Arsenal boss RIGHT to hold Jack back from England

I may be wrong of course, but I have a feeling that the Arsenal and England star Jack Wilshere might already be back in training with his club team mates by now and could have featured in one of the Gunners’ next three games, if there was not an international break just around the corner.

As reported by The Mirror, Arsene Wenger gave his latest injury update on the Arsenal squad in the press conference ahead of our Premier League clash at home with West Ham this weekend. The Frenchman explained that Wilshere’s return was taking longer than usual but he could not say why.

The boss said, “I don’t know how close he is because we have to respect the progression of his training and it is very difficult to give you a date. I am hoping it’s a matter of weeks (before he is back).

“He had a little inflammation of his ankle so we had to rest him anyway and decided to get the screws off instead of doing it at the end of the season because there is England again. It has taken a bit longer but I don’t really know why.”

It is clear and also very understandable that Arsenal are being careful with Jack after all his injury problems in the last few years and if Wenger is deliberately holding him back to avoid him playing for England, I don’t blame him. It would be just about typical if we got him back for one or two games only to see him get injured playing for England. It happened last season.

Wilshere does not hold back for club or country and so an extra few weeks of rest and training will do him no harm at all. I just hope that there is no real underlying problem affecting his comeback. Do you think Wenger is just being super cautious with his player?

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  1. i feel like Wilshere’s whole career has just been this same pattern. Getting injured, protecting him from England, blah blah blah. Its a shame its come down to this, but i dont know what to say anymore.

    1. You’re right. Jack will return to the squad and we’d only be counting down the days till he gets injured again. He’s gotta avoid those tackles, rid the ball earlier or something. Protect your ankles Jack!

  2. I can sence how frustrated Jack Wilshere is now as he has not played any game for Arsenal in the past 3 months due to that Paddy McNair’s brutality tackle on his ankle. I think playing for England now shouldn’t be in Wilshere thoughts. What should be in his thoughts now, is how he will be healed properly and restart to play for Arsenal and gets back to the top level form he started to attain before he was injured. Then his playing for England can follow.

  3. Play him deeper like England does and dont force him upfront wher he is risked to get hacket by nobodys like the last time. In other news Ricardo Rodriguez is linked to to manure, thats great bec is specials and one of the best in the world in that poz.

  4. Far far more talented players than jack receive harsher treatment than he does.He has weak ankles and opponents know this and make a beeline for them.Weak ankles are not a good asset if your a professional footballer.His only hope is a withdrawn role and even then he will have joined a long list of injury prone players.

  5. Its good to see Jack is a true professional off the field and lives a healthy lifestyle. It just shows how much he wants to be the best.
    Never see him in nightclubs, or in the papers, or with a drink or cigarette in his hand.
    Yes right.
    Jack has to get serious, before he even has a sniff at an Arsenal or England start because it seems to me he doesnt care. I just think he is acting like a tosser lately, even the whole what do we think of spurs thing after the FA cup, was bloody cringe. I expect to be lashed for that, because a lot gooners see him as our golden boy, but it is just my opinion.

  6. If only jack wilshere can start from being just a member of the team order than the best player…he’s not the best player, he sud play his game to it and be consistent being the best rather than the bullshit overhype of the English press.
    Ramsey did it last season as one of d most malign member of the team to the very best…so sad injury cudnt allow hm to maintain his form

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