Arsenal boss optimistic of quick recovery on last night’s injuries

Theo Walcott and Calum Chambers both had to be taken off against Doncaster Rovers last night, but the Arsenal boss doesn’t expect either to be out for long.

The Gunners limped to a 1-0 win over League One strugglers thanks to a Walcott goal, but the goalscorer was not able to finish the match.

The winger was replaced by Alex Iwobi in the 76th minute having suffered a couple of harsh challenges, but Arsene Wenger isn’t expecting him to be sidelined.

Wenger said: “He had a kick behind his knee at half-time.

“In the second half he got another kick, I don’t think it’s big.

“It looks just like a kick, not more than that.”

Calum Chambers also had to be substituted during the match, coming off at the half-term interval to be replaced by Josh Dasilva. Wenger has also confirmed that he doesn’t expect to lose the defender for long, citing only a week or two at worst.

The manager said: “Chambers is injured again on the hip.

“It doesn’t look too bad, but I think he will be about again for one or two weeks.”

We already have Danny Welbeck currently sidelined, while Santi Cazorla has been out for some time, but we currently have more than enough cover to get by without any of these stars.

Jack Wilshere looks like he is nearing full fitness also and will be readily available in the coming weeks, so we should have little to worry about the strength of our options at present.

Do we expect the injuries to start stacking up? Would Walcott or Chambers be starting this weekend if they were fit?

Pat J

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  1. Yes, Arsenal will have many injuries as usual. But I think Arsenal would not depend on star players’ finess in this season. Anybody should get his chance if he is fit and if he performs well.

    Walcott should not start in a Premier League match, unless there is no other option. Chambers looked good in the Doncaster match, he would be a good asset in this season, if they do not let him go in January.

  2. It may not look like it from the outside but Wenger is one of the managers with the bggest ego in the game. Just see how he is treating Sanchez right now. Expect to see Lacazette and Iwobi against WBA on Monday. Thats right Iwobi, has that guy even made a single tackle in his whole career at Arsenal? Ozil will play behind them.

    1. Or, you know, you could admit to yourself that Sanchez has been terrible every time he has played this season so far and doesn’t deserve to start at all right now.

      1. As terrible as he is or has been he still makes an impact more so than others. He has a goals and assists account opened up, how many of our other players can say that.

        I think Alexis has been unprofessional all the same. This must be the first season ever that Alexis is behind people with his fitness, not just behind, uncharacteristically behind. The fact it’s Alexis, the fitness freak, further tells us that he really really didn’t want to be here.

  3. Hey folks, Sanchez will have to ‘earn’ his place in the starting line up according to Wengers latest press conference. But he himself just gets a new contract without earning it. It’s his ego hats at work here. 4-6 seasons ago I keep giving him benefit of the doubt but last three seasons I can see through his lies. Nothing is ever his fault, it’s always, unlucky, referee decisions, injuries, or difficult to explain mentally and physically after a heavy defeat.

    1. Can’t imagine why so many have disliked your true comment , as it is fact, not opinion , that Wenger DOES INDEED BLAME EVERYTHING ELSE EXCEPT HIMSELF for his self inflicted woes. My only slight disagreement with your post is that personally, I have wanted him gone for a full decade now. Realistic fans like you and myself (plus countless other thousands) are entitled to expect a club of Arsenal size and budget, which he chooses not to fully use for weird reasons of his own, to consistently challenge at the very top for the title , even if not the CL. But we are also entitled to expect far better than regular exits in the last 16(or as of this year, not even qualifying!)

  4. Doesn’t our injured list look like this:

    Sure looks like we again are heading for the first price for most injured.

    1. Of these, only Cazorla is a real loss on current form. Ozil will be gone next summer, unlamented by many , incl me , Welbeck is never fit for long and so has not fully earned a regular place for long, Walcott is a ******* and a paltry weed, Coquelin, not good enough, Chambers the same. Our key players , except CAZORLA, WHO THROUGH HIS AGE WILL NEVER NOW BE A KEY PLAYER AGAIN, are all fit. Even Ozil is now back training (for those who like him ). Therefore and unusually, not a bad injury position at all.

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