Arsenal boss right to break bank for brilliant Bundesliga star?

We have all been hoping that Arsene Wenger would use his time working for the football press at Euro 2016 to do some scouting and find some top new talent for Arsenal. The Frenchman may well have been doing just that but if so he must have seen something in the performances of the Wolfsburg forward Julian Draxler that I missed.

The talented young player did not exactly set the world alight for Germany at the tournament but neither was he completely anonymous and it seems clear that the problems suffered by Joachim Low’s team came more as a result of losing their only recognised centre forward Mario Gomez before the semi-final defeat to France.

Our manager is thought to be a long term admirer of the 22-year old and according to The Mirror he might be about to make a club record offer of around £55 million for Draxler, with the idea that he might be able to play as a centre forward for us as well as his more usual roles of wide forward or attacking midfielder.

I do like this fast and dynamic player but I am far from convinced that he could do a good job as a centre forward and the tournament this summer did nothing to change my mind. The report also claims that his current club are facing some financial cutbacks after failing to qualify for the Champions League and their sponsors Volkswagen’s well publicised problems, so you would think that Draxler’s price would be a lot more reasonable.

I would certainly expect the careful Wenger to at least try to broker a cut price deal for the youngster. What do you think of this Arsenal transfer rumour guys?


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  1. Would LOVE Draxler to play for Arsenal
    NOT to replace Alexis, but to compliment Alexis
    We MUST keep Alexis

    1. Draxler could be the short term replacement for Theo and long term replacement for Giroud at the same time. I can really see Wenger turning him into a beast CF, but will Arsenal pay 40m or spend 5m on another Sanogo project ?

  2. Wenger typically will already have a price he’s willing to pay for a player and I’m starting to think he believes the players value should also include his wages so offers the asking price minus wages for the term of a contract

  3. Something tells me Asano was brought in to promote the brand……. He’s called “The Jaguar” …….. Puma’s Logo

    [Tho no BBC record of Asano’s transfer to Arsenal and his fee……. Fishy!]

    on Draxler…… We have been Dilly-dallying for the past 3 seasons

        1. Hahaha ? ? ? Glad to see that your sence of humour is shining today, Mr Admin … You certainly are in a jolly mood… leg over syndrome? ?

        2. Admin I don’t grandstand or fish for likes but some of the thumbs down I received since open an account over a month ago, I beg to question their reason or motives behind it.. I guess some on this site just see the name and assumed am black and just thumbed me down for that reason only.

          1. That is a very harsh thing to say!
            Are all your comments exactly in line with everyone elses? I doubt it….
            Even the most brilliant comments still get people thumbing down. To assume racism is a little worrying!

          2. Grow up mate! It’s not the Middle Ages and I think the world has moved on a bit….perhaps you should too?

            If people don’t agree with you it has nothing to do with colour….might just mean you are talking rubbish or they just don’t agree! You should accept that and move on….being one colour or any other doesn’t make you right or wrong as a given….there are no colours on the Internet mate. We are all just what we write on here….nothing more and nothing less!

    1. that’s the most stupid thing I have heard all day hahaha. Puma/jaguar. Thanks man hahaha

    1. Sadly Mr Buttflaps you may well be right there
      as for Draxer ? it doesnt solve the problem of an out and out striker as he’s not!
      cant see Wenger spending on him or anyone else this summer as he has already stated that Giroud will lead the line
      he said it back in may and I for once BELIEVE HIM !!!!

  4. Draxler? Great. Griezmann? Even better
    Higuain? NO.
    One of the reasons is that he is the centre of all memes and jokes I see now. Wouldn’t want my rival pals laughing at me for this signing

    1. Your friends wouldn’t be laughing if we signed Higuain and he replicated last season’s goal tally, helping us to win the title.

