Arsenal boss right to be positive after ‘difficult game’?

There is not great deal of positive thinking among the Arsenal fans at the moment. After a brilliant October saw the Gunners become the first team in ages to beat the brilliant Bayern Munich of Pep Guardiola and climb to the top of the Premier League table, November was almost the complete opposite.

Just two Premier League points came from the month and the injury list has now doubled to 10 players, so it is understandable that there is a fair bit of doom and gloom around north London. Arsene Wenger, though, has found a few positives for Arsenal to take from the away match at Norwich City.

The Frenchman has spoken to Arsenal Player about the game and while he accepts that it was a disappointing result, Wenger gave plenty of credit to the home team and their efforts and suggested that we should be quite pleased with a point as it could have been a lot worse.

He also pointed out that the players have had a lot on their plates without much rest recently so we should be fresher for the next game against Sunderland with no midweek action in between. And he also pointed out that despite all our problems during November, Arsenal are less than a win off the top of the EPL table.

The Frenchman said, “It looks to me like a fair result. The frustration is that we were 1-0 up and conceded a soft goal.

“Overall we had to dig deep. We were a bit jaded physically and did not have our usual sharpness in the final third. On top of that we lost Alexis, Koscielny and we had Cazorla playing on one leg in the second half.

“Overall it was a difficult game but at least we didn’t lose it. That’s the positive of the day. The negative of course is that we dropped two points.

“Norwich were physically outstanding, well-organised and waited for us in the final third. We felt many times that we had a lot of possession but couldn’t get in there enough because we were not sharp enough physically.

“What is important is that, when you’ve gone through a bad spell like us drawing against Tottenham, losing away to West Brom and drawing against Norwich, is that you are still close to the top. That is something that I would say is positive.”

What do think of Wenger’s take on things?

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  1. What I find funny is some people on this site assume if we had signed a striker and a defensive midfielder, we’d be 10+ points ahead. The main reason teams are dropping points is the pl has become even more competitive. City, Chelsea,Man u, all spent considerable amount of money and I’ve to say it didn’t mean squat when it came to the standings.

    1. The season isn’t even half way through yet,
      Even though you can’t see it, Utd have improved defensively this season, City have also been hit with injuries to their key players but are still top, as for Chelsea, they didn’t spend as they normally do, but I blame moaninho for their bad dip inform, the issues with their club doctor upset alot of their players, which effected their performance, anyways they have got over it now and I’m sure that they will start climbing up the table.
      So to suggest that signing players and strengthening our squad wouldn’t of made any difference is ridiculous ?
      I bet that you play the offside trap when ordering at the bar?

  2. EPL teams this year are more jaded and inconsistent – Usual Arsenal case – and if not for that we would be somewhere in the middle of the table … This should be our year, Wenger must spend big in the winter but unfortunately dead can’t hear …

  3. When the team performs better then I will be positive.

    I’m not going to be positive after a defeat and draw to mid table teams and injuries to our best players and. Manager who doesn’t like to spend

    There must be good reasons to be positive baby please

  4. This is just nonsense talk on a consistent basis

    Arsenal fans being POSITIVE will not solve the injury crisis
    Arsenal fans being POSITIVE will not cause new signings to occur in the transfer window
    Arsenal fans being POSITIVE will not sort out player mismanagement
    Arsenal fans being POSITIVE will not win us games
    Arsenal fans being POSITIVE will not single handedly win us the trophy
    Arsenal fans being POSITIVE will not bring us world class players
    Arsenal fans being POSITIVE will not solve our tactical ineptness
    Arsenal fans being POSITIVE will not change wenger

    Like we are often called “armchair guuners” …. What more could we do to motivate a team than to bleed red , purchase season tickets to see the team play and cheer for em???

    Halt hiding the problems and woes of this team with the word “POSITIVE”……. There are somany negative things going on at this club that needs riddance….


    1. I don’t know how come you season ticket holders haven’t protested by not appearing on home fixtures? Make banners that state your concern and then leave the stadium. That will force the scumbag Kroenke to rethink his strategy and his puppet Wenger as well.

  5. its hard to stay positive when you know the team has so much potential and can do better but screwing it up and worst of all the manager is content. he never changes tactics, never changes the philosophy…etc. the man is programed.

    we are not a small team but play like one and that is frustrating. the opportunity is there and with the right tactics and mentality we could have been way above the rest by now but are failing. wenger leicester were hard working what did he do when our front three were walking around the pitch. no one stopped him from telling his players to work hard.

  6. Of course he is right to be positive about drawing away to Norwich……we are still very much in the race for that 4th spot, we will soon be out of the CL even if by some miracle we get the required result to get through, we will be knocked out at the round of 16….so everything is going perfectly well for Wenger and the board….

  7. WOB 8

    Wizardry (OG) 1min
    Baby please 30 th min
    SoOpa Aeon 5, 15, 35 min
    Damochy 48
    Mukaya 60
    Nebs 75

    AKB’s 0

  8. If Arsenal lost 12-0 Wenger would still come out with the same old Crap
    We had the Quality we had the Width we were unlucky we looked a bit jaded.
    Sick listing to him with his I am in charge and don’t give a Fxxx what the fans think or say.
    He always seems to have a sly smirk on his face. Laughing at the Arsenal Fans who spend their hard earned cash week in week out and also pay his wages.

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