Arsenal boss Wenger reveals fear of top four failure

Arsene Wenger has revealed his concern about a possible failure to finish within the top-four.

Arsenal could only manage to pick up six points from their last four matches, allowing Manchester United to close the gap to within five. The Red Devils have played a match less, and only one slip up from the North-London side could prove crucial.

Arsenal travel to Man City on May 8, so this weekend’s home tie against relegation-threatened Norwich City could not be any more important.

The Canaries have been demoted into the drop-zone on goal difference thanks to the Gunners failure to beat Sunderland on Sunday, and Norwich will be desperate to win, and with our team struggling at present, a result would not be a total shocker.

Wenger has now confirmed that he is in fact worried about the club’s situation, with what should be two tough matches coming up in order to try and secure Champions League football next term.

“Yes, of course. We care about that and we worry about it as well because it’s a fight,” Wenger said.

“There are two leagues at the moment – the teams who are taking it a little bit easier, you see some games and you think you would like to play them now, the teams who are safe and are not going for Europe, and then you have the teams who are going for something at the front and the teams who are fighting not to go down, and they are different games.

“It is frustrating because we play to win the title and the fact that we do not win it is of course frustrating, like it is for many other teams.”

I have heard some so-called fans to call for us to drop out of the top-four, in hope of putting pressure on Wenger’s job, but I’m a fan who only wants the best for my club, no matter who is in charge!

We need to four points from our next two matches really, with what should be an easy win against the already-relegated Aston Villa to end the season with.

Will me confirm our place in the top-four?

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    1. It came to the point that ARSENAL does not inspire respect nor concern to their adversaries anymore, we start with a bang (ticky tacka BS) the other team unsettled, at times we score a goal even 2 completely dominant, just to deflate immediately, other teams have seen this and is a matter of time before they start their merciless attack with the results we have seen lately, yesterday CECH was the last man standing, Sunderland had clear opportunities to win this game…..unfortunately under our current management + old and predictable tactics, struggling teams such as SUNDERLAND look like BARCELONA against us, MU start their recovery beating us with a 3rd class team, this will come to haunt us unless we gain composure these next few games……………. GO CAMPBELL

  1. From Spuds, Leicester and Arsenal – We probably had the easiest of the last 10 games to the end of the season – yet we managing to pick up the least amount of points.
    I’m not even confident of us taking all three points against already relegated Aston Villa anymore.

    1. I just cant get myself to care anymore. We wont finish above spurs either, so then we might aswell miss out on top4 and have the club go to hell until Kroenke bails out. I really didn’t think I’d ever be this apathic about Arsenal doing badly

    2. OT but based on previous Article:

      when Cech is seen as the Man of the Match against sunderland,

      then know that the opposition’s strike force was Fantastically troublesome and our defence just as $h!tt¥ !

  2. thank God for this site whenever arsenal depresses me i usually come on here to read the comments and feel much better as fellow gunners pour out their pain,hopefully better day are ahead,cheers..

    1. Arsenal next season:
      Bel – mert – kos – Mon
      —-ramsey–el —

      In Arsene We Rust.

  3. I listened to the interview with Wenger on Sky Sport before the Sunderland match when he talked about leicester city. Wenger seemed very open and relaxed. I cannot recall him being so open. It seemed very much out of character, it makes me wonder if he has decided to resign.

    1. what u saw on the day was one of Wenger’s many poker faces………can’t make sense out of it

      just forget bout trying to study it!

  4. what exactly’s with man and his Top 4 claims……….what’s so special bout it anyway?


    Seeing as u just can’t take Arsenal atop the table to Lift the League Trophy….. Get out of my sight already!

    1. “It is frustrating because we play to win the title and the fact that we do not win it is of course frustrating, like it is for many other teams.”

      Lol @ “frustrating”.
      Well, it is very clear that like the “many other teams” (Everton, Sunderland, Aston Villa et al), he just pays lip service to wanting to win the title without fully preparing/committing himself to it.

      The man is being defensive.. he is willing to lower the bar to excuse his failure.

  5. I’m optimist by nature, but even I don’t see any positives anymore in a way our team plays. Yesterday was one of the most lethargic performances I have ever seen by Arsenal in recent years. We’re so predictable, it’s not even funny anymore. I forgot the last time Wenger made substitutions before 70th minute (when not forced by injury, of course). FFS, it’s Sunderland! I know they are fighting to stay up, but it’s still Sunderland! You see that it’s not working by halftime, while Giroud and Ramsey look like fish out of the water. Throw in Welbeck then, maybe Wilshere too. Freshen things up, give Ozil a chance to create something. Instead, we wait like we always do for the ball to miraculously end up in their net, and they actually looked more likely beating us than we did. Pathetic is the only word I can come up with here. I’ve been Wenger’s biggest fan and advocate when most were calling for his head, but I think it’ll be a blessing in disguise if we miss on top 4 this year, because as painful as it is to say for me, but it’s time for a change.

  6. Well until Wenger resigns,,,,,,,I don’t give a f*ck anymore about whatever he says about arsenal. The board won’t allow his resignation anyway. So lets say about maybe five years more of pain and stresses. Specialist in failure indeed. How I wished am one of those glory hunting fans,,,,hihi.

  7. Admin says my comment is awaiting moderations. I wish Wenger will also be moderated for everything he does.

  8. Arsenal should lose more matches and really be fu**ed up and want to see the presser asking disgusting questions relating to his salary and how he portrays himself. I don’t see one ounce of frustration from him in tears or in pain. If you are really a person who wants arsenal to win then stop predicting matches. There is no luck,no good players and there is only real agony for the supporters.
    I suggest the Arsenal fans start watching champions league matches or wait for the Euros.

    1. Hehehe

      Admin says
      “I have heard some so-called fans to call for us to drop out of the top-four… but I’m a fan who only wants the best for my club, no matter who is in charge!”

      Who says top-four is the best for our club? What if getting top four isn’t the best for our club? What if dropping out of the top four is best thing for our club? In the long run?

  9. Finishing out of top 4 cld be a blessing in disguise…plus who cares anymore abt what’s gonna happen???A lot of nasty stuff has bn happening for a decade!

  10. “It is frustrating because we play to win the title…..”

    Play for the title? By not strengthening what we needed most (CF and CB), you aim for the title? LOL. What did you smoke Mr. Wenger?

    Please just step down, and get out already.

  11. Good… Let him worry about his 4th place trophy! ?
    He may aswell mess that up too…
    So that this Season, He can go down as a ‘Complete Failure’

    Thanks for nothing Mr Wenger, My Arsenal world is completely deflated.

  12. wenger out and ideally Satan Kroenke too is what is best for our club not perpetuating the cycle of under achievement and mediocrity.

    AFC under AW leaves me cold and apathetic. Only seem to enjoy watching other teams these days..

    nothing more to say.

  13. Take anything away from him but not his beloved 4th position. But things are so bad, he’s gonna miss out on that too.

  14. Some are asking for Mureen?? Lol!

    Seriously? He messed Chelsea up so bad that even Cesc confessed he forgot how to play ball and Hazard started thinking like a cb.

    1. Mauree would be great as long as you sack him after 2 years, no matter how well he has done. Within 2 years we should have won PL, beyond 2 years and you risk destroying your team. Also do not employ an extremely dedicated and competant femail team doctor, even if they are very attractive.

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