Arsenal boss to drop Ozil AND Ramsey for Dortmund game?

With two tough games in just a few days, it was always likely that Arsene Wenger would rotate his Arsenal squad a little. But the Frenchman would also want to play his best starting XI against Man City and Borussia Dortmund, as both games could end up having a huge impact on the Gunners’ season.

So the fact that both Mesut Ozil and Aaron Ramsey put in below par performances against the Premier League champions at the Emirates stadium today has made the Frenchman’s job on Tuesday a lot easier. I am surprised he even risked Rambo today to be honest and he must surely play Man of the Match Jack Wilshere in the box-to box role in Germany, with the Welshman on the bench.

Look, I am not getting on Ramsey’s back and I have always backed him, even in the dark days. It is just that he is 10 percent off and that seems to be making him try too hard. Form is temporary and Aaron will find it sooner rather than later.

Ozil is another matter. I have always backed the German, but to call his performance today frustrating is a massive understatement. He still has an eye for a pass and helps our play to be fluent and fast, especially going forwards, but his defensive duties are non existent and his final ball today was abysmal. I lost count of how many times he made the wrong decision or messed up his pass and as for his shooting, well best not to mention it.

Arsenal have options, with Santi Cazorla and Tomas Rosicky more than capable of playing the number 10 role and plenty of players like the Ox, Podolski and Campbell to cover the wide positions. So do yourself a favour Arsene, drop these two in Dortmund and give the other Gunners a chance.

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  1. Wenger abduction #4: The aliens were not done with wenger after teleporting him to rome on deadline day as well as deleting his memory to buy a CB and DM. They seem to have installed it into wenger that a football match lasts 120 mins and not 90. As a results wenger has gone to making subsitutions at 80 mins rather than 65. The aliens find it quality banter.

    1. Wenger is still recovering from ET giving him the finger…
      Nothing else can explain him playing mesut ozil.
      Price tag player or badge player? He doesnt seem bothered.
      Being on the wing doesnt justify not getting behind the ball or misplaced passes.

      Im done making excuses for mesut ozil.
      Even when alexis has bad game he never stops running, fights and scraps .
      You have to earn that badge mesut-

      1. Also how campbell and rozza were not even on the bench and have not been given a chance is baffling.
        We can only play this 4-1-4-1 formation with a beast DM. Not flamini. Rather coquelin. At least he can run.

          1. Team to face Dortmund:

            Chambers … Mertesaker … Koscielny … Gibbs
            Wilshere … Arteta
            Sanchez … Cazorla … Ox

          2. ypu are so right and the reason is that that silly old pig headed tit is trying to save his own bacon… he paid far too much for that lazy sod, but now he has to play him hoping that he’ll improve so that he can justify overpaying for the miserable lazy bugger.

            Murhino said he was the best no 10 in the world and Wenger fell into the trap hook line and sinker. Sell him to Murhino at half the price we paid and be happy to be rid of him than Wenger want feel obliged to play him! To think we could have had Fabergass but rejected him because we had this world class no 10. Playing with 10 men I blame him squarely for us “losing” the game against MC – we could have had another 2 or 3 in the back of the net if we had played with ten men. Santi was itching to get on the pitch!

    2. Flamini -> Arteta
      Ramsey -> Diaby/Wilshere
      Ozil -> Cazorla/Campbell/Podolski
      Debuchy -> Chambers/Bellerin

      More than capable replacements. We need to switch some players up for Dortmund, after that we have a decent run in with the exception of Chelsea at the bridge.

    1. I agree. Özil is not a versatile player – it seems like everyone in the world knows DON’T play him on the wing but no, Wenger thinks we are playing like the German national team and it will work. It won’t. Mind as well put Giroud on the wing, result will be the same.

      Last year he played Wilshere on the right wing because we had to, all our right wingers were injured but now we have Podolski, Campbell and OX who could all play on the left but Wenger opts to play another player out of position. Can someone explain what’s the logic behind this?

      1. Will turn him into a Arshavin and turn the fans against Ozil. We can all see Ozil does not feel comfortable in that role.

        1. May be Wenger is scared to play Ozil in midfield as we will get over run due to his lack of effort, fight etc…

          We will get absolutely over run in a midfield of Ozil against a big team.. Its fine to gamble on him against the lower midtable clubs, but against Chelsea, City, Liverpool, Everton, and even Spuds, you need committed players in midfield, not half hearted ones..

          Teams would run right through our spine…

        2. Not only can we all see Ozil is not comfortable on the left wing, Ozil himself said he is not but will play anywhere the boss asks him to play. Why is Wenger so damn stubborn?

          1. I think Goonster has a point..may be that is the reason why Ozil is playing in the flank. Let us see if he still plays there, or plays central when we play the weaker teams.

