WOW! Arsenal CAN beat Man United to SHOCK Bale transfer!!

I once wrote an article about Gareth Bale being fed up with the Spuds and wanting to join Arsenal, but it was April Fools day. Strangely enough though, since then the Welsh wizard has admitted on Spanish radio that he used to be an Arsenal fan, as a report in The Mirror revealed.

And now it appears that Bale is ready to call time on his time at Real Madrid and would like to return to the Premier League. The reasons given in another report by The Mirror today are that he wants his young daughter to be educated and brought up in Britain and that he wants to settle down permanently.

Anyone who has been watching Spanish football recently will know that there is more to it than that, as Bale has become the subject of the Madrid fans´ frustrations for their recent poor form. They are whistling and jeering him as he plays and it all started with Ronaldo having a hissy fit because Bale dared to shoot instead of passing.

As a BBC report this week showed, Bale is under serious attack from the Spanish press and all this is clearly getting to him and affecting his game on the pitch. Who knows what it is doing to his morale off the pitch as well. When you consider that he was a major part of them winning a 10th Champions League last season, it seems incredibly unfair, and you thought some Arsenal fans could be hard on our players!

Okay so it looks like he could move on this summer and everyone seems to think it will be to Manchester United, but what if they fail to secure a Champions League spot, which seems ever more likely? The thing is, Arsenal can afford Bale. We could afford to buy two of him just with the cash reserves we are sitting on. He might cost around £70 million but that is like buying Ozil and Chambers.

Kroenke and Gazidis should also know that the amount of publicity and shirt sales his transfer would generate would be unbelievable. And it would send out a real message of intent as well as making the Gunners into a team that could win the Premier League and maybe even the Champions League.

Imagine a front three of Alexis, Giroud and Bale with the likes of Ozil, Cazorla, Ramsey and Coquelin in midfield. That team would be absolutely terrifying to play against. Why would Bale want to join a struggling United when he could come back to London and make the team he supported as a boy into world beaters?

VIDEO – Wayne Rooney getting knocked out cold at home!

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  1. I have always said this. Arsenal needs a talisman of a player who can keep us going beside us not playing good at times. Bale is a monster of a player, that Real tells him to play like fiat besides him being a ferrari is not his fault. If Arsenal wants a monster then he should be bought. If not manure will buy him or somene else and then he will hunt us down for years. Great player. 70m are nothing these days.

    1. But where will he fit??? We have Sanchez, Walcott, Chambo, Gnabry, Welbeck for wings,etc..
      Also he isn’t a CF… so no use

      1. Are you mentally challenged? Bale is better than all of the mentioned. The only ones we have in our club that are close to his level are Sanchez, Özil and at times Giroud and Cazorla He’s far better than Walcott (Not a statement based on his recent performance versus West Ham). If it is possible – spend whatever it takes to bring in Bale.

  2. Everytime moreen open her mouth chelsea looses… after hearing him brag about the capital 1 cup yesterday I hope the saints shock the brigde tdy like thay did man u……1-2 to the saints would make me the happiest gunner alive

  3. He is overrated, I like him but not for 70 million.
    I would say 45 million for him . We have Sanchez a fighter and world class player.

  4. bale is absolute quality.

    but names like pogba bale are out of the question- its not in our model to spend so much on one player. im glad if im honest- shows we actually use scouts , our academy and our nous to find gems.

      1. heard alot about him, problem is those vids where he is doing those crazy runs an dribbles are in inferior leagues- remember joel campbell?

        heres hoping he does more, alot of ppl swear hes the one-

        im more curious about dan crowley

        1. He does have one thing in spades though that Joel appeared to lack – work rate. The guy’s physical levels are immense.

  5. Schneiderlin is a quality player, but man is Wanyama a powerhouse. Love 2 have either to complement Le Coq

    1. Prepared to be in a minority here, but would take MS all day every day til the end of time over VW.

  6. I’d grab bale in a whimp! bale is absolute quality, speed, technique, height with exceptional jump quality and header, not forgetting his firecracker of feet! he could be your Very own Ronaldo any day only without so much skills as the Portuguese. He’d improve any team undeniably, improving our immediate rivals would be really bad news for us

  7. We can forget these names. Our economic model simply doesn’t allow for it. £50 mil max for exceptional player

    We can forget these names also because even though we can afford them, Wenger won’t spend more than £20 mil on defenders
    Busquets (DM)

    1. Completely agree on both accounts Fred, and although it would be incredible to add a Bale, Varane, Pogba, etc… im not convinced we need any of these mega transfers to win the league and be a threat in Europe next season.

