Arsenal boss Wenger confirms new striker is priority

Arsenal have been strongly linked with a number of strikers this summer, and our boss Arsene Wenger has now confirmed again that the position is their priority to strengthen.

The Gunners have already missed out on targets such as Gonzalo Higuain and Vincent Jansson, who have both joined new clubs Juventus and Tottenham respectively, while the likes of Jamie Vardy has already moved to turn down a switch to North-London.

One rumour which refuses to go away however is Alexandre Lacazette, despite his club Lyon’s desire to keep him leading their attack.

Arsene Wenger has now confirmed that they are in need of adding a striker this summer, despite having options in Theo Walcott and Alexis Sanchez available to cover in the absence of Giroud.

He said: “We have [Alexis] Sanchez, we have [Theo] Walcott.

He added: “We were the highest team in expected chances created. We were the highest team in quality of chances created in the final third. And we were not at our level in the finishing qualities and I think that’s where we want to improve.”

With the likes of Ozil and our incredibly creative midfield, all we need is our strikers to continue making their moves forward, and consistently put those clear-cut chances away, and Walcott showed last season that he can not regularly do so.

Giroud is a great option to have leading the line, as he can hold up the play strongly as well as score with either foot or his head, but to get the best out of him he needs competition, and that is what is expected from Arsenal this summer.

Will Lacazette be the man to beef up our attack? Or do you think Wenger has something else up his sleeve?

Gooner P

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  1. Where exactly did he say that a new striker is a priority?

    He just said he wants our attack to improve which could also mean he wants Theo, Alexis and Giroud to improve from last season

    1. Higuain was too expensive (£70 mil for a 29 year old)
      Janssen scored over 20 goals per season in the Dutch League
      He will def help Spurs

      1. Higuain wasn’t even in cards for Juventus until the Pgba deal was confirmed. I wrote about it here before. If you think, is pretty much ironic. The biggest winners are Napoli for selling an old Higuain DOUBLE the price they bought. See what crazy stuff happens when Raiola & Mendes get involved.

      2. Memphis depay scored over 20 goals in the dutch league. Just like one of my pals scored 60 goalscorer pub side.

      1. O is pretty far from E on the keyboard, let’s not digress. Besides, for a European (like me) Jansson is pretty Swedish. Or Scandinavian, to be a bit pedantic. Hence my question.

  2. “Arsenal boss Wenger confirms new striker is priority”. This article is deliberately so much taken out context for a reason I do not f$$$$$ understand. Because that is not the only thing wenger said. He added the following!

    “Our finishing last year was of a worse quality than the year before and we had the same players. That means that it’s a bit cyclical.

    “I think it’s linked with the fact that we had some players out for a long period last season and hopefully we will have everybody available for much longer this season.”
    Wenger also dismissed the suggestion new signings can add vibrancy to a squad and prevent it from going stale after the likes of Manchester United, Manchester City and Liverpool added several new faces to their squads.

    “Vibrancy doesn’t make you win games,” he said. “What makes you win game is the quality of the performance and the quality of your football. And you have to focus just on that.

    “That is very difficult in the modern game. There is always demand for new but new is just new.

    “What is new makes news. But apart from that it makes noise. But the noise is not necessarily always quality.

    “[United and City] signed a lot of players the year before as well… if you want to make everybody happy, then just buy 20 new players and everybody is full of hope until the first game starts and then we’re back to reality.”
    Now does that sound a man confirming a striker priority?
    My only hope is he is poker facing. If I was an optimist. But I am a realist and the reality is he means the fans to take that s$$t down their throats. And if we win against Liverpool and l city, he will say strikers are good enough and we will be getting nothing!

      1. Excuse Me! Sick of these Clickbait titles? Can you give me a list of how many out of the last 50 were misleading?

        But regarding this one, I have spoken to the writer re ziol’s comments above and he see’s his point, but the article he saw (linked to in article so you can check yourself) clearly said: Arsene Wenger admits he needs another striker at Arsenal if his side are to challenge for the Premier League title this season.