            But using that logic, Ozil should be simply benched against the stronger teams coz that left wing position deserves someone who can contribute and put in a shift!

            In epl there is no place to hide. Wenger should know this better than anyone else!

  2. I feel deflated lads. We had 11 men to defend that set piece against 4 city players and they still scored. Thats shambolic. We were asking for it tbh.

    1. did u see how manc lined up against our zonal defense?
      they didnt have 1 player in the box so none of our players was sure who he was covering.

      manc all ran onto the cross so that in that split second the defenders had to figure out who to cover….. and 1 of the mancs ended up with zero cover => goal.

      wenger pls: we have tried the zonal : it didnt work.

  3. It is quite frustrating to watch ozil play,we all know he’s got the ability but it’s almost like he’s lacking a bit of fire in his belly sometimes, he needs a confidence booster and a bit of anger in him to prove doubters wrong.

    1. I have to agree w ur comment. I’m a big Ozil fan but how AW doesn’t take him off after 50-60 min playing the way he was, I don’t understand. I assume he doesn’t take him off cause AW doesn’t wanna hurt his confidence but that’s not what MO11 needs right now IMO. He needs to start on the bench for the next 1-2 games and get pissed off. AW needs to let him know he’s not an automatic starter anymore w the players we have available and he has to FIGHT for it. SC19 should have replaced him at halftime

      Side note-
      Very happy w welbeck! Very clever on the early chip.
      Also hope MD2 is ok. Scary moment for our new gunner.

  4. On Ozil, how long does he need to adapt to the EPL?! Sanchez only needed 1 game, costa is on fire, it shouldnt take this long. For a 42 million pound man i’m getting a little frustated. Always backed him. Still do, but i’m getting annoyed. Especially with fabregas laying it on a plate for costa. 6 assists in 4 games. HOW After 4 games are we 6 points behind chelsea?!

    1. Ozil also started with a bang and had 3 assist and 2 goals in his first 4 games. Only god knows what has happened to him.
      I think initially it was due to lack of pace but now his confidence is unbelievably low, he needs to snap out of it ffs.
      I remember when he first arrived managers were scrambling around trying to find ways to nullify him in games..

      1. I tell you what happened to him. Same what happened to Arshavin and Podolski and God knows who else.

        Wenger happened.

        1. Have to agree, Wenger breaks more players than he makes.
          I am beginning to think he does it to the more expensive players on purpose as some sort of f@#k you to the fans who want him to spend.

  5. It will be very difficult under wenger to the PL under wenger

    Why doesn’t he make substitution after 60 minutes
    Every top manager changes if the team is not playing well or any particular player

    Substitutions can change a match if used properly

    No tactics sadly and playing players out of position
    Doing it since 2010-2011

    Change your ways Mr wenger in order to fulfill the team potential

    1. Not sure why everyone goes overboard on the whole substitution issue – it is not as if it guarantees an improvement. Lets not forget MP made early “decisive” changes and lost a winning position – Wenger resisted making changes and got us back in to a winning position before throwing it away.

  6. Drop Ramsey to the bench for Wilshere to take his spot, Ozil is being played out of position so let him take his no.10 role.

    Chambers(if Deb unfit) BFG Koscielny Gibbs
    Sanchez Ozil Carzola

    Would have proposed Carzola for no. 10 and Campbell for left flank but we all know Wenger aint gonna play Cmpbell.

  7. Well I bloody hope Ozil gets dropped, play Wilshere in the number 10 role or Rosicky to pull the strings. Bench Ramsey to rest him until later on in the game, we don’t want to risk an injury to him, we need to squad rotate, I think Ox needs to start. My starting lineup and bench vs Dortmund:

    Chambers Mert Kos Gibbs
    Arteta Flamini
    Ox Wilshere Sanchez

    Subs: Ospina, Bellerin, Monreal, Ramsey, Cazorla, Ozil, Podolski

    1. Have to play bellerin. Using our back up CB is a huge risk. Thank wenger. The genuis poker face transfer master.

  8. How come everyone is missing that Alexis has scored three in last three games?? If Falcao did that, it would be headlines on how a great buy he is

    1. I am sure the next manager after Wenger will win the ucl in his first two years. This team is soooo able, only Wenger’s poor tactics and ignorance to our need for DM fail us

    2. Sanchez proves if you buy TOP quality they will produce( not ozil as he’s out of position judge him if he plays there) now it we had bought Jackson Martinez, sniderlin and say Stones, is there anyone who thinks we wouldn’t of won all the games so far ??? The place would be buzzing

    3. Because Costa scored 7. This is what Mourinho had to say..

      ‘He is comfortable in the team. The team was built in a way that we were waiting for a certain type of striker and I think now everybody knows that Chelsea did the right thing in waiting for him and not going into the market in the summer of 2013 or January.’

