Wenger – Arsenal can beat any team if they turn up…..

Arsene Wenger is aware that Jose Mourinho has been talking about putting out a weakened Man United side when they face Arsenal tomorrow, but Le Prof thinks that it is up to his side to turn up with a much improved performance than we have been seeing lately.

In last season’s meeting between the two sides, Arsenal came flying out of the box and the game was as good as over by half-time. Wenger would love to see that again, but he doesn’t care as long as we get the all important three points. “Ideally you would like [to start like] that, but no matter when you can score the goals that win you the game, you just want to win the game,” he said on Arsenal.com. “Even if you have to suffer, we are ready to do it, we just want to win the game.

“We want to respond after a disappointing performance, sometimes there is no better way to do it than in a big game.

“We know [United] are on a strong unbeaten run, but they are not too far from us, that means they have had many draws. All the games are very tight so we just want to focus on our performance.

“Let’s not focus on what they do or what they have done. Let’s just focus on us. We know we can beat any team if we turn up with a strong performance.”

Yes we know we CAN, but will we show a bit of fight for a change?

Darren N


  1. Arsenal WithoutWenger says:

    A win against Man United means nothing. Our season is over. Chelsea will beat us in FA cup final smh.

  2. Arsenal WithoutWenger says:

    We will not inprove or challenge for trophies until Wenger is gone and we get a top quality manager. Guys like Giroud, Ramsey, Theo, Coquelin, Gibbs, Mertesaker should be gone and we need top players with leadership. We also need a transfer manager?

  3. John Ibrahim says:

    Still as deluded….

    Passing the ball around does not help to win games if u dont shoot

    City tore palace apart with ease..

    1. Arsenal WithoutWenger says:

      Agreed and we have no leadership and our players are chokers ms mentally unstable.

  4. Arsenal WithoutWenger says:

    Arsenal 1 Man Utd 2

  5. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Quote: “Let’s not focus on what they do or what they have done. Let’s just focus on us. We know we can beat any team if we turn up with a Strong performance”

    Isn’t Wenger aware that the whole wide world is fully focused on poor old ?-ty US?… And for quite some time now ?? obviously not! otherwise he would have noticed the good old chuckles and finger pointings that the fans have to deal with,in their social lifes ? ? And isn’t it down to the Manager to turn up with the team? ?? and most importantly remembering to bring along the strong performance for the occasion? ?? instead of leaving it to chance or luck, like it’s Some kind of forking kinda-egg- surprise! ?? and be like Ou. I wonder what we’re gonna get today? ?? oh fork, it’s more stale ?? Oh well, we won’t beat anyone today .. Just Blame naive and hope strong performance turns up in our next Egg. ??

    #no more bull? #Yay Get Out Yay ⚽️??⚪️?

  6. Lugdush says:

    Even wenger can truly beleave that..he cant as much wasted and deluded he is…we can bit the best teams in the world, even with our best performance…we need more top class players and most inportant, a top class manager…wenger isnt that since 5 years ago, being optimistic

  7. John Ibrahim says:

    We got hammered by Palace and now Wenger hope to beat the man utd team that park the bus and shoot the ball??

  8. Imran says:

    Nowadays i only think about arsenal transfer targets. My days don’t go without thinking about our team. I still feel why this man has so stubborn nature and have favour towards french players. He was able to bring back flamini when he refused to extend contract and won nothing. Whereas fabregas was not re-signed and he told already had players in that position. His stubbornness causing all sort of problems. Seeing fabregas winning trophies amazes me. There are number of players who doesn’t deserve to be in the team. H could have sign Ashley Williams and let go mertesecker. Donno why he was retained and wasted money. He could now sign the following players:
    Mahrez- already proven winger
    Fabregas- best player to give Cazorla and ozil competition
    Benzema or suarez – proven champs
    Pepe or coentra- proven champs and can mentor holding and Chambers.
    William carvalho or gueye or ndidi – damn need steel in the middle
    Saed- already agreed terms.
    Scheimachel- goalie to replace aged cech
    Please please please offload the below:
    Per – enough of paying salary
    Gabriel- send on loan to smaller teams in epl or la liga and make money
    Walcott- send on loan to West ham
    Ramsey- send on loan to Swansea . If Wilshire can go on loan why not this guy?
    Sanchez – wants to go. Possible please buy belotti which looks impossible as Wenger looses to mou or Conte in convincing to bring in star players.
    Monreal – aged and at times slow.
    Cech – enough of his duties. Sorry don’t want to sell but at times you have to be hard in decisions.
    Elneny – on loan to improve within epl.
    Sanogo and Perez- no chance for these guys.

    We can only give opinion but no one considers. I am very sad for this season and hoping to see a different manager and team.

  9. Yossarian says:

    “…Let’s just focus on us. We know we can beat any team if we turn up with a strong performance.”

    This quote from Wenger illustrates our current problems very well.

    (1) People used to say “Arsenal can beat anybody on their day” but that’s living in the past. I think Bayern Munich taught us that lesson pretty well. The team that contested the Champion’s League Final eleven years ago is nothing like the current disarray that we regularly see on the pitch.

    (2) “Lets just focus on us” is why Arsenal are so predictable and easy to beat. If our manager spent more time focussing on the specific threats posed by the opposition, taking into account their likely strategy, and used proper tactics and appropriate team selection that specifically address the circumstances of each game, then we wouldn’t be so easy to beat, and might start challenging to be Premier League champions once again.

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