Arsenal boss on REAL reason for new Ramsey role

It has been a little strange for Arsenal fans recently, as we have seen a few changes in the team set up. Not the formation itself, but the players that have been used in certain key positions. And the reasons being Arsene Wenger´s changes to the Arsenal team have been suggested by the man himself this week.

While none of us were surprised to see our German international Mesut Ozil move into the number 10 role that is probably his best position, the decision to play Aaron Ramsey on the right flank with Santi Cazorla in deep central midfield raised more than few Gooners´ eyebrows.

We can´t really complain too much either, because the team has been winning (apart from the Chelsea game) and although Ramsey has admitted to not really feeling that his new role is where he is at his best, he is happy to do the job asked of him and as long as he stays disciplined when we are without the ball it does not hurt the team.

But the main reason spoken of by Wenger is to make the most of our little Spaniard and his best qualities, as an report explains. The Frenchman hinted that Cazorla´s age makes it a little more taxing for him to play wide, while his vision and technical ability makes him magical in the middle.

Wenger said, “We lost Cesc Fabregas and Santi was one of those players who could bring us that technical quality. His career at Arsenal is in two stages. The first was when I played him wide, he was like a midfielder playing wide and contributing a bit like Robert Pires did as a wide player.

“He transformed completely when I moved him central and it looks to me that centrally is where he is really at ease and brings a lot to the team. Why? Because he’s a team player, he works very hard and he also gives us that continuity, that fluidity.

“He can also hit a long ball – the long ball he hit for Ramsey for the second goal [at Hull] was with his left foot and it was absolutely delightful to watch.”

It certainly was but with so many players now competing for central midfield, including the likes of Arteta, Wilshere, Ox, Rosicky and even Diaby, will Cazorla´s versatility mean that he does not always get to play in his best role.

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  1. forget about yesterday match, I’m not sure if Wenger really believes that this team can win him anything (apart from the fa cup) !

    1. DammiT!…… There was no end product to our stupid passing game last night + high possession……. It shows us that GOALS win games…..nothing more

      1. The saddest thing of all is that we’ve seen this before so many times. It will never change. That’s what hurts much much more than the defeat itself…

    2. Thats the problem wenger actually thinks they can win everything when everyone else knows better and knows they cant (apart from the fa cup again hopefully)

    3. Wrong
      Wenger is one of the most delluded person on earth.
      He definitely believes that this team is good enough to win the league….. Don’t expect a good summer transfer window because u will be disappointed AGAIN!

      On a positive note, we have to put up with this shit for 2 more years only (hope i didn’t jinx it)

  2. The Real Real reason:

    Wenger made a drunken bet that he could win the league with 6 central midfielders in his squad.

  3. We need to find a different game plan for teams who defend deep,Chelsea did it to us and got their desired draw and now Swansea did it and won…Giroud has now gone 5games without scoring we need a consistent goal scorer who averages almost a goal a game!

    1. yes someone who scores at least 35 goals out of 38 games in total….

      players like Lewandoski, Dybala, Lacazette, Aquero, Dzeko, Torres, Falcao, Cavani, Lualaku, Benteke, RVP, Costa they are 30 +++ goals a season strikers….

      they guarantee goals….

          1. we should offer 50 + 1 pound for him then..
            Don’t know why AW never think about this..

      1. @Hafiz.
        If you do not agree with @Dee@ease comment, just say it ffs! Instead of all this non-stop sarcasm all the time.. it’s kind of tiring (and misleading) lol.
        You think that talking about a 30 goal striker isn’t such a great idea? then say so! maybe with reason. Atleast that makes for more meaningful discussion.

        It annoys the hell out of me anytime I have to read these sarcasms in the middle of meaningful debates… as if you think some of us here have baby brains.


      2. aside from the obvious fact that Giroud’s outscored 80% of them playing for only half a season??

