Arsenal brilliantly hit back at clueless Liverpool fan disrespecting the Invincibles

Arsenal’s Twitter account trolled this desperate Liverpool fan.

Arsenal dealt brilliant with a clueless Liverpool fan who rather embarrassed himself with comments made on social media.

The Gunners’ official Twitter account can be seen below trolling one Reds supporter who mocked the 2003/04 unbeaten record.

It’s become increasingly common lately for some rival fans to look back at our unbeaten season and say it wasn’t that impressive because we drew 12 games.

Arsenal’s Twitter admin was clearly having none of it as they shut down this Liverpool fan with a famous Jack Wilshere meme.

While we don’t want to get into a petty argument about this with LFC supporters, their hugely impressive team this season still lost 3-0 away to relegation strugglers Watford, showing just how hard it is to go an entire campaign without losing…even if that means, yes, drawing at home to Portsmouth and Birmingham.

If it’s so easy, why has only one team in the entire history of English football done it over 38 games? Why have so few teams come close to matching our overall record of 49 consecutive games unbeaten? Why do people now act as though we didn’t go unbeaten whilst winning the league, as though we drew all 38 games and finished in the bottom half?

Good for Arsenal for putting this Liverpool fan in his place!


  1. deejay1952 says:

    Don’t be too hard on the scouser. Arsenal ‘live’ in London. The scouser’s all live in a crime infested sh*thole of a city

    1. B says:

      Its only football mate…

  2. Wjdoughty Doughty says:

    Simple fact is liverpool will have more points this season than Arsenal got. So my question is what would they have been called if they had finished second and unbeaten.

    1. SnoWealth says:

      The simple truth is you can’t finish second when you go unbeaten in 38matches

      1. Wjdoughty Doughty says:

        How do you work that out. Arsenal drew 12 games and got 90 points. A team could draw twice with Arsenal and win more games. Liverpool are on 85 with 9 games to go so it’s possible.

    2. dO2 says:

      I think it’s possible IMHO @finishing second but going unbeaten. Truth is, we wouldn’t know or have a word for it until it happens but something like “vain-invincibles” sounds good!

  3. gunnerpete says:

    Well when dealing with scousers you musr remember they have a good sense of humour but very short memories. It was also AFC who went through the season with only one defeat to Chelski, so we will see if Liddipill can equal that first. Until one of the knockers of our great acheivement can say we have done the same, we just show them the GOLD trophy !

  4. Uwot? says:

    F*** ng whinging ,always the victim,theiving scousers.If the “ achievement” is so overrated,how come sides such as Liverpool,Chelsea & the oilers have spent Billions & still not achieved it.You could see how gutted the mickey mousers were after that defeat at Watford to let the world know how special a feat it is.The media were devastated that their darlings couldn’t manage it.

  5. Wjdoughty says:

    Still not answering the question. Trying to have a sensible debate on football and its generated in to hate for the scouser. I’m only using them as an example because it’s current. I dont support a premiership side and never likely to see my team in the premiership. Please a sensible fan comment.

    1. jon fox says:

      You don’t say, I notice, who you DO support. It could not be REALLY be Liverpool by any chance could it, despite your comment? If you want honest non biased debate I would advise staying away from ALL fan sites. All fans of any club will close ranks around their own club when attacked by a rival fan, which seems , incredibly IMO, to surprise you. I am close to 70 and following Arsenal since 1958, with plenty of intellect- as I flatter myself – and I would therefore never be so daft as to go on a rivals fan site and ask for non biased comment, unlike you.

      Perhaps you are merely naive but a realist you certainly are not! Maybe increased age will wisen you up one day!

  6. Marty says:

    It doesn’t matter what anybody says, the simple thing is we went the whole season undefeated which nobody else has ever done so far. End of debate.

  7. Michael says:

    FACT: You had an amazing side and went the whole season unbeaten, which is incredible.
    FACT: You drew 12 games and finished on 90 points.
    FACT: Liverpool finished last season with 1 loss and 97 points and didn’t win the league.
    FACT: City hold the record for most points in a season (100) – which Liverpool hopefully can break this season.
    FACT: You haven’t won the European Cup ever. Liverpool have won it 6 times.

    1. Sue says:

      What on earth has the CL got to do with a PL article?

      1. Michael says:

        Nothing, you’re right.

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