Arsenal bottle it away from home again – So what’s changed?

Lack of accountability and mentality leads to performances likes this. by Konstantin Mitov

Well, the Europa League hangs on a thread now. Why is that? Because we gifted a dead Rennes side a red card and they took it easily! What is Sokratis doing on a yellow? The moment you touch him, he is going down and then you’re out for the rest of the tie and we’re done. Is a goal really worse than this?

This was a Wenger performance. Honestly is Emery doing much better? Sure our point tally improved by about 10 points, but is that enough? We still can’t win away. Our record against the top 6 continues to be poor and our defence is well, non-existent! I want to know is anyone being held accountable for this?

We know the board doesn’t care, but do you realise that we’ll have no transfer budget if we don’t make Champions League football next year? We failed to win at Spurs, because our mentality is weak. Look at the way Rashford slotted it in with power against PSG. The academy boy had more balls than a 60 mil. pound striker, who should’ve buried Spurs, rather he buried his confidence and with that most of our top 4 chances.

Our main striker has 8/23 missed pens. That’s an awful record and when I see people who don’t make a solid run to put power through the shot I always question it, because it gives the keeper time. This I am now certain will prove to be the difference between top 4 and not, and I don’t see us getting it now. We crumbled and yet, when we have an easy EL game that went our way from the get go, we bottled it again.

We cannot control a game. We don’t know how to. Our unbeaten run included a lot of comeback wins, because we don’t stroll through games. We battle through them. We hope to outscore the opposition. We couldn’t keep a clean sheet against Huddersfield when we were 2-0 up and they hadn’t scored in 5 games straight! This is a mentality issue. It’s in the back of your head all the time.

There are no characters in this team. Name one player in this team you relate to! One who carries Arsenal in him. Who shouts on the pitch, who shows leadership and character! Name one, who doesn’t have a mistake in him all the time. One who is solid, who can be relied upon. The only one I can think of is Ramsey and he’s leaving!

What has happened over the past 12 years at this football club is the systematic removal of all people who knew Arsenal and Football and replacing them with people who’s only job is to fill the owners pocket. Why is Emery not held accountable? This feels like Wenger days all over again.

If he doesn’t win against United, which I assure you he won’t. his future should be up in the air. If our target really is the top 4, it should be top 4 or bust. We’ve become accepting of the fact that we’ll struggle away and honestly I don’t care anymore. I get angry for a moment, and then I remember that apart from the name, nothing is the same for Arsenal since we moved from Highbury.

We were robbed of our Identity and implied weakness in it’s place. We let a manager who flopped a 4:0 lead against Barcelona take charge. What’s next, Tomas Tuchel? These players should burn their shirts and leave this summer. Mustafi, Ozil, Xhaka, Koscielny are just a few to be named.

How on earth do we expect to reach the top 4 with Mustafi and Xhaka at the base of our defence and midfield? I would rather play the kids. Why is Smith-Rowe on loan? Whis is Reiss Nelson on loan? At least when we play bad I’d have a reason why. Look at the way United won at PSG. With the KIDS! Every player they had on that pitch had a purpose!

It’s time for the brutal truth. This team doesn’t have the manager, the players, the owner and sadly the fans to change something. Our billionaire owner took a LOAN to buy this club. We’re an experiment of a rich American person, who’s passion for sport is less than his love for ranches.

Unless someone puts up a massive at least 2 billion bid to buyout the club, I can’t see us turning into anything other than a 6th place club. I wish we had someone who cared. Someone who would rip those players apart. I want to see a manager who would dig into those princesses wearing our proud shirt and make them into warriors. And if they can’t do it, they should be shifted out.

We should’ve hired Simeone or Allegri. Someone who would install a proper defence. Who understands the meaning of that part of the game. We should’ve gone for someone who has won something meaningful. Someone who has won the league title instead of Barcelona and Real Madrid, or reached a number of Champions league finals. Instead we went for weakness. Or maybe the others didn’t want to come because they wouldn’t get the backing needed to succeed.