    2. they ll start crying as soon as Higgy starts banging in those goals and converting Ozil,Cazorla and Xhaka chances created.. he got 36goals in 35goals last season… only suarez and CR7 got more in all Top5 leagues in Europe.
      now imagine what he ll do with the insane creativity at Arsenal. he could smash the 40goals barrier or even 50.
      Suarez did it with enough creativity around him at Barca, and Arsenal according to squawka created more chances than Barcelona last term.

  5. We had opportunities to sign both Draxler and Higuain the past couple of years. And now we want them when they’re worth more than ever. Way to go guys! Arsenal are top negotiators.

    1. @RSH. Man U released Pogba for free, just a few years ago but now, they’re willing to pay £100m to get him back. If we missed out on Higuain and Draxler when they were cheaper, we can always get them now, ‘if they’re what we need’. For me, I like Higuain (just ensure to keep the Argentine jersey far away from him), but we should not include Giroud in a swap deal.
      I also like Draxler, (if we can get him too). A front trio of Sanchez, Higuain, and Draxler, will wreck many defences in Europe, especially when u have players like özil and Carzola, behind them. The question is, will Arsene break the Bank twice in a transfer window? Your guess is as good as mine!

      1. Nah… Why would Wenger want to build a team that would wreak his opponents defence and make a serious challenge on all four fronts in the trophy world? ?

        Surely he has had the money to that for the past 4 season’s, but Noooo, he is sticking to his one main signing per window!… Finishing 2nd will have strengthened his beliefs even more so, that his current crop are more than capable of making a challenge… but there is a big difference in going all out to win something, rather than making up the numbers just to make a challenge and thats where Wenger’s philosophy lies…. To challenge! is good enough for all the bigwigs at Arsenal fc! And it will stay like that for as long as the money keeps rolling into their bank accounts.

  6. There’s no way Wenger will sign Draxler for that fee!
    Maybe a Walcott plus cash offer at the most! ?

    Nothing but jokes! Even Bournemouth who have made untold signings, have out muscled Arsenal with a bid that now makes them favourites to land Rob Holding ??

    Wenger is a Con artists! … I wouldn’t be surprised if Napoli accepted his offer for Higuain and to wriggle out of this deal, he is now back tracking with the lame excuse of leaked news being blamed, regarding a meeting for Thursday! ? ? ? How bizarre is that? ?

  7. Rather have the Everton lad as he played his trade in tbe EPL a tough league. Ozill took such a long time to settle. But the thing is AW won’t pay top ££££ coz I think he is gone next year and will keep the bank full for the new manager. AW dose love Arsenal but he is still hurting the club.

  8. Alexis Sanchez people are in talk with B.Munich (obviously bigger, better more rewarding club), so I wonder if Wenger is trying to “make it right” asap before the fans get the “bad news” (if the deal gets through).

    I don’t know about “breaking the bank”, but I reckon this season will the one of slip ups from the “deluded one”… After the Thierry Henry “circus” (obviously engineered to make sure Henry is not around Arsenal anymore) and the “fans fault” situation of last season, we will see and witness Arsene Wenger “descente aux enfers” and again realise (as usual) that it was “la saison de trop”.

    Zidane has decided to keep Morata in a bid to regain the Spanish league and the CL.
    Ozil in talks with Arsenal for a new deal as well as Man United (yes, he could go there… Wenger can sell to anybody, we know it).

    Arsenal is “apparently” in for 2 defenders… But in France, newspapers are talking about Chambers being drilled as a future CB…!! I will tend to believe the “second” based on the “deluded one” track record.

    Forget about another striker… France Football again confirmed that Wenger won’t bring anybody as Welbeck and Walcott are more than enough in case Giroud does not perform (Sanchez could be use also… Arshavin played at the position too, so nothing is impossible with the “deluded one”).

    What a great season in perspective… We are, I am sure, looking forward to it 🙂

  9. Some people need to google the word rumour!!.

    Having an opinion on the matter is one thing, but taking a fit over it is a whole new category.

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