll comment.

    We need a backup DM since our bench is light. Our current DM is rising.

    We need different striker. Anyone can see this… but Wenger.

    We need a B2B Midfielder like Pogba or Vidal. Someone who is a game changer. Neither Ramsey nor Cazorla will win us the league no matter how likeable they are.

    Ox needs to play more. He is a ridiculous amount of talent sitting on the bench.

    Wake me when all of the above is done.

  42. ok ok lets just be realistic here… Imagine our team plus Pedro and Shneiderlin

    how we let these two gems pass us by i will never understand. This wouldve been perfect for us.

    Instead we will get… wait for it… Nobody. Trust me on this. What we saw is as good as it gets, instead of trying to read between the lines listen to Wenger, we aint gonna buy

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