Arsenal boss proved right on striker transfer decision

If Arsenal had not won the game away to Leicester City on Saturday, it would not have been a complete shock, as the Gunners have flattered to deceive about so far this season, while the Foxes of Claudio Ranieri have been one of the surprise packages.

But it would have been a big concern to the Arsenal fans, especially if the strike force of Alexis Sanchez, Theo Walcott and then later Olivier Giroud would have struggled in front of goal once more. Before the game at the King Power stadium, the Gunners had taken just six percent of the chances created.

So there was pressure growing on our forwards and also on Arsene Wenger, as the boss had declined the chance to add to his strike force during the summer transfer window and a lot of us were not happy. So it is hardly surprising to hear Wenger, in a report in, talking happily about how well his strikers played.

The Frenchman also revealed that all three of our scorers have been looking good and sharp in training, and he explained that our top scorer of last season, Alexis Sanchez, has only been getting back to his old self, both mentally and physically, after helping his country Chile to win the Copa America in the summer.

Wenger said, “Certainly it was the most convincing [display of the season] going forward, yes. It was a tricky game because Leicester hadn’t lost, and I was a bit concerned because we did not want to lose ground on the other teams – so it was a big win for us.

“I am pleased with [the strikers’] games. Giroud is sharp in training and in the matches as well, I think he played well at Tottenham.

“Walcott is improving game after game, he holds the ball better up front, his movement is great and both of them scored, which is what you want.

“I believe [Alexis] wasn’t back to his best after the Copa America, it took him a while to get his competitive edge and now he has played well again and he is back to his level.”

So is the boss being proved right with his decision to not sign a new striker for Arsenal this summer, or will it still come back to bite him on the bum?

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  1. Don’t jinx us please! Our injury curse hasn’t flared up yet; bit early to declare decision successful and wise. Let Theo have a full healthy season, and Giroud be effective when Theo off form. Hopefully both coming good now.


    Zelalem 5 assists in 7 games; very nice

      1. No but it is a lit more physical. The worry was that he would find this difficult to play his flowing football. Diffinitely a positive experience which would helpbhim in EPL. However yes would not be at the same speed or intensity.

    1. Theo struggles with his weaker foot like Sanchez. But If theo learns some tricks like Sanchez and starts shooting from distance, He will be unplayable because his movement is unbelievable.
      Theo has more pace than THierry, He better work on his finishing. I think he will learn hold up play and finishing as games go along. Too bad he missed his years due to bloody injuries.

      1. His finishing is on point, still remember the goals he scored against City and he tried to recreate them against Leicester this weekend. I’m glad to see him get back to form, when he’s confident he’s one of the deadliest players in the country

    2. 31 shots on goal but zero outcome. That’s Alexis stats before the match. He surely wasn’t that far from his mojo either. And now he’s back. I sense we’ll rely on him most along the season.
      About AW summer business, it’s too early to judge whether is right or wrong. Lets keep our positive momentum going on in on. COYG!!!

  2. It’s too early to tell. We have three forwards very capable of running hot. Consistency has been a previous problem for Theo and Giroud, but when both of them are playing confidently it usually translates to goals.
    There are only six players in the league who have scored more than Giroud and Sanchez this season… With Sanchez having a very, very important moment vs Palace resulting in a goal that didn’t count towards his tally.
    Credit to all three though, despite unconvincing performances in front of goal they’ve kept their heads and kept at it. I agree with Wenger, that was the most involved I’ve seen Theo leading the line. He’s always capable of defence breaking runs, but he had a willingness to have the ball at his feet and use it that often eludes him. I was previously advocating playing Theo on the right until his confidence improved. But the direct competition between Giroud and Theo may prove very valuable.

  3. There’s still a way to go before we can say he’s been proved right but the best decision he’s made in the last few games is to drop Giroud to the bench who’s a wasteful striker!

    1. Well he hasn’t been that wasteful as a previous comment noted only 6 players have scored more than him in the league. Our 3 main forwards have 3 goals each already in all competitions and if welbeck had been fit he may have chipped in as well.

      Once ozil, Ramsey Welbeck, chamberlain, wilshire and cazorla get started we should have 9 players with goals in them.

  4. Let’s see where we are by January
    Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves

    I’m hoping our players stay healthy. That’s the key for Wenger’s risky transfer strategy to work. And I hope it does work

    1. Also hope Arteta and Flamini perform well when Coquelin doesn’t play as Wenger didn’t get another DM (like Kondogbia, Krychowiak, Schneiderlin). Again, quite risky.