I won’t be able to take Sunday. I’ve seen this too often. Even if we don’t lose, do you think we’d win away at Everton, Watford and Wolves? With our defence and away record? These players better turn up hard on Sunday, or else they better not turn up at all. This club has been shamed far too much. It’s time for a massive reconstruction in the summer. Top to bottom.



  1. Good opinion about Rashford. Lacazette and Aubameyang were the ones that did not finish Spurs, unbelievable misses for 50+ M strikers

    Your Tuchel joke could come true if PSG do not extend his contract in 2021. I don’t like to watch Simeone’s team play due to their style, but I believe Simeone would not let stars like Ozil or Pogba step on his authority

    I think Allegri benefits from Juventus’ highly established system as a big club and I don’t think he could succeed at a stingy club like Arsenal. Tottenham pinned his team down in CL and Juventus only won by luck at that time

  2. So true Constantin about the lack of character in the squad!!

    When did we last have an Henry, Viera, Adams, Parlour, Bergkamp that would grace the field by demanding more and noever settling for less!?

    This Arsenal side have been flat for a decade. No passion, pride or f**king gumption to produce the kind of commitment Arsenal FC and it’s fans deserve! I don’t relate to any of them as individuals. If any of them left today I wouldn’t bat an eye-lid or shed a tear! When the above mentioned players (Henry, Viera, Adams, Parlour or Bergkamp) left I was totally rekt!!!

    The heart of the club has gone. Both physically and mentally. The ethos has changed and the that was down to Wenger and the new stadium. Give me back Highbury and the marble halls. Give me back the small stadium with massive heart! GIVE ME BACK MY ARSENAL!!!!

  3. Out : Emery and his merry guitarists
    Out : Ospina, Lich., Mustafi, Kos., Monreal, Elneny, Jenks, Chambers, Ozil, Mikhi, Auba, Laca
    Keep : Leno, Belerin, Mavo, Holding, Socrates, Kosl., AMN,Torrera, Xhaka, Guendo.,Iwobi, Welbeck
    Sign : CB, CF, winger,LB
    Upgrade : Smith, Reiss Nelson, Eddie, Martinez/Macey,Pleguezo.,Medley,Willock.
    That will be called a change, let the highly paid, under performing players be shown the door.
    Lets focus on the EPL and FA cup, competing in Europe is a waste as we are not determined to win it.

    1. Laca n miki deserves more time on my opinion and arsenal’s main problem is not about cb as many of you thinking… We actially need a complete new quality width players i mean RB,LB,LW and LW respectively. We’ve good cb’s i believe but they’ve been exposed severely due to the lacky of width which leading to be pressed to much… In modern football you can’t win a game without forcing opponent to make mistakes (pressing) and you can’t press your opponent with a squad with full of attacking midfielders like miki,ozil and ramsey and poor quality winger like iwobi who’ve not even in 11 of knocked in group stages team

  4. …… Articles like this annoy me…..I don’t think I have ever seen a positive article from this guy before, he always find something to moan about, Jesus…. give it a rest dude….
    ….The team fell apart yesterday but we had enough quality to kill the game even at one man down…. where was Ozil yesterday??… Emery left him on the pitch yesterday for a reason and yet he couldn’t control the game against a team like Rennes…..shows Emery is justified in that regard.

    …. Auba has been abysmal in the last few games and Lacazette isn’t better, but yet, the coach gets the blame….for what exactly? Kos and Xhaka and Ozil and Monreal were on the pitch but yet, none could lead the team despite all being Captains….. You want the coach to do what exactly with this type of players? You guys expect too much from this squad….

    ….For me, win or lose come Sunday or Thursday, I am with Emery and since Monchi is on his way, I am confident a lot of these useless players will be gone come summer…..

