Arsenal boss reveals importance of ‘big-game player’ Walcott

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has moved to praise attacking star Theo Walcott, who is currently enjoying his best season with our side.

The forward has just been left out of England’s squad for the upcoming matches against Germany and Lithuania, but that’s of little importance to Arsene Wenger, who will most likely be happy for his player to get the extra break.

Walcott has bagged himself 17 goals in all competitions this term, and currently sits second in our club’s goalscoring charts behind Alexis Sanchez.

Wenger has decided to speak out with praise on his speedster, talking up a number of aspects to his game which he has improved on in recent years.

Arsene said: “He has become more of a complete player, more efficient.

“He does better in the tactical part of his game and works hard defensively and offensively. He has been less injured as well, that helps.

“He has turned up in big games as well, he can score goals in big games. He showed that against Bayern, he scored the goal and I think it was a penalty on him and he can influence games.

“The major quality of Theo is the quality of his receptions. That means he gets the ball in areas where he is extremely dangerous and that is a very intelligent part of a football player.”

He added: “I was always convinced, because of the quality of his runs, that he was a central striker.

“He for a while was as well but he made up his mind during the summer break and he feels more comfortable on the right.”

Does Theo now deserve more respect for his role within our side? Is Walcott now a key starter in our first-team?

Pat J

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  1. davidnz says:

    Two good years in eleven is poor.

  2. Time Traveler (From the future) says:


  3. Eddy Hoyte says:

    “I was always convinced, because of the quality of his runs, that he was a central striker.”

    I have never been convinced

  4. khangunners says:

    What more do we need than wengers press conference to know that the guy is either insane or has gone nuts. No need to go to matches and cry about tactics just his press conference is enough to show anyone that he is past his best.
    1. I felt completely disgusted when he said he almost signed kante like what was preventing him, and why wasnt he able to sign him. This comments are making us a laughing stock someone should tell him to zip it.
    2. Theo has regressed badly am not a coach, i hve no qualification as a coach but i can see how theo has regressed and has become a one dimension player. And he called him complete. Lol i remember him saying theo is not a cf but now he is contradicting himself by saying he always saw him as a striker.

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