  5. I know confidence is high right now, but it was one game. Let’s go on a winning run before we start jumping to these conclusions. Two huge games coming up

  6. Arsenal haven’t beaten Man United in the league since 2011 so people must stop being cocky after just one win against Leicester,one swallow doesn’t make a whole summer!

  7. LOL. Nothing like context. 2015/16 league goals/90min ratios so far:

    Bony 0.0
    Remy 0.0
    Kane 0.15
    Rooney: 0.17
    Costa: 0.17
    Aguero: 0.19
    Benteke: 0.36
    J. Martinez: 0.40
    Dybala: 0.56
    Pelle: 0.58
    Suarez: 0.60
    Gomis: 0.67
    Messi: 0.67
    Ronaldo: 0.83
    Giroud: 0.85

    Imagine his stats when he irons out his “wastage” problem! Just messin’ with you chap – but the tedious “lamp post” etc narrative does deserve a bit of scrutiny and perspective once in a while.

    1. The criticisms of Giroud are ever changing…
      I get that there are criticisms but I don’t get how people just blatantly neglect his big strengths. He obviously thrives when we’re getting penetration from wider positions, but when we do he’s up there, if not the best in the league at the near post.
      The quality of the chances he finds himself in is a testament to both the delivery he receives and the intelligence of his movement. He’s missed easy chances this season, but with the amount he’s receiving, goals are inevitable.

      1. Here we go again the only thing left for you to say is to claim that Giroud is a better than Messi,Ronaldo,Suarez,Aguero,Thomas Muller etc just because he has a better goals to minute ratio than them!

        1. and you’ll still blatantly neglect the little things we look for in our striker… like those goal things for instance? but they’re really not that big of a deal

        2. Wasn’t claiming anything of the sort as you know – as I said only messing with you. But I will let you in to a well kept secret for you and others that don’t understand conversion rates, the fact – all strikers in history miss far more than they score. You watch Giroud miss and you jump around with glee – try watching 90 mins of any other striker you care to mention on a regular basis and you may get educated.

          1. I remember RVP missing a crap loads before scoring but because Giroud doesn’t have dribbling skill like players in FIFA games, many of these kids think he’s crap when he’s not. If he gets +20 goals this season he’ll almost have 100 gals for Arsenal. He’s far from world class but he’s definitely top class when on form

    2. Giroud is better as a sub to be a plan B to Theo,stats are very deceiving because Giroud scores goals which aren’t really vital,the 5th goal against Leicester,the 2nd in a comfortable Stoke City game let him score a vital 1-0 goal for Arsenal against Man United to show his worth!

      1. People jumped on his back for missing the Newcastle chance when he missed a 1v1 opportunity, correct me if I’m wrong, yourself included?
        But since then if he does convert when the games wrapped up you’re going to disregard them?
        So correct me if I’m wrong, the chance is only worth noting if he fails to convert?

        1. I’m not blinded by stats into thinking Giroud is good enough because he isn’t,every time he comes on whether for 5mins or 30mins he still manages to miss a sitter that’s why he will never score 20 LEAGUE goals!

          1. Haha the only stats that are being discussed here are goal stats. So you’re not going to ‘blinded’ by statistics about the exact thing you are arguing??
            Seems rational.
            Your argument is ever changing. Now it’s 20 goals, that’s all you care about.. What if only scores 15 but they’re in the big games in vital wins against the top half and other contenders?? Or he could run riot against the bottom 5 and get the majority of his goals there and score 22.

  8. What with some of our player’s and wenger getting big headed with the Leicester win,
    I hope that we don’t lose against the bubbles on Tuesday night, I really can’t handle another “we can bonce back”
    rally-cry-bull? … Just yet!
    I just wish that they would just let their football do the talking,
    There’s no need to be blowing your own trumpet ffs!
    Leave that to the pundits and media.

    1. They get slagged off no matter what they say…
      If it’s humble, it’s not showing enough desire and belief. If it’s in any way confident, it’s arrogant or premature.
      There is absolutely nothing wrong with what Wenger said. Players he’d backed who were under heavy scrutiny due to being wasteful in their chances is only intended to keep their confidence and hopefully continue in that vein of form.

      Seriously.. What would you have preferred he said post Leceister with two big matches this week?

  9. Let’s hope this is the turning point for Walcott. It would be great to see his name more often on the score sheet. But I still feel Leicester were poor in their marking and backtracking, they gave us way too much room which we took full advantage of. United are not going to be as lenient but I still feel we have what it takes to beat them.

  10. It’s great we scored 5 goals on Saturday, but the end of the season is the time to judge whether Wenger was right to not sign a striker / DM.

    I like this site, but sometimes there are too many articles about nothing, and this is one of them IMO.

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