      When will we hear Wenger actually go out and buy a player that the team needed to complete the puzzle. Mourinho does it in two-three transfer windows, Wenger never gets it done.

      Where is our DM, where is our defender? Where Wenger? How many transfer windows do you need to buy the right players?

      In the beginning of the window we needed a Striker, a DM, a natural Left Winger and cover for the defense.

      Then we lost Sagna, Fabianski and Vermaelen and had to scramble to replace them. I have nothing against Ospina and Debuchy and theya re even upgrades to what we had. But I would have been extremely happy if we had kept those three players and just had bought Sanchez as LW, Costa as Striker, Carvalho as DM. That would have cost us 90 mil. That team would have been balanced and complete just like Chelsea is today.

  9. Ozil and Sanchez are our two world class players in the team we have. The problem with Mesut is that back then when we bought him, besides him being a fantastic player, he was not needed in the team. I stand for what i think till today and say that he was a panic buy.

    Do you people remember Ibra responding to his game by saying: “Barcelona have bought a Ferrari and they make me into Fiat.” Him being played out of poz, bec of Messi, and aso bec of the critism he got from the media and fans.

    What was the plan in buying Ozil? A world class 10, a elegand mercedes Benz, him being asked from Wenger and some retarded fans demanding him to be something which he is not and thats a Lamborgini.

    He is not a Reus and will never be one. Do you peope remember against Sunderand. He passed the ball to Walcott alone 5 times in a 1 vs 1 situations in one simple game, that was simple amazing. Now Wenger is about to kill of his games by forcing him to do something which he is not suited to do.

    He did the same thing to Ramsey. Back then 3 years ago when he came back from his injurie. Played him out of poz, game by game, and peope simple had enough of him and went mad asking him to be benched or sold. ( me included)

    Ozil is the next boo man who is about to sufer from some fans who are to retarded to notice the actual problem. Like that RSH guy on this forum. Which is Wengers incompetence to fill a balanced team. And also him being prone to favorisem.

    1. you are so stupid. Who is saying Ozil should be like Reus. My #1 criticism of Ozil is that he doesnt put in effort and theres not excuse for someone to not put in effort even if they are played out of position. You done slurping me?

      1. Shut up mate. I am tired of your pointes personal vendeta against Ozil. Have you ever seen Arsenal performing without him? He is not suited to run like Ramsey. He is brain and not muscles. If you want muscles then go complain to Wenger for buying the wrong guy.

        1. haha my vendeta against Ozil? Lets talk about yours against Ramsey. Mine is based on the fact Ozil has done very little for us since January and has only had a handful of good games. You just cant handle the truth that so far Ozil has not even lived up to his pricetag even a little and is flopping. I hate seeing it but i wont decieve myself. He’s not been good for months.

          1. Me about Ramsey is another matter which we will tllk about some other time. You facts mean horse shet, bec every player, Ozil, Santi, Ramsey, Wilsher, Diaby, Arteta will struggle if Wenger keeps using them on the wings, and this is the point you need to put into your dense potato head.

            To solve this probem he needs to give Poldi more game time and turn Chamberlain into a winger once and for all. And Rosicky, what did this guy do not to play for the team anymore?

            1. Lol, Wilshere, Ramsey, Cazorla have ALL played on the wing and even in their worst matches on the wings they are better than Ozil. Why is a supposed worldclass no 10. not able to play in a winger role? Cazorla, David Silva, Fabregas, Iniesta are all players similar to Ozil and they have on occasion been played out of position yet have all had decent games in that position. Everyone defending Ozil because hes out on the wing but in reality its not that big of an ask.

              1. What poz is Fabregas currently playing at Chelsea? How many times did Wenger used Fabregas as a winger in his time at Arsenal. How is Santi doing on the wings? Isnt he getting quit some bashing from the fans aswell bec of this? City is playing a diff football to us. Theire team is filled with world class players in every god damned poz. How many times dit Inesta played on the wings? Was he succesfull by doing so? Potato head, just piss offf man.

                1. is anyone asking Ozil to be world class on the wings, no? Are we asking him to at least put in a decent shift, yes! And Santi has played half of his arsenal games on the wings i would say, and more often than not Cazorla does have a good game. Is he getting some stick right now, yes because he hasnt been too great lately, well neither has Ozil, so why do you people wrap him in cotton, shield him from any form of criticism and go after every other player on the pitch besides for Ozil, because your biased and pathetic. I really do hope Wenger puts Ozil down the middle so we watch him struggle there as well just like he struggled down the middle for large parts of last season. I’ll say it again even if you ignore it, Ozil has NOT been good enough for us.

