Arsenal boss ridicules ‘three’ man protest at training ground

Arsene Wenger has laughed of Tuesday’s attempt at a protest held at Arsenal’s training facility in London Colney.

The Gunners boss was welcomed at training by three protesters at the gate of the park, who had placed Wenger out signs among others, but the Frenchman has laughed off the dismal display.

Wenger said: ‘It is three guys. Honestly. Why should I waste energy on that?

‘Honestly. I don’t know what to say.

‘It is good that they can waste their day like that.’


He moved to urge the supporters to get behind his team for the crunch Premier League tonight, with protests expected to carry on throughout the upcoming tie with West Ham.

‘I care about Arsenal, about the club, about what we have achieved and what we want to achieve,’ he added.

‘That’s what you want to do. I will support Arsenal when I’m not here anymore exactly the same [as I do now].

‘What you want is the fans to stand behind the team. I love to win football games and I just focus on that. I lead with the values I think are important in life. I work for my club with honesty and integrity, and I’m not scared of any [criticism].

‘I always accept the judgement of people, and I just focus on what I think is important in the game. That’s it.

‘Look, I’m not in politics. It’s not about majority or minority. You just want our fans to stand behind the team and the club, and that’s what they did. I’ve said many times, it’s not about me.’

Can the fans hold back their strong protests in order to help the team push on and finish the campaign strongly? Is he right to disregard today’s protest?

Pat J

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  1. I’m not at all surprised he laughed it off, I would have done the same. It was absolutely pathetic, and embarrassing for the so called protesters. I would go as far as to say it was FAF.

      1. That doesn’t make it any less pathetic or embarrassing, it looked like some villages were missing their idiots.

  2. I understand he laughed it of. It remains to be seen if the fans can be more powerful in their protests than just a few guys at the training ground.

    On the other hand I think he better be aware that this time around there might be a larger number than just a few who are in favor of a new manager.

    He makes me laugh when he says he is not in polictics. He is very two faced that way. If he was not into poletics why does he not just announce his intention to sign a new contract (or not)?

    If he is not into poletics why does he claim not to undertand the tension around Sanchez becaue “Sanchez still has one and a half year on his contract”? He Is just pasifying the fans the way he did with RVP and all the others before them. He is the mast of the two face or better said the mast manipulator.

    An other sign nothing will change at the club and Wenger is stying is that now they are starting to bring in the Wilshires and Gibbs’s for contract talks. If a new manager was on the horision they wold ask him first who he would want to keep. Why increase salaries of players you can’t sell afterwards??

    This club is mismanaged in such an unbelievable way it shocks every time. And if there is one thing Wenger’s comments make clear it is that the fans are not respected at Arsenal.

    We all know you want to stay, be a man about it and just announce your intentions this is turning into a farce!!!

  3. “Can the fans hold back their strong protests in order to help the team push on and finish the campaign strongly?” we always do this, remember the previous seasons Pat J? and what do we get the following season? same crap and same words of encouragement to help the team push on and finish the campaign strongly. aren’t you tired of watching the same movie over and over again? all this shows Wenger’s limits, he can’t go past that, we as fans want to go beyond and be happy again.

    The old man keeps praising himself the moment he came to Arsenal in 96, can’t he see the years have passed and so many things have changed? even Leicester changed manager and won the league, but we are here stuck with this old tank, witnessing failure after failure

    1. I think half the ticket holders have to not show up for games, that comes off better. Then see if those same fans don’t buy a ticket if it effects the numbers on match day. It seems to me that it’s only a small percentage of match day goers who want Wenger gone, it’s the fans mostly online or too far away to go frequently enough that feel as the majority does on this site.

  4. Would he just f&@k off already. I can’t watch him do interviews anymore and it sh$ts me when I read his comments.

    1. Me,too. I used to enjoy his press conferences. Now all I can see is a pitiful old man who constantly embarrasses himself by churning out the same old dog-eared excuses and pathetic analogies presenting himself as the burning martyr to fans who do not appreciate how lucky we are.It is difficult for the modern fan to organise and coordinate any kind of protest. Just because there were only three on Monday doesn’t mean that the drum has stopped. I just want to know that someone is at least listening and the board are aware that there are many more than three who are unhappy and most of us don’t want to see him being dragged out kicking and screaming.

  5. It don’t matter if it was 3 or 300 its our job as the fans to hold that old fart accountable to the club and fans expectations’ we should have the best of everything we have awesome stadium pots of cash the ability as a club to go further if the right set up in place. We as the fans love our club and want the best for or regardless of current reckingball job wenger. Is doing we deserve the best because we support the best. And want want trophies all of them. How dare wenger ridiculed our fellow fans we need to Ge along side them and rally around them and make our voices heard get wenger the laughing hynena out now coygs

  6. I read an Article the other day that we lost a supporter because he was getting too upset at seeing his fellow supporters turn on each other


    It is sad that us supporters can not unite. It is sad that we can not get behind the idea of a Sporting Director to take some powers from our manager. Shake up the coaching staff and to potentially get coaches who are more club orientated rather than manager yes man…

    Replace Wenger with anyone you want and then ask if these changes would benefit that manager?

    I would love it if our board was faster in making decisions. I do feel the decision to spread the responsibility over a group of professionals is the right one to make and it would be wonderful to see supporters supporting that idea.

    The faster it is done the better IMO.

    Who can imagine the Arsenal board working towards all that as well as a new manager and new transfers along with contract renewals? I personally believe that the board should focus more on getting in the new infrastructure and get the best people they can for the job so when it comes time to find a new manager, they can use the changes as an attraction to manage us and aim towards the best manager we can… Not just the best of what will manage us in our current state.

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