Arsenal boss Wenger ‘wanted to win every match without exception’

Edu has revealed that Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger wanted to win every match and every competition with no exception.

The Brazilian worked under the Frenchman for four years up until 2005, winning two Premier League titles and two FA Cups within that time.

Edu Gaspar, formerly known as Edu, has now revealed that he makes an effort to return to North London to meet with him every year, and remember his winning mentality and caring attitude.

“Every day Arsene Wenger pulled me into his office,” Edu told the Daily Mail, talking his first week at the club.

“He wanted to check I was OK and check how my family were.

“He cared so much and it made me feel so good. He let my dad watch training. I come to London once a year and always go to see him.

“His mentality created our team.

“He wanted to win every game and every trophy.

“Chelsea away, United away, we wanted to win.”

You would think that this attitude would go without saying, and surely every manager sets up his team to try and win every game, but recent seasons there has been a number of occasions where teams have been set up to ground out a draw.

Leading league contender Jose Mourinho is the main culprit of this, having ‘parked the bus’ on a number of occasions in recent years, including against Liverpool earlier in the campaign in which his side failed to clock up a single shot on goal.

Does Arsene still retain this winning mentality? Does the manager’s system against City prove he always plays to win?

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  1. barryglik says:

    Since Arsenal last won the title
    Chelsea have won 5 titles
    Man U have won 5 titles.
    Man City 2 titles.
    Leicester City 1 title.
    Arsenal 0 Titles.
    Yes Wenger wants to win every game but so too do Stoke and WBA.
    Every club has their goal. WBA and Stoke want to survive in the league.
    Only City Chelsea and Utd really believe they can win the title.
    For a long time now Arsenal has only wanted to make top 4.
    It became like this after Mou cleaned Wenger up in 2005.
    Russian oil money at Chelsea and Quatari oil money at City
    and then Mr Kroenke who believes winning is too expensive
    combined to lower Arsenal expectations these past ten years.
    PL title is again out of the question already in early Nov
    while the ECL title remains light years away.
    Arsenal has become a unique 4th place enterprise benefiting
    the Owner Manager and Players who live in a luxurious bubble
    completely removed from the every day lives of the fans.
    Edu 2001-2005 experienced the golden years, he was lucky.
    Since 2005 its been a long painful wait for the next title.

  2. ThirdManJW says:

    Wenger rarely sets his team up to succeed. Not once has he picked his best starting XI this season. Not once has he picked a starting XI with players in their correct positions this season.

    Now you can get away with this against weaker opposition, especially at home, but not against quality opposition, and most away games. I can’t think of a single top level manager who does this, especially against their rivals! It has nothing to do with finances, Kroenke, Ivan, officials, the fans, it’s just simply poor management. There is no other explanation. Was Morata benched against Utd? Will Kane be benched against Arsenal? Will Messi be benched against Real? And so on…

  3. Yossarian says:

    So what?

    Everybody wants to win every match and every trophy. Just “Wanting” isn’t enough!

  4. sol says:

    That is the thing of the past… one particular time something went wrong about Wenger.last year L. Kosceilny was the only player who criticised Wenger’s lineup.Edu did not say about the current performance. why? last year,before last he did say nothing about Wenger’s wrong tactics.
    Arsenal for life!

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