    2. exactly, we don’t have a game plan for teams that defend deep, and most teams gonna use that tactic on us…therefore we tend to do better on FA Cup games – cos opposition teams tend to go for the win also and opens up the games more.
      But I wont agree that its Girouds fault, the CF hasn’t been given much clear cut chances, In fact I didn’t agree with AW decision to take out OG yday…

      1. @Gunner 🙂
        I think we did have a
        game plan. We laid
        siege to their goal.
        Got 20 shots off.
        But none went in.

        1. its not the amount quantity of shots on goal that count but the quality. Swansea needed just 1 quality shot to get 3 points…but in all fairness it did seem like our unlucky day – were nothing went in..

  4. This is how the next season will start, we get thinks he’s being clever playing players out of position, we get in deep shit, then he starts playing the players where they should be played and drops the liabilities and we start winning!

    1. Next season will start with everyone moving one position to the right in order to accommodate Wilshere. Then Wilshere will get injured and we will play well again.

    2. and we have quickly forgotten….. RAMSEY and WILSHERE mustn’t play together…….it’s Fate

    3. @5pur2.
      Though I want to believe that isn’t the case, it’s really had to argue against your comment.
      Ozil and Santi comes to mind. Our winning run has “coincided” with Ozil playing in his preferred position in central midfield. Our sh*ty run began to stop when Santi moved to his preferred position in central midfield.
      Recently, our bad run of games happened during periods where we’ve had certain players playing out of their preferred position -Ozil, Santi, Monreal.
      There probably is a counter-argument though. We’ve won games with Ramsey playing out-wide. When it works it is OK. When it doesn’t it is ugly. Lool

  5. Wenger keep sticking ramsey and giroud into our faces,if it were ramsey and giroud on the bench,wenger would bring them him before 60mins.why play ramsey on the flank when he is less effective there,we have fast players like oxlade,Walcott and welbeck,how can Walcott who played 3 games and scores 3 goals straight from injury be totally put out of team,he puts players out in the name of injury to use ramsey,let ramsey fight with ozil and cazorla for shirt in midfield,give welbeck the kind of confidence and assurance he gives giroud n you get a monster.wenger should be less partial.we don’t need him to prove a point that players(ramsey,mert and giroud)people have previously condemned are his best signing.his ego is unbalancing the team

    1. Just remember Walcott has been dealing with pressing family issues n that’ll affect his game soo dnt think he’s being dropped cz Wenger favours Ramsay.

  6. Some points from yesterdays match:
    1. Its okay if giroud cant score in every match but wat annoys me is dat he goes missing even wid his huge size. I hardly saw him being involved.
    2. Coquelin was replaced because he lacks d attacking qualities, perhaps dats y we need Morgan schniederlein who will contribute both defensively and offensively.
    3. We shud stop passing around and shoot at goal!!! We shud b a lil more direct.
    4. Wenger shud hav d courage to drop one of ramsey Cazorla ozil Alexis when d need arises. He is always luking to adjust dese players somehow. D balance must b rite.
    5. And lets not switch off for even a second !! It was a soft goal dat we conceded.
    6. We need 3/4 world class players to win epl

    1. Fair points.. But my unrequested input!! haha
      1.) Delivery was poor, as you mention in one of your latter comments we were tip-tapping it around the box for the majority of the time Giroud was on.
      2.) No, we have 4 great attacking players playing with mostly attacking fullbacks. Should be enough.
      3.) Yes, yes, yes!! Fair enough if we want to control matches, but there has to be periods where we lift the intensity. We looked tame for 70 mins of the game, wasn’t good enough.
      4.) They and Coquelin have been our best players recently. There was no reason to drop them for this match.
      5.) Agreed, Mert and Kos went to the ball. Monreal shouldn’t have been left alone far post. Was soft.
      6.) 2/3 IMO

      1. 2. No mate. We need schniederlein. If expect ozil to come back and defend den we must also expect from coquelin to contribute in attack as well. If he cant contribute den its like playing wid 5 defenders. Mayb 4 attacking midfielders and 2 attacking full backs are enough, but if u can someone who will both defend and attack, it only gets better. Lets get Morgan and let dese 2 fight for a place in d team.