                2. Understand that all the players you mentioned are unable to cope on the wings. Every one of them has been getting abuse bec of this reason alone. Try to listen to people and dont act like some dense potato head.

                3. my god, im tired of talking to stupid people…. Done. I just dont understand how you are so…. my god. Brainless!!!

            2. Hate to but in but arsenal pay ozil enough to at least look interested, sanchez is better than ozil with the ball and when he’s having a bad game, he’ll run he’s heart out to compensate, same as welbeck he wasn’t great but he tried and I can never be mad at any player that tries, same as flamini-he’s average but runs like his life depends on it, I RESPECT THAT, I’ve seen children put more effort into something they didn’t want to do, it doesn’t matter that ozil is on the wing, if he couldn’t cross or couldn’t go past defenders I wouldn’t blame him for that because that’s something you blame the manager for playing him out of position BUT fighting for the badge is something we should expect for someone the club pays so much to watch

        2. Ozil’s attitude is also my problem. Never have I seen a player in an Arsenal shirt give up like Ozil did against Bayern at home. Ozil has been here for a year, yet Alexis who has been here only a month fights harder for us.

          1. Sanchez is doing the things he is used to do, and that makes him happy and sucessfull. Ozil is forced to change his game by Wenger, and also forced to make up for other players incompetence which makes him simpe unable to cope with the pressure and all the work he is forced to do.

            1. other players incompetence???? Thats the thing about you Ozil lovers, its always someone elses fault. Hilarious.

              And any player who comes to the premier league knows its rougher here. Maybe Ozil needs to change his game if he wants to be successful. How do you think Ramsey got a starting position? Wenger told him to change his game and he did. When Willian came for premier league, did no defending, now look at him, a work horse and Mourinho gives him a lot of game time. Ozil is flopping right now because he isnt even trying to adapt to the premier league. He thinks hes a pure playmaker and has to do no defending. Wrong attitude and he will only continue to struggle, even if he is played in the middle.

              1. Its not Hilarious. Giroud is to immobie up front, very slow and wastefull with the chances he gets.

                Why should the best 10 of the world change his game into something which makes him look ordinary. Geee, mother facker you are dense as hell.

                1. hes not the best no 10 in the world, first get that through your head. And second, if he is, then Ozil should be creating chance upon chance that it doesnt matter how bad Giroud is. A world class player makes a team instantly better. But Ozil instead goes missing in just about every big game. I also dont think Giroud is up to par, but my goodness does he get blamed for everything. Its only recently people have stopped being ignorant and stopped blaming Monreal for everything.

                2. Who needs enemys when you have this tool, looool. He is creating enough, actually he is the best in the team in creating chances, so piss off.

        3. I agree 100% with Ks-Gunner. However I believe he has a place in the team and it’s to rotate with Wilshere for the CAM spot. People say Wilshere has earned his starting spot, on to which I agree. But he has earned it at the expense of Özil. Would like to see us go the next 4 games Özil playing CAM and Jack playing left wing and see who’s earning what. Can anyone foresee who would be hated after that?

          Oh and people should ask any true Real Madrid fan how was Özil’s defending back then and how much they played him on the left wing. Answer to both is zero. But he made up to it by being the player with most assists in whole Europe.

          For God’s sake, we have Campbell, Podolski, Cazorla and OX on the bench (well Joel didn’t even make it to bench LOL). Why Wenger, why? We are NOT the German national team.

          Oh and to Ks’s Zlatan comparison, dude that’s spot on. Same is happening to Cavani right now, same happened to Arshavin not so long ago. Let’s put Giroud, Ramsey or Jack on the wing and see them do wonders.

          1. solve 2 problems with 1 solution:
            rotate ozil (who lacks energy to play 90min let alone CL as well as PL)
            with wilshire (or cazorla).
            we can have caz or ozil at CAM, and wilshire or ramsey behind.
            but cant have ozil on the left,
            cant have both wilshire & ramsey on at the same time,
            cant have both ozil and caz at same time.
            but thats ok bc we have so many games to play.
            just dont play them out of position: bc then they get tired & deflated
            & become unavailable to play midweek & get injuries.

  10. It was a good game to watch, some quality football in there. Ozil was terrible… and I can’t think of a single reason why Wenger would not bring on Cazorla or Podolski or Ox for him after minute 55 when he continued to be bad after the break.

    As for dropping players, YES, Dortmund is a great team but as we can see from Wilshere’s performance anyone in this team can up their game so why not start Arteta, Cazorla, Wilshere in the middle with Ox and Podolski/Campbell on the wings and Sanchez up front (I think Welbeck came off because of injury). Give Ramsey, Ozil, Flamini a break and Welbeck time to recover from the strain (I think). Oh, and if it wasn’t Dortmund I would say start Bellerin but it is so it’ll have to be Chambers with Bellerin on the bench (and Gibbs or Monreal).

