Arsenal boss refusing to rule out exit for under-fire Walcott

Theo Walcott has come under increased scrutiny in recent months, and Arsene Wenger has now revealed he could be sold.

The England international has not started in the Premier League since Arsenal lost 3-2 to Manchester United at Old Trafford at the end of February, and has been restricted to under an hour of minuted since then.

The emergence of Alex Iwobi and the return from injury of an in-form Danny Welbeck has played a huge part in that, while Walcott’s own form has not been worthy of first-team action.

Many fans have moved to condemn the English forward, claiming he is a flop and someone who has done nothing in his 10 years with the club, but had he continued his form from early in the season, that wouldn’t have been the case.

The 27 year-old picked up the Arsenal Player of the Month award in September, having been successfully challenging first-choice Olivier Giroud for a central striking role, and the pair seemed to be excelling in their rivalry, until an injury never-the-less ended the run, and the pair have not been the same since.

Arsene Wenger had told us that the best was yet to come from Walcott, angering the clubs fans who are fed up with the disappointments that the forward has brought, but the French boss now appears to have changed his tune.

The manager was asked if he would sell the former Southampton youngster in the coming window, to which he replied: “I don’t know yet. I’m not in transfer mode at the moment but I think he has gone through a bad spell. He has responded very well, because he said ‘okay, I will work harder and more’.

“Even when he comes on now, you see he is motivated and focused. Let’s see how well he finishes the season now.”

There may be hope of some changes to the squad this summer after all, but do you think Wenger will really sell?

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    1. this post is unfair – your gonna get my hopes up

      you now how your mum when your a kid asks near Christmas…
      ‘what was that computer you said you really wanted- the mega what?,
      ‘the mega drive mum -why?’
      ‘no reason’

      i will be delighted if we sell him- truth be told i reckon he will do very well somewhere else which will benefit england , but he should have gone years an years ago

  1. Nobody leaves Arsenal, including the manager. Jobs for life for doing sweet fa. Brothers in arms, Wenger and theo, both milking the club and conversely the fans through failure to deliver.

    Ahhh the smell of off milk,  rotten sewerage ‎ and AFC.

  2. We have players in the squad that would be brilliant under another manager and for that simple reason wenger renews contracts instead of letting them go. Theo is just another player ruined by wenger and if he goes you will see him shine.

    1. at the same time wenger has definitely helped some players.
      an only under his management they suceeded
      his style of management only fits certain players

      theo has never been one of those players unfortunately

  3. sell walcot, giroud, Gibbs, Ramsey…replace them with kante, mayrez, Aubamayrng…..walcot is the most useless footballer I have ever seen…how did he made it this far?……is he using witchcraft

    1. disagree on giroud and ramsey, good squad players to have
      kante an mahrez would be wonderful but cant see Leicester selling two of there most valuable assets- especially to the same club unless we go all man city on them with a blank cheque which wenger wont ever do

      no with wenger i see two players in to replace maybe 4 goin out this summer

  4. Arsene saying I don’t know yet is at least some sign of progress. We simply can’t go into the season without dropping some players, we’ll be watching all these top managers luring some of the games best players and then there would be us going with the very same make-up of every failed season before this one.

    Theo had his chances, he’s been unlucky allot of the time but also he was not putting the effort in, we seen him play well when he got up for games but they were few and far between. Ox is younger, he is also much better at dribbling past opponents and is more robust than Theo. Though, he looks like he might go the same way in the end. He has no final pass and he has a bad strike for goal.

    I don’t just think it is better for us that one or both should go but I actually think it is the best for them.

    Theo has been with us ten or 11 seasons, normally a player within a club for such length of time would be nearing hero status. He is not getting the love that a player with those years behind him should be getting. A different manager might realise something for Theo which Arsene didn’t, he might just get Theo that love he should be receiving by now.

    Ox, I think he needs to play every week. He will never get that at a big club unless he plays every week to get where he’s going first. Could come back to bite, but Id take that chance because we need vast improvements yesterday.

  5. I thought we needed a new manager to address such issues coz there is a hell lot of garbage to dispose… A specialist in failure doesn’t represent me at all!

  6. A new manager would get rid of half the players at Arsenal. Wenger wanted us to judge him a the end of the season, for me the season is over and he has over ran his use. Wenger take a bow and exit stage left!

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