Arsenal boss sings praises of ‘complete player’ Mkhitaryan

Arsenal have finally confirmed the arrival of Henrikh Mkhitaryan after a week of negotiations, and the midfielder will likely slot straight in as a direct replacement for Alexis Sanchez initially.

The Armenian all-time top goalscorer brings a whole host of top attributes to our side, including creativity, goals and an impressive work rate to match, and he can also boast a strong understanding with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who we are reported to be primed to sign this month also.

His arrival is a blessing in the wake of Alexis-gate, having endured his attitude and nonchalance through-out this season, and getting a player in the shape of Mkhi when some had become resigned to losing Alexis for nothing in the summer is amazing business.

Arsene Wenger has moved to praise his new signing, describing him as the ‘complete player’, and you can’t help but agree.

The manager said: ‘Mkhitaryan can play on the wing or in midfield, so I believe he can play very well in many positions. That can help us as well because he can play together with Ozil as well as playmaker, so overall it’s a good move.

‘He’s a very complete player. He creates chances, he defends well, he can absorb distances and he’s very committed as well. I must say he’s a player who has all the attributes.’

Mkhitaryan also had positive words to say on his move, describing it as a ‘dream’.

Will Mkhi become a fans favourite in North London? Could his arrival spark Lacazette back into life?

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  1. koss says:

    All the best mihki, welcome home.

    1. Clive Belcher says:

      Why do you guys keep on about Sanchez. He’s gone and onward we go.
      No more his name please. CB

  2. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    In Mkhi we trust

  3. sfgunner says:

    alexis who?

  4. Innit says:

    Im excited about Mkhi. If we get Aub…yang then we could play:
    Aub, Ozil, Mkh and Lacazette. That looks like a good lineup.
    Mkhi and Aub were both Dortmund players, so thats nice too innit

    1. And 2 years down Wenger lane they will refuse any contract negotiations..that’s not so nice innit?

      1. TW14-TH14 says:

        We may not need to negotiate new contracts anyway. Both should be about 33 at the end of their current/possible (Aubameyang) contracts.

  5. Roehahn says:

    Love the hypocrisy on this site..So Sanchez leaves Arsenal(6th,Europa) to go to United(2nd,UCL) and its all about the money and he is a mercenary and no loyalty to the club. Yet Mkhi makes the switch the other way purely for monetary reasons and somehow everyone here thinks he is our saviour.
    1. Mourinho gave Mkhi ample chances but he has clearly been there worst player this season. United fans were crying out for Lingard to play ahead of Mkhi but Mourinho kept playing Mkhi until he finally had it with him. And since then Lingard has kept Mkhi out of that team..Lingard…
    2. Arsenal wanted 35 mill for Sanchez and United were happy to pay that fee. Arsenal or Wenger did not initiate any player swap talks.
    3. Raoila (Mkhi’s agent) , got to know about Sanchez transfer and realized he and his client could get another big payday. Raoila suggested the player swap.
    4. The reason the transfer took so long to complete even after it was already in the papers, was because Mkhi wanted higher wages to come to Arsenal. So much so Wenger had to publicly state in the press conference “his wages will not be a problem”.

    Mkhi (supposedly our SAVIOUR) – 2017-18 season
    App – 22
    Goals – 2
    Assists – 6

    Sanchez(supposedly negative influence on the team)
    App – 22
    Goals – 8
    Assists- 4

    I am sorry but I can’t help but feel United have mugged us again. We give them RVP, we take Welbeck. We give them Sanchez, we take Mkhi.
    However,after all said and done, Mkhi is a Gooner and I will support him.

    1. bran911 says:

      True talk.: this is Arsenal, where all Man U crap is dumped, and all of us open our mouths for a taste
      Hope Mikhi is a different kind of crap, I mean delicious one

      1. Sue says:

        Well hopefully Mkhi will prove them wrong. Sod United……can’t stand any of them!

