Arsenal boss: Tottenham gifted advantage by officials

Arsene Wenger has claimed that Tottenham were given the advantage against Arsenal today, with a soft penalty and a let-off of a red card.

The Gunners succumbed to a 1-1 draw in today’s North London Derby with Spurs, and their manager has now claimed that the referee helped their opponents to earn their point.

The 67 year-old claimed that his opponents were given a soft penalty, which other officials would not have given, and also insists that Vincent Wanyama didn’t deserve to see the game out.

On the midfielder, Wenger said: “He was very lucky to stay on the pitch of course. There were a few fouls; the elbow on Walcott for example.”

On the penalty decision, which saw Harry Kane draw his side level, Wenger added:

“The penalty was harsh. We were a bit unlucky. It didn’t look a deliberate foul or that he was dangerous to score. Even speaking to some referees, you can give it or not give it.

“As the Arsenal manager, I would not have given it. We have to cope with that. The referee makes the decisions and nobody stopped us from scoring a second goal.”

There was also some qualms from the other side on our goal being given, with shouts for it to have been given offside, but referee Howard Webb explains perfectly how our goal was purely legal.

Did Arsenal deserve better from the referee? Did we deserve the win today?

Pat J

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  1. muffdiver says:

    destroy mourinho an our fans will forget this

    as of now im gutted.

  2. Budd says:

    I don’t get you guys. Sure, it wasn’t 3 points we wanted but the result doesn’t come as a shocker. This Spuds side is a damn good one and we’d have lost this game with the performance of yesterday if we weren’t so cautious about this game. Remember, league is won on points per game, I said it earlier, 5 points from the next three game will keep us in race. We are not even halfway. Will it add pressure for us at the Old Toilet? Sure. Mourinho already marked next game as win for Manure. It will be mental strength, whoever has it will come top. We did not lost the game, I am not sure we could have won it either. In the end of the day was a super boring game, exactly the same type of NLD game since Pochetino came there. I did not enjoyed it a bit, not because of the result but because of the pace and chances. To much grit, not a lot of football.

  3. Wayne Barker says:

    Mr. Wenger, did you complain when Kos scored a goal with hand against Burnley, did you complain when Arsenal were gifted a penalty against Southampton in the 90th minute. Stop giving excuses. We have been riding our luck big time this season , NOW WE HAVE TO SHOW WE ARE GOOD ENOUGH.

    1. Krish says:

      shut up a fan should never ever complain about a coach for making false judgements.. how many times have i seen you lot on here condemning the ref for bad refereeing when everything was fair but you guys just being partial..

      1. Wayne Barker says:

        Stop acting like a hypocrite. We all criticize Jose for doing the same. That was a clear penalty, a stonewall. He should focus more on the performance which was dire.

        1. Break-on-through says:

          I believe it was a penno too, but I also believe that the player could’ve stayed on his feet. I think that’s what Arsene’s meant, it’s up to the ref to judge whether the contact took him down. Refs almost always give them though, we’ve had a few nice calls this season but they were only nice calls because we’re not used to getting benefit of doubt or anything much for that matter. That ref today gave us a soft call in an earlier game, I think it was a mistake he made or something. I think that’s why he was so quick to point to the penno spot, from his angle it looked like he could have gave Kos the benefit of doubt, it looked like Kos might of reached it from his side. I only seen it clearly on the angle from Cechs or Kos’s view. Anyway, spilled milk, knowing Koscielny, he will now try his damnedest to make it up to us, we will see a man on a mission, all he needs is the red bandana.

  4. Krish says:

    the commenters on here have showed and proven me for once and all that the majority of the “fans” on here are jokes and bandwagoners.. well not that i expect much from football fans, they are one of the least intelligent and most emotional thinking people in the world.. but its a bit sad to see that i as i know more about arsenal fans than other fans, to say from the bottom of my heart, that the fans on here are as worse as the worst if not the worst fans out there… arsenal being on a run, with özil scoring one of the best goals i have ever seen on tuesday, draws against the best defensive side in the league and no they arent stoke city or something they are SPURS equally title challenger as any of arsenal man city, man united, chelsea, liverpool, a team that sent man city home when they (city) looked unbeatable.. but of course the small minded person who demands a wim because this is a MUST-WIN game is surely right.. the comment “why does arsenal never win a mustwin game” is illogical in more than hundred ways, but lemme ask you what is the not must-win game in your opinion?? i dont care about whom we win against, if we win the title, of course it hurts when we lose against rivals and a draw against a top side is never an embarrasing result as you make it out to be.. and of course maybe we could go on to break down and not win the title but the timing of this much negativity on the review of a draw!!! against title challengers spurs!!!!!! is just ridiculous… shame on you guys.. you dont even deserve to participate in the enjoyment of embarassing chelsea etc…

