Arsenal boss says big signings don’t always cost a lot!

There are hundreds of Arsenal transfer rumours doing the rounds at the moment, and if Arsene Wenger actually bought them all, he would need a lot more than the rumoured 150 million warchest, especially as Mbappe would take up two thirds of that amount!

But Arsene Wenger is quite clear that there will not be a massive overhaul of the squad, just ““Between a maximum of two or three.” signings, and he doesn’t think that you necessarily need to spend fortunes to bring in great players.

“We cannot spend as much as many other clubs because some clubs have external resources that allow them to be basically unlimited.” He was quoted as saying. “We can spend money because we have managed the club well. Let’s not forget the amount of money spent is not a guarantee of success.

“We have to be clear what we understand as a big signing. Is [Rob] Holding a big signing for you or not?

“When you buy a player for £40m, everybody will have at the start a positive judgement. When you buy him for £2m, he can’t be good?

“That means a big signing is not necessarily linked with the amount of money spent.”

Le Prof is obviously trying to lower the fans expectations for the coming summer, but surely he must be intending to raise our hopes for next season’s title tilt? We need at least two major signings, and maybe even more if we have some of our own big-name players leaving. (I’m not going to give any names!)

In fact it wouldn’t surprise me if Wenger actually made a profit on transfers this summer if he has a big clearout and only brings in a few new ones…..



  1. Raghav says:

    Hoping that Wenger does spend some money and gets Lukaku, Ricardo Rodriguez and a strong central midfielder.

    1. Raghav says:

      Mustafi- Kos- Kolasinac
      Bellerin- Xhaka- Ramsey- Rodriguez
      Ozil- Sanchez

      Looks like an extremely strong and balanced team if you ask me. Well capable of challenging for the title.

      1. ks-gunner says:

        jezus christ man

  2. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    A leopard never changes his spots

    Didn’t take long after signing his contract to revert back to form.

  3. gotanidea says:

    He is right. Holding is just around two million, yet I think he performed more consistently than Ozil and Xhaka, the 30 million plus players.

    Leicester City signed Mahrez, Kante and Vardy, then won the Premiere League spectacularly. Bale and Modric left Tottenham, to be replaced with some not well-known players like Kane, Alli, Eriksen and Dembele, yet still managed to finish the league strongly in the last two seasons.

    Arsenal fans’ problem is they are tired of waiting for a major title for more than a decade. That’s why the fans think buying Mbappe, Isco or Lacazette can suddenly bring the major title into Arsenal.

    The quality of the players is very important for the next season, but Arsenal should not spend a lot of money to get overhyped players like Pogba and Ozil. Instead they need to get players that are hungry for achievements and can help Arsenal to dictate the game.

    1. OZ11 says:

      Well put brother

    2. ks-gunner says:

      Arsenal is the wrong destination for hungry players

    3. Aron says:

      Holding a big signing? Did not start for most of the season, started playing regularly after injuries. He had some good games but also had more poor or fair games when taken in total. Let’s be honest he is a good squad player, which is why playing a team full of squad players left Arsenal in the position they ended in. Next season Holding will be where he belongs, on the bench and if Wenger continues to play squad players like Ramsey (because they are British) we will be mid table at Boxing Day.

    4. funkyrith says:

      While I agree top players dont cost a lot always, Wenger is not the man in last 7-8 years to find world class gem for a penny. Not Mahrez, not Mbappe, CR, you name it. His miss-list in last 10 years is much bigger than his hit list of his whole career with low-price world class stars. He has lost the charm of “making” world beaters

      1. neil says:

        Hmmm. Bellerin for one… Mahrez not actually World class as yet ! Messi best player in world… came through youth system at Barca ! Ronaldo was an uknown when Sir Alex bought him.
        Holding just started his journey and why dont we fans support him !
        Wenger tried to buy Mbappe last year.. usual people ln here would have come out with their usu tripe and yet know desperate to buy him because he costs a lot of money !
        Lets buy quality irrespective of the price… Onyekuru looks exciting but who knowz if he will succeed ! Henry and Anelka and Fabregas were all made by Wenger and bear in mind teams now look at who Wenger ia trying to buy and outbid him at the bigger clubs with more money
        Lets all try to be positive ahead of new season..
        sounds like Ox signing new contract and Ozil likely to stay. Sanchez scored a lot of goals but for me killed season with his mid-season tantrums… great to keep him but if not lets get a world class striker in and move forward…

  4. Be Realistic ? says:

    There will be one or two youngsters / unknowns and maybe one or two known players.
    Honestly it won’t be anyone who is being named at the moment. We looking at £30 mil players not £50/60 mil.

