Arsenal boss to heed Ramsey transfer warning?

Aaron Ramsey clearly has a very good relationship with Arsene Wenger, as the Arsenal boss has played a huge part in the Welshman’s development and especially helped him on the long road to recovery after that potentially career ending challenge from the Stoke City player Ryan Shawcross.

Ramsey reached the end of that road last season and was rewarded by the Arsenal fans voting him our Player of the Year, but not before he needed a hell of a lot of belief and support from the man in charge. So Ramsey is not going to issue the Frenchman with an ultimatum, but he has admitted to going to Wenger and making no secret of his frustration at being stuck out on the right flank since returning from his latest injury lay-off.

As reported by The Independent, Ramsey is full of praise for his manager and the fact that he feels able to air his problems with him. He is also more than willing to do any job that is asked of him but he also feels that his talents are wasted out wide and he wants that man in the middle role back off his Spanish team mate.

Ramsey said, “I’m not hiding away from it, I want to be playing in the middle.

“I’ve had chats with the manager about it. But the manager said he wants me do a job out there for the moment and obviously I’ll do that for him. But I prefer to play in the middle.

“Santi is in my position at the moment. He is the one who plays alongside Francis Coquelin and tries to get forward. I am trying to get that back.

“That is what I like to do, to get the ball and drive the team forward. I am not a No 10 really, playing with my back to goal. I have to start from a defensive position, looking to drive the team forward, playing little one-twos around players, things like that. That’s where I prefer to play.

“I am used to getting the ball a lot more in the middle of the park, I like to be involved in everything, starting attacks. So out on the wing you are relying on other people to get you in the game. So it is a bit frustrating.

“He respects everyone’s opinions. His door is always open, which is a good thing. Yes, he’ll have his reasons but he will also respect yours, and value your opinions.”

But will he listen and agree? Perhaps the Arsenal transfer rumours linking Barcelona with a move for Ramsey will give Wenger cause for thought. That move is not going to happen but how long before a huge club does persuade Ramsey? The chance to play in his preferred position is one reason but so is the chance of major trophy success, which Ramsey believes we could be on the verge of.

He went on, “Hopefully we can concentrate fully on the league and have a really good start to the campaign. That is what we were guilty of this season, we were a bit inconsistent, but we have grown as the season has gone on.

“You look back at some of the defeats from the beginning of the season, and some of the points we dropped, and it is frustrating, because we would be right there or thereabouts now if we had got something from those games. But it was not to be, and hopefully next season we can have a much better start and put ourselves in contention.

“If we get off to a good start next season I think we’ll be in a good place to go on and compete and challenge. That will be our main focus, trying to win the league.”

But you get the feeling that Ramsey thinks he should be driving on that challenge from the middle and if he isn’t, how long will he continue to ignore his frustration?

VIDEO – Santi Cazorlas brilliant Cup Final freekick!!

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  1. next season we need to play with two strikers. If we sign jackson martinez, play Him and walcott or play giroud with sanches. one mobile one powerful. i would like to see us playin in a 4 1 3 2 formation. and for the rumours of us signing martinez and vidal, i say yeeeeeea

  2. I wud sell ramsey for 50M.
    the goals he score covers alot of his mistakes like; trying tricks he cant do,lossing the bal so much n over trying while others r in better positions

    1. Barca are looking at Rambo or Pogba as a replacement for the great xavi. xavi is probablist the greatest CM alung Luthar malthus as the best to have ever played the game. So for rambo or Pogba to be seen as areplacement says howmuch Rambo has improved.

      You guys are quick to hate rambo but quick to praise Ozil. Rambo is our most complete midfielder and and wather he plays in the middle or on the wings he gives 100%.

      The goals he scores covers a lot of mistakes???? U crazy man. Do you know how hard it is to score a goal? They say its the most difficult thing to do on a football pitch. How many goals has Ozil or Wilshere scored? ozil freezes when he sees a keeper thats why he passes the ball. It takes alot of guts to shoot a fxxxx ball at the bag of the net.

      rambo is criticised and hated by loads of people on this forum . But what more should he do? rambo carried the entire team on his back last season and won us the FA cup. he must have had back pains this year. What more can rambo do to make some of you happy?

      If rambo goes to barca he goes with my blessing. he is never appreciated by lots. But he is by far our most complete midfielder. And also by far our most valuable player.

      1. @galen why do u hate Ozil so much? And don’t give me the shit that you don’t hate him cause you like slating him in all of your comment even when the article is not related to him.

