Arsenal boss with back-handed congratulations for Chelsea and Conte

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has moved to congratulate Chelsea on their title-winning season, whilst warning them that next season WILL be different.

The Gunners endured a torrid campaign, and are now clutching at hopes of a top-four finish, which now depends on us earning two wins inside five days, as well as Liverpool NOT winning their home tie with Middlesbrough next Saturday.

Despite his thoroughly disappointing campaign, he isn’t afraid to call the shots on Antonio Conte, possibly starting the mind-games early ahead of the FA Cup final.

Wenger has claimed that Chelsea have been strongly aided by their lack of European football this season, and insists that they will not win the title again next year, which is harsh words.

He said: “In the last two seasons the team that won the league hasn’t played in Europe.

“I take advantage to congratulate Chelsea on what they’ve done but you will see when they play in Europe it’ll be a different story.

“I feel that in Spain Real Madrid can win games by playing at a lower percentage of the maximum. Bayern is similar – they dominate the German championship.”

It seems a cheeky comment from the Frenchman, especially considering that he himself has copied Conte’s tactical system which he decided to put in place this term, and his use of the formation has seen a huge upturn in fortunes.

Chelsea have easily been the best team this year, and yes of course they have been aided by their lack of European competition, but to claim Europe will stop them next term is jumping the boat slightly.

His words do seem as though he is of the belief that his side have a strong chance of challenging for the Premier League title next term, and also sounds an awful lot like he will be sticking around for the new campaign…

Is it just me or does Wenger sound like he is confident of a strong season next year? Does Conte not deserve more praise for his term? Is this just mind-games for the final?

Pat J

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  1. Janssen says:

    Wenger used to be more classy than this. Conte orchestrated a remarkable season for Chelsea in his first year in the PL. Earlier in the year, Wenger was asked if it was an advantage for Chelsea that they didn’t play CL football and he brushed it aside and added that he was sure Chelsea wished they were playing CL football.

    Chelsea started weak and we beat them easily but Conte didn’t take long to correctly analyse what was needed and changed to 3 at the back and the rest is history.

    If anything Wenger should have learned from this and shown that he to can analyse and make changes when they still matter. What if we had changed to 3 at the back after the 10-2?

    Wenger should show a bit more class and humility and just congratulate Chelsea without hidden excuses for his own failures.

    1. gmv8 says:

      I’m pretty confident that under the correct management, this team could’ve won the league. The trouble that was going on should’ve been nipped in the bud. It doesn’t really matter who we bring in, because unless they’re managed correctly it won’t make any difference. Possibly the only thing we’re missing is a top class striker like Suarez, but we won’t talk about that ….

      1. Quantic Dream says:

        We have been missing a striker since RVP left…Giroud never has never will be good enough to win us the league. He is bang on average and would not play for Man utd, Chelsea, City, Spurs or even Liverpool.

  2. SAMF says:

    Wenger out …

  3. Yossarian says:

    It used to be between Wenger & Fergie. Then between Wenger, Fergie, and Moureen.

    Now it’s between Wenger, Conte, Pochettino, Moureen, Pep, Klopp, and Ronald.

    If Arsene keeps heading in his current direction, Tony Pulis, Claude Puel, Eddie Howe and Craig Shakespeare could be joining that list soon. Maybe Slaven Billic too eventually.

    Wenger needs to wake-up and realise that it’s not 10 years ago and his best days are long gone. Move aside Arsene, and let somebody else have a go, instead of bitterly clinging onto your £8m-a-year. Come-on, it’s not like you need the money!

    1. Quantic Dream says:

      Lol sorry man but if I were Wenger id also hang on for the sweet 8 millies a year. He will never remove himself the only way is the sack.

      1. Yossarian says:

        I’d hang on to £8m/year but I’m a lot younger than him and could really use eight million quid!

        Wenger is 67 years old, and already has lots of eight-million-quids in his bank account.

        How many more does he need?

  4. ArseOverTit says:

    Sour grapes

  5. ArseOverTit says:


    Why does a two word harmless comment of mine require moderation?!!

  6. John Ibrahim says:

    Well fans want aggression, determination and fire from the outgoing manager and there you go

    Wenger knows thats season Arsenal will be playing in Europa which is less competitive and likely to crash out in the first round based

  7. Ddog says:

    Any chance to have a dig aye!?

    You only interpret this as ‘unclassy; if you don’t like Wenger, If he had said this in 2007, no-one would have batted an eye-lid. All he’s saying is Chelsea will find it more difficult next season, which is what everyone’s saying actually, nothing wrong with that. new article!

    1. bran99 says:

      Like how Arsenal found it difficult for 13 years in a row?

      1. Ddog says:

        exactly my point, an excuse to have a dig. when in reaity what he’s said here is pretty unimportant

    2. Ozil says:

      Why can he not just say “I would like to congratulate Chelsea”? Why does he have to add a “but”. Total lack of class.

      He can come up with all the excuses why Chelsea won and he didn’t tomorrow. But when it is the moment to recognize the Champions a the true winner is graceful.

      Same as him now complaining that the teams that have nothing to play for are on holiday. He is saying that because he is looking for excuses. Wenger always claims he is so experienced and knows all about football. Well, we all know if you face relegation teams late in the season they might fight like hell and if you face teams that have nothing more to lose or win that often don’t play so hard anymore.

      If he was so experienced he should not have left it this late to start winning games. If you leave your fate in the hands of others don’t start crying if they have no reason to fight as if their life depends on it.

      Just acknowledge you messed up this season and it is not the fault of other teams not beating your opponents. We have our chance to beat Liverpool, in fact, even a draw at Spurs could have made a big difference. Own your own destiny.

  8. Leo AW says:

    “… that next season WILL be different.”
    Now, that’s what I call bull$h*t.

  9. Break-on-through says:

    Liv finally claim a CL place, I think Klopp wanted a season without any European football because he knew it would help. Chelsea have had no real injuries, Leic the same in previous season. He’s not wrong as it does lesson the injury and work load, and you gain a slight advantage when playing other big teams. Liv done very well against the CL playing teams, as did Lei last season and Che this one.

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