  5. Be Realistic ? says:

    Don’t know why people think we going to spend a lot, especially when we lost £30 mil by not being in CL.

    If anything cause of this we won’t get a ready established player like Chaka or MustafI.

  6. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Well Eleney cost £5 million and he is average at best
    Holding cost £2 million and he is fantastic for his age. Awesome signing
    Chambers cost £16 million and only time will tell if it was a wise buy
    Welbeck cost £16 million. He has speed but poor finishing.

    It’s a gamble. Once in a while you could get a future World Class player for peanuts but it’s rare

    I don’t see a future Ronaldo, Messi or Bale in our academy

    Even Mbappe is a gamble. He could be worth £100 million or turn out not to be

    It’s better for We

  7. twig says:

    100% right
    How much could we have got Mbappe last year?
    The Sun thinks we could have got him for £230K!
    How much did Koscielny, Holding, Monreal and Giroud cost?

    1. twig says:

      The secret is to identify top talents early and snap them as soon as you can. Many gooners would have been unhappy if we had bought Mbappe for £230K last season, because they wanted us to spend £70M on Lewandowski and Aubameyang

      1. Break-on-through says:

        I’d like to know the full story on these things though. We always hear afterwards how we were interested and close to signing, coincidentally after they look so good. What about all the visits he makes to the ones who don’t look so hot, am willing to bet that there must be some of them too. We ended up with Asano, similar position to Mbappe, did we decide on Asano instead. We pulled out after Mbappe signed, they sold Martial to utd so I’m guessing Mbappe had his price last season. But free looks better, and maybe Asano’s price looked better too.

      2. Robin Vanpayslip says:

        You say top talent and then you also mention Giroud.

        Computer says no….

        1. Simon says:

          Dechamp called Giroud his best French striker- You can’t be that bad ever – if that’s true

          Only striker with better goals per minute record in Prem’ship this season was Kane

          Giroud was #2!!!

          1. bran99 says:

            Dechamp doesn’t want to diminish his spirit, do you believe that this is the best squad that Wenger has ever had? Who apart from Sanchez will walk into the 1st eleven of the invincibles? But Wenger said this is the best, why? Should we judge him now that he’s gone mad completely? We see OG as a lamppost, and may be a little bit better but nowhere near best

        2. twig says:

          Giroud is the main striker in a country that boasts Lacazette, Griezmann, Dembele, Mbappe and others. Appreciate what you have!

      3. ks-gunner says:

        Twix, you are full of bs

        Why should a fan ever complain about bringing a youngstar in for that kind of money?

        1. OZ11 says:

          A 230K pound youngster was our major signing and fans wont complain??????
          Now same youngster. one good season, 100m price tag and now if he comes as our major signng every gooner will be partying

          1. ks-gunner says:

            This particular youngstar at this age is already so good that he would not need further development to be usefull to his team

            Cl is the competition where you mesuare your self with the best in the world, and he surely did

            Would an 19 years old messi with the skills he had then make also that kind of money today

            Sure he would

          2. Jimbeam says:

            Who said anything about him being our major signing, you bring in youngsters and experienced players. These arguments are moot. We dont bring in youngsters like we used to anymore.

            Money spent shows intention, buying already established players, such as Lukaku or Auboumeyang, or Griezmann or Aguero etc.. shows an intent to your fans, to your squad and to your opposition.

            Youngsters coming in at 230K and becoming stars are far and few in between. It doesnt mean we shouldnt try to find those gems, but we shouldnt rely on them as our major signings.

          3. OZ11 says:

            So we buy a 18 year old with 100m wil show our intent, and if he cant cope up with the physicality of epl, doesnt adapt very well, even falcao breaks records in ligue 1 but see what happened to him in epl….then waht?? we will slate him call him overpriced, one season wonder, we do that to our players everybody knows, so thats 100m spent for nothing, we cant afford that like the arab money club

          4. ks-gunner says:

            Tell me one reason why we should save money? We have such a loser mentality, that instead of focusing with the failuare we know, we focus on maybes and ifs

          5. OZ11 says:

            look what not caring about stability of their club did to leeds and nottingham forest brother. Mentality comes from success, Not buying 80 mil players is not a failure, but not filling the holes in the squad with required players and the tactical drawbacks and not keeping hold of the youngster we grew and breed is..

          6. Jimbeam says:

            Not every shot you take will go in, but you will miss all the shots you dont take.
            So not buying players for big money incase they dont pan out, is basically not playing the game.
            No one is saying Mbappe is the answer to all our problems. I personally prefer players with EPL experience.
            Also the days of Leeds and Forest are over. The money and the situation Arsenal is in is very very different. We are actually worth over 2Billion and not buying players for fear of bankruptcy is the same as not going out for fear of lightning.