        This was not an attempt at clickbait by ourselves and I do not condone it….
        Apologies but please understand the writers point of view.

        1. Basically almost all of them are clickbait. There, I said it. One more thing, if you really, really, really want your site to be a platform for intelligent discussion, get rid of the hiding comments having too many thumb downs. This is you being lazy in moderating. Want a site and get some income out of it while doing nothing? Not going to happen. This is why you base remains the same over the years, you have pretty much the same 20-30 people commenting here. Sure, you may have hundreds or even thousand people registering over the years but since you use the click bait titles and tolerate hate against club people (be it Wenger, Walcott, Ox, Ramsey, Wilshere, Ozil two years ago or Giroud ) people tend to leave for more moderate pastures. Just saying.
          Oh, BTW, one more thing: to just use the thumb ups/down and not coming with absolutely any articulate wording just makes you a monkey. I wouldn’t run a site for monkeys (not that I have anything against them) simply because I don’t understand them.

          1. For your information I read EVERY SINGLE comment on the site, which amounts to about 2000 a week. I tried the thumbs up and most people seem to like it even if you don’t. I DO NOT condone hate, swearing or personal abuse and have lost lots of readers through deleting obnoxious comments. I cannot stop people giving reasons for criticising players but I do have the platform for people to disagree and give their own conflicting views, WITHOUT abusing each other. Surely you must have noticed how many idiots I have banned recently….

            1. Right. It looks like you don’t understand what I said. I did not said you condone hate. You just turn a blind eye.
              Secondly, democracy is just a poor excuse for not taking responibility on your turf. If you really value democracy why don’t you give us all registered users commenting here the password for your wordpress site? You just use democracy just like every politician.
              Finally, title is indeed clickbait as it does not contain absolutely any reference to Wenger CONFIRMING that a NEW striker is a priority. The quote just said Arsenal is not that efficient as they should be. To be more precise, here’s the quote:

              And we were not at our level in the finishing qualities and I think that’s where we want to improve.

              1. Hahaha ? Now you are trying to dictate how Admin runs his site? ? …. YOU JOKER! ?

                I’m always searching for Arsenal news on the net and “News now” gives you all the blogs, sites and forums related to Arsenal fc and I can tell you that is by far the best Arsenal blog there is and as for click bait the other site’s are far worse!

                If you thinks it’s easy to set up a site and keep it running
                Then I would like to see you give it a go!
                The best things that makes stand out from the rest, is its continuous news and articles which gets involved to debate and it also gives the fan’s the opportunity to write their own piece for this site, So please, don’t try and knock the Admin’s moral and confidence with your trivial bull?!
                The man puts in alot of hour’s, to keep this site running,
                which should be appreciated and not mocked.

                its not as if Arsenal fc are paying him £8 millon a year, nor is Admin responsible for the clubs stagnation.
                There’s a lot more faults with the way our club is run, So maybe you should look in that direction instead of this one! ✌

                1. I actually don’t care how he runs it but is nice to see what holes you blowing into. Again, you fall into the same trap, I haven’t said this should be a democracy. Au contraire, mon petit hamburger! Besides, except smoking admin what argument have you brought to the fact that the titles are not click baits?
                  Yeah, just as I thought, none. Tell me, are you the one paying Wenger’s wage? Because last time I have checked fat boy was not in Arsenal board and except couple of people here never heard about him (it) anywhere in the world. Why are you so uptight with his salary? This is what his employer decided to pay, do you hear anyone else moaning about your salary (should you have one)? What are telling these people?
                  Here, I gave you a thumbs up. I know you love them. Keep’em coming.

      2. OH TO BE A MOANER! ?
        Click bate ? Your acting as if the Title read ” Wenger confirms World Class Striker Signing” ? ? ffs!

        Have a day off! ?