  11. Btw, wenger admitted yesterday that we are short at the back. SO WHY DID YOU NOT BUY A CB AND DM MATE? he knew around march that vermalen was leaving and he had atleast 5 months to find a replacement. He fu*ked up. Its amazing how he gets away with it and the board dont do anything about it.

    1. I agree, but Chambers was Vermaelen’s replacement; I have a feeling Chambers is covering both CB and RB (as first choice backup) but Bellerin is meant to take the RB role if the defence is overloaded with injury, i’m surprised he hasn’t been named as 1st player on (pretty sure he is in the picture though).

      1. Thing is, even with vermalen we were a little short. At least we had sanga who could fill in. Now we essentially have 1 less CB because sanga and vermalen left. Its a joke how wenger operates. City have demichelis, kompany, nastasic, mangala. Also sanga who can play cb. We only have kos, mert and a 19yr old.

      1. based on what? He had one of the best stat compilations in the PL last season (and his improvement started the end of the season before), he hasn’t been on fantastic form this season but still has 2 goals and an assist to his name.

        1. He is not world class…
          You do not become world class after one good season thats like saying sterling is world class.
          If he carries on playing like he did for the next 2 seasons then he can be considered world class.

          1. Yeah I have to agree that Ramsey is not world class. He had his breakout season and has continued alright this season. However you don’t become world class in one season + few good games to second season. For all we know last season could’ve been a fluke like with the likes of Benteke etc. But only time will tell.

            But what is clear is that so far Ramsey has not been the same as last season but that doesn’t mean that he’s been bad.

  12. i could remember prior to when walcott’s contract was running out he was benched and came back strong…Ozil needs it now. How d hell did wenger not buy CB and DM
    we wud regret dropping these few points honestly

  13. I liked the Wenger of ten years ago..I so don’t like the current one, yet I know he has a three year contract and I cant change that..makes me hate him more 🙁 🙁
    Am now going to do very tough math problems, that may cheer me up 🙁 🙁

  14. How can you spend £42 million on a limited player? He can only play one position and that’s it? smh..

    £42 million for that?

    Silva was played on the wings in some games since he moved to City, he is so energetic, all over the pitch, he moves from Left to Right into the #10 position and once he gets that ball he will keep it and make things happen, it does not matter where he gets that ball, it might be on the Left, Right and in the Middle but will make things happen..

    All we want is a bit of fight from OZIL, I have been saying this since last season. And he was played in his so called best position, but same out come..

    1. exactly. But people will go to whatever lengths to defend Ozil, simply because they are sentimental of him because hes our first big money buy. They hate hearing the truth that Ozil has so far been not been good enough.

      1. I want Ozil to do well, but I ain’t going to lick his bum just because he is Ozil, played for Madrid and cost £42 million..

        I will defend him to the maximum on public forums, blogs, New paper websites etc.. But on the Gooner Fans Sites I will tell of some home truths..

        That’s like your member of the family doing wrong in public, you will criticize them a bit and try to defuse the bashing. But once we get home or alone, you will tell him off..

        That’s the same with Ozil, why are we deluded ourselves and having this blind attitude towards him? Even if he plays bad game in game out fans will come on here and look for the most minuscule positive and will magnify it..

        But letGiroud, Monreal, Wilshere, Arteta, Mert, Flamini, Cazorla etc make a slight mistake, let them have a bad game and you will not hear the last of the negativity…

        Favoritism at it’s finest…


        1. Dude it’s not his fault. He does not like playing there. He even mentioned in an interview that he is a playmaker and he loves that role. Sticking him out on the wings does the name Arshavin ring a bell. Get off his back Our line up was not right to start with. It’s the same old problem. As soon as fans start singing “you don’t know what you doing” then only Wenger pulls his finger out his arse.
          The game was lost on tactics face it. We had lots of other options beside Ozil to play that role. If Wenger feels itbis so important to keep playing Wilshire in the playmaker role then he should bench Ozil. But he knows fans will give him flack for doing that. So play him out of position, he does bad and fans won’t blame Wenger. FFS Ozil is not a winger.

      2. @GOONSTER,

        what you fail to realize is that Özil and Silva are nothing alike. Silva’s versatility is 1000x better than Özil’s, but no one can’t blame Özil for that.

        Or was it Özil himself who transferred to us? Or was it Wenger’s decision to buy a player who has never played other positions than CAM?