          7. OZ11 says:

            if you have to spend 100 mil, rather spend it on bale than mbappe. We are worth that much without any arab or russian backing us, that is an achievement you are boasting which is a result of our miserly spending that we complain about. If we would have gone all out and won many championships we would be at the same level but if those signings had backfired we would have been mid table for sure. Man city had to spend like 500m before winning the epl, we cant afford that, spending big is not always 80 mil or 90 mil.

  8. Break-on-through says:

    So wtf did he mean when he said we will bring in two top top signings to improve the first team. When you look for top signings, it generally does have the price linked. I never heard of someone at a top club say you know what, I’m gonna bring in a player to improve the first team and am not gonna spend more than five mil doing it (besides Arsene and Redknapp). Getting tired of Arsene talking, really am. I used to target the fans who say stuff like groundhog day and calling him a trickster or a liar, but these days I totally understand where they’re coming. Arsene does himself no favors, he talks like he knew Rob Holding would be a certainty, if that were the case well then what’s the story on Chambers, or any of the others. On the other hand, he’s spent big on 4 or five players, with a much better success rate. As they are all in the first team, yet we have one Holding and one Bellerin, maybe Kos too, it’s good, but the other way was done in a shorter time and they all play in the first team. Giroud was cheap for a striker, he held us back. Walcott cheap, totally holds us back. Welbeck cheap, maybe worth it but ..come on. Haven’t we picked up loads of cheap young players already, Malen, Bielik, Asano, Kelechi, Bramall etc etc etc. This is maybe Arsene trying to lower expectations, I certainly hope so but I’m sick of listening to it all the same. Then again with this guy, who knows.

    1. OZ11 says:

      Chambers was the best middlesborough player last season and they had the best defnce of bottom 6 of which chambers was a huge part. You cant expect giroud to dribble across the field and score a 30 yard goal, he is a clinical finisher and has done his job very well but isnt the dynamic center forward to put the goalscoring responsibilitie solely upon. Getting the right player is important the price comes later

      1. John0711 says:


        1. OZ11 says:

          Dzeko is a similar mould to giroud, but the system at city doesnt exploit his strengths but look what he has done at roma….players like giroud, dzeko, llorente tend to shine in Serie A

          1. ks-gunner says:

            Gervinhio was Messi at Roma just to give you a diff perspective about Seria A

          2. Jimbeam says:

            Giroud is not a clinical striker, a clinical striker does not miss sitters. Aguero, Lewandowski, Costa, are clinical strikers.
            Giroud is an above average target man, who has some good skills, but he is not top class and can not play in any other top team.

          3. OZ11 says:

            Agueero lewandowski, Costa havent missed sitters??? watch this, thats apparently the best striker on the planet . they are the best in the world because they can turn half chance into match winning goals. Giroud is a good striker, and yes is a target man but being that doesnt make you any worse of a striker,

          4. Jimbeam says:

            Can Giroud play in any other top team. Will he cut Costa in Chelsea or Aguero in City, or Zlatan in United, or Kane in Spurs?

            I personally dont think so. I alsodont see him in Madrid or Barca or Atletico, or Dortmund, or Bayern, or Juve, or PSG, or Monaco.

            So my question is he is good compared to whom?

            Do we want to be at the level of the above teams or not?

          5. OZ11 says:

            Giroud will be a second striker at almost any club and that what he is at arsenal. He came in as a sub last season more than he started

          6. Jimbeam says:

            He is now a second striker, behind Sanchez who is likely leaving. Btw he was our first striker with Sanchez playing on the left for two years.


          7. OZ11 says:

            And those 2 years were issues of not having a striker to lead our line. Now if Sanchez leaves Wenger has to sign a likewise replacement

      2. bran99 says:

        OG is a clinical finisher? Hahahaha!

  9. Lupe says:

    The problem is world class players cost a lot of money. Yes, it is possible to get a good player on the cheap like holding but if you wan’t to win the premier league, you have to have one of the best squads not to talk of champions league. Wenger likes to hide behind players like holding so as to give excuses not to spend big on good players. The truth is buying players is a risk whether for 2million or 40 million but you still have to do it if not you would be left behind. We are all impressed with real madrid but look at how much that starting 11 was and even their bench, they have won two champions league in a row due to the accumation of spending big money on world class players over the years. It is simple maths, you want to win big trophies, you need top class players, but they cost a lot. It’s sad wenger and the board know they don’t need to win big trophies. I feel that if you find a quality player, pay the right price for him whether 2 or 50million but don’t hide behind the fact you got a quality player for 2 million as an excuse you don’t need to spend 50million for the next talent. Wenger will never change!!

