Arsenal break 136-year-old club record after beating Leeds United

Arsenal is in stunning form at the moment and the Gunners continue to show why they should be taken seriously.

After beating Tottenham and Liverpool, we expected their game against Leeds United to be easy, but it wasn’t.

The Whites gave them a hard time, but Arsenal eventually won the game.

They now have 9 wins from their first 10 Premier League games. It is the first time in the club’s 136-year-old history that they have won 9 of their opening 10 games, according to Squawka.

It is a stunning piece of information which shows just how good this Arsenal team has been this season.

The Gunners remain the team to beat and the win against Leeds shows they will deliver the points even when they are not the best in a game.

Just Arsenal Opinion

This Arsenal team will break records and we need to prepare for that.

It is such an amazing time to be a Gooner, and this team will certainly make us proud by the end of the season.

Beating them will take so much now because they have shown in recent wins that they will not give in.

We hope the core players in the group will stay fit because that will help us maintain the winning spirit.

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  1. Our Invinciblde record is now safe for yet another year thanks to Liverpool.

    TBH, I was torn between wanting a CITY WIN , A LIVERPOOL WIN, OR A DRAW. All three possible results both helped and hindered us in one way or another.

    I wish I had put a thousand pounds on us being four points clear at the top after only ten matches. I reckon it would have paid about half a million, had I done so before seasons start.

    And to think I constantly say I don’t believe in “what if’s!

    1. U just nailed it in your comment, I want the invincible be kept for more years to come and Liverpool just did it. We have our bragging right to enjoy at least for another season. This is the best time to be a Goober.

    2. Hi ! ‘Gunners’ d acts and form those guys are at d moment, the ‘Sky’s d limit now, I hope and pray ‘Injuries’ should not be their portion, d only barrier which I don’t so much believe in it ‘s ‘Injuries’ even if it ‘does occur, d ‘Replacement’ is available, is just remains for ‘Arteta’ to market, or promote those fresh and young legs to fill up f gap

  2. Haters will hate. The manager maligned by a lot of so-called fans for sticking to his principles in changing the toxic culture at the club; the attacking midfielder slated because he does not shoot in spite of the incisive use of space AND his assist for the only goal today; the goalkeeper who was derided for playing for relegated teams and deemed not good enough.

    Mikel Arteta, Martin Ødegaard and Aaron Ramsdale are a huge reason why Arsenal has broken said record, and in spite of all the noise out there will achieve something special this season.

    The haters that slam Arsenal for not scoring a hundred goals a game [see AFTV] and having amazing performances in EVERY match even though great teams have to struggle to win sometimes should check the result of Manchester City vs Liverpool. The end result is more important than the performance. After all, three points are three points.

    Haters will hate.

    1. Kpankula – now is the time to let it go. Let us unite and enjoy the season. It is a vicious and unnecessary cycle to keep saying “I was right and you were wrong” – especially to others who only want the best for our team. If you are truly somebody who disikes (as I do) hate cultures, I suggest you stop demonstrating it yourself – perhaps by setting the example of not holding grudges?

      1. The haters will always be haters. But our team are just that at last. After many years of not been quite on it, through bad transfers and buys, our young manager has put a very young team together that will make us Arsenal fans proud. Even if we don’t win the premier league this season. We are coming and we will get there. Keep going gunners…

  3. Very proud of our club today.
    1. Best Leauge start in club History’record;
    2. Top of league 4points ahead;
    3. Invincible Record in tact;
    4. Winning ugly;
    5. Fans & Club United;
    6. ARSENAL FC taken Serious again

    All this with 2nd youngest squad in the league under the youngest manager in Mikel in his 1st job at management level.

    All this after all the downs we have had under that same rookie manager.
    Super Arsenal….

    1-0 to the Arsenal

    1. agreed, all due to one individual, Mikel the magician! Already a legend, won silverware within 6 months, best club record, best win%, “cone man”, “novice” eh, eh? He outsmarted Klopp who outsmarted Pep!

  4. I’m trying to make some sense from the many words you’ve written. All I see is the word “haters”. Not so sure what that is.
    And mind you, Arteta and this Arsenal team has achieved a grand total of NOTHING as at yet. So sounding like he’s won the league and the champions league already doesn’t bode well

    1. @dgr8xt
      Exactly. We’re off to a damn fine start. But there are still 28 league matches to go, not to mention the various cup ties.
      Stay hungry, but be humble about it…IJS

      1. I agree Arsenal is yet to win anything this season but you’d also agree with me that no one (even you) expected such a good start from the boys. Yeah we should be humble and take it one game at a time, but wouldn’t forget to enjoy the moment because we don’t know how long we are gonna stay at the top of the table.

        I believe by the end of the season we could beat our chest and say our boys did well. Cheers guys

    2. Please understand it in the context it is said I have a fellow *Gooner* who was ctiyuxsl of Artera saying very cannot build a team &thenbttybyo build a manager as well saying Arteta must go.
      Yes it is still early days but the good thing is that we are in the mix and playing.
      There is every good reason yo always look to the next game with great anticipation.
      It’s good to ge an Arsenal fan hence people are saying we believed and trusted in process and now there us light st the end of the tunnel. Go-go Gooner

      1. Kpankulu, don’t you think that those “haters” loved the club as much as you “lovers”? Don’t you think that their criticisms made the arteta and the entire club sit up? Let us be humble and enjoy winning streak while it last. That arteta and his team are doing well now does not mean that “haters” will not flog him with high level criticisms.

  5. Many people talk about the great start to the season which is truly impressive…
    However, I feel the real reason Arsenal fans now believe this could be out season is in the performance level on the pitch, the unity among players all working hard together, the connection with the fans… I mean the whole club just feels very positive for Fans, Manager and players in the order.

    We are real contenders for the title this season by performance and not just points…

    When was the last time we record 4 straight wins which includes Liverpool? We hadn’t even scores against them in the previous 2 season (or so).

    9/10 for any other team will be seen as an achievement except if it’s Arsenal. Just imagine it was this ManU team in our position… No one will be preaching caution, it will be pure respect to the good job or player and coach.

    In Nigeria, we are super excited as Arsenal fans… My last comment after each match now in the pub is…

    Who is next, they will collect !!!

    Meaning bring the next victim of our new machine gun.

    Common you Gunners

    1. This is the best moment to be Arsenal fan. I’m so proud to associated my self with this great Club. 4 points clear at the top and unbeaten record still stands. Start believing these young boys will bring back trophy to Emirates.

  6. As a Ugandan Arsenal supporter, I am so excited to see this far we have gone. Every day I go to Mass, Arsenal is in my prayers. God bless our Tram of Young Boys and Young Coach. From the Lecturer of Statistics at Uganda Martyrs University, KAMPALA.

  7. So amazing and beautiful start to the season. Arsenal’s performance is is attributed by the fact that the players are united and fighting for a common goal to win and the good mentorship from Arteta, and the good atmosphere of the fans.
    We shall keep flying ✈ gunners and haterswillcometo likeusthemselves; Love you gunners for forever.

  8. At first we are the ones wanting Arteta out but now he as proves us wrong that patience is the key to success… Big up this Arsenal young team of the moment….

  9. It is amazing how Arteta has transformed Arsenal from a weeping team into a fighting team. I must confess that I didn’t believe in the process. Now, I am a believer. Setting a record, keeping the invisibility status intact and staying top of the table following back to back trashing of elite teams. This is really a good time to be a gooner. Let us savor the moment, great goons.

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