Arsenal boss reveals shock team news, but will it last?

Arsene Wenger today revealed that every single member of his first-team squad is available for the upcoming league fixture, which is a first for the campaign.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Santi Cazorla have been back in full training for this week, meaning there are no longer any players forced to sit on the sidelines, and the pair will be eager to get back into the first-team, especially with the European Championships coming up this summer.

There are only three matches remaining to prove their respective fitness to their international coaches, with Jack Wilshere likely to be selected despite a lack of football, while Santi cazorla and the Ox may miss out.

Wenger confirmed that Oxlade-Chamberlain is unlikely to be selected to feature against Norwich this weekend, having only had one weeks training since his return, but the Spaniard could well make the squad.

The Frenchman said: ‘Everyone is training, so that’s new for us. That’s the first time this season.

‘It’s Oxlade-Chamberlain’s first week in full training now, so I don’t think I will select him this weekend.

‘Santi might be in the squad this weekend, I don’t know yet. He is available. Everyone is available, but maybe Oxlade-Chamberlain is not competitive yet.’

The last time we played Norwich City, we lost three key players to injury, with Laurent Koscielny and Alexis Sanchez having to be taken off within an hour, while Cazorla has not been able to feature since the last encounter. The Spaniard was described as finishing the game ‘on one-leg’.

The Canaries are in a relegation dog-fight currently, so maybe this would not be the best time for Cazorla to try and return to action…

Can we make it through the weekend with an injury-free squad?

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  1. At game 52 with no chance
    of winning any trophy
    we have a fit squad.!!!
    But are they all, “really” fit?
    Wellbeck Coquelin and Walcott though back from injury
    are a long way from full fitness let alone their top form.
    Chamberlain has been out of form and injury prone for 3 years.
    Wilshere after 7 seasons is one small knock away from another 9 month injury.
    Arteta Rosicky and Flamini are no use even if fit and are destined for the knackers.
    Cazorla has had major knee and achilles surgery so he’s finished.
    Debuchy never recovered his form after the year long injury.
    The only real positive about players being back from injury
    is that we might get the likes of Wilshere Walcott and Chamberlain
    into the transfer window sell them on so we can buy some real talent.

  2. I have been an Arsenal fan for over 20 years, I was always in love with their style, the desire and flair they played with. Hard men that gave everything and got the job done.

    Now, I have to admit the current Arsenal teams are so bad that I am starting to become a neutral, seeing Leicester on the verge on winning the premier league is a huge eye opener for the so called bigger teams. My days of stressing about Arsenal’s poor performances, Wenger’s poor decisions and the overall regular choking of the Arsenal squad when it counts ARE OVER!

    No matter who Arsene signs this summer, NO-ONE will improve this squad. The heart of this team is weak and plagued by poor decision making on the pitch, i.e. over playing. Our manager continues to play the same formation every week and relies on players that are not fit to wear the shirt, even the ones that do can only do so much.

    Seeing Atletico Madrid play is such a pleasure, a complete team. Taking on Barca, Real Madrid & Bayern with no fear. I’m almost in tears because I’m so tired of Arsenal not living up to their potential because our manager is too stubborn to change and adapt to modern day football. Ridiculous.

    I will always love Arsenal but I am done!

  3. That’s one thing that has to get fixed for next season. I do get that when you have a potential 50-60 games a season aches & pains are part of the game…but we have had serious injuries to big players who are regulars in our XI if not as starters than as first subs/starter in between big games.
    Honestly if we want to be able to compete all season for all you can get specially the league one factor is to be able to call upon everyone & also this instills competition everyday in training…some kind of edge as well for those who get too comfy!

  4. “but maybe Oxlade-Chamberlain is not competitive yet.” …….sorry Arsene, he never is.

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