  15. history repeating it self wenger use to play ramsey on the wing ramsey was not use to it , it got to the point fans were wishing bad things,
    next up jack wilshire after coming back from long term injury the genius one wenger tried to play wilshire on the wings this did not last long since wilshre was terrible there before the fans could get angry at wilshre for it,
    and now mesut ozil being played on the wing by wenger and just look at him now and look how the fans have turned on him, NO ONE TO BLAME BUT WENGER this is just 1 incident were wenger has failed to learn from his history and to be honest i have 0 confidence in wenger and this is not a reaction to todays result its just a reminder of how wenger is no longer a top manager and he is holding this squad back from success

  16. Desperate times call for desperate measures, due to incompetence from whoever sorts out transfers, whether that be the board or manager, we have no proper back up Centre back… Therefore, I reckon we put Isaac Hayden on the bench to test him, we have no other alternative now that Debuchy is injured and we are going to have to use Chambers as right back when he was the best person for backup centre back. I can’t see any alternative and if any of you can then please share with me? We must promote Isaac Hayden.

  17. When Wilshere played on the wing last season, he was slated, when Ramsey played on the wing, he was slated as well, now it’s happening to Ozil.
    pls tell me which player can look at home when they are being played out of position ?
    Yes , Ozil didn’t have a good game, but to me the worst player today was BFG, he seemed out of sorts , both goals he’s partly at fault, he was too slow to intercept Aguero who was just next to him, & Demichille was just behind when the header went in, Kos was doing most of the defending & him the watching, he said before he didn’t like early kick-off & he looked as though he needed a nap !

    1. Yeah we haven’t talked much about Merty – not his best match at all. His defense was almost as sad as freaking Demichellis getting the equalizer. Flamini also didn’t show up.

      Our defense has gotta shape up especially with all these injuries.

    2. Watch the replays mate. If anyone Kos was at fault for the equaliser, he was the closest and the ball went over him and whilst he was also closer for the Aguero goal that was down to MF, stopping in midfield assuming the ball was going out instead of tracking Aguero – if he played to the whistle he would have been in position to block SA.

  18. I am glad GIROUD is not playing.. He would have been blamed for OZIL’s deficiencies yet again..

    Ozil needs pace and players running in behind and he will show you what he is all about, Then The Ox, Welbeck, Sanchez and Ramsey come in and we still are getting excuses for him..

    If all the Arsenal players had this kind of attention and loving given to Ozil, I would be happy.. Giroud will be cursed and degraded to the limit by 98% of fans, the poor guy is given as the reason PRINCE OZIL is not performing..

    Giroud this, Giroud that, Cazorla should be sold, Wilshere is overrated should be out or loaned, Arteta out, Monreal rubbish, Mert rubbish, etc..

    OZIL is always wrapped in COTTON WOOL, don’t dare say anything negative about our Ozil.


        1. agree, but as Goonster said, every time we dont get a result Giroud is always the main villan and not other players who dont perform. Ozil has been dodging criticism for months upon months. People seem to have all the patience in the world for Ozil yet none for Giroud.

          1. NEWSFLASH: Ozil has been the most criticised player on here over the last 9 months, probably neck and neck with OG. Really haven’t got a single clue as to why people are suggesting he has been immune to criticism. I think the problem is that those intent on bashing him don’t like the more moderate and balanced contributors offering attempting to defend him. Keep slating our man by all means but don’t add to the lies.

    1. A couple of seconds thought will tell you that this unattributed quote works to an extent in science/pure logic but not in sport. Every input in sport results in slightly different outcomes – if it didn’t we would have no sport. Anyhow, if it were true, there must be a few insane ones on here, regurgitating the same mantras day in day out to no effect.

  19. My opinion is we have quality players but the quality of our manager is going downward. The way Wenger putting his team is like he is trying to fixed match. Is like he is trying to disabled a quality team. not only this season, these have been carry on for seasons. Wtf you sub aft 80 minutes, when you got players at the bench. Anyway I got no high expectations any more because I just don’t know what happened to our beloved Wenger.

    1. We need a time machine to move us to three years from now when Wenger will be gone, he is more annoying than my girlfriend who cheers for Chelsea and hates maths

    2. Pellegrini makes early changes and loses the lead. Wenger doesn’t and we get in to a winning position. Who did the right thing? Can you calmly and logically rationalise your criticism? We know the “70 min sub” thing is a standard joke with Wenger but you should only wheel it out when applicable.

  20. We ran out of energy a few minutes after the second goal. That is when Wenger should have realized we needed fresh players.

    Quickly after the corner taken when we concede the secon goal, Flamini goes to the line and rightly so, but Scszesny still dives but why? He doesn’t know Flamini went into that position. For some reason this years defending corner plan doesn’t include having a player on the line. If Scszesny knew that Flamini made a late movement to go to the line we still win 2-1. This is only the fault of our tactics defending corner not Scszszeny or Flamini.

