Arsenal boss with perfect response to Mourinho

After offering the hand of truce, literally, before the game between Arsenal and Chelsea just over a week ago, Jose Mourinho took no time to aim a few more words of disrespect at his managerial rival Arsene Wenger, with the spurious claim that the Frenchman and Arsenal have some sort of special relationship with the FA and get everything going our way.

The Chelsea boss also tried to claim that Wenger was amazingly lucky to be so safe and secure in his job as the Arsenal boss while every other coach in the Premier League is under severe pressure to succeed. However, it looks like the prof has finally got wise to these taunting tactics from Mourinho.

It seems clear to me that every time Mourinho comes up with one of these attacks, on Wenger, Arsenal, officials, other teams, his own players, the medical staff or whoever is in the firing line, it distracts the football media from some other problem.

I very much doubt that this is a coincidence and so the best response to Mourinho is to ignore him, like a naughty boy trying to get attention. And that has what Wenger did with his latest comments, Sky Sports reports.

He was asked about it but wisely chose to just brush off the comments and say that he was just going to keep trying to get Arsenal playing well and winning. Not only does this perfect response give Wenger the high ground, it gives Mourinho nothing to get his teeth into – and so further ranting will make him look even worse.

Well played Arsene!

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  1. Eddy Hoyte says:

    we all grow up and learn someday,someway, this is Wenger growing, literally leaving Mourinho like a kid leaving another kid in the garden crying cuz he’s scared there’s a monster inside the house.
    Wenger:First boy
    Mou:the scared,crying boy
    F.A: the monster

    Mourinho gotta grow up and start doing things on his own without involving wenger

    1. josh37 says:

      Yep.. Funny how he doesn’t seem to pick fights with Pelligrini and LVG.
      Could be us having a few more slip-ups early season. Or maybe he was threatened by our second half of season form when it was mathematically a long shot, but an ever so small possibility.
      We’re 3pts off top spot with those three in our hands at home this coming week. It’ll look even more silly if he continues to talk while we’re towards the front of the pack with his side not even in contention…

      1. dragunov762mm says:

        Jose might be so upset about Costa’s banned. Not only of his “clinical act” (amazingly 2 goal and Gabriel under wear), but also because Jose can’t show off his entire football philosophy through Diego Costa behavior. Because of all his moaned, Chelsea are loosing focus. I thought they will gain BIG boost after that 2-0 won, hilariously they didn’t.

  2. deejay1952 says:

    Not a difficult strategy for A.W. after all maureen is completely stupid at times. His rants are a bit like van gaal’s… dumb and incoherent.

  3. Greg says:

    A perfect response to this for me personally, would be for chelsea to finish outside of the top! Would love to have the last laugh on mourinho!

  4. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Nuce one bob feep it up mate ?
    What… No time to use spell check?
    Or do we blame them lazy smelly roll up’s ??

  5. josh37 says:

    Results on the pitch says the most…
    An away win against an unbeaten team running hot.. Whereas they drew with Newcastle.
    Let him keep running his mouth, I see a lot less football fans referring to his ‘mind-games’ and hanging on every word he says as though it’s poetic. With Chelsea looking horrible he’s exposed a lot more for what he is. A mercenary manager with short-term success the biggest goal who’s ego is more important than sustainability…
    We’re three points off the top, our forwards look to have finally remembered where the goals are and our service has continually been first class. City look horribly less convincing with Silva and Toure injured. It shows how heavily reliant they are.
    Two home games now… A big chance to build on attacking dominance with us likely to see the lion’s share of the ball. Need to get more in the habit of scoring early so games open up and we can play on our terms.

  6. Andrew U says:

    If Wenger wants to stop Mourinho from talking maybe he should start beating him on the pitch.

    1. Hafiz Rahman says:


      make some signings…strengthen the squad…

      win the games

      1. Lethal Prince 9 says:

        Which players we should sign??

  7. but Mourinho does have a point there..Wenger is the only manager who operates under zero pressure and decides when his own bloody contract will end. without any trophy at the end of the season Wenger should be offed if the board is really bitious..get Ancelloti in or someone else with fresh ideas to try new things. Wenger’s way isn’t the only way.

    1. Lethal Prince 9 says:

      BTW, what is Wenger’s way?

      1. Gavana says:

        Wenger way is to play beautiful game and finish top 4.

  8. Rationalist says:

    Well, Arsene shouldn’t be setting up long-running spats with other managers in order to be able to brush them off whenever it suits him.

    I’ve always maintained that when it comes to Mourinho and what he says, the worst thing you can do is respond to it. He himself knows well when to ignore things or sweep them under the carpet. We know he’s a distraction merchant. We know he constantly blames “externalities” or some imagined form of “corruption” for his team falling short. Yet more often than not he’s got the beating of Wenger, and 100% of the time in league matches Wenger has *never* had the beating of Mourinho, and those four points a season in Chelsea’s favour make the gap look much bigger than it ought to be.

  9. Okayblack says:

    I hate Mourine (Mourinho), he’s not class, but he’s not far from d truth unless we Arsenal fans don’t want to face it. Again, I hate Mourinho but I want Wenger changed…
    We Luv Arsenal, Cos’ we are the Arsenal!!!!!!

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