    2. TW14-TH14 says:

      Stop writing rubbish in every thread. David Ornstein wrote since that Arsenal will only sanction Sanchez if Mikhitaryan was included in the deal. David Ornstein is to be believed and not one online robot like you. Wenger has a contract with Arsenal and your ranting from thread to thread does not change that.

      1. McLovin says:

        Let us not forget that Mkhitaryan, who hasn’t been performing, got a PAY RAISE when he joined us.

        ON WHAT BASIS?!

        I am skeptical about this deal.. I have a gut feeling we got mugged as well, but I pray I am wrong about this.

        1. arie82 says:

          Same as sanchez, he also underperformance for half season.
          But most shocking is his attitude, rumour said most senior players dont like him, and happy to see him gone

    3. Godswill says:

      Just wait and see. You will eat your humble pie. Some systems (or manager) can make players to thrive while some will make some strive. After all De Maria was once in Manure. How was he there?
      I remember how this guy was terrorizing us in the days of Arsenal vs Dortmond. He was a player I hated most in that team because of his craftiness and having a way of dealing with our players.
      Welcome the slender one.

    4. Josh says:

      I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU @ROEHAHAN……. MIKHI looks like something not interested, so here to win trophies, definitely no, here to get more payday,,, total yes….. i’m really sad we lost sanchez esp to Manure…. But on the other hand, after all his contributions for out team in the past few seasons, i’m happy for him because he stands a better chance to win something with Manure than our club, that hurts more(even Ian Wright confessed that) , we cant even assure a top class player of anything anymore,,, i’ scared for ozil and wilshere leaving too…. OH MY DEAR ARSENAL, HOW MUCH YOU’VE FALLEN

      1. Break-on-through says:

        I hate the way players tell the fans what they want to hear. Walcott said he came to Eve to win trophies. Remember the little boy inside. Alexis now said his dream was always manu. Aubemayang we are told that he dreams of playing for Arsenal. The only dream they had was to make it at any big football club before earning millions upon millions.

    5. Jadon Spirit says:

      Thank God everyone doesn’t think like you. We are happy to have Mikhy, he’s a typical Arsenal type of player and will suit the teams style of play perfectly. It was so obvious majority of the players wanted Alexis out. Thankfully he’s gone now and no matter how you cry he won’t come back. I won’t miss him one bit, it’s a dream come true for me he’s left.

  6. TW14-TH14 says:

    “Van Dyke guarantees top 4” – Jamie Rednap

    Yesterday he was at fault for Swansea’s goal and 3 dropped points. It’s always funny when the so-called pundits overhype acquisitions made by their clubs while berating Arsenal. Mark it, a reorganization of the top 4 would happen in the coming weeks.

    1. l says:

      A front line of Mane – Firmino – Salah – Ox could not score a goal against bottom sided Swansea for 90 mins. If it were Arsenal all you would hear is “WENGER OUT”. I am not blaming the Liverpool players. The truth is these outcomes happen in football. Those who once played the game at a competitive level understand.

    2. McLovin says:

      This is problem with us fans. We are comparing ourselves automatically to a team like Liverpool. We should be comparing ourselves to teams who can actually win the title.

      1. l says:

        Meaning you did not understand the comment.

      2. Mobella says:

        Your statement implies that we should only compare arsenal with Chelsea who was a last season champion and not compare arsenal with teams who are doing seemly better like Liverpool , man city even spurs because they have not won anything in long while. Isn’t the argument of some fans who are branded akb and ambition less. Because they pointed out that it can not be said that they are better than of us even thought they are ahead of us in the league and are performing with nothing to show for it. Every team can actually win tittle. Leicester did without spending much. All the team need is luck to win irrespective millions or not being spend. Chelsea spent over 200m this season, manu almost the same. What would their fans say if they fail to win the league. That they have not spent enough. Having the best crops of players is not enough. luck has a huge part to play. So far this season, Manchester city has gained more than 10 points due to luck.