    1. James you gotta admit he made strong points in this article.. At least tell me you can see a big part of the truth in this article even if it’s annoying and a bitter pill to swallow

      1. ……What points Eddie? He wished we got Simeone who is Mourinho 2.0 ….. common, I am sorry to say but that’s just silly….. truth is; no top coach will smell Arsenal right now…. anytime, we lose, some fans just say some dumb things, that up there is one of those…

        1. Exactly right the constraints in place at Arsenal right now would not attract any well credentialled coach /manager to come to the Emirates, let alone of the standard of Simeone or Allegri, should Emery go.
          Please remind me, why did Arsenal leave Highbury and what eere we promised again? Compete with Europes elite, what a laugh!

  5. You “assure us” we won’t win on Sunday? Thanks for that – I’ll tjust cancel my trip to the Emirates with my son on Sunday now. Maybe your next article could be on the winning lottery numbers. Take deep breath man.

    1. ”You “assure us” we won’t win on Sunday? Thanks for that, I’ll tjust cancel my trip to the Emirates with my son on Sunday now.”

  6. I agree with many things you said especially about the mentality but i disagee with you about not hiring emery. He has won titles, MANY titles and think about it, would these fickle arsenal fans have accepted simeone or allegri, these two guys are super defensive and play rigid systems that wouldn’t favour ozil, their favourite player. See the backlash emery got for not playing ozil just because he wants players that work hard. The fact is emery was the best available option, all these other top managers would want a big budget to overhaul the squad, money we aren’t ready to spend. We need a massive overhaul because most of our players are inconsistent and weak minded, we also need to right people to identify the positions needed and buy the right players that fit. No more buying players because they are cheap and free like kolasinac who can’t defend to save his life but was still purchased because he was free. Anyways, with this owner, i can’t see us challenging for major titles unless the fans are ready to accept a diego simeone type manager who will build a squad on defensive stability with smaller resources, thats how atletico madrid have been succesful, but i doubt these arsenal fans would accept that either because most of their favourites like ozil, aubameyang, kolasinac wouldn’t fit this model.

  7. The irony is that we are letting Ramsey go and he is always the player that runs his socks off.
    As long as the yank is majority owner we can expect more of the same for years to come.

  8. Correct Konstantin, arsenal has a huge fun base, can’t we find a way to buy out the club from this guy?

  9. Yes you may well say that compared to many years ago, we and MOST OTHER TEAMS TOO, also have little character in their teams. As one of lifes realists who always looks far wider than some of thr narrow “black OR white only” views on this site, I can accurately point to a far more pertinent reason for this widespead lack of character. It is the softness of todays snowflake generation . The fact that so many will resent and dislike this truthful use of “snowflakes” merely reinforces my point. Younger people today are terrified of and resent being attacked for being too soft. But MOST -I do NOT say ALL – assuredly ARE soft. Far softer than the harder and more physically stringent days and players of yore. And that is reflected, as a prescient person would expect, in todays football. Nothing whatever to do with Emery , who is far harder a taskmaster than “Uncle” Arsene was ever capable of being. If you want facts, rather than daft and ill thought through theories, look no further than this post for the MAIN, though not whole, reason for todays widespread softer players. Arsenal are far from alone in this softness, which in any case is far less obviously present with us now than the last years under “keep everyone happy Wenger”. So think deeper, Konstantin! Some players need an arm around their shoulders, some need a kick in the pants and others need to be shown the door. WENGER HATED EXITS, ESP HIS OWN.

    1. what we need is a captain who will dish out a few black eyes at half time to the sorry lot who won’t pull their weight. Everyone looks far too comfortable and assured of their place in the team. Everyone says nice things about each other and no one calls anyone out. What would PV say after a performance like that? Imagine Tony Adams on the flight back home.

      That’s what I’m talking about here. We need characters like PV and Adams to ruffle a few feathers of these snowflakes we have wearing our shirt. Toughen this lot up, or run them away from the club.

      What’s the difference in this year compared to the last several? Most Gooners can tell you who needs to be run off from the club.

      Xhaka should be sold and money used to upgrade. Monreal contract extended, why? because cheap option and avoids spending money. Why are we paying Ozil a King’s salary? His marketing prowess? Kit sales? Damn sure isn’t performances on the pitch.

