Arsenal boys have now become men at last

The Coming of Age…… by BG

The financial shackles no longer tend to dictate Arsenal’s transfer activity; although in previous seasons our main players have left in the search for bigger and better things, it’s also noted that the Arsenal FC was forced to play its hand in dire situations. It a different ball game now, with Mr. Wenger finding his lost appetite, after having to control his appetite season after season. Perhaps all those years of hunger has been replicated into Alexis Sanchez’s hunger to succeed….

The team is no longer boys trying to be men, they are men with grit; for we have Alexis to pressurize the opponent’s defense when not in possession, Coquelin to break the play in midfield and Koshielny to whack and swipe the opponents attackers. To be fair Alexis is a double edged sword at its best, sharp, versatile, a thing that will definitely cut through defences.

The media frenzy seems to be escalating and no matter who comes in or not, we are more than capable of challenging on all fronts come what may; they say consistency is key and now we have that – and the continuity of the players who are all there for each other.

Benzema, Lewandowski, Reus, Busquests for sure will add depth and dexterity to any squad; though for now the addition of Cech itself has put us leaps and bounds ahead. So let’s all wait for that to take its own course and focus on the Curtain Raiser on the 2nd August. If the last community shield was anything to go by, we will for sure be thrilled to see Wenger smack that arrogant Manager of a Club with lesser history.

This is the season and has been sometime coming now; the team comes of Age with Class and Precision. There is an aura that surrounds the Team and Fans this time around; and let us not be surprised if we have a season like the invincibles did.

To a Great Season Ahead; Cheers!! COYG…………

Bishwaraj Gurung

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    1. expect a goal from Theo come Sunday….he always does it after signing a contract….
      please wenger don’t sign a new cf…am completely satisfied with our current squad
      a dm is welcome but not so necessary….these squad can win the league or even
      the champions league

      1. I don’t think any of the big striker names are moving so don’t see how we can get one. I think we should get a backup DM but with Arteta and Flamini staying I don’t see that happening. Flamini was actually quite good when we signed him if he manages to return to that form, I don’t him being the backup DM. I believe the squad is good enough to challenge without any major injuries. I hope Wenger gets these players to play some goof football and get the right results this time at the start.

  1. Cazorla and Walcott just signed a new contract, what a statement to other clubs who cant keep their stars! Both players are our best performer in big games. Goals and assist in both FA CUP finals. Good news indeed.

  2. Wrote this on the bottom of the last article but really wanted people to see it:

    Let’s give Theo Walcott the respect he deserves. Over 300 appearances, longest serving player and just signed a contract which will tie him with Arsenal until he’s 30 years old. I am 100% sure he could’ve forced a move away earlier to the likes of Liverpool or Chelsea and gotten way more money from these theams but he didn’t. Not even when he scored 20 goals and gave 20 assists.


    1. I share your excitement with this news….
      Theo and Santi signing is as bigger news as any other signing we may get this summer. Great news for Arsenal.
      140k a week however does make him one of our top earners, and I’m not entirely convinced he’s done enough just yet to justify that. HOWEVER, I strongly believe we’ll see a different Theo Walcott, one that’s even deadlier infront of goal this season.

      I do however, feel that signing a “Long term contract” in modern day football doesn’t count for much.
      I do hope you’re right, and Theo’s loyalty will see him at Arsenal until his early 30’s.

    2. Maybe he owes Arsenal just a tad for paying him 100k to watch football for a year? Idk perhaps that’s just me.

      “Loyalty”….what a daft notion, he’s loyal to the big contract. No excuses now, let’s see him actually perform like a 140k a week player or this little moment of rejoicing will look even more ridiculous than it currently does. He’ll need to equal his best ever season simply to justify his wage increase, glad all you have such faith…..sorry, hope.

  3. Absolutely delighted that Cazorla and Walcott have signed new deals. Keeping all the key players tied.

    Contract details:
    Theo Walcott: 4-year deal until 2019, £140k/week.
    Santi Cazorla: 3-year contract, £130k/week.

    1. 140 k a week?
      what has theo done to earn that?!

      santi im pleased for, majestic and a wonderful bloke.

      theo tho…meh whatever

      1. Well, he is English, homegrown and he is quite deadly on the wing. There are teams who are paying or paid, 300k to Rooney, 240k to Falcao, 140k to Adebayor..

        So I would say it’s okay.

      2. Easy muff! ….don’t hate on Theo…… Just Like Juhislihis stated……. Theo had choosen to stay put for God knws how long……. If he’d walked away…. Many woulda called him Traitor, waLp*ssy or snake!

      3. Well that’s the going salary for players these days. Our wages are still very reasonable and equivalent than some the ridiculous money the other teams in the top 4 pay to their players.

      4. Pounds Sterling earns 180k a week at City, Walcott has shown up in the big games over the years, Bayern Munich, Chelski, Man city and so much more, how many times have Rahemm ‘pounds’ Sterling shown up in the big games?

      5. milner is on 150/w benteke too rumored to be around close to 100/w then there is sterling we all would be complaining if he didn’t sign the contract & left for a rival

  4. Walcott and Carzola’s new deal…….. Contract saga with a Happy ending…….. Yippee!

  5. thats so much for walcott.
    is good to see arsenal giving headache to big boys at long last.
    REAL MADRID-For Benzama
    BARCA- Bacquets
    MUNIC -Lewa
    its our time to hunt and give headaches to those who have been terrorising us

  6. Loyalty is alot to pay for. Walcott is our longest serving player. 140k is nothing for a player of his caliber inmodern football. Have you seen Torres and Falcao wage?140k for 4 days

  7. Soo happy to hear the news that Theo and Santi has agreed to extend their stay with us.
    I’m sad to see some of our fans voicing their anger on twitter and Facebook on why walcott should be earning that much(140k).
    Lets not forget he’s been with us since 2006 and now the longest serving gooner. Won’t we all be sad if he were to go to any of our rivals(where he could possibly earn 180k)

  8. Speaking of boys

    Is there a website that not only gives live scores of Academy matches but also tells who scores.

    I’m keeping track of live score of Arsenal u19 right now (0-0 atm) on a betting site but doesn’t the site won’t tell who scores if there’s a score. I don’t really care about score but the players who score

  9. Can’t be happier, those 2 players are very different in what they do or provide to the team.

  10. I glad Theo did sign da ting
    I believe that the players finally believe and are ready to lauch a quick out the box attack on the premiere league this season, Competition for places will give A.W a headache but what I headache to finally have I respect our keeper for staying I believe he has more to prove than Chech likewise theo and all the rising talent and I hope the money invested in new physical conditioning trainers pays off

  11. Have they lost their virginity or what? They are all men but some of them are not good enough.

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