  21. No wonder Wenger don’t like to add depth to our team cos he only need 11 players every matches, he don’t know when to sub and he will play his favourite 11 all night long till they injured than he will see to his bench.

  22. This is why Podolski and Campbell should be getting game time, could be played against Dortmund. Now if they’re subbed/start against Dortmund they might under perform due to lack of match fitness. Sanogo will somehow be forced into the team even though we’ve seen how effective Campbell was in Europe and the world cup.

  23. nice to catch a live game at emirates…dont get many chances…was nervous at half time city were stronger more compact fewer mistakes…but if we get wilshere ozil and sanchez working we are going to create lots of chances…but behind these players there is real frailty and the cheese eating surrender monkey is to blame for that… monreal bfg flamini or arteta and ramsey are not going to win us the epl that is just an obvious fact…there is steel and composure missing certainly compared to top teams…i think we should try chambers in dfm for the time being monreal shouldnt start big games over gibbs….ozil though is a conundrum..he has real quality but he doesnt work hard enough and seems to lose the thread at times…wenger needs to figure him out because he eally can be is class…but there is enough to build on…will wenger do the necessary i still doubt that…couldnt believe his failure to bring on players for ramsey and ozil after the second goal…just hopeless

  24. For me at the moment, our root cause is Wenger, not the players. Instructions, tactic and team selection show how incompetent Wenger are. Did Wenger has any old age illness if not how come he acting like that.

  25. And I am getting uneasy with Wengers lack of activity during games.. He waits until the 77th or 80th minute to make a substitute..

    Player look so out of it, tired and on their feet but he just does not seem to notice and make changes..

    I am getting a bit doubtful and I am A WENGER KNOWS BEST… He has been making weird things, refusing to strengthen positions we so lack in..

    No making substitutions in time, no tactics of note like his other competitors.


  26. This season we bought 5 players and the return of Campbell, I find this is not a bad window compare to last few. The pre season I find our team finally have some depth but season start we look so bad, yes we still unbeaten but look at the table now, even shitpur is above us. If Wenger still stick to his tactic and stubbornness, we are in deep sh*t.

  27. Wenger is killing players and the team. Why play Ozil wide when is not good there? Must he play when we have options? He can only play 10 and if there is a better 10 on any day he should be benched. He is not bad but Wenger.

  28. They say too many cook spoil the soup but for us a Wenger with quality on his hand can’t make a good soup.

  29. The issue of who to play as CAM will really be put to the sword if Theo comes back and plays to his potential and Welbeck keeps rolling. Then the top three pick themselves and leaves only one of Ozil, Carloza and Wilshire as CAM. With that front three, I’d love to see Ozil given the chance to prove he’s the assist maker.

  30. Arsenal shall only get the best out of Ozil if he plays in his role behind the striker or on the right wing. Not this left wing AW is trying to force. So blame AW not Ozil. This thing he has of converting players is crap.

    1. I’m a little disappointed but at the same time happy we didn’t lose it, which we could have done. But what stood out for me that game was at last the team looked good. A good performance. The first of the season. A draw at home to Man City isn’t anything to shout about, but performance-wise there was definitely an improvement.

  31. Wenger say he don’t want cesc cos we got ozil, did he on medicine cos if is ozil than why he play ozil on the wing. If we got no winger than I wilco his choice but we got Campbell and pod why he don’t want to use them. If you sub a player early, the player will think maybe wenger think i can change the game, help the team but not 80 mins. This give questions mark on the players and they will think Wenger got no faith on them, how this going to help the team. My conclusion is Wenger definitely is on medicine for old age mental disoriented.

  32. The truth is Wenger is my idols, now seeing him become like that make me feel so heart pain. For arsenal seek I have to slap him even he is my idols.

  33. Debuchy – “I have to pass a medical exam on Monday. No fracture. Hope to be back asap!”

    (Assuming he passes the medical test)
    As good as he is I don’t think we should risk playing him in the Dortmund game, better he rest till next PL game. Bring in Bellerin as cover.

  34. Here is some food for thought. Or is it a conspiracy theory? When Fab left Wenger pipped Wilshire to fill his shoes. Needless to say he still hasn’t done that. So Wenger signs Ozil finally Arsenal fans realise we have a replacement for Cesc. Now Cesc want to come back. Wenger refuses and tells him we have Ozil playing that role. Instead of swallowing his pride and putting the team first making a deadly combination of Ozil and Cesc, He remembers his words about Wilshire. So never mind the team we will just reshuffle. Wilshire will be playmaker cause he sad he would be replacement for Cesc. Ozil have to move out to the wing so not to steal Wilshire mojo. While we have lots of other options for the wing. While all this circus is going on Cesc is turning up the heat. Ozil instead gets blamed for being played out of position. And Wenger?? Well he is still trying to prove a point? ? And the fans?? What about them suckers they can hang on for three more years.