  3. I really don’t understand Wenger,what does he think we need???
    Is it a striker or a winger????
    He bidded for Vardy and now the rumours linking us with Mahrez are so strong..

    And Wenger said again that Walcott is a striker so that means Giroud and Walcott share that role, Sanchez on RW and Iwobi on the left..or Mahrez on RW,Sanchez on LW with walcott leading the line…

    From Wenger’s statements regarding Walcott, its like no striker is coming but a goal scoring winger ala Mahrez

    1. Q: would we rather have 1 striker finishing off the 3 attacking midfielder passes
      Or would we rather have 1 striker holding the ball up and feeding the attacking midfield?

      I’m not sure

  4. Arsene Wenger has given
    3,000 interviews since he
    came to Arsenal but he has
    yet to actually say anything.
    “Obfuscate” is his style.
    Make obscure, unclear, or unintelligible.
    confuse, blur, muddle, jumble, complicate, garble,
    bewilder mystify, puzzle, perplex, baffle.
    To me he is talking down to the fans.
    “You do not need to know how the club is run,
    why I make the decisions I do, it’s none of your business
    and besides you would never understand because you are too dumb.
    That’s why I get paid 8 mill per annum and why you don’t.
    The team is about the players and how I prepare them.
    You the fans are underlings.
    Your job is to pay at the gate and watch”.

    1. Well, is not his fault you fail in understanding what he says. Same goes for every manager, not only Wenger. Basically what every manager is allowed to say (for one reason or another) is that they can’t confirm what they can’t confirm and that they don’t know what they don’t know. There you have it in a nutshell.

  5. The best thing for my sanity and mood if for the transfer window to close ASAP. I am, and have been, sick and tired of this frustrating period.

    Wenger wanted a striker otherwise it is hard to explain why made a bid on Vardy.

    When that didn’t happen for him he was out of options since he had no realistic plan B otherwise he would have signed an other striker. He further seems to have failed to learn lessons from the past by failing to see the inevitable price development of the market. There is so much money going around and with Higauin being sold for big money all other competent and promising strikers became 20-30%more expensive. It is hard to see how in this market you can now buy a top striker for the 35 million Wenger would likely be willing to pay. It doesn’t seem Lyon will now let go of Lacazette for les than 60 million Euro (understandably so) and Icardi seems also out of the question with all the money Inter have and their ambitions.

    So it seems time for Arsenal fans to get used to the idea that we just have to put our faith of hope on Giroud having a banner year and others like Walcott, Iwobi and Sanchez adding an other 40-50 goals amongst them.

    But at least the closing of the transfer window will hopefully end the nonsense articles in the press and the nonsense interviews Wenger will give on the topic of team building and strengthening.

    1. Nah, I don’t believe Wenger really was flabergasted by Vardy. He just seen the opportunity to buy some good striker on a cheap. I doubt he really thought Vardy is one for the future. Bet you any money Arsenal wouldn’t pay more than the clause for Vardy because if we really wanted him we could put a 30 mil bid for him and Leicester would stop discussing salary increase for Vardy. But now, judging by yesterday performance, Vardy & Co are still in celebration mode. They better catch up soon because we are coming next week. This time with almost full squad.

  6. Yeah yeah yeah
    It’s a priority to get a new striker in of course it is
    PROVIDING that he cost less that a fiver, is world class, French and is young enough to make a profit on when we resell him
    So not really a priority at all !!!!!!
    The priority here is the same as it’s always been and that NOT spending any money (where is the BT sports money we have got? )
    And making sure we can profit from anyone we aquire so, … effect profit is the priority
    IF buying a striker was such a priority why have we NOT bought one?
    There’s been a few out there who were available and there’s a whole load more who we COULD get if we offered the right money
    This is just more smoke and mirrors from the master of lies and deceit

  7. Until I see shirt on a player signed by AFC. I will Neva trust dat mr Wenger n he Neva mention dat he need striker.

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