      3. Lexynal says:

        If it were Arsenal fans… did not motivate his team enough….we would blame it on selling Sanchez (by the way Liverpool beat Man City without Coutinho). By any standard, that Liverpool team should have blown Swansea away – but it happens in football. We (Arsenal ) won high flying Crystal Palace withiout Sanchez, and everyone praised team cohenzion, fluid passing, and celebration of the outcome of getting rid of a bad egg (Sanchez) from the team. Now wait till we loose the next game…..”oih…Wenger Out…why did we sell our best player? why did we not…bla bla bla!

  7. H&S says:

    Good player when he is played correctly which he wasn’t at defensive United.
    Would love to see Aubameyang sign as well.
    But most importantly I want to see young players come through the ranks like Reiss Nelson and not to have them played out of position.
    A correct blend of youth and top class experience is the way forward for Arsenal.
    And it doesn’t have to cost £200 million..

  8. Godswill says:

    Admin can you return the fun? Thumps whether up or down. Or what’s your reason for banishing it?
    You are giving a chance to non Arsenal fans to come here, utter trash and go without getting the feelings of fans.
    This is the best Arsenal fc site. Please restore the feature. It is for the fans.

    1. Gooner Craig says:

      There was a problem with the comments rating plug in! Admin will sort it out asap

  9. Arsenal 007 says:

    I believe most of us on this site are hypocrites.
    Yesterday: Alexis Sanchez Baby
    Today: Alexis Sanchez Mercenary/ Disruptive Influence
    Think about it…if you think Micki came to Arsenal to earn lesser wages than he was getting at Man Utd, then you are as blind as a bat with no sonar.
    Fabregas left and earned more
    Adebayor left and earned more
    Henry left and earned more
    RvP left and earned more
    Don’t make it sound like Sanchez has committed an unforgivable sin.

  10. Henrikh Mkhitaryan says:

    New player in a team is like a black market, the player may or may not perform, I wish our new mihki performs

  11. Gooner Craig says:

    Atm I am really underwhelmed by the arrival of Mhki! He’s a replacement for Sanchez position but he ISN’T a replacement for Sanchez!

    I hope he rediscovers his best form with us and turns out to be a great piece of business, although I’m not exactly holding my breath!

    Let’s hope we can also get in Auba or someone?

  12. Mne says:

    Its unbelievable how unreal our fans are. You speak about Alexis in superlatives, and that is understandable to go to better club…We have good squad, and he was our leader, every ball went to him, a he had absolute freedom which he never had in Barcelona, and which hi will not have in ManU. With him as a leader, we finished for a first time (in Wenger era) outside top 4, Lester took title from us…So as you can conclude, he was not good leader. He is great player, top class player, but he has chance to lead us to trophies. If vardy and marez did it, he could do it also. So we can’t say he was the best player on the world, and arsenal is creap, because he has the most responsibility about our results.

    Mhki iz very good player, I hope that we will get Auba, and Ozil, Wilshare extend contracts, so we should back to our old style, with team spirit, team play, togetherness, because when you look in past, we made the best results when we played like a team… Even in Henry era

    1. Durand says:

      Sanchez Arsenal leader? Since when did he wear captains band?
      Tame your hate for Alexi please.
      Lack of leadership blame Kos, he’s the captain. Blame the manager he sets the tone for the team. Blame management for Arsenal being rudderless.

      Or just blame a player leaving because that’s easier. Hate for Sanchez here is blinding.
      He’s gone, let it go, move on.

      1. Mne says:

        I don’t hate Alexis at all. I just sad that he was our main player, every ball went to him, and with him (of course not just him, Kos, Ozil also) we didn’t won anything. So my point is that most of our fans looks this situation like he didnt had any responsibility for results.

        If we can’t reach our targets, team leaders are the most responsible (if we speak about players). Of course, manager should take responsibility but we are speaking about players now.

        I moved on, i was not upset when he gone, i would sell every player which want to go immediately.

  13. Arnold says:

    Arsenal lacked quality leadership has nothing to do with football

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