      If they don’t want to spend, then rotate Nelson and ESR rather than loan out. Rather have kept Chambers and loaned Mustafi FFS!

      This management team has a lot to prove this Summer. Sell players for losses just to get rid of them, play the kids, not like we’ll drop points like we have been.

      1. jon and Durand, can’t agree more. I have read and heard stories about two of the Arsenal greats, when the came to Arsenal. Dennis Bergkamp took being hacked by Adams, Keown et al in training until he had had enough and started putting in the stick and cleaning them up. Thierry Henri claimed that he nrver worried about what he would face in a game, because Arsenal pre match training was tougher.
        Too many players today need some tough love, they are making exceptional money without having to work too hard. It’s a different world to the days when men worked down the mines or in the shipyard and then trained and played football.
        Today in the work plsce it is very difficult to mentor people in the work place, particularly when it involves pointing out their mistakes and directing where performance needs to improve. Such criticism is now seen as “bullying” by the fragile little petals.

  10. I saw the same Emery, as agitated as ever’, said the winger. ‘I looked over at him a few times and that made me laugh. He hasn’t changed.’Arta Ben arfa..
    Emery came to Arsenal to Pam his hair and bring up confusion as soon as he came he started with Ozil

    1. And Ben Arfa has been an outstanding player and hasn’t caused problems at which of the many clubs he has played for?
      Why are Arsenal supporters taking notice of anything he says?

  11. “Who shouts on the pitch, who shows leadership and character!”
    “How on earth do we expect to reach the top 4 with Mustafi and Xhaka at the base of our defence and midfield? ”

    To the answer for the first question, look at the second quote, Mustafi and Xhaka do shout a lot…

    I am not claiming that those two are of high enough quality to win the EPL, I do wish to point out that they are vocal players with potential leadership. Maybe leadership for Everton over Arsenal who should be competing for EPL and UCL…

    Maybe they could become top players for another manager? Some players look trash in one system but great in another, we have seen Emery tinker so much that it is hard to tell if these players are as bad as they appear. Xhaka can play well sometimes next to Torreira, he has shown inconsistency like many… but how can we demand consistency from players who have a manager setting examples of inconsistency?

    I do not think Emery is tinkering because the players are not good enough, he tinkers and he likes to tinker, look at his history.

    This is not in defence of Xhaka or Mustafi, I do feel that those two should be sold as we they have age etc going to boost the price up and EPL experience… Those two could fetch us money for a couple gems or a single top player in a bargain. I really am not trying to defend those two, I am not bashing them because I dislike them either. I believe we have kids who could replace them now so why not cash in on those two and invest it in the squad?

    I can’t help but to recall that Raul wanted Enrique as manager but blocked as Arsenal didn’t have the funds… When Gazidis was here… This was also the time when Arsenal had an offer on the table for Ramsey with a big pay rise.

    Gazidis has gone, Ramsey contract was pulled… Raul is now head honcho. Enrique signed a two year deal with Spain and has 1 year left at end of current season… Not the largest buyout if Raul pushed for Enrique. Maybe…

    1. Who is the one responsible for putting them there???????
      We need to stop blaming these players for not playing their hearts out for a manager they have no confidence in. Is it a surprise that not one of our senior players can stay in form under Emery.

      I say give the team to Robert Pires for the remainder of the season and look at the difference. The players are not enthusiastic about Emery’s ways.
      Is Dennis Suarez still on vacation in England? No article on this site and absolutely no criticism of the manager.
      And United are winding up to deliver us another embarrassment.

  12. People on here talking about selling over ten players at once to suit this fraud of a manager. Wasn’t these players the same ones who went 22 unbeaten trying to impress Mr Unai Emery????????

  13. Well my lovely Konstantine, it hasn’t taken you long to start realising things wouldn’t change once AW had gone has it?
    Like so many on here, your constant bitching and moaning about only winning FA cups, finishing in the top four and CL qualification have now come home to roost with a resounding “wake up call” haven’t they?

