‘Arsenal building something strong but can’t lose Aubameyang’

Bacary Sagna has told Arsenal that it will cost them £150 Million to replace Aubameyang and that they cannot afford to lose him as they look to build on exciting plans.

The Gabon international is strongly linked with an exit this summer, with some claiming a deal could be struck for around £50 Million.

Rivals Manchester United and Liverpool have been touted as possible destinations, as well as Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona, with the belief that Aubameyang would not be willing to sign a new contract, but former Gunner Sagna has told his club to turn down any deal.

“He can’t go now because Arsenal are on the way to building something strong,” Sagna stated.

“They can’t afford to lose him. If they have to pay him, then just pay him because if they want someone else of his quality they cost £150m.

“So don’t spend this £150m, just spend £50m and give it to him. It’s the same as [Robin] van Persie and I think you have to learn from that situation.

“Auba deserves it. I’m not saying that because of his name or because he has scored a few goals. He’s the best striker in the league.”

Our club definitely has an exciting aura about it since the arrival of Mikel Arteta, paired with the exciting youngsters coming through in Saka, Nketiah and Martinelli, there is plenty to be excited about being an Arsenal fan.

You can’t argue with any of the points that Sagna has made, but how much of a pay rise would Aubameyang demand to sign a new deal? Should we break our wage ceiling to persuade him to stay?


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  1. I’ve been saying the same all along. We cannot let Auba go, it’s the way football is these days, players have got clubs by the niaggs. The man’s a goal machine, we’ve got to take the chance and if we get Champions League football and then I’d have no doubts he’d sign a new contract. He’s publicly stated many times that he loves living in the greatest city in the world, he loves his lifestyle, I’m sure no way does he want to give that up to live in the likes of Manchester or Liverpool. As Baca said, to replace him would cost £150M, Make him an offer he can’t refuse.

  2. Yes, it’s cheaper to keep Auba than trying to buy someone else on his level. There are not so many. It would cost much more. And you never know if that someone is adaptable to EPL. Auba was. He is a world class striker, and I think he will be for years to come. 20 league goals every year to the day he’s 35. That makes him worst the prize.

  3. Since we started losing our top scorers, up to now we keep facing problems and it is becoming a norm in Arsenal, selling top players and replacing them with youth who are still not ready to step in or inexperienced. So how long are going on to do this and its the reason why the senior players are running away because they need silver ware.

  4. By the time this wind of Covid 19 blows over i don,t if any club in Europe will be willing to bring 150 million pounds to buy any player. Very few clubs will have the capacity tp do that anyway. The way things are going i don,t even think any player will be worth it.

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