Arsenal brought back to reality with annihilation at Anfield

Arsenal brought back down to earth with a bang! by Shenel

Well we knew it was coming didn’t we let’s be honest!

I don’t think anyone fully felt we would go and get a point in this game.

Well, maybe after the first half an hour it looked likely yes, but after the 52 minute that was quickly blown out of the water.

 Liverpool were angry at their loss before the international break and in front of their home crowd they showed that for them it was a mere and minor bump in the road.

Yes, Anfield is a hard place to go but if you want to be the best you have to beat the best and we didn’t even get close.

The likes of Emile Smith-Rowe and Bukayo Saka were hardly in the game and at times disappeared. 

Although we had some chances, it was nowhere near enough what you need at a place like Anfield.

Nuno Tavares disappointed me today as well after starting the last few games brightly, but of course those opponents were a different kettle of fish and this is no way a disrespect to the other teams.

 But really we only have ourselves to blame for this performance.

We took some steps forward over the last few weeks, but after the game against Liverpool it seems we have taken three steps back!

 Losing the ball in key areas, being bullied off the ball, and despite some key saves from Aaron Ramsdale, conceding more than two.

If we do not bounce back straight away in our next game then it will be another bump in another long road, but now we are in the top part of the table we need to make sure we stay there!

All in all it couldn’t have gone any worse and we knew Liverpool were going to be looking to bounce back, it’s just unfortunate we were in the firing line of their anger.

Anfield is a tough place to go but one day our fortunes will change I am sure!

 And at least we know that if ever there was a boxing match needed to decide a game, Mikel Arteta would have a good shout at winning!


Shenel Osman


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  1. Man utd seem to have part ways with their underperforming manager. Dear Arsenal management, please learn from them.

    1. Learn from mistakes, dust off and go again.

      Next two games will be doubly difficult with likely first games behind the bench for both Eddie Howe at Newcastle and whoever takes over from Ole.

    2. Quite rightly if it goes ahead. OGS has been in management for over 10 years and has some of the most talented and experienced and expensive players in his squad who are underperforming and look as though they have thrown in the towel. Potter is frequently mentioned but he has been in management for a good number of years.

      Should Arteta with 2.5 seasons of experience fail to make top6 his position at the club must be reconsidered come May.

      1. But we know Arsenal all too well SueP. Arteta probably has the safest Job on earth. Whatever didn’t let Arsenal sack Arteta at the end of Last Season(when he should have rightly been sacked in my Opinion). I wonder what’s gonna happen this season when he has flattered to deceive with 10 fluke games unbeaten(or should I say Thanks to Ramsdale) in his bag. At the end the Pro-Arteta fans will rub stats in our faces even if we finish in the bottom half of the table.
        Yesterday was a clear case in point that we’re living a pipe dream if we think Arteta is right for this football club.

        Glad to see United have finally woken up from their deep slumber thinking Ole was gonna do a Fergie on them. Arsenal are now in danger of repeating United’s mistakes especially bringing up ridiculous stats of how many games Arteta has won in his first 100 games and so on. We all need to wake up and smell the coffee before we become Man United(what am i talking about?, we’re worse, at least they can boast of going to Europe every season).

        1. That’s why MA bought Ramsdale, much to the annoyance of many fans, to be a goalkeeper.

          Now, it seems, MA should be grateful to him?

          As for going to Europe every season, wasn’t that deemed not good enough just three short years ago?

          Some fans sure do have short memories.

        2. Long time no read Kstix
          I’m not quoting any statistics. I’m watching a relative newcomer to football management not a seasoned one , who is holding his own. He isn’t a Tuchel, Klopp or Pep but may yet become one.
          I gave Arteta plenty of rope considering the job he was facing with all that had happened prior. I’m pretty sure plenty of those seasoned EPL managers wouldn’t have fared any better either. Rodgers is currently having a torrid time. Benitez isn’t ripping it up either. Dean Smith was considered a much better manager than Arteta and the list goes on. There are no guarantees but once success happens and the manager and team click then confidence and luck grow.

