Arsenal boss relives highs and lows of 21-year reign

Arsene Wenger surpassed his 21 year anniversary this week, but didn’t want to talk too heavily about his achievement, but claims that he has always stayed focussed amidst his toughest times at Arsenal.

The Frenchman enjoyed his anniversary with a nice 2-0 win over Brighton and Hove Albion this weekend, but didn’t want to talk about his past achievements when prompted.

“I wouldn’t like too much to reflect on that,” Wenger said. “I kept my focus on my job, always under good and bad circumstances.

“When you are 21 years somewhere, you know you have good and bad moments. Nobody can make 21 years and only fly, so what I love in the game is to deal with bad moments and find the response.

“I knew that after the game at Liverpool everybody did write us off, I knew that it just depends on us how much we respond.

“Nothing is permanent, you are not bad in a permanent way if you can do something about it and you’re not good in a permanent way if you don’t keep your urgency, so we responded in a united way and we could put some wins together and some good performances as well.”

The 67 year-old was then asked whether he had seen enough from his team warrant a worthy title challenger at present, which again he played down.

“It’s very early, seven games played, 31 to go,” said the Frenchman. “Last year after six games, Manchester City was top with 18 points [and ended the season in third place], so let’s not go to pick conclusions. They played outstanding on Saturday but it’s a long way to go.”

Is Wenger no longer upbeat about all he has done for Arsenal Football Club? Should he be more happy when talking about his past time here and his achievements? Have our fans ruined the occasion for him?

Pat J


  1. ThirdManJW says:

    “Have our fans ruined the occasion for him?”, why do you feel the need to kick us while we’re down? Arsenal fans are treated like utter s*** by Wenger, and the club, and come out with a line like that? How about Wenger destroying the last 11 years of trying to enjoy supporting a football team!

    1. Krish says:

      lol and wenger isnt treated like shit by some fans? you are projecting all you hate and anger onto wenger and turning it around as if he was the one who hates you and wants to hurt you, but surely its the other way around. if you arent happy with him, good, but dont try to portray him as an evil being who ‘destroyed your last 11 years with football’ and anyway if you cant enjoy supporting a football team for 11 YEARS, thats a big problem (maybe psychological) i would recommend to change a hobby if it only brings anger and disgust to you

      1. Ivan says:

        If you happy supporting a top team that never competes at the top level and are happy just to watch a team that just ticks over without it burning then you are not a true fan.

        1. Mobella says:

          Your never compete at top level says it all about your knowledge of EPL. It isn’t just started 5, 10, or 15 years ago. Arsenal won 13 EPL and the word you choose is NEVER compete, but Chelsea with 5 and Man city less than 5 do compete. Please can learn a little about EPL and your team history before you comment.

          1. Ivan says:

            As you well know my little man I was talking about this generation and we have not competed in 13 years.

  2. Remember Resource? says:

    OT: but I think arsenal fans need to understand this before thinking about which player could join the club as they don’t deserve to feel disappointment all the time.
    Just ask yourself. If you were griezzman would you sign for arsenal? You’ll get more money elsewhere, you will win more elsewhere and lastly every other option shows more ambition than arsenal. Even staying at athletico would make more sense as they will give you a reasonable raise and they’re a club that wants to win with a manager that wants to win. So why will you ever ever sign for arsenal unless the love of our life wants to stay at not only london (because frankly you’d rather join chelsea then) but specifically in north london. That is the only scenario in which you would join arsenal and even if the love of his life wants to stay at north london, tottenham are a more attractive proposition as the club is moving forward and you can be the “neymar” of the club. So in all realistic, optimistic and delusional scenarios Antoinne Greizzman will never join arsenal. Arsenal could sign sterling, he is our level to be very honest.

    1. Mobella says:

      l agree with you and more in agreement with you when show atletico Madrid is not different from arsenal. They both want to win but not winning. They both don’t spend crazy money. See there is big difference in want to win and winning. Would take spurs ,man city or Liverpool over arsenal in the last 3 season. The 3 clubs spent top dollars to win but didn’t. Back to Greizzy issue why do you think he wants to A. Madrid if he likes want to win tag.

  3. arsenal4life says:

    In 2004 Arsenal were Champions.
    Wenger was King.
    Gooners were in raptures.
    Since 2004 Chelsea has won 5 titles
    Utd 5 titles City 2 and Leicester 1 Arsenal 0.
    Many of us Arsenal fans stayed loyal for a decade living
    off past glories endless promises, excuses and blind allegiance.
    But the last 3 years have seen more and more Arsenal fans
    challenging the concept laid down by owner Stan where by
    players and manager are paid vast incomes to cruise in top 4 mode.
    The desire to win the title has been slowly and deliberately
    obliterated form the collective Arsenal psyche to the point where
    a return to the top 4 will be celebrated with unbridled euphoria.
    The sustainable module sustains Stan, Arsene and the players
    in unlimited riches while 4th place drivel is every one else’s lot.

  4. Ivan says:

    3 cups in 12 years would get the sack in any other top club. Wenger does not have much to be proud of in that time. He has taken out of the club vast sums of money and not put much back in that time. Only the older fans who are frightened of change want to keep him. I just want him to go.

  5. Uchman says:

    U guys r bunch of ingrates and pathetic moaners!!!!!! Wenger 21 years @ arsenal
    Net spend————–£198m
    Average of ————£9.4m a year
    Honours__________17 trophies
    Champions league finals 2006
    Golden trophy——-2004(record)
    Highest unbeaten record in English football 49 (records)
    Highest Consecutive wins in top flight 14(records)
    Highest Consecutive away wins 12(records)
    Facilitating the beginning and finishing of d best stadia in england!!
    FIFA coach of d decade 2001-2010
    And other numerous individual honours!!!!!!! Class class class class class!!!!!!!
    Pls I dare any of u to mention just one coach or club who have done better than arsenal and Wenger with same or less net spend in d said period!!!!!!!

  6. Uchman says:

    @ Ivan yes the older fans r quite aware that arsenal was in d same category with d likes of Everton and Aston villa before the arrival of Wenger,while arsenal has climb mountains courtesy of Wenger’s ingenuity,hard work,smartness,and sheer brilliance the other ones has remained dormant and one eve suffered relegation,,even when d owners of of arsenal fc has not backed him with mighty cash,he transformed arsenal to one of d most valuable club in d world today, and one of d richest club in d world today,he didn’t stop there, he went ahead to win 17 trophies for arsenal fc ,it amazes me how some pple who has never contributed any thing to d growth of arsenal fc will be ranting every day here insulting the greatest manager in d history of afc bcos u could afford 10mb data is ridiculous, for ur information u have bragging right today as an arsenal fan courtesy of what Wenger offered u,the golden trophy, and 49 unbeaten run is something that can take another generation to match,

    1. Ivan says:

      Stay current old fella. We are talking in the last 10 years or so not what happened a past generation. He was innovative in parts during that time but now is made to look foolish by younger managers more aware of the current tactical practices. His repeated mistakes in the last half generation have reduced the club to being in the same category of the likes of Everton where we are not competative in the league and are just a cup team (3 cups in 12 years). Take down your posters of the Old Man and face the current situation not one of 20 years ago.

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