Arsenal boss right to lose rag with Premier League refs?

It was not just the fact that Arsenal failed to score for the third Premier League game in a row this week that got under the skin of Arsene Wenger. It was clear for much of the disappointing draw with Southampton at the Emirates Stadium that our manager was less than impressed with some of the decisions of the referee Lee Mason and his assistants.

As reported by Sky Sports, the Frenchman lost his rag and blasted the official in the tunnel after the game, only for the Saints boss Ronald Koeman to get involved and the two bosses also had words. The Dutchman suggested that Wenger is always moaning about referees and that he was merely blaming Mason for the failures of the Arsenal players.

Is that fair? I know that Wenger has a reputation for bias but that is surely true of every player, coach and fan in the world. Did Wenger actually have a point? Well this was not the worst game we have seen on that front but I would say that the ref was very lenient throughout the game and as well as allowing the visitors to play a bit rough, he failed to produce yellow cards on a number of occasions.

Normally I would say that some refs are like that and we just need to get on with it, but when he booked Coquelin for his very first tackle I must admit I thought it was taking the mickey. And when he blew the final whistle a few seconds early as we were launching an attack I was a bit baffled as well.

Not really enough to launch a rant though, but I think that this because of a build up in Wenger’s frustration. The last two EPL games have seen us play against the two teams that benefited hugely against us with some shocking decisions. The Chelsea and Mike Dean debacle at Stamford Bridge and the three non goals give at St.Mary’s. So maybe Wenger thought Arsene were due a little tiny bit of help in the return games. I certainly did, how about you?

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  1. Did those refs prevent him from signing quality striker and DM for three years? did they?
    Did they forced him to play Flamini and Mert in a top team (or used to be) like ours?
    Is it refs choice to have a stationary striker with another headless chicken?
    “Arsenal boss right to lose rag with Premier League refs?”
    No, we lost the rag with Wenger and all his deluded AKB’s …
    When we will be a top team again? when we will win the EPL? tell me AKB’s

    1. Here is a typical scenario you all know:
      We will go in an unbeaten strike to secure our 4th grade trophy …
      We will have those AKB’s telling us “see we told you, negative thinkers, we are good enough with Wenger, we have the right manpower”
      And here we are again 4th, 3rd, or even 2nd (but never 1st), the summer comes, Wenger talk as wise-man a transfer window genius, just talk and talk, while Pep, Klop, (new MUTD manager) and (new Chelsea manger) sign all available classy players …
      We are in a loop …

  2. arsenal cannot win the EPL with Giroud..
    Thierry said it and some people got offended, that’s the truth of the matter.
    the great sir Alex always had an eye for good strikers, and man United would always score no matter how poorly they were playing..

  3. No Wenger is blaming the refs for his own flops,Giroud has 12 goals in 23 games while Aguero already has more with 13 goals in 17 games that’s because he’s world class and Giroud is average!

  4. “I’ve got a job to do for my new club on Sunday and there will be no friends out there,” he said.
    “But I don’t hold any grudges – I’ve already scored three goals in my last three games, so I’ve got nothing to prove to Arsenal.

    “It was their decision to sell me and I’ve moved on. It’s been years now – I would have liked to have got my chance there, but it didn’t happen.
    “I’ve got nothing bad to say about Arsenal. I’m here in the Premier League now, scoring ,winning goals for Bournemouth, so I just want to enjoy and keep improving.
    “Arsenal were a massive influence on me because I was there from the age of about six, they helped me to progress as a footballer and I’ve got a lot of reasons to thank them.”

    Wenger may Live to regret his was so unprofessional of him to keep sanogo and Let Afobe go…..

    *I see him[wenger]do a Hairdryer*

    1. @SA
      Yet, while I was out here championing Benik’s cause, you and many others here shot him down as”not good enough for AFC” and that Akpom, Gnabry and others were much better…I even went on to say that he would have turned out to be a better CF than both Theo and Olivier, and I still believe it…
      Now you feel the need to use him to sling crap at AW…Save it.

    2. @NYG………who?………. I dn’t think i’ve had alot of say bout Afobe

      NOT ME buddy…not me L()L

  5. So many average players in the club like
    walcott gabriel mertz arteta and flamini
    At least another manager would have sold them.
    Look at tottenham who are playing with a younger squad and in the europa league making a good name for themselves.
    Wenger is not a worthy manager. He still thinks it is 2004

  6. The only wrong decision by the referees in this season is against Chelsea by MIKE DEAK.

    Why we always pointing finger at GR it is not only him many of our players are not up to Arsenal’s standard. May be five or six players are up to arsenal’s standard. As long as we are playing with this squad nothing will happen

  7. Wenger should leave at the end of the season, lets get gary neville to replace him, his record as valencia coach has been awesome

  8. Apparently, Wenger was heard shouting “It’s always the same with you” at the referee and Koeman stepped in and told Wenger ” It’s always the same with you”… ” You had 10 chances to score and you didn’t, so go and shout at them instead”

    Top man, That Koeman ??

    1. Koeman should be next Arsenal manager, knows how to play high pressing football and use technical players and used to be a Barca player so knows the pressure of playing European football.

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