  35. People are trying so hard not to see the point one is saying Ozil should di Maria or Bale on the wing.all they are asking for is a decent does playing wide prevent you from trying

    1. When he was getting assist after assist he was still accused of being poor. He is being forced to play in a position he is not a specialist in. Not every player can be converted out of position and do a Ramsey or Henry.

      Why doesn’t Wenger play to Ozil’s strengths instead of exploiting his weakness 3 games in a row in front of Monreal? You wouldn’t try and convert Mert into a CDM because we all know what his weakness is.

      Ozil is made scapegoat when really a sitting powerful CDM could support Monreal when Ozil doesn’t track back.

  36. Great to see Jack’s positive attitude. What a game he had. Next to Sanchez he was our best player. I have always liked Ozil and there is no denying his ability in attack, but his back tracking and marking is so poor. If he just worked a bit harder and showed more enthusiasm he would get my vote each game. As many have said, playing him on the wing is a waste. AM is his position, but at the moment we have 3 other players looking hungrier than him in that role. Quite honestly there is nothing at the moment that Mesut can do that either Jack, Ramsey or Cazorla can’t. Wenger or someone in our team needs to light a fire under his arse.

  37. This new 4-1-4-1 dosent suit the players we have. If only Wenger was flexible enough to play this against big teams and resort to 4-2-3-1 smaller ones

  38. Some time Wenger even don’t know what he is talking about. He really need a good doctor, maybe he should go on medical leave for three years. Feel so heart pain when talking about my idols.

  39. if you are going to play 4-1-41 then please sell ozil.. i love him as a player but if you are not going to use him then why ruin another career and also a place in the team????

  40. Wenger actually thinks the team is doing well, he thinks not loosing this game was a success, he thinks 4-1-4-1 with flamini as the DM and Ozil as the LW is a genius set-up.

    We have a better squad then we have had in years we also have two glaring holes that have not been addressed in years, but every other position in the squad looks better, and still we are unable to beat Everton, City or Leicester.

    But, when you have to play Flamini in DM and Per as your CD against fast opposition, you will always, but always concede goals.

    Wenger failed to bring a good CB and a good DM in 4 transfer windows, Just ask yourselves would Mourinho do the same.

  41. We fought hard right till about the time we went 2-1 up

    We had no reason to draw or almost lose 3-2 as what almost happened right at the death
    It is Wenger’s fault we didn’t get a result today because its his job to pull off the likes of a struggling ozil reshuffle the pack and park the bus for a scrappy 2-1 result

    Comparing the two managers… pellegrini made positive changes throughout the game as he clearly believed his team could get something out of it while on our end Wenger crossed his arms nervously without adapting to the game.

    For this I am very disappointed and as much stick as we give players performances…if you gave for agrument’s sake Jose Mourinho the exact same players while 2-1 up… he would find a way tactically and through good substitutions, to force a result

  42. Ozil IMO was better than Ramsey who played 90mins as well + y’all should blame Wenger 4 dis draw(like a loss 2 me) cos he was not proactive even when we were leading. Wenger is the chief problem of Arsenal. Had 2 b forced 2 mk a couple of change even when 3 were available with a good bench to look up 2 to wrap the game. Blame Wenger!!!

  43. Ozil is a dead man walking. We play Man City with only 10 men. He didn’t tracked back to defense after he had lost the ball. He is definitely a defensive liability. Wenger should replace him by Carsola at half-time. I wonder if Ozil is Wenger’s adopted son. Wenger’s had wasted 42M on him, and threw away a number of games because of him. If we had Carzola or Podoski in the second half, we really had a chance to win Man City game. I really sick to see Wenger on the side line.

  44. Happy Wenger doesn’t read dis site btw man city have a superb dm Ąπ∂ dey conceded 2 n lost against stoke. Chelsea conceded two as well. So you guys can continue cursing Wenger(like Henry said he will always be here)

    Ozil shud not be dropped, because he allows us to keep the ball in the final third(amateurs won’t know that), Ramsey deserves the rest.

    Happy wilshere is back to his best as well.

    I’m positively arsenal.

  45. Özil, Ramsey and Monreal were not the worst players for arsenal. I’m surprised no one is talking about mertesacker, terrible performance. I know he’s slow, but he didn’t even try to chase down players or move with the runners. We looked better with chambers and koscielny because the holder (flamini) doesn’t always have to worry about front man and koscienly isn’t afraid to tackle. Koscienly can’t go into challenges because if he misses his partner can’t bail him out.

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