Arsenal boss with BRILLIANT put-down of Mourinho’s Chelsea

Did you really think that Arsene Wenger would let Jose Mourinho taunt Arsenal this week without using the build up to the FA cup final to respond to the jibes? Of course not and even though the Chelsea boss was essentially right in his assessment of the Gunners this season, Wenger had a perfect comeback for the spiteful one.

Mourinho had used the Chelsea awards dinner to take the mickey out of his Premier League rivals and his jibe at Arsenal was that we only played from January to April. Ha ha ha, hilarious. He is lucky that we did have that injury start or he might not be celebrating the title right now.

So Wenger, in an interview reported by Metro, decided to push a few buttons himself and knowing how sensitive the Portuguese prat is to criticism of his team’s playing style, the Frenchman delivered the perfect response, thinly veiled of course as a general observation on modern football.

Wenger said, “I believe that our sport has moved forward a lot on the technical side, on the physical side, on the tactical side but as well we must not forget the values that our sport carries through the generations.

“And one of them is the vibes coming out of a team, going into the stands, they don’t lie. I always like to think that the guy who wakes up in the morning after a hard week of work, has that moment, that fraction of a second when he opens his eyes, ‘Oh, today I go to watch my team!’ and it makes him happy.

“He thinks ‘I can see something special today’. We’re not always in a position to guarantee that but we have to try.

“That’s what people say when you don’t win but let’s not forget you can be boring and lose as well, I believe big clubs have a responsibility to win but to win with style.”

Who on earth could he mean? Boring boring Chelsea perhaps? And all that about getting the fans excited, could he be alluding to Chelsea’s support, or lack of it, highlighted by the embarrassing turnout for their victory parade this week?

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  1. So hope we get a result tomorrow and we meet Chelsea in the charity shield. Will put a massive marker down for our title ambitions next season. Coygs.

    1. not counting the chickens yet but if we do meet chelsea in the charity shield we’ll be missing ospina, sanchez and gabriel in that match because of copa america.

  2. I love,love, love beautiful, classy football, but to be perfectly honest, i like winning more.

    If the choices in front of me were winning ugly or loosing beautifully, i know what i would choose.

    1. Your talking as if it is always going to be forgone conclusion. When we win it will be as always done in style.

      I believe mour will be a little pissed when reading those words, because he knows fans love nothing better than winning except for winning in style that is.

    2. i hear you jimbeam,but we’ve already been there with George Graham.For meits not so much thewinning only 1 team can win a particular trophy,my gripe is that we don’t even challenge these days

  3. Arsenal is improving massively, so we stand a very good chance of winning the league next season. Let’s start by making a history tomorrow (Highest FA cup winners) #COYG

    1. you need a dictionary,going from 4 to 3rd with less points cannot be described as a massive improvement or even an improvement at all.Stop gassin an wake up

  4. We’ll only stand a chance if we can beat Chelsea and if we ensure the bad results we had against Swansea, Stoke, Tottenham don’t happen again. The aim should quantified: score 1 more per game while conceding 0.5 less on average.

  5. Keep reading articles on Klopp and it amazes me that the same journalists that abuse Wenger support Klopp. They say that it was inevitable that Dortmund would fall as they have lost their best players and work under tight financial constraints. Does that sound familiar? Only difference is that Wenger kept us competitive through the tough times. I believe we are going to end up with Klopp, as he’s now said that he’s taking a sabbatical. I reckon he’s waiting for Wenger to retire and he’ll come to us. The thought of Klopp bringing his pressing game to us with players like Sanchez’s work rate excites me. However, I think the media should recognise Wenger for the great he really is. Loyal, intelligent and he changed British football forever. Whatever happens tomorrow, I have a great deal of respect for him.

    1. Who thumbed that comment down… like seriously are you a Gooner or what. You have no respect for our current and most successful manager ever… sod off ya raggle muffin.

    2. He was great not anymore,if he was an all time great he would have been able to adapt better to the changing times,the same way Fergie a true great was able to.Tere can be no doubt Wenger is our greatest coach,but when compared to the greats around the world he falls way short,Wenger has never won a trophy in Europe b4,with any of his clubs.How can you be a true great if you’ve never won internationally?

      1. Wenger is quality. He ushered in a new era of dietary requirements for footballers, training methods and moulded Arsenal into what it is today. Just because he hasn’t won the UCL doesn’t mean he isn’t one of the best managers in Europe. Trophies don’t tell the whole story, what about building the new stadium but keeping us in the UCL? What about nurturing youth and creating some of the best players to grace the league? Wenger is a great of the game, and will only be appreciated by everyone once he retires and everyone realises how good he is.

        1. Not just the champions league,hes never won any uefa cup or the cup winners when it was around

      2. Fergie had unlimited funds Wenger had no funds For the first 7 years Wenger won as many trophy’s as Fergus if not more and made Fergus look like an average manager. But when the funds dried up for Wenger so did the teophy’s. Finally we have a bit of money again and were back among the trophies. It’s sad that the most successful manager in our history will not be classed as a legend until he retires and then maybe next manager doesn’t get us in to champs league. When this does happen and it will fans on here will see wengers true value. In arsene I trust

  6. I remember Morin loud mouth complaining about supporters at Stamford Bridge not doing enuf to show support for their team, not being loud enuf,,, something of the sort…..
    Who would cheer a team playing boring boring football like that….

    1. Great comment, they know that they boring under moron but luckily for they won the league. Whenever moron plays expansive football he gets stuffed that’s why they didn’t win the league last year. People call him a genius because he chooses to counter and not dominate the opposition. I think chelski will have draw most of their games with the top teams next, the other managers will shoe him up by not playing as well, though he will try to make them play by using taunts. Wenger didn’t fall for it this time and he did the same to lvg.

  7. We have made progress, and what I get by progress is not bettering our position but the positivity to beat big teams, which I can surely say will be reflected in coming season.

  8. Eerrm, were any of us (who were old enough) complaining when “boring boring arsenal” we’re winning things? Haha

    Id rather have had a boring season and have a nice premier league trophy sitting there.

    1. We all want to win, and we are not losing because of expansive football it’s more down to loses of concentration at crucial moments of the game. We should not lhave ost to manure, swansea both times and won against Liverpool and citeh. Your comment is what chelki use to defend themselves for being boring.

      Do not confuse boring football with trophies, boring football is boring football and winning is winning. None of the other champions in the other leagues or previous champions in EPL were boring chelski included(ancelotti). You let moron blind you of his deficiency, for that I’d say his a genius. He has people wishing to be bored so they can win a trophy.

  9. Gonna get a few thumbs down for this but to be honest I would rather spend my weekends watching my team play beautiful attacking football and have the joy of watching beautiful goals such as Wilshere’s goal v west brom last week and still finish in the top 4 with a cup final to look forward to than win the title having to force my eyes open to actually see my team win via an early goal and the rest of the game spent watching headed clearances from John terry

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