Arsenal boss says Alexis contract is all about the money

There has been much talk about why the contract talks between Arsenal and Alexis Sanchez seems to be taking forever, and many pundits have opined that the Chilean is waiting to see if we are really title contenders or not, but in Arsene Wenger’s latest update he says that the only hold up is the size of the wages as Alexis has the desire to remain at the Emirates.

“It always starts with money, it finishes with money and in between the players want to stay or want to go,” Wenger said.

“When the players want to stay it’s easier to find an agreement. We can certainly find an agreement. You cannot put the club in jeopardy as well for the players.

“I think no matter what happens we’ll try to keep them and we’ll go as high as we can and if we cannot go further, we cannot go further. That’s basically it. That’s the way you have to manage a football club.

“Alexis Sanchez is a committed player who wants to stay. I’m convinced we’ll find an agreement. It has to be in our potential.

“We are not scared to spend the money, and we are not scared to show the players we love them and we want them to earn big money but we have to have a line of conduct.

“What is absolutely fantastic for the players today is the club for me is about identity, about values and we have as well to work from that.”

So if this is really the case and Alexis is happy to stay even if we don’t seriously challenge for any trophies, then it would be better to find a compromise sooner rather than later. It looks like Sanchez is starting to get frustrated and that cannot be good for him or the club. He is getting a 10 day rest at the moment, let’s hope he uses that time to put these contract talks to bed as quickly as possible….



  1. Alexis the Great says:

    If it’s all about the money, then PAY HIM THE MONEY!
    Or someone else will!

  2. Pablo Picaso says:

    The saga continuous.

    The press is enjoying this as they enjoy reporting about anything negative about Arsenal. If this storm is not controlled I sense back room drifts between players especially if the reports about Sanchez not talking to his team mates after the loss are true.

    Sanchez is a warrior and we love him for that, but Arsenal’s interest should always come first. Having said this, Arsenal also needs to abandonee some of these old “traditions” Arsene keeps talking about if they wont help us improve the team and keep our best players.

    Arsenal give Sanchez the 200 and show some ambition by building a team around him that can challenge for big trophy’s, on the other hand Sanchez lift your head up, keep giving 100 and don’t put the club at ransom.

  3. G-Rude says:

    What if he demands 500k a week like he could get in China?

    OT I wonder how much Giroud will get in his new contract.

  4. marty53 says:

    I suspect the money aspect of Sanchez contract is more down to his agent than Sanchez himself. I think Sanchez is more concerned about Arsenals ability and desire to take us to the next level of actually winning the PL or CL. Unfortunately I don’t think this is going to happen while Wenger is in charge.

    Also, as someone already said on here, how far do you go, we know China can offer £500,000 a week, do we really want to try and compete with that…..

  5. Jansen says:

    It is the same stuff over and over. Prior to all big name players leaving Wenger was saying how confident he was they would stay, only for them to leave.

    Sanchez is worth 250 a week no questions asked IMO. Would he play for City he would score as much as Aguero.

    I have accepted he is gone this summer. But be prepared, it will be another gut wrenching summer.

    Negotiations with Sanchez will last most summer whilst he looks at Wenger’s new signings to see if he thinks we have the ambition to win. There will be no new signings of note. Late in the summer window he will leave for an ambitious club and Wenger will claim not have had enough time to replace Sanchez because it is not like going to the super market when you look for top strikers.

    This Sanchez saga will be mismanaged like all our transfer business.

  6. Break-on-through says:

    I think Alexis is going to stay. He tasted the top with Barca, and he was overlooked. He is loved in Chile, and he likes it. He’s a similar figure here at Arsenal, I feel he likes being acknowledged as a super footballing specimen.

    Besides money, my two worries would be. One, we need to have him in the centre, most teams already have top strikers so they’ll likely use him as a midfielder slash striker. Giroud needs to accept fewer starts, he’s getting on and we need to keep Alexis happy.

    Second, that Ozil song. Alexis should have a great anthem ringing round the ground. Everything Alexis puts into a game, then all of a sudden Ozil will do one little thing after a whole heap of nothing, all you hear is …We’ve Ozil.

    If the fans treat Alexis a certain way, it makes it hard for him to turn his back on them. Italians are very good at this, they bring out loyalty in their players. Alexis is a type of person which respects loyalty, not blindly, but he’s a dog lover and he doesn’t have bad habits or traits. If our fans want Alexis to stay, they need to stop doing the other clubs work for them, by saying ..could you blame him, sure look at the state of us. They need to throw Alexis up on their shoulders, serenade the man, and adorn him with love, defending him and the Arsenal whenever other clubs are brought into the matter.

  7. Fatboy Gooney says:

    I dedicate this song to Sanchez,
    ” Money’s too tight to mention” by Simply Red.

  8. invisible says:

    Wenger should donate half of his wage for alexis, and ozil can leave, no room for Germans who don’t fight.

  9. invisible says:

    At 65 what do wenger intend to use all his money for, he loves football, lives football, eats football, teach football, so he should use his money for football. And where does he do all that? At arsenal.

  10. DANDY GUNNER says:

    ALEXIS is the best thing to happen to Arsenal in a long time. Mr Wenger is Penny Pinching again
    Just give Alexis what he wants because there is a quay of other Clubs just waiting to give him what he wants. Mr Wenger will sell Alexis and buy some young Kid for some magic beans and tell us he is the new Henry.

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