Arsenal can be confident but must show respect to Crystal Palace

It would be totally wrong to assume that it is three points in the bag for Arsenal just because we are at home against Crystal Palace on Sunday, and I will give you one date why that is a fact; 22nd December 2018. That was the day that Palace went to the Etihad and beat Manchester City 3-2.

Let’s put that in some perspective, City has won 16 of their 17 Premier League home games, they beat us 3-1, Man Utd 3-1, Chelsea 6-0 and Liverpool 2-1.

In better words, any team that goes to the Etihad and wins has to be respected and anything less could spell disaster.

It should also be noted that Palace lost 4-3 to Liverpool at Anfield, we lost 5-1 and they also held Man Utd 0-0 at Old Trafford.

Now, I honestly do believe that we will beat Palace, our home record is formidable and the brutal truth is that we are the better team and despite some very surprising results, Palace are generally mediocre.

But the margins are fine, any complacency, any arrogance and any failure to acknowledge the threat that the Eagles pose will be a huge mistake. We can rightfully feel very confident, we are on a high but that is as far as we should take it.

If we treat Palace as if they were Chelsea, Man Utd or Tottenham then we will win easily, I am absolutely convinced of that but if we treat them like a team that we only have to turn up to beat then we could easily drop points and now is not the time to do that.

I am positive Emery will send the players out in the right frame of mind I just hope that they keep in mind their opponents have to be respected no matter what.

But all said and done, I will be shocked to the core of my marrow if we do not collect all three points.

Damn, have I just fallen into the trap I have warned us against falling in to?


  1. Arsenal are very strong at home and Crystal Palace’s league position is not good, but Arsenal have to be wary of Zaha

    Zaha’s recent comment indicates that he wants to play for a bigger club and he might want to showcase himself at the Emirates

    Not sure which club is gonna bid for him because he still has a long-term contract with Palace, but I’m worried of his trickery, pace, physicalities and determination. Arsenal should use 3-4-1-2 again to double up the marking against him

  2. OT Read where UE has won 32 out of first 50 games as Arsenal manager. That’s best of anybody; Chapman, Graham, and Wenger. Incredible in this age of massive money and our owner Kronke.

    UE can be infuriating at times with his selections and tactics, but lets keep the big picture in mind.

    Though I question him often, I tip my cap to UE and say very well done sir.

    Hopefully Kronke grows a pair and supports UE financially; we could really be great for next several years.

    1. Oh, and Jon Fox you have been proven correct sir regarding your statements on UE’s performances. You have been consistent since day one on your stance with UE, and I admit you are right and I was wrong.

      1. Thank you for being so generous Durand but also too hard on yourself. My take is that, same as with Wenger back in 1996, Unai started as a complete unknown to most of us. I had barely , but just about, heard of him. There is always mistrust with comparative strangers, as there was with Wenger back then too. It is found in all walks of life that folk most trust the names they have much heard . This “fame” explains why such as Boris Johnson has many supporters in Britain (though far more enemies too). But being someone who always makes up my own mind dispassionately and without bias, I would be as likely to vote for Johnson as fly to the moon and know that there is, in ALL walks of life a never ending supply of new , as yet relatively unknown people who will one day be household names. I believe in seeing how they do and NOT judging them way too prematurely, as such as jah son – hardly the brightest – persist in doing and thereby making themselves look foolish. I could see Emerys dynamism and attention to minute detail straight away and together with his passion and his top CV, which I had not previously known overmuch about, he deeply impressed me from the very start. I loved that he was and is pro-active and if things went wrong he would soon change them. That is key in any top manager. You cannot simply hope for the best and when things go wrong, keep making the SAME MISTAKES! I flatter myself that I am ( and also should be at my age) a good judge of people! I am convinced I am right and that there is far more good news to come in future seasons, though I caution not to get too carried away with THIS seasons possible endings , just yet. Realism is always my watchword!

        1. I wouldn’t say hard on myself Jon, merely mature enough to admit I was wrong, and that one can always learn despite age, if you keep an open mind and remain intellectually honest.

          The biggest praise is his accomplishments this year despite being financially handicapped by our owner.

          Emery has set a high standard for himself much as Wenger did for 20 years. Performance and tactics seem to dictate UE’s selection process, and I hope it will continue.

          PL is tougher and more competitive than it has ever been, and flexibility from the manager is needed now more than ever.

          If Kronke would deepen the squad with quality, there is no telling how far Emery can take us. PL title, CL title even if he gets the backing from ownership.

          Lastly, I endeavor to contemplate your posts a bit more my friend, as your logic and reason have born fruit in the context of UE leadership.

          Perhaps your betting suggestions I shall heed more often as well! Be well my friend

    2. Agree with you Durand, to think we can go above, and this kills me say it, a very good Tottenham side this weekend, is just incredible and all down to Unai Emery. By the same rule Pochettino has done a magnificent job with the enemy and the sooner either Barcelona or Real Madrid make him an offer he can’t refuse the better.

      1. Indeed Kenny, I believe only matter of time before Barca or RM drag him away. Kane not long either; he will have to leave if he wants titles or trophies.

    1. Well done Man City

      Their three attackers never let Tottenham’s GK and defenders breathe

      That kind of work ethic is what I want to see from our tridente tomorrow, if Emery uses two wide forwards and one CAM again

  3. Good to see the spuds lose….. it would’ve been better if it was a demoralising defeat for them though ?…. all that matters tomorrow is that we win….. I don’t really care how. Victories for Cardiff, Everton and Burnley would be nice as well ?….. COYG

  4. OT how good was Soccer AM today.. the fans were Arsenal fans (although one of them was wearing the green kit.. oh dear ?‍♂️) the footballer was the one & only David Seaman! Jimmy Bullard straight in the top bin!! Loved it

  5. Watford are playing without Deeney… as they lost the appeal (they actually appealed it!! ?) oh well at least he can rest his elbow for the next 3 games ?

  6. OT: I just read a stat that before Lacazette, Henry was the last player to score a free kick for us in a European competition… I’m not sure if it’s true… but when you think about it, we’re not that good at converting set pieces, and we used to be horrible at defending them.

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