    1. muffdiver says:

      krish if this site has the worst fans, stop coming back
      your merely mirroring the over dramatics of some fans on here,

      i will never insult my own teams fans they way u do on a weekly basis, i disagree with many but u seem to have a separate agenda

    2. josh37 says:

      Wow… So much self-righteousness in one post!
      It’s the derby, at home.. Whether their title contenders or not is beside the point, this particular match means far more than 3pts or not.
      We didn’t show up anywhere near the level we should have, it was a soft AF goal to give away, multiple chances we should’ve buried. Ultimately, a missed opportunity.

      No, it’s not the end of the world. But plenty of reasons for disappointment.

      1. Budd says:

        We had like 2 shots on target. Chances? Every minute is a chance, depends how you count.

        1. josh37 says:

          Ozil’s open-net chance off of theo’s shot, Giroud’s open header after the slip in front of him, Iwobi’s pitiful effort 1v1?
          Not saying Spurs didn’t have their opportunities as well but at least one of those three should’ve been buried!

          1. Budd says:

            Read above, I said shots on target. It was Iwobi and Giroud header. Maybe another one but I can’t remember right now, such a $hitty game was this. Ozil open net doesn’t even count as I don’t believe many players in this world would have buried that one being in his position. OK, maybe Messi or Ronaldo but you have to nick it perfectly and that was a really high ball.

          2. Budd says:

            Read above, I said shots on target. It was Iwobi and Giroud header. Maybe another one but I can’t remember right now, such a poor game was this. Ozil open net doesn’t even count as I don’t believe many players in this world would have buried that one being in his position. OK, maybe Messi or Ronaldo but you have to nick it perfectly and that was a really high ball.

            1. josh37 says:

              I get what you mean dude, but big games, opportunities like those don’t come easily. Both Iwobi and Giroud needed to do better other than a puff of smoke they sent an elite keeper’s way with uncontested shots!

              1. Budd says:

                I don’t even bother to deny that, It is very hard for me to find a player who actually played the game well. Cech probably had a decent game. Mustafi looks like a wild mustang, Kos looks to be bored, Nacho was alright in the sense that he was clearly better than Gibbs, Bellerin did not have the best game of his late but I believe this is because of the injury, Coq was weak with only one tackle during the whole game, Xhaka pretty much alright but he was afraid of a red card, Walcott was on fire as usual against Spuds but made a string of really bad choices, Ozil was totally anonymous for the first half, Sanchez ran and ran and ran and that was it. Ramsey wasn’t poor but not good either, Giroud could have made a case to be selected ahead of Sanchez but he failed. Ox, well, I love the guy but I am afraid he reached his peak. Which is shame as he’s so young. Anyway, he did not capitalize on the trust Wenger put on him.

                1. Wilshegz says:

                  Giroud can never make a case to be selected over Alexis (if we are serious about winning the league) bcos his lack of pace and a sense of urgency always kills the tempo of our attack, and thatz a wrong way to start games.
                  his best is to come in and help with headers which he was xpected to but instead literally passed to Lloris.

  5. Onochie says:

    Funny arsenal fans,Last week “spurs” were shit,now they are a “strong team”. Just admit the fact that our players didn’t turn up for the match,am not surprised though,we are still on a good run but each our boys talk too much before a match,they end up disappointing. Wenger talking about Wanyama not getting sent off,we had that advantage with cazorla and Le coq some few games back. One hype the media gave us and we fluffed it. I hope this would be the only disappointment this month.

  6. jl75 says:

    We were on top in the first half, hit the post, had decent chances and finally got a full deserved goal. The second half was very frustrating, especially as the Spuds’ goal came from the spot. Kos’ fault is far from obvious and before this penalty, Arsenal was the better team. If we add Wanyama’s fault and Kos’ yellow he received later, I can understand Wenger’s comment.
    Fortunately for him, he didn’t watch the game on BT, the commentator (don’t know his name) was so: “Spuds are so good in defence, so good in attack. the only team willing to win …”. He would have been even more frustrated…

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