Arsenal bowed to pressure to allow striker his wish

Lucas Perez has revealed that Arsenal sanctioned his move to Deportivo La Coruna despite favouring other options.

The Spanish forward joined the club in a reported £17 Million move only last summer, but after a lack of opportunities, decided he had to play elsewhere for the new campaign.

Lucas made his intentions that he wanted to return to La Liga this summer, preferably with former club Deportivo, but a return was not favoured by the Gunners.

Arsenal had received more valuable offers from Everton and Newcastle to take the 28 year-old on loan, but the player made it clear that La Coruña was where he wanted to be.

Lucas said upon his unveiling back at Depor: “I’m where I want to be.

“I have a right to decide what is going to happen with my future and what I want to do.

“Arsenal understood that and I’m grateful to them. They understood my situation and the fact that I wanted to return home.

“Arsenal defended their own interests, they initially didn’t want me to return to Deportivo.

“They have reached agreements with many clubs but I clearly told them that my intention was to join Depor and no other alternative.”

He added:  “I have always said that money doesn’t give me happiness. I move based on my emotions.

“When I went to Arsenal, it was a good decision, even though they didn’t give me opportunities.”

Many Gunners wanted Lucas to play more often last season, having impressed during his limited appearances, but Arsene Wenger opted to leave him benched for a large number of matches, leaving him frustrated.

With the World Cup coming up next summer, Perez will be keen to play regularly in hope of returning to the Spain international squad, and must believe he will have his best chance to do so with Depor.

Did Lucas get a fair chance with us last year? Could he return after his loan spell?

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  1. John Ibrahim says:

    It appears that Perez was a player Wenger never wanted and hence never feature in his plans…

    It is likely that the player was signed just to appease Wenger’s requirement of a striker

  2. Quantic Dream says:

    Perez was really mistreated and disrespected by Wenger. Players like Ramsey, Xhaka, Ozil and Welbeck play game after game after game and produce jack squat while someone like Perez who is barely given a chance to even proove himself always delivered in his limited times he played. Wenger destroys careers and is destroying our club for the sake of his favourites. I really wish Wenger would stop clinging onto power and just leave.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      Even if Wenger is to depart tomorrow

      It will not make a difference.

      The club is owned by Kroneke and run by the Management

      a manager signs a contract and he has to abide by the rules of the contract terms

      New manager like Mourinho, Pep, Conte and etc…will still have their own “fav” players and have limited budget to buy players

  3. arsenal#7 says:

    That is why Wenger should not be managing a club. He does not understand the quality someone like Perez had vs someone like Walcott or Welbeck for example.
    Remember Arshavin ? A brilliant footballer at the height of his carreer and Wenger could not use properly. How about Podolski also?
    The man just has not been with it for awhile. It is amazing that club like Arsenal ar afraid to can this guy.
    The Emperor is naked but noone is allow dot say that!!!

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      weird why did Mata being bench and sold when hes at Chelsea?

      Luakau too

      Pep bench yaya at Barca as well

      recently Costa being destroyed by Conte?

      the list goes on

    2. Jonm says:

      Then there was Chamach, when he arrived RVP was injured and Chamach was regularly scoring, has the record for scoring the most goals in consecutive CL games. Then everything went wrong.

      As for Arshavin, when he arrived he quickly became a firm fan favourite, remember the chant “we have Arshavin ???? Adebeyor”. It ended with him coming on to replace Ox and being booed.

      Wenger has this reputation for developing players but I am struggling to think of any recent examples.

  4. gonnerslastson says:

    I think this being bias. I read about ozil in the previous article, and everyone was slamming him, and no one or any admin cared to talk about the message he sent to arsenal fans yesterday on his Facebook page. I read it and got emotional… its so clear everyone here hates him.

  5. Gelz says:

    Other than selling him back to Deportivo for a cut price that was last respectable act we could give to him after the way he has been treated here, hope he has good season and get what he wishes for in a team that appreciates him and who fans adore.

  6. Marty says:

    Makes you wonder what went through Wengers head when he signed him. ” I know i’ll sign this player and piss him off by not playing him “……

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