      For example, if Bale and Pogba would demand in the region of 80M Arsenal could theoretically sign all of these players,

      Schneiderlin, Kondogbia or Wanyama
      Schar, Dragovich, Subotic

      Which scenario would all you Gunners prefer?

    2. Forget Pogba and Suarez yet here we are with Sanchez and Ozil.
      Forget defenders because it’s not like he didn’t buy Debuchy and bring in Bellerin (future world class). Also not to mention he turned a low level French CB into a world class French international.

    3. If he can spend £16M on an unproven english 19 year Soton academy defender then pretty sure he can stretch to £20M+ for a big name defender if needed/warranted.

  8. I think Bale scores spectacular goals and not many goals as such. Will Arsenal will sign him for commercial reason? Goals win games and titles. In this wise, the boss may sign a regular Premier League score like Harry Kane or Charlie Austin who are likely to perform better at Arsenal than Bale would likely to become a Ramdel Falcao white Elephant project at Man United. Care and caution are the keys in Arsenal transfer deals.

    1. bale was scoring loads at Spurs

      He is a better crosser than anyone at arsenal he is also a Better distance shooter than Ronaldo and he is a set piece threat. He would be a top top top player wenger likes to talk about and would replace poldi,campbell,ryo,sanogoo and walcott if he won’t sign in one swoop so we would save on wages. And make the money back on shirt sale

  9. kane looks like a season wonder to me…….I could be wrong tho! if we’re buying a striker it’s gotta be An upgrade on what we have!

  10. Rather spend on Kondobia form Monaco and a striker who can take on the opposition in a 4-3-3 formation. Giroud is among the best in hold up play, we need another one for plan B when we attack all out.

  11. Bale would be mad to pick a struggling ManU team, with a manager who doesn’t support creative players over Arsenal-

    We should go for him. Only a world class striker would be higher up on the shopping list (and only just)

    1. For United
      very direct
      chance to link with influential Brits like Rooney and giggs
      Ronaldo whisper in his ears

      For arsenal
      If he came arsenal he would be joining
      The team he supported and break their Bpl tittle absence
      Southampton graduates like chambers,ox,theo who he played with
      and ramsey the other famous Welsh player
      Arsene wenger (ozil,sanchez reason for joining arsenal)

      1. Potential Knock on effect
        Hazard 2 madrid
        Di Maria 2 psg
        Cavani 2 Manu
        Douglas Costa chelsea
        Pedro 2liverpool

  12. Arsenal can beat man utd to the signing of Bale? Is this wishful thinking or what? I actually thought we had made an enquiriy for him when i saw the caption of this blog. I cannot even begin to explain how underwhelmed I am reading through it. An article about Dyabala will make more sense. Eveybody knows we are after him and we are the only european club that bids for players while requesting that our identity be concealed. I dont understand where this Bale talk is coming from. We will not bid for Bale for the very same reason we willl not bid for messi or ronaldo. We just dont spend that kind of money and we do not do bidding wars. Surely if Bale becomes available, there will be a massive bidding war for him with the likes of man city, chelsea and united gunning for him.

    1. Agree – Dybala as a squad replacement for Podolski is 100% more believable and Wenger-like than buying a £70M ex-Spud Real Madrid reject. Great player as he is I’m convinced Wenger has energy and industry near the top of his “preferred attributes” shopping list now – Sanchez and Welbeck are evidence of that. For all his ability Bale is one lazy dude. Whilst I hate Antony Krastrinakis with every fibre in my body he did make a good and reasoned point regarding Bale yesterday – said the world record deal to RM was stupid and undeserved – Ronaldo went to RM as PFA Player of the Year, Ballon D’Or winner, UCL and PL winner and 40 odd goals under his belt in the previous season – Bale went there on the back of his first good season, half a dozen wonder goals and no medals and titles.

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