        1. I see your point but it is not like Matic or Schneiderlin add huge attacking options or great creativity. NM has one league goal in two seasons, NM and MS have a total of 3 assists between them this year and create a lot less than one chance per game on average.

  7. Yesterdays article was ” should we play like Chelsea to win EPL”, todays should read “HOW DO WE BEAT TEAMS THAT PLAY LIKE CHELSEA”!!!!!!!!!

    1. We shud just give other team d ball invite Dem in our half and hit Dem on counter.

      1. It seems wenever we maintain too much possession we lose.
        Manutd must hav taken note of our performance yesterday, we better not play like dis against Dem.

    2. there was no way Bellerin could have made those runs on the wings and let Ramsey cut into the middle…..that would only Leave Montero with a free space to skin Mertesacker alive….a proper winger Like the OX or Walcott should have been used ……. Dammit Wenger!….u didn’t see this coming

      1. Though that thought seems to be in hindsight, I think I agree with it.
        Anyways we’ve only lost one game. We aren’t Chelsea. Neither are we Barcelona, Real or Bayern. We are still a work in progress, guys.

  8. 2 Wenger’s quotes this wk and it’s only Tuesday.
    I won’t be looking for any extra Cb’s as I’m happy with what I’ve got.Where where the one’s wheve got when Swansea scored.
    Walcott is in his prime to be a top striker.HA! Hes about as dangerous in the box as a daffodil. Mind you nows the time to negotiate his new contract Offer him 20grand a wk,that’s an 80 grand a wk reduction, or sell him.ASAP.

    1. We have 4… 4 CB’s not even including Hayden.
      Yeah they probably won’t… It’s only the flip-floppers who are judging theo on his precious few performances since recovering from an ACL injury. You’ll be praising him along with the rest of us once he actually re-finds his match sharpness.

  9. Please just thumb this down at the end, but read first.____

    With all due respect, most of you here are pathetic hypocrites. Everytime you come here, you strive to make comments that people will like, just to appear impressive and supportive, while you actually do think otherwise inside yourselves, and your actual unshared thoughts are the kind that people will really not find pleasant, even though they might be factually realistic.

    Who doesn’t know I am not Wenger’s fan??? But I swear, I really felt pity for him yesterday. For once, I saw a man who needed victory very badly and would want to do anything about it. I saw a team play like heroic fire fighters. They team was absolutely fantastic. Yes, we may not all agree with the substitutions he made, but what if it had worked???

    Wenger took off Giroud and brought Walcot on. That was one f***ng huge statement of intent and I was personally very happy with that particular move. That was very unlike Arsene. I actually anticipated that move and was glad he made it.

    Yes, we lost. But this once, I think we lost honourably. I’ve always said Jack is quite stylishly irksome sometimes, but that lad is a damn good fighter, please let him stay.

    Back to you, idiots. How could u have called for Wenger’s head yesterday? How could you have come out here to call him clueless??? I won’t mention names, but I’m certain you know yourselves. Yesterday was just the very day I thought I could agree with a whole lot of you that often act like you are all sold out to Arsene unconditionally, but you portrayed yourselves as a pathetic hypocritical bunch.

    1. I don’t understand y ppl always criticise jack and call him bad luk for d team. Its d performance dat matters actuall. And jack played well. He put in a few teasing low crosses in d box and he also displayed his good body strength.

    2. Well said mate, some ppl here are pathetic. We can’t win every single game n that game we lost but atleast we ddnt have a shocker

      1. Too true, flip-flopping doesn’t begin to describe it. Could be worse – wish I could read German and pop on to a Bayern chatroom – Pep losing 4 in a row – could it become 5 tonight? Funny old world.

    3. A couple of win run won’t change the fact that we used to be a sh#t at some point every season …
      “Yes, we lost. But this once, I think we lost honourably” I do accept the lost because I know it will come sooner or later and I also know that we can’t penetrate a good organized deep defense … but I cannot see the honour you speak about ….

  10. @josh37
    The one’s defending for the Arse last night was our first choice out of 4. One hit and miss cross and they lose it. Even our top 3 spot is in danger,and as for the FA cup god help us.

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