Arsenal boss says Confidence and Control the keys to beating Liverpool

Arsenal fans will be hoping that the blue half of Merseyside can do us a favour, with Roberto Martinez taking his Everton side to face our main Premier League rivals Man City. And with Pellegrini missing key players like Kompany, Mangala, Fernandinho, Bony and Nasri there is a decent chance.

Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal players cannot afford to think about that, however, as they have their own job to against the red half of the city. An report reveals the Frenchman’s thinking for the trip to Anfield and how the Gunners can go about getting the best of Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool and it appears that he has been thinking long and hard about the tactics needed.

With Arsenal in very good form and on a good run of results, the manager clearly feels that confidence is on our side and it seems as though the boss will draw on this confidence to make sure that his Arsenal players control the game from the start.

Wenger said, “If it is not a decisive moment in the league, it is a very important moment in the league. I think all the confidence we have gathered and the tactical knowledge we have can be brought out in these types of games.

“Let’s take one at a time and focus on the Liverpool game because that is a big one. We are prepared and we are focused and I believe that it is down to us to go there and play to our full belief that we have at the moment.

“There is a desire to do well and to do it together. Sometimes the desire to do well is individual and not always shared with everybody. We feel as a unit we want to do well therefore we have to show that in every single game.

“[This] is an opportunity. We have shown many times our character this season and we have done that on a Wednesday night at Olympiacos and against big teams at home.

“It is another big test but that it is where you want to fully respond and have full commitment.”

Liverpool at home will always want to start fast and get control of a game but this could be the perfect time to go there and Arsenal could be in the perfect form and frame of mind to beat them at their own game. Who will win the battle of control tonight?

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  1. okay we’ve had enough Liverpool this- liverpool that related articles for the day…….. Three more articles and we are done for the day!

    1) Preview of the match article
    2) Post match article
    3) man of the match article


    1. OT : Is anyone else tired of these insecure journalists and fans claiming Arsenal fans are hijacking the online polls ? General fans were asked who they would pick for PL team of the year so far and we had 5 of our players in the team and deservingly so considering we’ve been the most consistent team since last January, nobody said a thing about Chelsea having 7 of theirs in the team lasts season but somehow the world is ending when Arsenal have their own. Tired of this nonsense bias against us. We are the best team in England and you don’t have to be an Arsenal fan to see that. #FACT

  2. There’s a lot of worry about the Liverpool game that I’m reading about… Quite frankly, on a good day, we can beat them in their backyard. However, we are at that point in the season, when we get into a season-deciding run of games. Our recent history of screwing up at these crucial moments in the season doesn’t really do well to soothe the nerves of many fans. Players have preached confidence before (they always do), and we’ve still returned empty-handed. So I’m not surprised that many of us get to face this game with a fair bit of trepidation. Not to mention, we haven’t really been at our imposing best in the past few games. But if we can beat Liverpool today, with our other better players yet to be back, it will be the clearest statement of intent on what we are on track to achieve. Good luck, Gunners!!!

  3. Actually 3 things to beating Liverpool!
    1 no room for complacency
    2 we dig deep and play well
    3 most importantly “we show up”!

  4. I do have that ODD feeling that when most needed a good performance..our players do not turn on..I’m not pessimistic..we all know we lack consistency and until we do not keep it then we expect ups and downs.It hurt us lot cos this is the year we can do it.2 more weeks until the transfer window shuts and we will get just a decent but not outstanding DM and couple of unproven teens as signings. I really wonder what the heck those arsenal scouts get paid for? players like AUBA, Carvalho or for instant Luiz Adriano ( player with potential ) which was wasted at Milan is being offer for mere 14 millions euros.Amazingly, Wenger never heard of him nor the scouts? That guy in Shaktar was on Fire..10 million pounds? come on and do not tell me at the end of the season we could not find that special one.Better win our next two games and keep us on the top otherwise SPUDS are on the chase.Good luck tonight, gonna eat my nails for sure

  5. It annoys me when there’s too much talk from our player’s and manager before a game, especially when they are being over confident!

    We have seen their eggy faced egos far too many times,
    Yet they never learn… Please shut da xxxx up and just let your feet do the talking!

    I don’t feel as confident as I did about tonight’s game,
    Due to the fact that we xxxx up 90% of the time,
    When arrogance and disrespect is shown to our opponents.

    I can already hear Wenger’s lame excuses ringing in my jug ears! ???

  6. The funniest comment that I heard this week,
    comes from Klopp…

    The nutty one calling the deluded one a maniac!!

  7. Mertesacker in for Gabriel,
    Our usual line up…

    It’s Unbelievable how All of a sudden Liverpooh have a fully fit squad. … that’s some magic wand in Klopp’s hand lol

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