    Let me just remind you, the club have signed six new players since UE took over.
    He inherited a squad that had justsigned two strikers for about £100,000,000 on top of that and in the last season under AW reached the europa semi-final, losing to the eventual winners by the difference of one goal.
    The season before the won the fa cup and for the previous twenty seasons had finished in the top four.
    Snowflaky dross every one of them of course!!!!

    Now then, my lovely Konstantine, please explain how this was achieved with a squad full of dross, weedy, mentally frail, leaderless snowflakes?

    Watching our last two away games in the europa cup, you know the one that UE has so much experience in, cannot compare in any positive way to that which AW was delivering, even in the last year of his reign at our club.

    Playing a team 11th in the mediocre French first division was no problem until Sokratis was sent off,( more on him later), but THAT INCIDENT was when we should have seen UE earn his obscene salary and change his tactics, substitute properly and divert to a defensive plan B.
    The equaliser happened just before the break and that meant he had the halftime to discuss all of this and ensure we came home with that scoreline.

    The second half proved that he had no idea what to do, except run up and down (100% UE commitment there then!!), waving his arms, holding his head in his hands and having the p**s taken out of him by yet another player he couldn’t manage properly from our opponents…COMPLETE HUMILIATION.

    Taking into account the half time “pep talk” that makes 65 minutes for UE to imprint HIS style of play on the players.

    IF these players were good enough to reach the semi-finals last year, why couldn’t we…with six new players to strengthen the squad… have been instructed/coached/managed to deliver, judged on the first 45 minutes, a relativally easy scenario?

    It’s so easy to blame others, those being the same ones who were being lauded just three months ago as having “got our Arsenal back” and “Arsene who” quotes.

    What bl**dy hypocrites some of you so called fans are on here and, of course, it didn’t take our lovely konstantine more than a few sentences to bring AW into the conversation.
    Hell konsty, he’s been gone for nine months now and since then we have been on a 20 odd unbeaten run and signed six…SIX…new players.

    Let’s have a look at those six new players who were to improve on the “snowflakey dross” that kept us in CL football for so long.
    Lichsteiner…a leader by example, earns his £90,000 a week without fail and an improvement on Bellerin, Debuchy and Jenks?
    Sokratis…a leader who has been booked more times than we’ve won away and kept a clean sheet,banned for five games and missing, injured, for another four. Earning his reported salary thereby earning his reported salary? Being coached by UE to know when to commit a foul and when not to?
    Torrerria…a very good signing and well worth his salary, leads by example and on par with Coq, Song and Flamini , but no Vieria or Petite is he? Wonder why UE hasn’t done what AW has been criticised for and gone out and brought the “real deal”? Perhaps and because those two were irreplacable?
    Leno…very good value for money and worth his salary.
    Guendouzi…what an excellent signing and one for the future.

    Not ONE “born leader” amongst them and yet the same old tirade against the players UE inherited as being “dross” reappears every time a scapegoat is needed.
    Unlike some on here, I am a realist and know that every single manager who has signed players, inevitably gets some wrong.
    Both UE, AW, Fergie, Klopp and Pep come under that umbrella.

    So you got your wish my lovely Konstantine, remember saying words to the effect of your life beginning again under UE? The dawning of a new day? Waking up and feeling that life is worth living again?
    Not all of them just from you of course, but you get my drift?

    Within ten months you now want him hung, drawn and quartered, bracket him alongside your nemesis AW and expect anyone to care?
    Be careful what you wish for, as the grass is always greener on the other side:

    That ends my rant and I know it’s only my opinion as a snowflakey, weedy, drossy dullard with a mentally weak outlook on life…how I just wish I had the knowledge, the aptitude, the superior mentality that others have in abundance so that I could tell themall where they have all got it wrong…
    but I’m just a fan of The Arsenal and that’s why I’m looking forward to Sunday and watching tippy tappy backwards and forward endless negative defensive football, with, if I’m REALLY lucky, four shots on goal and will rejoice in UE and the snowflake kids if we win!!!!!1

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