  10. GoonerSean says:

    Van dijk 50m Turan 25m Mahrez 40m and with what we already have we would definitely compete for the league title.

    1. OZ11 says:

      Why would we need van djik????

      1. GoonerSean says:

        He’s a lot better than Gabriel and is 26 years old he’s a rock and kos is getting older now and a back 3 of kos, van dijk, holding is a solid foundation

    2. ks-gunner says:

      No chance

  11. henrychan says:

    If Winger said about only 3 players will comes.. And with amount of 150 to 165M budget.. It’s mean 50M each.. Hehe.. SO let’s do it..

  12. ks-gunner says:

    There is one thing i disslike about praising

    It is done way to quickly and hype players way to fast up which makes players think they are stars already without the real work behind it

    Wenger is just trying to look u for excuses again, the perfect salesman

    Wenger the fraud knows rlly good that most talented players are being watched nowdays from as young as 12 year old, so he should spare us with his excuses and lies coz such things he can only tell to his die hard wengerits who would mistake even trashcan for a striker if Wenger would have said so

    For every Holding there are 20 Sonogos, now do the math, do we have the luxury to f around? Are we a small club who relys on luck by gambling with players all the time?

    1. OZ11 says:

      If you are looking for early hype – mbappe, lemar, vinicius Gamblimg with 2 mil or 100 mil..?

      1. OZ11 says:

        Not every talented 12 year old or hell 18 year olds who have shone for their clubs dont make it big. Remember januzai who was the next ronaldo of man utd jus 2 seasons before i guess, mario goetze the next balland’or nominee,martin odegaard youngest norweigan player in champios leagie real signed at age 16,
        Siging young talents is always a risk and wenger does have a good track record when it comes to youngsters though

        1. ks-gunner says:

          It is known that players where using Arsenal only as a steping stone

          Today though we are not even attractive enough to play even that role

          1. OZ11 says:

            Even though we finished 5th we are at a better position than we were 8-9 years back. Yes that did happen but if we would have been winning trophies and giving higher wages like now, players like song, cesc, RVP, nasri would have stayed…..and that could really have added up

          2. ks-gunner says:

            I am not sure mate, i think back then we played better and had something to look up for where now we have been found out to be usesless

            Money was not a factor with most of the players who have left

            They all did the right choice

          3. OZ11 says:

            Yeah we didi play better….we played more freely to be precise, that trademark flowing football of arsenal. Money is always a factor even a small one but always is there otherwise we would have never heard of the chinese league. Yes they did what was the best for their career and there is no reason to hate them for that. But all those youngster were scouted by wenger and all prooved to be real gems, and if they would’ve stayed arsenal would have been in another league

  13. John0711 says:

    CHEAP Manager what do you expect just pay for your shirts,tickets and shut up

  14. Rkw says:

    5th place junkies snIFfing wengers stuff again … ifs and buts brigade don’t seem to realize that whatever the cost benefit calculation is in his delusional mind on the field it translates in to going backwards for a decade .. end of story if only!!!!!

  15. OZ11 says:

    Mahrez/Turan/Lemar/Douglas Costa




    Wenger signs 1 player, 2 player, 3 players, it will be one of these

  16. AndersS says:

    Classic Wenger.
    He is more focused on finding the one bargain or youngster, which he thinks he can turn into a world class player, than actually producing real results.
    It gets us nowhere.

    1. OZ11 says:

      Barca found messi by searching for that one youngster…..

      1. John0711 says:

        Wow you sound like some of the old AKB who disappeared welcome back until December

        1. OZ11 says:

          Stop putting a division amongst the fans themselves please……

      2. Jimbeam says:

        And they also paid Suarez and Neymar what they were worth. You have to have your Holding for 2M as well as your Griezmann for 85M.

        What you can not have anymore is all bargains, going only for the sub 20M players like Perez, Chambers, El Nenny, Gabriel, has hurt us in the last few years. And these are years that supposedly we could compete on the transfer market.

        1. OZ11 says:

          Yes they do have. Btw a 30 mil player was the highest purchase of sir alex ferguson evn though he always had a thing to make his players overperform. Yes a marquee signing is important to boost up the morale of the fans and even the squad and it could definitely be 80m or 90m player but atleast these players should be tried and tested and not a risk like I would have always supported a 70m bid got suarez or even bale, but finding and nurturing youngsters is what football really is what abhou, not just only star players

          1. Jimbeam says:

            Ferguson different times. He paid Berbatov a record fee at the time. He was never afraid to spend money. Every year the transfer price of a top player seems to be going up by 10-20M it’s crazy but it is what it is.

