Arsenal boss plays down ‘disrespect’ claims

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has moved to play down claims that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was disrespectful by calling his manager by his first name in a recent interview.

The Gabon international called the Spaniard ‘Mikel’ in his interview after the win over Manchester United at the weekend, which Roy Keane claimed was a sign of disrespect.

I’m not saying that the former Red Devil was bitter following the defeat, but to single out such comments after the loss is a little laughable.

Arteta was refusing to take it too seriously however, and claims he doesn’t feel any disrespect, although he can understand Keane’s point.

“I was told that Roy mentioned that, but I don’t think it particularly. I give the players the choice, some call me boss or coach, it depends,” Arteta said in his pre-match press conference (via TalkSPORT).

“I shared a dressing room with some of them so there has been that change, but I don’t feel any disrespect. Although, I understand Roy and why he was saying that.

“It is something that was a bit of a concern before I joined, but not now. Both parties have to understand respect and go about the relationship in the right way and the players have made it really easy for me.

“In the end, we are part of the same thing and it has not been something that has been difficult to manage.”

It sounds like an element of deflection to be honest, with Roy Keane obviously unhappy at seeing his former side defeated in their own stadium.

What Aubameyang calls the boss on or off the field is of no consequence, and the players clearly respect and trust the manager’s decisions, as seen on the pitch.

Should Arteta demand to be called boss or something of that stature?


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  1. All our previous managers are addressed as the boss, or the gaffer.
    Not Mikel..when he came he made it known that he prefers to be called The Mister or Mikel.
    This was part of him allowing the players know he’s comfortable around them and accepts them.
    I have no doubt about that.
    So I didn’t take Keane serious, but then on the other hand, simply courtesy would demand the boys just show that respect and not address him with his name in public

  2. You just posted Arteta’s reaction and reply to Keane’s comments, yet you ask this question at the end?
    Respect is earned from how you treat people, not how you address them Mr. Patrick

    1. ‘Respect is earned from how you treat people, not how you address them Mr. Patrick’

      Take that attitude to the military and see how far it gets you lol

      1. There are many things that apply to the military that don’t apply to civilian life..what is your point exactly.. This is about culture.. In many countries it is customary to refer to everyone by their first name…

  3. I’d rather players respect his actions than resort to some oldschool handbook of how the students should address the teacher. They are all adults in the dressing room and respect is earned. He is clearly respected, you can see that in how the players work for the team

  4. Its as simple as this, if MA wants be be called by his first name then thats up to him. Calling something against his wishes would be disrespect.

  5. Keane is bitter because United lost. He’s creating an issue out of nothing. If Arteta doesn’t mind, then who’s Keane

  6. How can Arsenal fans be devided by Man. United supporter? United we shall stand as Arsenal supporters, not to be divided by our opponent

  7. I prefer the way the students call their professors by their first names in Iceland. Roy Keane is just so accustomed to Alex Ferguson’s managerial style, which is reflected in his and Gary Neville’s stiff tactics

    Respect/ promotion based on seniority is a part of Confucian culture and implemented in football teams, but sometimes the managers have to think logically before forcing their players to address them formally

  8. I can see quite clearly how the players disrespect Mikel Arteta – you can see it in the way they play, the way they talk about him, the way they are in training videos and, of course, by the results….what a load of BS from Keane, I wonder if it has ever occurred to him what “respect” he has amongst the fans around the country, regarding his punditry and his cynical approach to ending another players career?

  9. I bet there are more players who use ole than use Solskjær. Mr. Keane should look in a mirror and think of what he knows about showing respect to others before he opens his mouth. I’ve never seen that man show respect to anyone.

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