  2. Our decision to put zero pressure on a big opposition’s GK is something the likes of Rodgers, Mourinho and Benitez usually do. It might’ve worked during Arteta’s honeymoon period in 2020 and in some games last season, but we’ve always got battered when trying it against the big teams this season

    Arteta has faced Rodgers/ Mourinho several times and took the advantage of their old-school tactics, yet he chose to be a dinosaur himself last night. I knew he expected to catch Van Dijk, but he shouldn’t have followed tactics from the coaching textbook since they didn’t work against Man City and Chelsea this season

    The TV commentator said Arteta was barking at his attackers to press high up the pitch in the middle of the first half, but they were reluctant to do it. This is similar to Rodgers’ mistake, it was too late when he decided to change his approach against us

  3. We need some perspective. Liverpool at home is one of the hardest places to get a positive result. I would have settled for a draw yesterday before the game started. What was a disappoint though was the lack of passion and energy. The tactics was obvious from MA. Defend. With that in mind the players went about panicking and goofing the ball uncontrollably up field. Giving the ball away time again. Losing control of the ball, the game and thier sense of belief. It looked like Arsenal of old again. One shot at goal over 90 minutes and mistakes leading to goals. If not for our keeper, it could have been six nill!

    It simply showed the gulf in quality. Auba is a shadow of the player he once was. Partey has tendancies to go AWOL. MA need to explore new dynamics for different matches. Young players are still learning. International breaks are disruptive. We move on. But, let’s hope this blip is not so long lasting. We were on a good run with growing confidence. Having a good keeper does that for you but having a bad defense can also kill a keepers confidence! I’m sure thing will improve again but it needs to happen against Newcastle! COYG!!

  4. A number of fans have pointed the finger at Tavares and Lokonga, but both will learn from the defeat and emerge stronger for that experience.Much has been said of our failure to cope with the Liverpool “press”, a word which I deplore,but the performance overall was poor and no Manager can legislate for the individual mistakes which resulted in the first two goals.The first, a simple failure by Gabriel to pick up Mane, who is 6 inches shorter and the second, an errant pass by Tavares assisted by a reckless attempt to tackle by White when he finished on his backside.That apart, our Manager needs to consider the part he played in our defeat.If you are to have any chance of getting a result at Annfield you simply cannot afford to take chances against a side which arguably boasts the best pair of wingers in Europe.Tactically, Mane, Salah and Alexander Arnold, ought to have been man marked for they are aces in the Liverpool pack.I do not see why Tierney and Tavares should not have been used to keep close tabs on Salah and AA with ESR being used in a deeper midfield role with Partey and Lokonga.To go into the match with four attacking players against a side of the quality of Liverpool show naivety on the part of Arteta.This match proved once again that Auba and Lacca are clearly no longer effective against top quality opposition and in the case of our Captain ,he is virtually becoming a passenger.I did not expect us to beat Liverpool but I expected us to show more mental strength and physical aggression to at least make life difficult for them.The fact that we failed to do so is now water under the bridge, and hopefully the defeat will highlight to the players and Manager the need to cut out the stupid practise of trying to play out from our own penalty box when they are faced with a swarm of hungry ants who can be bypassed quite simply .As far as I am aware Liverpool do not score many goals from there own half and call me old fashioned but when our Keeper has possession of the ball I want to see all our defenders and midfielders sprint up the park in unison rather than continue with a high risk possession strategy which has failed against, Chelsea, Man City and now Liverpool.Time for our Manager to rethink and to control his emotions on the touchline.

  5. One military genius said that guns can always change hands and so it will be soon between us and Liverpool. I can see a time when we shall once again beat Liverpool consistently and persistently. If I recall correctly we never recorded any defeat against Liverpool between 2000 and 2010 or even perhaps earlier. So we need to take heart the tide will soon turn in our favour. We only need to keep strengthening our team and soon Liverpool will be our punch bag again.

  6. Aterta is a defensive coach and can’t play Pepe, he’s too defensive. He said that, he learnt a lot yesterday. Meaning he is only using Arsenal as a learning experience. Wish the owners of Arsenal knows something about football. Arterta isn’t going to get it anytime soon. Please, don’t set yourself up for a disappointment.

    1. He is the Mourinhio of today park a bus and counter!! He tried to use Saka to effect his system unfortunately Saka didn’t turn up

  7. The reailty is that it’s another game we couldn’t lay a single finger on liverpool. i think ppl are still being reactionary. This was always going to be our hardest game next to Etihad away. it’s not even the end of the world that we lost this match and we’re still in 5th. Arteta will ultimately be judged by where he ends this season. A quick turnaround against Newcastle and United could put us back on track. If Mikel can get good results from those games that will calm a lot of people’s emotions. For me, Mikel has got to get at least 5th this season in the league or we really have to question in impact. it’s a results business end of the day and we cant be 8th again now matter how much the players like him.

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