            I agree with you that we should find and nurture youngsters, and give them a chance to play. Spurs is doing an amazing job of that.

            But football is about winning and winning alone. Ask a Real Madrid fan if they enjoy winning the CL a second time in a row or would they rather be nurturing youngsters.

          2. OZ11 says:

            Spending some half a billion dollar and win the epl…where does the football come in that?? That is business not football and businesses are always succesfull than clubs. The huge involvement of money in the game now has detoriated it, clubs are less football clubs and more of marketing franchesi but thats all it is now. Even I would love to see my team lift the champions league but winnig on cost of what…Juventus won the scudetto once after match fixing even winning like that is alright? I know having and spending money is not an unfair advantage, but it is killing the fights in a league whaich has only 2-3 clubs competing which are the richest clubs of the league

          3. Jimbeam says:

            This is the game today, we either play this game the way it is supposed to be played, or we dont and play for the FA cup.

            If we want to win the EPL and the CL we need to catch up, because we have been left behind. Since the last time we played in the CL final the gap between us and the bigger teams has widened, we are no longer a real threat to the Madrids, Barcas, Munichs of this world.

            We haven’t wont the EPL in 13 years, or progressed to the quarter final of CL in 7-8 years so we are being left behind. I am sure that most of us fans would prefer us to be spending the money and catching up then being a producer of talented youth.

            This is Arsenal, this is not Everton, or even Spurs, we did get used to winning, going back to has beens, also rans is tough.

  17. Harshit Bihani says:

    I think that Arsene Wenger is the most arrogant, deluded and proudy person judging by his comments like about him being in this business for quite a long time and knowing how the things work. I don’t see any point of being proud about the system integrated by him. I don’t understand what system everyone talks about about. There are two system that a club follows to achieve it’s objective
    Either they spend big on worldclass players like Real Madrid, Manchester City, United, Chelsea, PSG, now a days Barca ( post xavi and puyol era)
    Or they integrate a group of young talented and hungry players like Monaco, athletico, Spurs , Dortmund
    And then there is Arsenal trying to play safe and use both the system but failing miserably. i hate to admit but spuds have installed a better system than us. There team is more balanced and consistent than us.Neither did Arsenal big signings turned up nor thus i see any young prospect to get excited about except iwobi and bellerin (considering their age). So more than big signings i want players and system which makes a balance and consistent team. Wenger i only insist you to stop messing around by making delusional statements and work on the project of building a team capable to compete for winning every tournament they play in. We don’t want to know the process since we’ve been hearing this for around 13 yrs and want the f****ng result. resultant

  18. John says:

    Not necessarily true………sometimes it is better to buy an experienced star player…….cost lots but brings other stuff too…….developing your own star……not easy either………potential is not always actualized……..Arsene under pressure from poor performances has stunted the growth of a lot of potential Arsenal developed players lately……the loans don’t necessarily build confidence…….he used to bebetter at giving youngsters opportunities…….now he won’t even use the whole squad unless forced to…..the guy is stuck and only used his trusted and favorite players……….still caught in the potential v actual dilemma……….this Arsenal team is good and can win the league……….and there is a new palpable hunger from the players………easy till we run into poor or acceptable loses……that’s when Arsene has failed to resolve over the previous years……….I hope his focus is on that …..injuries ………letting go of underperforming players……..getting first buy option for some of them……..finding the missing links in the transfer market or promoting from within……….

    1. stubill says:


  19. ArseOverTit says:

    Let the games begin (again)!

  20. Joseph says:

    Three players thats Wenger’s official promise to us. He he he let’s see what levels of players coming in.

  21. Henry says:

    For me it has to be a solid cb either

    Jimenez alth Madrid or van dijk

    And a striker either auybameyeung or lukaku

    If we are going to be set up with the 343 formation I feel a suitable starting 11 would be

    Mustafi kos jimenez/ van dijk
    Ox xhaka Ramsey monreal
    Ozil Sanchez
    Lukaku/ auybayeug

  22. JasonP says:

    Hold up,

    2 or 3 signings? Haven’t we signed the lb on a free? And this 19yr old striker? Are these part of the 3? Surely not! Be prepared for one of the worst windows we have had in a long long time guys…

  23. Yes. Big signings do not cost much. Sanogo, Santos, Asano, Park, Giroud etc were top top signings and they did not cost much. Did they?

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