      2. Rubbish Barcelona wouldn’t look twice at Ramsey,there is no comparison between Rambo an xavi,are you crazy theres Koke who Xavi himself said is th new Xavi,i think these rumours have been made up by Ramseys agent to get him back into the middle

    2. I like the way you think. We can really add to the war chest by selling Ramsey. #InWarChestWeTrust

  3. suddenly martinez and vidal are what many are drooling over!…….. We have suffered so much (in terms of player transfer) so that we (fans) now see every option as fantastic!……… Tell you what!… My days of wishing we had martinez are already over….. I hate em coming over 28

  4. I would take 50mil for ramsey anyday, if we dont take it now we wud never get more dan 30mil for him again
    cazorla is better than him in the middle

    1. Why do you think Barca will pay 50mil? If he is really that good player than we should not sell him.
      I feel this is just another transfer gossip to entertain us nothing else.

    2. money, money, money!……… We are where we are cuz of the Money!…..we are so after the money that we dn’t even use the money we made from money to make more money (and that comes from trophies)

  5. I am not caught out for transfer gossip yet…..My mind is set on Wembley (FA CUP Final)…Once the transfer window opens, then we can talk about transfers.. The rumors keeps changing everyday. Now its Vidal and Martinez. Tomorrow, it might be another players. This Gossip feeds know how to make Arsenal Fans suffer……

  6. Hi Gooner,

    I am not good in evaluation so can you please tell me if Martinez will be upgrade to Giroud? Will he able to win PL or CL for us? Or just another striker to compete/backup of Giroud?
    Who is better option Martinez, Lacazette, Cavani, Higuain, Benkete (spell)or Benzema for Arsenal?

      1. Yes Aston Villa and I am scared as well for Final.
        knowing all players name’s spelling is not what I do for living. 🙂

    1. lacazette young so would increase in value plus he is completely different to giroud and would offer us an aguero type of player small,tricky,pacey bags of goals

  7. I think Ramsey should calm down and obey the Boss to play in any position the Boss told him to play at. The reason why Ramsey is not succeeding much at the wing is due to his stubborness not to want to operate from the wing as he is obsessed with playing from the center. The Boss has said some Gunners are fatigued and jaded in the Sunderland game. Therefore I am making 7 changes to the Boss 6th consecutives starting XI that last started at Man Utd. My starts: Szczesny. ChambersDe-AbreuKoscielnyGibbs. CoquelinRamsey. RosickyWilshereWalcott. Giroud.

    1. ….please pull a cushion, sit back…… Relax and Listen to me ……….. RAMSEY AIN’T A WINGER

      1. And Ramsey isn’t deployed as a “winger” he is a used as a right-sided MF. Willian, Mata and Nasri all played the majority of their careers as central playmakers – all presently used as RMFs. Wenger hasn’t invented something new here – not hearing the outrage about Van Gaal, Mourinho and Pellegrini all getting it wrong as well.

  8. I think Ramsey should calm down and obey the Boss to play in any position the Boss told him to play at. The reason why Ramsey is not succeeding much at the wing is due to his stubborness not to want to operate from the wing as he is obsessed with playing from the center. The Boss has said some Gunners are fatigued and jaded in the Sunderland game. Therefore I am making 7 changes to the Boss 6th consecutives starting XI that last started at Man Utd. For our home game against WBA, my starts: Szczesny. ChambersDe-AbreuKoscielnyGibbs. CoquelinRamsey. RosickyWilshereWalcott. Giroud.

  9. Most of Arsenal fans believe every transfer rumour they read or hear. For the last 3 years we’ve been agreeing terms with this guy Jackson Martinez (according to media).

  10. Wenger needs to stop playing Ramsey on the wing… It does not work and it is just daft… We have wingers on the bench, but since he does not trust them, we will be routinely subject to managerial “epiphany” not related to football logic.

    We know our players can easily do the job against any team (almost any) as long they have proper direction and the right structure… That is why we need something else. Wenger is way past his best (if he had any)…I truly believe, he was great to find talents who would gel perfectly and make it work… I don’t think players like Henry, Bergkamp, Viera, Pires and more, really needed anybody to “coach” or show them what to do on the pitch.
    Wenger should just complete the squad with another DM (Coquelin cannot play all the games, even thought Wenger thinks so and Arteta is just for show), a world class striker and a world class CB… And let them do the job (he can take the credits if he wants), so we can enjoy some glory.

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